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Korean Service Medal
Ships & Other Units Eligible for the Korean Service Medal

Ships & Other Units Eligible for the Korean Service Medal

The following is a list of units credited by the Secretary of the Navy with having performed duty during the indicated periods which entitle personnel to the Korean Service Medal. Engagement stars have been authorized for the Korean Service Medal for participation in combat operations. Only one star is authorized for participation in one or more engagements with the same code.

Beneath each unit's name are three columns. The left column identified the period of time for which that particular unit and its attached personnel qualified for the basic medal. The center column gives dates for which a unit's attached personnel qualified for a 3/16-inch bronze engagement star for participation in combat operations, if any. The right column gives the code of the designated engagement, a description of which is listed below. This list is reproduced from the 1953 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual (includes 1954 changes) which was prepared by the Bureau of Naval Personnel and Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.

K1 - North Korean Aggression: 27 June-02 Nov 50
K2 - Communist China Aggression: 03 Nov 50-24 Jan 51
K3 - Inchon Landing: 13-17 Sep 50
K4 - First UN Counter Offensive: 25 Jan-21 Apr 51
K5 - Communist China Spring Offensive: 22 Apr-08 Jul 51
K6 - UN Summer-Fall Offensive: 09 July-27 Nov 51
K7 - Second Korean Winter: 28 Nov 51-30 Apr 52
K8 - Korean Defense Summer-Fall 1952: 01 May-30 Nov 52
K9 - Third Korean Winter: 01 Dec 52-30 Apr 5-3
K10 - Korea, Summer-Fall 1953: 01 May-27 Jul 53

Published: Wed Sep 16 07:16:23 EDT 2015