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United States. 1947. Building the Navy's bases in World War II; history of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Civil Engineer Corps, 1940-1946. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

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  • World War II 1939-1945
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Building the Navy's Bases in World War II

History of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Civil Engineer Corps 1940-1946

Navy emblems


Insignia of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, the Civil Engineer Corps, and the Seabees Frontispiece
Doors of a Timber LTA Hangar, South Weymouth, Mass. facing 1
Warehouses, Guam  2
Seaplane Hangars, Alameda, Calif. 2
Power House, Pearl Harbor 5
Seaplane Hangars, Corpus Christi, Tex. 6
Naval Air Station, Kaneohe, T.H. 9
Dry Dock No. 7, Bayonne Annex to the New York Navy Yard 10
Battleship in a 10-section Advance Base Sectional Dock 11
Enlisted Men's Barracks, Jacksonville 12
Shop Interior, Argentia Naval Operating Base 14
Camp Hill, 5000-man Unit at Farragut Naval Training Center 17
Seabee Quarters and Chapel, Rosneath, Scotland 18
Naval Air Station, Kodiak 21
Concrete-block Storehouses, Clearfield, Utah 23
Warehouses and Railroad at Advance Base Depot, Gulfport 24
General View of Mare Island Navy Yard 26
Hangars at Alameda Naval Air Station 28
Six LST's in Terminal Island Dry Dock No. 1 31
Quarters at NAS Sitka, March 1941 32
Double Hangars at Whitney Field, Pensacola 35
Shipfitter's Shop, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 36
Multi-quonset Warehouse, Guam 38
Naval Air Station, Kodiak, September 1941 41
Low-cost Housing, Marine Corps Base, San Diego 42
Administration and Supply Building, New York Navy Yard 45
Enlisted Men's Barracks, Quonset Point (R.I.) Naval Air Station 46
Inert Storage Area, Hawthorne (Nevada) Naval Ammunition Depot 47
Hunters Point (Calif.) Drydocks 48
Timber LTA Hangar, Weeksville, N.C. 51
Housing Area at Keneohe 52
Storehouse and Office Building, Bayonne Naval Supply Depot 54
Entrance to Charleston (S.C.) Naval Hospital 57
Sewage-disposal Plant, Farragut, Idaho 60
Pearl Harbor Headquarters of Cincpac 63
Bureau of Yards and Docks Annex, Washington 64
Personnel of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, September 1945 facing 66
Classroom Buildings in the CEC Officer Training Area, Davisville, R.I. 68
Military Personnel of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, September 1945 facing 70
Dedication of Camp Endicott 73
Headquarters of the CEC Officers School, Davisville 74
Regimental Headquarters, Camp Endicott 75
Administration Building, Corpus Christi 76
Machine Shop at Mare Island Navy Yard 78
Supply Department Warehouse, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 81
Naval Air Station, Sitka, Alaska 82
General View of Bainbridge (Md.) Naval Training Center 84
Sub-assembly Shop and Steel Storage Shed, New York Navy Yard 86
Material Assembly Building, Norfolk Navy Yard 89
Pontoon Causeway on a Normandy Beach, June 10, 1944 90
Interior of Sub-assembly Shop, Norfolk Navy Yard 92
Seabees Manning an Anti-aircraft Machine Gun Mounted on Tractor 95
Structural Assembly Shop, Philadelphia Navy Yard 96
Barracks for Enlisted Personnel, Kaneohe Naval Air Station 99
Highway Scene on Guam, November 1945 99
Ordnance and Diesel Shop, Charleston Navy Yard 101
Pontoon Pier at Katchin-Hanto, Okinawa, May 1945 102
Naval Hospital, Houston, Tex. 105
Naval Supply Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 106
Materials Testing Laboratory, New York Navy Yard 108
