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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

V-1, V-2, V-3 -- Divisions of the Air Department aboard an aircraft carrier

 V -- Canadian Vickers (manufacturer's symbol)

 V -- Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation(ConVAir) (manufacturer's symbol)

 V -- Heavier-than-air aircraft

 V -- Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (formerly Vega Aircraft Corporation) (manufacturer's symbol)

 V-1 -- Pilotless flying bomb employed by the Germans

 V-2 -- Rocket bomb employed by the Germans

 V -- Vega Aircraft Corporation (now Lockheed Aircraft Corporation) (manufacturer's symbol)

 V -- Vertical in line (aircraft engine)

 V -- Vickers, Inc. (manufacturer's symbol)

 V -- Volunteer (U.S. Naval Reserve)

 V -- Vultee Aircraft, Inc. (manufacturer's symbol)

 V1 -- Accredited College Program and Naval ROTC (USNR classification)

 V2 -- Aviation Branch (USNR classification)

 V3 -- Communications (USNR classification)

 V4 -- Intelligence (USNR classification)

 V5 -- Aviation Cadets (USNR classification)

 V6 -- General Service and Specialists (USNR classification)

 V7 -- Midshipmen Officer Candidates (USNR classification)

 V8 -- Aviation Pilot Training, Enlisted Reserve (USNR classification)

 V9 -- WAVES Officer Candidates (USNR classification)

 V10 -- WAVES Enlisted Personnel (USNR classification)

 V11 -- Midshipmen Officer Candidates O (Older Group) (USNR classification)

 V12 -- College Training Program (USNR classification)

 VA -- Ambulance plane

 VA -- Veterans' Administration

 VA -- Virginia

 VA -- Visual Training Aid Specialist

 VABPF -- Vice Admiral British Pacific Fleet

 VA (D) -- Vice Admiral (Destroyers) (GB)

 VADM -- Vice Admiral

"Valiant" -- See SNV-#

 VAM -- Vice Admiral, Malta (GB)

*VAN -- Advanced

 VAQ(VPF) -- Vice Admiral Administration British Pacific Fleet at Melbourne

 VB -- Navy bombing plane

 VB -- Navy dive bomber squadron

 VBF -- Navy bombing-fighting aircraft

 VBF -- Navy bomber-fighter squadron

 VBT -- Bombing, torpedo plane

 VC -- Composite aircraft squadron

 VC -- Veterinary Corps (Army)

 VCB -- Construction Battalion (USNR classification)

 VCNO -- Vice Chief of Naval Operations

 VCS -- Cruiser-scouting squadron

 VD -- Photographic squadron (aircraft)

 VD -- Venereal Disease

 V-DISC -- Recording of musical entertainment

 VDP -- Volunteer Reservists in drill pay status

 VE -- Air Evacuation squadron

 V-E -- Victory-Europe (9 May 1945)

"Ventura" -- See PV-1-3

 Vert 2-exp -- Vertical double expansion engine

 Vert 3-exp -- Vertical triple expansion engine

 Vert 4-exp -- Vertical quadruple expansion engine

*VES -- Vessel

 VESCA(S) -- Vessels and Cargo

*VET -- Veteran

 VetAdm -- Veterans Administration

 VF -- Navy fighter plane

 VF -- Navy fighter squadron

 VFB -- Fighter bombing plane

 VF(M) -- Fighter plane (two-engine)

 VF(N) -- Navy night fighter squadrons

 VG -- Light transport plane (single-engine)

 VG -- Very good

 VGF -- Escort-fighting squadron

 VGS -- Escort-scouting squadron

 VH -- Ambulance plane

 VH -- Navy rescue squadron

 VHF -- Very High Frequency

 VI -- Virgin Islands

 Vice Adm -- Vice Admiral

 Vice CNO -- Vice Chief of Naval Operations

 Victor -- "V" in the phonetic alphabet

"Vindicator" -- See SB2U-#

 VIO -- Visual Intercept Officer

 VIP -- Very Important Person

"Viper" -- See BAKA

 VIPI -- Very Important Person Indeed

 VIR -- Virginia

 VIS -- Visibility

*VIS -- Visual

 VJ -- Utility plane

 VJ -- Navy utility squadrons

 V-J -- Victory-Japan (14 August 1945)

