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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Acronyms

AAR After Action Report
AAP Abbreviated Acquisition Program
AC Active Component
ACAT Acquisition Category
ACC Air Component Commander OR Air Combat Command (USAF)
ADCON Administrative Control
ADDU Additional Duty
AE Ammunition Ship
AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship
AGOS Ocean Surveillance Ship
AKE Dry Cargo Ship
AO Fleet Oiler
AOA Analysis of Alternatives
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship
AOR Area of Responsibility OR Replenishment Oiler
APN Aircraft Procurement, Navy
ARG Amphibious Ready Group
ARS Salvage Ship
ASN (FM&C) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management and Comptroller
ASN (EI&E) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment
ASN (M&RA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
ASN (RD&A) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisitions
ASW Anti-submarine Warfare
ATF Fleet Tug
B-code Deputy OPOs (i.e. N4B)
BAM Baseline Assessment Memorandum
BISOG Blue-in-support-of-green
BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BSO Budget Submitting Office
BTA Business Transformation Agency
BY Budget Year
BWC Battle Watch Captain
C41SR Command & Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance & Recognizance
CANES Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services
CAPE (OSD) Cost Assessment and Performance Evaluation
CARD Cost Analysis Requirements Description
CBA Capabilities-based Assessment
CBR Concurrent Budget Resolution
CCJO Capstone Concept for Joint Operations
CDD Capability Development Document
CDP Concept Demonstration Phase / or Concept Development Process
CEB CNO Executive Board
CEG CNO Executive Group
CEP CNO Executive Panel
CFFC Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
CG Guided-missile Cruiser OR Commanding General (USMC)
CHINFO Navy Chief of Information
CIMS Congressional Information Management System
CIO Chief Information Officer
CICS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CNA' Center for Naval Analyses
CNAF Commander, Naval Air Forces
CND Computer Network Defense
CNE COMNAVEUR OR Commander, u.s. Naval Forces Europe
CNP Chief of Naval Personnel
CNR Chief of Navy Reserve
CNSF Commander, Naval Surface Forces
COA Course of Action
COCOM Combatant Command
CONOPS Concept of Operations
COOP Continuity of Operations
CP Change Proposal
CPA Chairman's Program Assessment
CPD Capability Production Document
CPF COMPACFLT OR Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CPM Capability Portfolio Manager
CPR Chairman's Program Recommendation
CRICRA Continuing Resolution I Continuing Resolution Authority
CSG Carrier Strike Group
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVN Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear-powered
CY Calendar Year
DADT Don't' Ask Don't Tell
DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCR DOTMLPF Change Recommendation
DD Destroyer
DDG Guided-missile Destroyer
DEA Deputy Executive Assistant
DJS Director, Joint Staff
DMAG DEPSECDEF Management Advisory Group
DNS Director, Navy Staff
DoN Department of the Navy
DoNAA Department of the Navy Assistant for Administration
DoNPIC Department of the Navy Program Information Center
DOTMLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities
DUSN (PPOI) Deputy Under Secretary of Navy for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration
EA Executive Assistant
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
EDA Excess Defense Articles
EDM Engineering Development Models
EIS Executive Integration and Synchronization
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
EMD Engineering, Manufacturing and Development
EPP Enhanced Planning Process
ESG Expeditionary Strike Group
EW Electronic Warfare
FAA Functional Area Analysis (ID desired capabilities)
FCB Functional Capabilities Board
FCC FLTCYBERCOM OR Fleet Cyber Command
FF Frigate
FFG Guided-missile Frigate
FFRDC Federally-funded Research & Development Center
FMB Office of the Budget, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management & Comptroller)
FMBE Navy Appropriations Matters Office (div. of FMB)
FMC Fully mission capable
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FNA Functional Needs Analysis (ID capability gaps)
FO Flag Officer
FOT&E Follow-on Test and Evaluation
FRP Fleet Response Plan OR Full Rate Production
FRTP Fleet Readiness Training Plan
FSA Functional Solutions Analysis (ID solutions to gaps)
FTS Full-Time Support
FY Fiscal Year
FYDP Future Years Defense Plan
GC General Counsel
GDF Guidance for the Development of the Force
GFM Global Force Management
HA/DR Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief
HAC House Appropriations Committee
HAC-D House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HBC House Budget Committee
HUMINT Human Intelligence
IAMD Integrated Air and Missile Defense
ICD Initial Capabilities Document
ICP Integrated Capability Plan
IFR/QFR Insert for the Record / Question for the Record
IG Inspector General
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
10C Initial Operational Capability
IPA Integrated Program Assessment
IPL Integrated Priority List
IRCA Integrated Readiness Capabilities Assessment
IRR Individual Ready Reserve
IRT In reference to
ISE In-service Engineering
ISIC Immediate Superior in Command
ISO In support of
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
IW Information Warfare OR Irregular Warfare
JACO Joint Action Control Office
JAG Judge Advocate General
JCA Joint Capability Areas
JCB Joint Capabilities Board
JCIDS Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System
JEON Joint Emergent Operational Need
JFMCC Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander
JMC Joint Military Community
JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task List
JOC Joint Operations Center
JPAM Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
JPD Joint Potential Designator
JPG Joint Programming Guidance
JRB Joint Review Board
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JSAP Joint Staff Action Processing
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JTF Joint Task Force
JUON Joint Urgent Operational Need
KPP Key Performance Parameter
LCAC Air Cushion Landing Craft
LCC Land Component Commander OR life Cycle Cost OR Amphibious Command Ship
LCS Littoral Combat Ship
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship, General Purpose
LHD Amphibious Assault Ship, Multi-purpose
LNO Liaison Officer
LPD Amphibious Transport Dock Ship
LREC Language, Regional Expertise and Culture
LRIP Low-rate Initial Production
LSD Dock Landing Ship
MCC Maritime Component Commander
MCO Major Combat Operation
MDA Milestone Decision Authority OR Maritime Domain Awareness
MID Management Initiative Decision
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOC Maritime Operations Center
MOE Measures of Effectiveness
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPT&E Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education
MS A Milestone A, B, c...