Naval Material Redistribution and Disposal Center, Torrance, Calif. 110
Interior of Electrical Shop Terminal Island, Calif. 113
Hangar Used for Shops and Offices, ABD Tacoma 114
ABD Davisville 116
Open Storage Area, ABD Port Hueneme, Calif. 119
Cold-storage and Provisions Warehouses, Pearl Harbor Naval Supply Depot 121
Pontoon Storage Area, ABD Davisville 122
Pontoon Assembly Area, ABD Gulfport, Miss. 125
Waterfront Area, ABD Davisville 126
Typical Warehouse, ABD Davisville 127
Open Storage and Warehouse Area, ABD Gulfport 128
Quonset Warehouses at Guam 129
Open Storage Area, ABD Port Hueneme 130
Scene at Lisahally (Londonderry) Base 132
Presentation of Colors at Davisville Dedication Ceremony 134
Barracks Area, Camp Endicott 136
Quonset Chapel, Camp Parks, Calif. 138
Administration Building, Camp Parks 139
Exterior of South Drill Hall, Camp Parks 140
Swimming-pool Building, Camp Parks 141
Interior of South Drill Hall, Camp Parks 141
Boiler Room in 40-by-100-foot Quonset Hut, Camp Endicott 142
Liberty Ship Mock-up, Camp Endicott 144
Seabees in Training, Camp Peary 146
Training Schools, Camp Endicott 149
Weasel Used by the Point Barrow Expedition 150
Seabee Equipment, Davisville 152
Trenching Machine at Okinawa 153
Caterpillar D-8 Tractor with Armored Cab 153
Asphalt-mixing Plant, Guam 155
Advance Base Proving Ground, Davisville 156
Pontoon Stock Pile at Port Hueneme 158
Pontoon Causeway in Use in the Normandy Invasion 159
Quonset Warehouse Adapted as Two-story Barracks for WAVES, Oahu 160
School Hut at the Central Spare Parts Warehouse, Joliet, Ill. 161
Pontoons Rigged as Sprinkler Tanks on Dump Trucks, Okinawa 162
Bucket Ditcher on Peleliu 163
Amphibious Tracked Cargo Carrier, Alaska 164
Construction Equipment Pool in the Russell Islands 165
Paint and Oil Storehouse, New York Navy Yard 170
Machine Shop, Terminal Island 171
Machine Shop, Puget Sound Navy Yard 172
Service Building for Drydocks No. 4 and No. 5, Philadelphia Navy Yard 173
Shipfitter's and Assembly Shop, Norfolk Navy Yard 174
Sub-assembly Shop, Portsmouth (N.H.) Navy Yard 176
Waterfront Shops, South Boston Navy Yard Annex 179
Structural and Machine Shop, Bayonne Annex of the New York Navy Yard 181
Production Utility Building, New York Navy Yard 181
Turret and Erection Building, New York Navy Yard 182
Sub-assembly Shop, New York Navy Yard 183
Crane, Drydock, and Sheet Metal Shop, Bayonne 184
Receiving Barracks and Dental Clinic, New York Navy Yard 185
Structural Assembly Shop, Philadelphia Navy Yard 186
Pattern Shop and Foundry, Philadelphia Navy Yard 187
Turret Shop, Philadelphia Navy Yard 188
Shipping and Receiving Shop, Norfolk Navy Yard 189
Hammerhead Crane, Norfolk Navy Yard 190
Machine and Shipfitter's Shops, St. Helena Area of the Norfolk Navy Yard 191
Layout Shop, Charleston Navy Yard 192
Shipways at Charleston Navy Yard 193
Dry Dock No. 4, Puget Sound Navy Yard 194
Interior of Shipfitter's Shop, Puget Sound Navy Yard 195
Ordnance Open Storage, Mare Island Navy Yard 196
Machine Shop, Mare Island Navy Yard 197
Dry Dock No. 4 at Hunters Point in Use 198
General View of Hunters Point 199
Inside Machinist's Shop, Hunters Point 199
Testing Dry Dock No. 4, Hunters' Point 200
Waterfront at Terminal Island 201
Machine Shop, Terminal Island 202
Electric Shop, Terminal Island 203
Drydock, San Diego Naval Repair Base 204
Yard Steel Shop, Terminal Island 205
Transverse Crane Runway, New York Navy Yard 207
ABSD No. 3 208
ABSD in the South Pacific 210
Cruiser in an ABSD 211
Unwatering an ABSD 212
A Section of an ABSD in Tow 213
Raising the Wingwalls of an ABSD with Hydraulic Jacks 214
ARD-13 216
ARD-14 217
ARDC 218
