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Source: Bureau of Navigation Letter N650-PWW-US, Instructions from Commanding Officer, Navy Department Personnel to All Reservists (F), dated 12 February 1919.

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Women's Winter Uniform Regulations


All Naval Reservists of the Navy Department shall wear FULL UNIFORM at all times while on duty. The winter uniform for Female Reservists consists of the following:

Regulation dark blue serge suit, dark blue felt hat, black shoes and stockings, regulation dark blue silk waist or white linen, drill or muslin waist, grey suede, mocha or washable kid gloves, dark blue regulation cape, rating badge of proper rating worn on the left sleeve of coat, and regulation hat band with "U.S.NAVY" embroidered thereon in gold letters, or "UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE FORCE" until the present supply of hat bands is exhausted in accordance with Bureau Circular Letter 179-18. All the above can be drawn from the Paymaster, or may be purchased outside. To obtain reimbursement for uniforms purchased receipted bills and the items purchased must be presented to the Commanding Officer's office. Reimbursement for shoes, stockings, waists, gloves and capes will not be made until the blue or white uniform has been purchased. The Chief Petty Officer's insignia shall be worn ONLY by Chief Yeomen (Female) on their hats.

NO FUR NECKPIECES, MUFFS, SPATS OR OTHER ADORNMENT, shall be worn with the uniform, nor shall any part of the uniform be worn without the uniform complete.


The text is reproduced here exactly as in the original, following the original use of capitalization and italics. The entire portion of the instruction relating to women's uniforms is reproduced above. A photocopy of the instruction is located in the Navy Dept. Library's "Women - World War I" vertical file.

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