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Department of Defense, Acronyms

AA Administrative Assistant
AAC Air Armament Center
AAG Army Auditor General
AAP Abbreviated Acquisition Program
AAW Anti-Air Warfare
AAWO Army Asymmetric Warfare Office
ABIDES Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System
ABO Army Budget Office
AC Active Component
AC/RC Active Component / Reserve Component
ACAT Acquisition Category
ACATIC Component (Service-unique) interest Major Acquisition Program
ACATID DoD-wide interest Major Defense Acquisition Program
ACC Air Combat Command
ACD&P Advanced Concept Development & Prototypes
ACE Aviation Combat Element (USMC)
ACMC Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
ACNO Assistant Chief of Naval Operations
ACSIM Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
ACT Acquisition Coordination Team
ACTO Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator
ACWP Actual Cost Work Performance (EVM metric)
ADCON Administration Control
ADM Acquisition Decision Memorandum
ADP Automated Data Processing
ADST Active Duty for Special Training
ADSW Active Duty for Special Work
ADT Active Duty for Training
AEDC Arnold Engineering and Development Center
AEF Air Expeditionary Force (s)
AETC Air Education and Training Command
AF Air Force
AF/XO Air Force Executive Office (Currently realigned as A3 and A8 on Air Force Staff)
AFB Air Force Base or Air Force Board
AFC Air Force Council
AFCAIG Air Force Cost Analysis Improvement Group
AFCIS Air Force Capability Investment Strategy
AFCS Air Force Corporate Structure
AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center
AFG Air Force Group
AFI Air Force Instruction
AFMCL Air Force Master Capabilities List
AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Command
AFPD Air Force Planning Directive
AFRES Air Force Reserve
AFRICOM U.S. Africa Command
AFRL Air Force Research Lab
AFROC Air Force Requirements Oversight Council
AFROCC Air Force Requirements for Operational Capabilities Council
AFSAA Air Force Studies and Analysis Agency
AFSAC Air Force Security Assistance Center
AFSARC Air Force Systems Review Council
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
AFSPD Air Force Strategic Planning Directive
AFTFP Air Force Transformation Flight Plan
AFTL Air Force Task List
AHP Analytical Hierarchy Protocol
AMA Analysis of Materiel Alternatives
AMARC Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMD Acquisition Memorandum Decision
AMP Army Modernization Plan
ANG Air National Guard
AO Action Officer
AoA Analysis of Alternatives
AP Acquisition Plan
APA Aircraft Procurement Army
APB Acquisition Program Baseline
APML Assistant Program Manager for Logistics
APMSE Assistant Program Manager Systems Engineering
APN Aircraft Procurement, Navy appropriation
APOM Amended Program Objective Memorandum (USAF)
APP Aviation Plans & Policy (HOMC)
APPG Air Force Planning & Programming Guidance
APPN Appropriation
APW Aviation Programs, Weapons (HOMC)
AO Acquisition
AR2B Army Resources and Requirements Board
ARB Acquisition Review Board or Army Resourcing Board
ARC Acquisition Review Committee
ARCIC Army Capabilities Intelligence Center / or Army Capabilities Integration Center
ARFORGEN Army Force Generation
ARG Amphibious Ready Group
ARI Affordable Readiness Initiative / or Active-Reserve Integration
ARL Army Research Laboratory
ARO Asset Readiness Objective
AROC Army Requirements Oversight Council
ARSTAFF Army Staff
ARV Armed Robotic Vehicle
ASA (ALT) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ASA (CW) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
ASA (FM&C) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management
ASA (I&E) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment
ASA (M&RA) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
ASARC Army Systems Review Council
ASC Aeronautical Systems Center
ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense
ASD (NII) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks & Information Integration
ASL Aviation Logistics Support (HQMC)
ASM Aviation Manpower Support (HQM C)
ASN (FM&C) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management & Comptroller
ASN (EI&E) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations & Environment
ASN (M&RA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy Manpower & Reserve Affairs
ASN (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition
ASPO Aviation System Program Office
ASR Acquisition Strategy Report
ASuW Anti-Surface Warfare (now SUW)
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
AT Annual Training
AT&L Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
AT/FP Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection
ATAT Advanced Tactical Advisor Teams
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstrator
ATEC Army Test & Evaluation Command