AFD-10 219
First Ship in YFD-16, February 1943 220
YFD-6 Being Prepared for Passage Through the Panama Canal 222
YFD-6 Careened at an 85-degree Angle for Passage Through the Panama Canal 223
Training Center at Paradise Cove, Tiburon, Calif. 224
Launching the Center Section of YFD-6 225
Ten-section Advance Base Sectional Dock in Service 226
Power House, Corpus Christi 228
Control Tower, Jacksonville 230
Hangar and Shops, Norfolk Naval Air Station 232
Enlisted Men's Barracks, Alameda Naval Air Station 234
Landplane Hangar, Quonset Point 235
Acceleration Unit, Pensacola 236
General View of Memphis Naval Air Station 238
Bachelor Officers' Quarters, Norfolk Naval Air Station 239
Celestial Navigation Training Building, Whiting Field, Pensacola 240
Concrete Landplane Hangars, San Diego Naval Air Station 241
Seaplane Hangars, Corpus Christi 242
Assembly and Repair Shop, Jacksonville 243
Enlisted Men's Barracks, Norfolk Naval Air Station 244
Assembly and Repair Shops, Alameda 245
Assembly and Repair Shop and Engine Overhaul Shop, Quonset Point 246
Aviation Supply Warehouse, Norfolk Naval Air Station 248
Twin Landplane Hangars, Patuxent River, Md. 249
Half-hangar, Jacksonville 250
Night Scene at the Steel LTA Hangar, Weeksville, N.C. 252
Steel LTA Hangar, Weeksville 253
Two Timber LTA Hangars, Richmond, Fla. 255
Assembly and Repair Shop Hangar, Cherry Point, N.C. 258
Engine Test Cells, Cherry Point 260
Functional Design Expressed in the Columns and Roof Trusses of a Reception Center, Great Lakes, Ill. 262
Storehouses, San Diego Naval Training Center 264
Drill Hall Interior, Great Lakes 267
Torpedo School, Great Lakes 268
Boat House, Farragut 270
Barracks Located Along Contour Lines, Bainbridge, Md. 272
Amphitheatre and Auditorium, Bainbridge 273
Drill Field and Adjacent Buildings Comprising a Unit, Bainbridge 274
Chapel at Sampson, N.Y. 276
Amphibious Training Base, Coronado, Calif. 278
Chapel at Parris Island, S.C. 280
Married Officers' Quarters, Camp Lejeune, N.C. 281
Anti-aircraft Gunnery Training Buildings, Bainbridge 282
Swimming Pool at Sampson 283
Temporary Barracks, Camp Pendleton, Calif. 284
Naval Training Center, Sampson, N.Y. 285
Interior View of a Farragut Drill Hall 286
School Buildings at Farragut 288
Recreation Building, Great Lakes 290
Naval Supply Depot, Norfolk 292
General Storehouses, Oakland, Calif. 294
Interior of a Heavy-materials Warehouse, Spokane 295
Wharf and Transit Shed, Bayonne (N.J.) Naval Supply Depot 297
Seven-story Warehouse, San Diego Naval Supply Depot 298
General Storehouses, Cleafield, Utah, Naval Supply Depot 301
Heavy-materials Storehouse, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 302
Interior of a General Storehouse, Scotia, N.Y. 303
Administration Building, Spokane Naval Supply Depot 304
Cold-storage Plant, Oakland Naval Supply Depot 307
Temporary Storehouse, San Diego Naval Supply Depot 308
Marine Barracks, Clearfield 309
Supply School, NSD Bayonne 311
General View of NSD Clearfield 313
General View of NSD Bayonne 314
Barrel-arch-roofed Storehouses, NSD Bayonne 315
Windowless, Concrete-block, General Storehouses, NSD Mechanicsburg 319
Aviation Storehouse, NSD Oakland 321
General Storehouse and Administration Building, NSD Oakland 322
Loading Pier for Ammunition, Mare Island Ammunition Depot 324
TNT-reclaiming Building, Hawthorne, Nevada 327
High-explosive Magazine, New Orleans Ammunition Depot 329
Mine Assembly Building, Hawthorne Ammunition Depot 330
Major-caliber Bag-loading Plant, McAlester, Okla. 333
Inert Storage Buildings, McAlester Ammunition Depot 334
Rocket Motor Loading Assembly Buildings, McAlester 337
Gun-ammunition Area, Seal Beach, Calif. 338
