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Law of Naval Warfare: NWIP 10-2, 1955

Law of Naval Warfare: NWIP 10-2, 1955


NWIP 10-2, Law of Naval Warfare, presents and amplifies international law as related to naval warfare. The text covers the general principles of the laws of warfare, enforcement of the laws of warfare, and legal restrictions on methods and weapons of naval warfare and on belligerents in neutral jurisdictions. Legal divisions of the sea and air are described, as well as areas in which belligerent naval operations are permitted.

Guidance is provided on the legal status of ships, aircraft, and personnel engaged in naval warfare and the action permitted against them under international law. Appendixes to the volume present those treaties which are the principal sources of the law of naval warfare, the U.S. Armed Forces Code of Conduct, and a bibliography. In addition to servicing as a text for instruction and indoctrination, NWIP10-2 aids the naval officer in making and understanding operational decisions dictated by the necessity for adherence to international law and in recognizing violations of international law. NWIP 10-2 supplements NWP 10, Naval Warfare.

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