ATR Above Threshold Reprogramming
ATSC Army Training Support Center
AUTL Army Universal Task List
AV1 Architectural View (1)
AVCAL Aviation Consolidated Allowance List
AVDLR Aviation Depot Level Repairable
AWE Air Warfare Enterprise
BA Budget Authority
BA Budget Activity or Basic Allowance
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAC Budget Activity Code
BAC Budget At Completion (EVM metric)
BAFO Best And Final Offer
BAM Baseline Assessment Memorandum
BCP Budget Change Proposal
BCT Brigade Combat Team
BCWF Budgeted Cost Work Performance (EVM metric)
BEA Budget Estimate Agreement
BES Budget Estimate Submission
BFM Business Financial Manager
BGSIT Battle Group Systems Integration Testing
BH Branch Head
BISOG Blue in Support of Green
BIT Built In Test
BLRIP Beyond Limited Rate Initial Production
BLT Battalion Landing Teams
BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
BMC2 Battlespace Management Command & Control
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BoD Board of Directors
BOIP Basis of Issue Plan
BOS Base Operating Support
BPAC Budget & Program Activity Code
BR Budget Review
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BSO Budget Submission Office
BTR Below Threshold Reprogramming
C&L Capabilities and Limitations Report
C&TD Concept & Technology Development
C2 Command & Control
C2V Command and Control Vehicle
C31 Command & Control, Communications & Intelligence (ASD)
C41 Command & Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence (ASN)
C41SP C41 Support Plan
C41SR Command & Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance & Recognizance
CAC2S Common Air Command & Control System
CAE Component Acquisition Executive (Service AE)
CAIG Cost Analysis Improvement Group
CAIV Cost As an Independent Variable
CAO Competency Aligned Organization
CARD Cost Analysis & Requirements Description or Chief, Army Reserve
CASS Consolidated Automated Support System
CB$ Constant Budget Dollars
CBA Capability Based Assessment
CBD Commerce Business Daily
CBO Congressional Budget Office
CBP Capability Based Planning
CBRNE Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive
CBRP Concept Based Requirements Process
CBRS Concept Based Requirements System
CbT Chemical Biological Terrorism
CBT RIF Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiative Fund
CC Combatant Commander
CCA Clinger-Cohen Act
CCD Combat Capabilities Document
CCDR Contractor Cost Data Reporting
CCH Chief of Chaplains
CCIP Component Commander Issue Paper
CCJO Capstone Concept for Joint Operations
CCN Change Control Number
CD&I Capabilities Development and Integration (HQMC)
COD Capabilities Development Document
COM CNO Decision Meeting
COP Concept Demonstration Phase / or Concept Development Process
CDR Critical Design Review
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDS Combat Development System
COTS Combat Development Tracking System
CE Command Element
CEA Captured Enemy Ammunition
CEB CNO Executive Board
CENTAF US Air Forces, US Central Command
CENTCOM US Central Command
CEP CNO Executive Panel
CEXC Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell
CFE Contractor (or Commercially) Furnished Equipment
CFFC Commander Fleet Forces Command
CFIPT Customer Focused Integrated Product Team
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFSR Contract Funds Status Report
CHENG Chief Engineer
CHINFO Chief of (Naval) Information
CICA Competition In Contracting Act
CINC Commander in Chief
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIO/G-6 Chief Information Officer
CIP Common Intelligence Picture
CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJCSM Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
CLAWS Complementary low Altitude Weapon System
CLE Combat logistics Element (USMC)
CLF Commander, Atlantic Fleet
CLI Claimant Line Item
CLIN Claimant Line Item Number (sub-element of Program Element)
CLL Chief, legislative Liaison
CLS Contract logistics System
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
CMP Consolidated Mission Plan
CMWC Commander Mine Warfare Command
CNA Center for Naval Analysis
CNAF Commander, Naval Air Forces (Lead Type Commander, CNAP)
CNAFR Commander, Naval Air Forces Reserve
CNAL Commander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic
CNAP Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific
CND Computer Network Defense
CNECC Commander, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CNR Chief of Navy Reserve+B232 / or Center for Naval Research
CNSF Commander Naval Surface Forces
COA Course of Action
COB Current On Board
COCOM Combatant Commander/Command
COE Centers of Excellence or Chief of Engineers
COEA Cost & Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COG Center of Gravity
COI (JRAC) Community of Interest
COIC C-IED Operations Intelligence Center
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CONPLAN Contingency Plan