Inert Storage Area, Hawthorne 340
Bomb and Mine Loading Plant, McAlester 343
Triple-arch Gun-ammunition Magazines, McAlester 345
Fuse and Detonator Magazines, New Orleans Ammunition Depot 346
Mine Assembly Building, Mare Island Ammunition Depot 348
Bag-filling Building, Seal Beach Ammunition Depot 350
Bag-sewing Building, Seal Beach 353
Entrance Portico at the Dublin (Ga.) Naval Hospital 354
Sick Officers' Quarters, Charleston (S.C.) Naval Hospital 356
U.S. Naval Hospital, Key West, Florida 359
Nurses' Quarters, New Orleans Naval Hospital 360
Hospital Corps School, Portsmouth, Va. 361
Hospital Administration Building, Farragut, Idaho 362
Typical Wards, U.S. Naval Hospital, Sampson, N.Y. 363
1,000-bed Unit, Corona (Calif.) Naval Hospital 364
U.S. Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md. 367
General View of the Naval Hospital at St. Albany, N.Y. 368
Wards at the Norman (Okla.) Naval Hospital 370
Housing Project, Charleston, S.C. 372
Married Enlisted Men's Quarters, Jacksonville 373
Homoja Village, Annapolis, Md. 375
Benmoreell Park, Norfolk 376
Navy Defense Housing, Long Beach, Calif. 377
Vallejo Low-cost Housing Units, Mare Island Navy Yard 378
Low-cost Housing at Bellevue, D.C. 379
Low-cost Housing Development at Hawthorne, Nevada 381
Two-unit House at Charleston, S.C. 382
Ships on the Building Ways, Groton, Conn. 384
Heppenstall-Eddystone Corporation Plant, Eddystone, Pa. 385
Busch-Sulzer Diesel Engineering Company's Plant at St. Louis, Mo. 386
Shipways and Craneways, Western Pipe and Steel Company of California 387
Todd Shipyards Corporation's Hoboken Plant 388
Machine Shop, Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard 390
Mesta Machine Company Plant, West Homestead, Pa. 392
Erie Forge and Steel Company Plant, Erie, Pa. 393
American Locomotive Company Plant, Auburn, N.Y. 394
Engineering and Experimental Building, Grumman Bethpage (N.Y.) Plant 395
Vought-Sikorsky Plant at Stratford, Conn. 396
Delivery Hangar, Glenn Martin Company's Middle River (Md.) Plant 397
Building Ways, Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation Plant, San Pedro, Calif. 399
U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant, Indianapolis, Indiana 400
1. Naval Shore Construction Program, July 1, 1940 to January 1, 1946 22
2.Congressional Appropriations for Naval Public Works, July 1, 1940 to April 1, 1946 facing 58
3.Organization Chart of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, June 1, 1944 facing 64
4.Seabee Enlistment Curves 148





Navy's First Advance Base Frontispiece
LTA Steel Hangar, Built by the 80th Seabees, at Carlson Field, Trinidad facing 1
Tenth Naval District Headquarters, San Juan Puerto Rico 4
Drydock Area, San Juan, Puerto Rico 7
Bourne Field, St. Thomas 10
Catchment Area for Laundry and Power House at the Submarine Base, St. Thomas 11
McCalla Field Headquarters, Guantanamo Bay 12
Barracks at Trinidad Naval Base 23
Naval Supply Depot, Trinidad 24
Section Base Dispensary, Trinidad 25
Administration and Subsistence Buildings, Trinidad Naval Base 26
Building a Dike for Ship Repair Facilities in Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad 27
Naval Hospital, Trinidad 28
Small Boat Landing, Trinidad 29
NAS Bermuda in the Process of Construction 30
NAS Bermuda 33
Seaplane Base at Aeolian Cove, Galapagos 37
United States Naval Base, Corinto, Nicaragua 39
Aratu Seaplane Base, Brazil 45
Commissioning Ceremony, NAS Argentia 48
Administration Building, Argentia Naval Operating Base 49
Wooden YFD in Operation at Argentia 50
NAS Argentia, as Viewed from the Control Tower 51
Drill Hall and Gymnasium, Argentia 51
