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Modern Seabag

Seabags, as traditionally Navy as bosn's pipes, are due to have their faces lifted.

Design of a new bag is the problem facing a committee composed of representatives of BuPers, BuShips, BuDocks, BuSandA and CNO.

Four designs have been selected by the committee as those most likely to meet the requirements. Trial bags of these designs are now under actual travel and laboratory tests. They are:

· A collapsible, accordion-type box with plastic reinforced ends, one side of which acts as a lid and is closed by a zipper

· A fabric suitcase which can be laid open or hung up open, having a zipper down both ends and around the bottom.

· Two duffle-type bags, one resembling the present Marine Corps' clothes carrier, and the other similar in general but with a carrying strap, golf bag style, in addition to the handles. Both have zipper closures and side pockets for personal traveling effects.

Enlisted men traveling on orders keep the test bags in a shuttle service, and comment at their journey's end on the advantages and disadvantages of the bag type used.

Source: "Modern Seabag." All Hands. 369 (November 1947): 7.


Published: Thu Jan 12 09:25:42 EST 2017