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVCENT U.S Naval Forces Central Command
NAVEUR / NAVA U.S Naval Forces Europe / Africa
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSUP Naval Supply Command
NCB Naval Capabilities Board
NCC National Command Center
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NDAA National Defense Authorization Act
NDS National Defense Strategy
NDW Naval District Washington
NEC Navy Enlisted Classification
NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
NGA National Geo-spatial Intelligence Agency
NGEN Next Generation Enterprise Network
NGO Non-governmental Organization
NIPO Navy International Programs Office
NLSO Naval legal Services Office
NMAWC Naval Mine and ASW Command
NMCB Navy / Marine Corps Board
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMCI Navy / Marine Corps Intranet
NMP Navy Manning Plan
NMS National Military Strategy
NOC Navy Operations Center
NRL Naval Research lab
NSAWC Navy Strike Aircraft Warfare Center
NSP Navy Strategic Plan
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center
NSS National Security Strategy
NUWC Naval Underwater Warfare Center
NWCF Navy Working Capital Fund
OBE Overcome by Events
OCO Overseas Contingency Operations
OGC Office of the General Counsel (SECNAV)
OLA Navy Office of Legislative Affairs
OMB Office of Management & Budget
OMN Operation & Maintenance, Navy
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence '
ONR Office of Naval Research
OPEVAL Operational Evaluation
OPLAN Operational Plan
OPN Other Procurement, Navy
OPO OPNAV Principal Official
OPREP Operational Report
OPTEVFOR Operational Test & Evaluation Force
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSINT Open-source Intelligence
PA&E (OSD) Program, Analysis & Evaluation
PBD Program Budget Decision
PBIS Program Budget Information System
PBR Program Budget Review
PDASN/RD&A Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy / RD&A
PDM Program Decision Memorandum
PE Program Element
PEO Program Executive Office (C41, EIS, etc ...)
POA&M Plan Of Action & Milestones
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POR Program Of Record
POW Plan of the Week
PPBE Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution
PR Program Review
PRESBUD/PB President's Budget
PSM Professional Staff Member
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
QFR/IFR Questions for the Record/Inserts for the Records
R3B Resource & Requirements Review Board
RC Reserve Component
RCOH Refueling Complex OverHaul
RDTE Research, Development, Test & Evaluation
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RMD Resource Management Decision
RO Requirements Officer
ROC/POE Required Operational Capabilities & Projected Operational Environment
ROI Return On Investment
RS Resource Sponsor
RSAC Resource and Situational Awareness Center
SA Situational Awareness
SAC Senate Appropriations Committee
SAC-D Senate Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense
SAP Special Access Program
SAPR Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SBC Senate Budget Committee
SCN Shipbuilding & Conversion, Navy
SDD System Development and Demonstration
SDR System Design Review
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SES Senior Executive Service
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SLEP Service Life Extension Program
SLRG Senior Leader Review Group
SME Subject Matter Expert
SOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command
SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
SPP Sponsor Program Proposal
STRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command
SYSCOM Systems Command (e.g. NAVAIR)
TDL Tactical Data Link
TECHEVAL Technical Evaluation
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TOA Total Obligational Authority
T-POM Tentative POM
TSST Total Ship Survivability Trial
TIP Techniques, Tactics and Procedures
TYCOM Type Commander (i.e. SURFOR, AIRFOR)
UON Urgent Operational Need
VAMOSC Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs
WCP Warfighting Capability Plan
WHS Washington Headquarters Service
WPN Weapons Procurement, Navy
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