Shops and Warehouses at NAS Argentia 53
Shop at the Naval Operating Base, Argentia 55
Tank Farm at Reykjavik, Iceland 57
Pier to Deep Water at the Tank Farm, Reykjavik 58
Tank Farm on the Shores of Hvalfjordur, Iceland 60
General Headquarters, Londonderry 64
General View of Living Quarters at Springtown Base, Londonderry 65
Creevagh Hospital Base, Londonderry 66
Lisahally Base, Londonderry 67
Warehouses in the Lisahally Storage Area 68
Rosneath, Scotland 71
Tank Farm, Rosneath 72
Industrial Section at the Seabee Base, Rosneath 73
Naval Supply Depot and Camp, Oran 76
Naval Receiving Station, Oran 77
Mobile Hospital Camp, Oran 77
Pontoon Causeway About to Go Over the Side of an LST, Arzeu 78
Airfield at Port Lyautey 81
Hospital Area, Port Lyautey 82
Pontoon Crane in Action at Port Lyautey 83
VP73 and Hedron 13 Personnel at Quarters, Agadir 84
Aircraft Maintenance Group Huts at Agadir 85
Casablanca Dock Area and Harbor Entrance 86
Pontoons in the Sicilian Invasion, July 10, 1943 88
1006th Seabees in the Salerno Invasion 89
1006th Seabees Using a Three-Section Pontoon Causeway at Safta Beach 89
Praia Dock Area, Azores 92
South Breakwater, Monrovia 94
Naval Construction Battalion Depot, Heathfield, England 98
Interior of Temporary Ward, St. Michael's Hospital, Falmouth 99
Uneven OMAHA Beach 100
LST Moves in to Secure to a Liebnitz Pier, OMAHA Beach 101
Bombardons Moored in Position Off OMAHA Beach 103
Rhino Ferries in Action at OMAHA Beach 104
Personnel Huts at Vicarage Base, Plymouth 105
Naval Dispensary, Manadon Field, Plymouth 106
Storage Warehouses at Exeter Supply Base 107
Rhino Ferry "Married" to an LST 108
GOOSEBERRY No. 2 at OMAHA Beach 109
Unloading Activities at OMAHA Beach MULBERRY 110
Spud Pierhead and Flexible Piers 111
OMAHA Beach Before the MULBERRY Was Installed 112
An Army DUKW Crosses One of the British-built WHALE Bridges at OMAHA Beach 113
OMAHA Beach After the Great Storm 115
Seabees Repair Ship at OMAHA Beach 116
First Seabee Camp on the Normandy Beach 119
Dry Dock No. 1, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 124
Barracks at the Staging Center, Pearl Harbor 126
Supply Department Warehouse, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 127
Small Bombproof Power Substation, Pearl Harbor 128
Ordnance Shop, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 129
Dry Dock No. 4, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard 131
Reinforced Concrete Storehouse, Naval Supply Depot, Pearl Harbor 133
Upper Tank Farm, Pearl Harbor 134
Barracks and Recreation Field at Kaneohe Naval Air Station 137
Assembly and Repair Shop, Kaneohe Naval Air Station 138
Bachelor Officers' Quarters, Kaneohe Naval Air Station 139
Industrial Area, Barbers Point Naval Air Station 140
Administration Building at Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station 141
Nose Hangars at Honolulu Naval Air Stations 143
Nose Hangar Shop, NAS Honolulu 143
Barracks for Civilian Housing, Marine Corps Air Station, Ewa 144
Covered Concrete Revetments, Marine Corps Air Station, Ewa!/a> 145
Aiea Naval Hospital 146
Wards at the Naval Hospital on Moanalua Ridge 147
NAS Pearl Harbor 148
14th District Quarters for Permanent and Transient Officers, Moanalua 150
Control Tower, Marine Corps Air Station, Ewa 157
Bachelor Officers' Quarters, NAS Pearl Harbor 161
Barracks at Pearl Harbor Separation Center 162
NAS Sitka 164
Building an Airfield in the Aleutians 166
NAS Kodiak 168
Naval Operating Base at Adak 170
Members of the 86th Battalion at Adak 173
Building a Road at Adak 174
Hospital Area at Adak 177
Hedron Area Under Construction, Adak 180