 V-J(M) -- Utility, 2-engine plane

 V-JR -- Utility-transport plane

 VK -- Drone

 VKN -- Target drone (training)

 VL -- Glider

 VLA -- Very Low Altitude

 VLB -- Navy glider (special)

 VLN -- Training glider

 V-Loan -- Production loan made under regulation V (Victory) of the Federal Reserve System

 VLR -- Transport glider

 VLR -- Very long range (aircraft)

 VM -- Anti-aircraft Gunnery Instructors

 VM -- Aviation Free Gunnery Instructors

 VM -- Discharge Interviewers

 VM -- Engineering Inspectors

 VM -- Inspectors of Aviation Material

 VM -- Ordnance Inspectors

 VM -- Position Classifiers

 VM -- V-Mail Specialists

 V-Mail -- Letters transmitted by microfilm

 VMB -- Marine medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land-based and seaplane)

 VMBF -- Marine fighter bomber squadrons

 VMD -- Marine photographic squadrons

 VMF -- Marine fighter squadrons

 VMF(N) -- Marine night fighter squadrons

 VMJ -- Marine utility squadron

 VML -- Marine glider squadron

 VMO -- Marine observation squadron

 VMO(AS) -- Marine observation squadron (artillery spotting)

 VMR -- Marine transport squadron

 VMSB -- Marine scout bombing squadron

 VMTB -- Marine torpedo bomber squadron

 VN -- Training plane

 VO -- Observation plane

 VO -- Navy battleship observation squadron

 VO -- Verbal Order (Army)

 VOC -- Navy observation spotter squadron

 VOC -- Volunteer Officer Candidate (Army)

 VOF -- Navy observation fighter squadron

 VOG -- Navy observation plane squadron

*VOL -- Volunteer

 VOpNav -- Vice Chief of Naval Operations (usually VCNO)

 VOS -- Observation scout plane

*VOU -- Voucher

"Voyager" -- See JRB-2-3-4

 VP -- Patrol plane

 VP -- Navy patrol squadron

 VP -- Venereal Pamphlet

 VPB -- Patrol-bombing plane

 VPB -- Navy medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land-based and seaplane)

 VPB -- Vertical Plot Board

 VPB (HL) -- Patrol Bomber, 4-engine, landplane

 VPB (HS) -- Patrol Bomber, 4-engine, seaplane

 VPB (ML) -- Patrol Bomber, 2-engine, landplane

 VPB (MS) -- Patrol Bomber, 2-engine, seaplane

 VPR -- Virtual PPI Reflectoscope (radar)

 VPR-NMP -- VPR with Navigational Microfilm Projector (radar)

 VPT -- Patrol-torpedo plane

 VR -- Transport plane (multi-engine)

 VR -- Navy transport squadron

 VR (HL) -- Transport, 4-engine, landplane

 VR (HS) -- Transport, 4-engine, seaplane

 VR (ML) -- Transport, 2-engine, landplane

 VR (MS) -- Transport, 2-engine, seaplane

 VS -- Scouting plane

 VS -- Navy shore-based scouting squadron

 VS -- Visual Signal

 VSB -- Scout-bombing plane

 VSN -- Scout-training plane

 VSN (M) -- Training plane, 2-engine

 VSO -- Scout observation plane

 VT -- Torpedo plane

 VT -- Navy torpedo bomber squadron

 VT -- Vermont

 VTB -- Torpedo-bombing plane

 VTD -- Navy aircraft (training)

 VT fuse -- Variable Time fuse

 VT-Loan -- Combination Production Termination loan

 VT(N) -- Navy night torpedo bomber squadron

 VTO -- Visual Training Officer

 VTO -- Vocational Training Officer

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Navy Numbers

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