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Appendix D. Aircraft Tailcodes, 1964 - 1975

Carrier Air Wings                 Miscellaneous Carrier Squadrons* 

CVW-1               AB                   VAP-62              GB

CVW-2               NE                   VAP-61              SS

CVW-3               AC                   VFP-63              PP

CVW-5               NF                   VFP-62              GA

CVW-6               AE                   VAW-11              RR

CVW-7               AG                   VAW-12              GE

CVW-8               AJ                   VAW-13              VR

CVW-9               NG                   VAW-33              GD

CVW-10              AK                   VAW-111             RR

CVW-11              NH                   VAH-1/RVAH-1        GH

CVW-14              NK                   VAH-3/RVAH-3        GJ

CVW-15              NL                   VAH-4               ZB

CVW-16              AH                   VAH-5/RVAH-5        GK

CVW-17              AA                   RVAH-6              GS

CVW-19              NM                   VAH-7/RVAH-7        GL

CVW-21              NP                   VAH-9/RVAH-9        GM

RCVW-4              AD                   VAH-11              GN

RCVW-12             NJ                   RVAH-12             GP

CVSG-50/RCVSG-50    AR           RVAH-13             GR

CVSG-51/RCVSG-51    RA           RVAH-14             GQ

CVSG-52             AS                   VAH-21              SL

CVSG-53             NS                   VR-30               RW

CVSG-54             AT                   VRC-40              CD

CVSG-55             NU                   VRC-50              RG

CVSG-56             AU                   VQ-1                PR

CVSG-57             NV                   VQ-2                JQ

CVSG-58             AV                   VSF-1               NA

CVSG-59             NT                   VAQ-130             VR

CVSG-60             AW                   HM-12               DH

*Some of the individual squadrons, such as VAQ, VAW, and RVAH designated units, lose their assigned tailcodes in the late 1960s or early 1970s and use the tailcodes of their assigned Carrier Air Wing. Tailcodes for Marine Corps squadrons that deployed on board carriers are not included in the list.

26 October 1997

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