86th Seabees Lined Up for Inspection on Maintenance Avenue, Adak, July 16, 1944 183
General View of the Naval Air Station at Attu 185
Hospital Area, Attu 187
Seabees at Point Barrow 188
A Point Barrow Supply Train 189
Borabora 193
Refrigerator Warehouse, Havannah Harbor, Efate 194
Pallikula Bay Pontoon Wharf, Espiritu Santo 198
Aviation Supply Annex, Espiritu Santo, Under Construction 199
Pontoon Pier at the Seaplane Base, Noumea 200
Luganville Field, Espiritu Santo 201
Naval Air Transport Service Facilities, Espiritu Santo 204
Aviation Overhaul Area, Espiritu Santo 205
Ship Repair Unit Shop Area, Noumea 208
Naval Hospital No. 3, Espiritu Santo 209
Bombproof Operations Building, Tafuna Airfield, Tutuila 210
Ship Repair Base, Noumea 214
Crane Hoisting Concrete Beams for Cribbing at the End of the 600-foot Marine Pier, Upolu 215
Fuel Tanks at Noumea 216
Oxygen Plant in the Industrial Area, Espiritu Santo 220
Mobile Hospital No. 7, Noumea 224
Ship Repair Unit, Ile Nou, Noumea 225
Pontoon Assembly Area, Noumea 226
Men of the 36th Battalion Erecting Dallas Huts, Espiritu Santo 231
PT-boat Drydock and Repair Base, Espiritu Santo 234
PBY Base, Espiritu Santo 238
36th Seabees Enroute to Bougainville 243
Building a New Fighter Strip on Guadalcanal 247
Unloading Gas and Oil Drums on the Beach at Bougainville 248
Piva Bomber Field, Bougainville 250
Work Shops and Marine Railway at the Landing Craft Repair Base, Carter City 254
Halavo Seaplane Base, Florida Island 255
Living Quarters at Carter City, Florida Island 256
Florida Island Chapel 257
33rd Seabees Working on Banika Airfield, in the Russells 258
Advance Base Construction Depot, Banika Island 260
Acorn 15 Messhall, Bougainville, May 9, 1944 261
Seabees Laying Pierced Plank at Bougainville 264
Quonset Hut Erected by 73rd Seabees for Field Operations at Munda 265
Torokina Fighter Field, November 13, 1943 270
Torokina Fighter Field, November 15, 1943 272
Torokina Fighter Field, December 2, 1943 273
Torokina Fighter Field, December 10, 1943 276
Ship Repair Facilities at Lombrum, Los Negros 281
Naval Receiving Station, Lorengau, Manus, November 1944 282
Sedimentation Tank in Operation in the Admiralties 283
Chapel in the Admiralties 285
Advance Base Construction Depot, Milne Bay, New Georgia 288
Filtering Tanks at the Filtering Station, Manus 289
Advance Base Construction Depot, Manus 294
71st Seabees Build an Airfield in the Admiralties, May 28, 1944 298
71st Seabees Build an Airfield in the Admiralties, June 1, 1944 298
71st Seabees Build an Airfield in the Admiralties, June 4, 1944 299
Blasting for Coral in the Admiralties 300
Coral Excavation at Pityilu 301
Parking Area After Coral Surfacing Had Been Applied, Pityilu Airfield 302
Parachute Loft at Pityilu Airfield 303
Waterfront Facilities at Hollandia 306
Naval Supply Depot Refrigerator Area, Hollandia 307
Hospital Wards on Owi Island 310
Airfield and Adjoining Facilities on Betio Island, Tarawa 316
Roi-Namur in the Kwajalein Atoll 321
Quonset-hut Variation at Eniwetok 326
Naval Base Hospital 20, Peleliu 330
ORANGE Beach Causeway and Channel Entrance Peleliu 331
PURPLE Beach Chapel, Peleliu 332
Sorlen Island, Ulithi 335
Orote Peninsula, Guam 336
Seabee-built Enlisted Men's Quarters of the 50th Bombardment Group, Saipan 339
Double-decker Quonset at Saipan 341
Garapan Waterfront Development, Saipan 342
Hangars at Harmon Field, Guam 344
Ordnance Supply Annex of the Naval Supply Depot, Guam 345
Black Oil Tank Farm, Guam 346
Apra Harbor and Breakwater 347
Wards of Fleet Hospital No. 115, Guam 348
Wards of Fleet Hospital No. 103, Guam 349
Advance Base Construction Depot, Guam 351
Dispensary at Marianas Headquarters, Guam 351
