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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

U -- Chance Vought Aircraft (Division, United Aircraft Corporation) (manufacturer's symbol)

 U -- Vought-Sikorsky (Division, United Aircraft Corporation) (Manufacturer's symbol)

 UAP -- Utility Amphibian Plane

 U/C -- Unclassified

 UC -- Under Construction

 UC -- United Kingdom to New York (routing designation)

 UCDWR -- University of California Division of War Research

 UCO -- Universal weather landing code

 UCT -- United Kingdom to New York (Troop) (routing designation)

 UDCA -- Undesirable discharge, trial by civil authorities

 UDDE -- Undesirable discharge, desertion without trial

 UDFE -- Undesirable discharge, fraudulent enlistment

 UDT -- Underwater Demolition Team

 UDTPhibsPac -- Underwater Demolition Teams, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet

 UDUF -- Undesirable discharge, unfitness

 U/F -- Unit of Fire (Army)

 UFU -- Utility Flight Unit

 UG -- United States to Mediterranean (routing designation)

 UGF -- United States to Mediterranean, Fast (routing designation)

 UGS -- United States to Mediterranean, Slow (routing designation)

 UHF -- Ultra High Frequency

 U/I -- Unidentified

 UIM -- Ufficio Informazioni Militaire (Italy)

 UK -- United Kingdom

 UKIP -- United Kingdom Import Plan

 ULP -- Utility landplane

 UN -- United Nations

 Uncle -- "U" in the phonetic alphabet, replacing the obsolete "Unit"

 UnderSecNav -- Under Secretary of the Navy

 UNIF GRAT -- Uniform gratuity

 Unit -- "U" in the phonetic alphabet, now obsolete and replaced by "Uncle"

 Univ -- Universal

 UNLOD -- "Discharging"

 UNO -- United Nations Organization (now UN)

#UNORDGAN -- Unexecuted portion of orders hereby cancelled

 UNRRA -- United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

 UPO -- Unit Personnel Office (Army)

*UR -- Your(s)

 URAD -- Your Radio

 URDIS -- Your Dispatch

 URLTR -- Your Letter

 URMGM -- Your Mailgram

 URMSG -- Your Message

 URSER -- Your Serial

 URTEL -- Your Telegram

 US -- United States

 U/S or US -- Unserviceable

 USA -- U.S. Army

 USAAF -- U.S. Army Air Forces

 USAAFIME -- U.S. Army Air Forces in the Middle East

 USAASC -- U.S. Army Air Service Command

 USAF -- U.S. Army Forces

 USAFI -- U.S. Armed Forces Institute

 USAFICPA -- U.S. Army Forces in the Central Pacific Area

 USAFIK -- U.S. Army Forces in Korea

 USAFIME -- U.S. Army Forces in the Middle East

 USAFISPA -- U.S. Army Forces in the South Pacific Area

 USAFSA -- U.S. Army Forces in South America

 USAIRMILCOMUNO -- U.S. Army Air Force Representative, UN Military Staff Committee

 USASOS -- U.S. Army Service of Supply

 USAT -- U.S. Army Transport

 USBATU -- U.S.-Brazil Aviation Training Unit

 USC(A) -- U.S. Code (Annotated)

 USCC -- U.S. Commercial Company

 USCG -- U.S. Coast Guard

 USCGA -- U.S. Coast Guard Academy

 USCGC -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter

 USCGR -- U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

 USC & GS -- U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

 U-sec -- Micro-seconds

 USEES -- U.S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station (Annapolis)

 USF -- U.S. Fleet

 USF (No.) -- Current Tactical Orders and Doctrine, U.S. Fleet (No.)

 USFR -- U.S. Fleet Reserve

 USFR 2 -- See F

 USFR 3 C -- See F

 USFRD 3 D -- See F

 USFR 4 C -- See F

 USFR 4 D -- See F

 USFR 5 -- See F

 USHP -- U.S. Helium Plant (Amarillo)

 USL -- Underwater Sound Laboratory

 USLO -- U.S. Liaison Officer

 USMA -- U.S. Military Academy (West Point)

 USMAPU -- U.S. Military Academy Preparatory Unit

 USMB -- U.S. Marine Barracks

 USMC -- U.S. Marine Corps

 USMC -- U.S. Maritime Commission

 USMCAS -- U.S. Marine Corps Air Station

 USMCR -- U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

 USMCR(F) -- U.S. Fleet Marine Corps Reserve

 USMCR(O) -- U.S. Organized Marine Corps Reserve

 USMCR(V) -- U.S. Volunteer Marine Corps Reserve

 USMCWR -- U.S. Marine Corps Women's Reserve

 USMEMMILCOMUNO -- U.S. Members, UN Military Staff Committee

 USMILCOMUNO -- U.S. Delegation, UN Military Staff Committee

 USMS -- U.S. Maritime Service

 USMSOS -- U.S. Maritime Service Officers School

 USMSTS -- U.S. Maritime Service Training School

 USN -- U.S. Navy (also indicates Regular Navy)

 USNA -- U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis)

 USNACC -- U.S. Naval Member of the Allied Control Commission (Germany)

 USNATRA -- U.S. Naval Training

 USNAVYMILCOMUNO -- U.S. Naval Representative, UN Military Staff Committee

 USNDD -- U.S. Naval Drydocks

 USNH -- U.S. Naval Hospital

 USN-I -- U.S. Regular Navy-Inductee

 USN-I-CB -- U.S. Regular Navy-Inductee-Construction Battalion

 USNIP -- U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

 USN-ISA -- U.S. Regular Navy-Inductee Special Assignment

 USNLO -- U.S. Naval Liaison Officer

 USNR -- U.S. Naval Reserve

 USNR -- U.S. Navy Regulations

 USNR M -- U.S. Merchant Marine Reserve

 USNR M1 -- U.S. Merchant Marine Reserve Seagoing

 USNR M2 -- U.S. Merchant Marine Reserve Coastal Defense

 USNR O -- U.S. Organized Naval Reserve

 USNR O1 -- U.S. Organized Naval Reserve Seagoing

 USNR O2 -- U.S. Organized Naval Reserve Aviation

 USNR&SL -- U.S. Navy Radio and Sound Laboratory (San Diego)

 USNR SV -- U.S. Naval Reserve, Selective Volunteer

 USN-SV -- U.S. Regular Navy Selective Volunteer

 USNR V -- U.S. Volunteer Naval Reserve

 USNTI -- U.S. Navy Travel Instructions

 USO -- Under Secretary of the Navy's Office

 USO -- United Service Organizations

 USP -- Utility seaplane

 USRad -- U.S. Fleet Shore Radio Station

 USREPMILCOMUNO -- U.S. Representative, UN Military Staff Committee

 USREPOF -- U.S. Navy Reporting Officer

 USRO -- U.S. Routing Office

 USS -- U.S. Ship (naval vessel)

 USSAFE -- U.S. Strategic Air Force, Europe

 USSBS -- U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey

 USSECMILCOMUNO -- The Secretary, U.S. Delegation, UN Staff Committee

 USSR -- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

 USSTAFE -- U.S. Strategic Tactical Air Force, Europe

 USW -- Undersecretary of War

 USWBC -- U.S. War Ballot Commission

 UT -- United States to United Kingdom (Troop) (routing designation)

*UT -- Utility

 UTC -- Unit Training Center (Army)

 UtRon -- Utility Squadron

 UtRonFwdArea -- Utility Squadron, Forward Area

 UtWing -- Utility Wing

 UtWingServLant -- Utility Wing, Service Force, Atlantic

 UtWingServPac -- Utility Wing, Service Force, Pacific

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Navy Numbers

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