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U.S.S.  SEARAVEN  (Submarine) S.S. 196 July 4th Menu

4 July 1945

Cover of USS Searaven (Submarine) SS 196 4 July 1945 Menu

Officers and Men

Lt-Comdr. R. C. Smallwood, U. S. Navy, Commanding Officer

Lieutenant D. W. Clark, U.S.N.R., Executive Officer

Lieutenant R. L. Denton, U.S.N.R., Gunnery Officer

Lieutenant G. F. Loughman, U.S.N.R., Communication Officer

Lieutenant J. G. Armstrong, U.S.N.R., First Lieutenant

Lt. (jg) P. E. Huffman, U. S. Navy, Eng. Officer

Ainey, E.A.,                               S1c                                King, E.A.,                          FCS1c            
Barrick, C.G., QM2c Knoblaunch, W.A., QM3C
Bowe, N. (n), S1c Knowles, W.L., Jr., S1c
Bowser, P.M., Jr., StM1c Kolesar, A.J., EM2c
Brownlie, N.E., SM2c Lazo, E. (n) S1c
Brown, W.H.,  EM1c Lengyel., W.J., Jr., EM1c
Bruno, C.W., MoMM2c Lennox, S.M., GM2c
Burnett, L.W., S1c Leporati, L. (n), Jr. Y2c
Caldwell, C.I., S1c Maes, V.C., EM3c
Caris, E.X., TM2c Mayer, J.J., CRM
Chomka, F.J. SM2c Mc Call, J.F., S1c
Christensen, W.W. MoMM1c Mc Cune, J.W., CPhM
Coburn, F.R., MoMM1c Miller, L.R., MoMM2c
Courtney, J.A. TME2c Munson, K.T. TM1c
Davis, L.E., F1c Oliver, M. (n), Jr., CMoMM
De Good, H.D., EM2 Phaneuf, E. "J", Jr., EM3c
Elliott, E.E., Jr. MoMM3c Ramo, L. (n), RM2c
Ellis, R.P. S1c Reach, N.W., TM1c
Evans, B.F., StM1c Robertson, G.P., MoMM1c
Fiedler, C.B., EM3c Ruzek, J. (n), Jr., RM3c
Fields, A.F., MoMM1c Salewske, A.W., MoMM2c
Foley, J.J., MoMM2c Smith, G.S., Jr., RT1c
Grice, J.L., Em1c Staggs, E.H., TM1c
Grimes, C.O., Jr., F1c Stohr, M.W., MoMM2c
Hallfarth, W.H., CXEM Tamkun, J.E., MoMM1c
Heidecker, G. (n), Jr.,   Teele, J.C., MoMM1c
Hernandez, J. (n), TM3c Vangilder, J.E., S1c
Hook, R.E., RM2c Wheeler, E.R., CMoMM
Hunter, H.G.,  TM3c Wohlwend, H.J., EM2c
Keehn, W.J., EM2c Woodbury,S. (n), RT2c

                                                            Zuniga, J.G.,           MoMM3c 


Tomato Juice Cocktail

                                             Chicken Noodle Soup             Soda Crackers

Roast Tom Turkey

                                Celery Stuffing           Cranberry Sauce         Giblet Gravy

Baked Spice Ham

Snow Flaked Potatoes

                                Candied Carrots                                  French Peas

                                  Green Asparagus Tips            Whole Kernel Corn

Waldorf Salad

                                                   Layer Cake                 Ice Cream

                                            Bread              Butter              Coffee

                                Candy                          Cigars                         Cigarettes

                                               Mixed Nuts                 Iced Lemonade

Prepared By:

H. C. Smay, CCS

H. R. Roberts, SC1c

W. F. Faszczewski, SC3c

Published: Thu Jul 30 12:26:06 EDT 2020