Chapel at Fleet Hospital No. 111, Guam 352
Third Marines' Chapel, Guam 353
Port Director's Headquarters, Guam 354
Nose Hangars at Agana Naval Air Station, Guam 354
Bachelor Officers' Quarters, Guam 355
Barrigada Radio Station, Guam 356
Marine Corps Field Depot, Guam 356
Third Marines' Recreation Center, Guam 357
Route 6, Guam 358
Camp of the 94th Seabees, Guam 359
Tinian Camp of the 50th Seabees, April 1945 360
North Field, Tinian 361
Naval Air Base, Tinian 362
B-29's and Taxiway, North Field, Tinian 363
North Field, Tinian 364
Tinian Breakwater 366
Tinian Harbor 367
Men and Equipment of the 62nd Battalion Working on the Second Airstrip, Iwo Jima 369
90th Seabees Excavating for Tank-farm Pipeline, Iwo Jima 370
Iwo Jima Hangar Erected by the 8th Seabees 370
Seventh Fleet Command Headquarters, Iwo Jima 371
133rd Seabees Build a Culvert, Iwo Jima 371
CASU 52 Camp and Administration Area, Iwo Jima 372
Messhall and Galley at CASU 52 Camp, Iwo Jima 372
90th Seabees Move a Quonset Hut, Iwo Jima 373
Philippine Sea Frontier Headquarters, Leyte 374
Seabees Build an Airstrip Through a Philippine Swamp 378
Receiving Station, Tubabao Island, Samar 380
Wharf Area of the Naval Supply Depot, Calicoan 381
Jungle Road on Calicoan Island 382
Administration Building at the Samar Naval Air Base 384
General View of the Supply Depot, Samar 385
Multiple-quonset Warehouses at the Supply Depot, Calicoan Island 387
Street Scene at the Calicoan Supply Depot 388
Filtration Plant with 810,000 gallons-per-day Capacity, Subic Bay 392
Naval Supply Depot Area, Subic Bay 393
Samar Camp of the 100th Seabees, November 1945 394
Naval Aviation Repair and Overhaul Unit, Samar 395
Unloading Across a Pontoon Causeway, Okinawa 400
Road-surfacing Operations by the 71st Seabees on Okinawa 401
Yonabaru Pier in Operation, July 23, 1945 402
Katchin Hanto Peninsula, Okinawa 403
Extension to Pier at Baten Ko, Okinawa 404
Pontoon Pier at Katchni Hanto, Okinawa, May 12, 1945 405
Kadena Traffic Circle, Okinawa 406
Automotive Construction Equipment Overhaul and Repair Depot, Okinawa 406
Building a Runway at Yontan Airfield, Okinawa 407
Overloaded Truck Towed Through Okinawa Mud 407
Water Point, Okinawa 408
58th Seabees Place Mat for Seaplane Ramp, Katchin Hanto Seaplane Base 410
Tide-control Gates for Drainage of Yonabaru Airfield 410
Building the Operational Unit for the 301st Fighter Group, Ie Shima 411
Docking Facilities at Ie Shima 411
Chimu Airfield, Okinawa 412
Temporary Quarters of the 72nd Seabees at Sasebo, Japan 415
Western Atlantic and Canal Zone Defense Area 2
Caribbean Area 8
Panama Canal Zone 17
The North Atlantic Area 48
Irish and Scottish Bases 62
Mediterranean Area 78
Bases in Southern England and in Normandy 96
Oahu Island 123
Maui Island 153
Hawaiian and Outlying Islands 154
Alaska and the Aleutians 164
South Pacific Islands 194
Borabora 197
Efate 203
Tongatabu 207
Tutuila 211
Upolu 213
Wallis 217
Viti Levu 219
New Caledonia 223
Espiritu Santo 229
Funafuti 233
Nukufetau 235
Nanomea 237
The Solomon Islands 242
Guadalcanal 245
Florida and Tulagi Islands 253
Russell Islands 259
New Georgia Island Group 263
Treasury Islands 269
Bougainville 271
Green Islands 275
Southwest Pacific Area 278
Milne Bay 287
Hollandia, Alexishafen, Finschhafen 293
Manus and Los Negros 297
Biak, Morotai, Halmahera 309
Tarawa 315
Central Pacific Area 316
Majuro 319
Kwajalein 323
Eniwetok 327
Palau 329
Ulithi 333
The Marianas, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and the Japanese Home Islands 338
Philippine Islands 376
Samar and Leyte 379
Manila Area 391
Okinawa Jima 398


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