COOP Continuing of Operational Plan
COP Common Operational Picture
COPT Cost & Operational Performance Trades
COR Contracting Officer's Representative
COSSI Commercial Operations & Support Savings Initiative
COTF Commander, Operational Test & Evaluation Force
COTR Contracting Officer Technology Representative
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
CP Capability Plan
CPA Chief, Public Affairs or Chairman's (CJCS) Program Assessment
CPAM CNO Program Analysis Memorandum
CPD Capabilities Production Document
CPF Commander, Pacific Fleet+B206
CPFG Consolidated Programming & Fiscal Guidance
CPG Contingency Planning Guidance / or Chairman's Planning Guidance
CPI Cost Performance Index (EVM metric)
CPIPT Cost/Perf Integrated Product Team
CPLAN Campaign Plan
CPM Capability Portfolio Management
CPPG CNO Policy & Planning Guidance
CPR Capability Planning Roadmap / or Chairman's Program Recommendation
CRA Continuing Resolution Authority
CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRD Capstone Requirements Document
CREI Cost Reduction & Improvement Initiative
CREW Computer Radio Controlled IED Electronic Warfare
CRRA Capabilities Review & Risk Assessment (USAF)
CRS Congressional Research Service
CS Combat Support
CSA Chief of Staff of the Army
CSAF Chief of Staff, Air Force
CSF Commander Submarine Forces
CSG Carrier Strike Group
CSL Commander, Surface Forces Atlantic
CSP Commander, Surface Forces Pacific
CSPG CNO Strategic Planning Group
CSR Chairman's Strategic Review
CSS Combat Service Support / or Contractor Support Services
CSSE Combat Service Support Element
CSSR Cost/Schedule Status Report
CT Contractor Testing
CTF Carrier Task Force
CTP Common Tactical Picture
CY Calendar Year
DAB Defense Acquisition Board / or Director of the Army Budget
DAC Defense Acquisition Challenge
DAE Defense Acquisition Executive
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAF Department of the Air Force
DAIEW Director, Aviation, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare for Department of the Army
DAPR Department of the Army Program Review
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS Director of the Army Staff
DASA Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army
DASN Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
DASN MUW DASN Mine & Undersea Warfare
DASN PR&R DASN Planning, Programming & Resources
DASNTCS DASN Theater Combat Systems
DAU Defense Acquisition University
DAWG Deputies Advisory Working Group
DAWIA Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DAWMS Deep Attack Weapons Mix Study
DBOF Defense Business Operating Fund
DC Deputy Commandant (USMC)
DCC Direct Commercial Contract
DCD Director of Combat Development (Army)
DCMC Defense Contract Management Command
DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCOM Deputy Commander
DCR DOTMLPF Change Recommendation (non-materiel solutions)
DCS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCSOPS&T Deputy Chief of Staff Operations and Training
DDRA Deputy Director for Resources and Acquisition (Army)
DEF Deployment Expeditionary Force
DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense
DG Defense Guidance
DHP Defense Health Program
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DISA Defense Information Support Agency
DJS Director of the Joint Staff
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLB DoN Leadership Board
DLR Depot Level Repairable
DM Decision Memorandum
DMWG (JRAC) Data Management Working Group
DNS Director of Naval Staff
DOD Department of Defense
DODD Department of Defense Directive
DODI Department of Defense Instruction
DON Department of the Navy
DON CIO Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
DONPG Department of the Navy Planning Guidance
DONPIC Department of the Navy Program Information Center
DOTE Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
DOTMLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership & Education, Personnel, Facilities
DP&PA Director, Program & Process Assessment (formerly Office of Program Appraisal)
DPAE Director of Program Assessment and Evaluation
DPEM Depot Purchased Equipment Maintenance
DPG Defense Planning Guide
DPM Deputy Program Manager
DPMA Deputy Program Manager, Aviation
DPRB Defense Planning Resources Board
DPS Defense Planning Scenario
DPSB Defense Planning Strategy Board / or Dept of Navy Program Strategy Board
DR Decision Review
DRB Defense Review Board
DRM Design Reference Mission / or DAB Readiness Meeting
DRPM Direct Reporting Program Manager
DRR Design Requirements Review
DRU Direct Reporting Unit
DSB Defense Science Board
DSD Deputy Secretary of Defense
DSG DoN Steering Group
DSLC Defense Senior Leadership Conference
DSLG Defense Senior Leadership Group
DSLRG Defense Senior Leadership Resource Group
DSMC Defense Systems Management College
DT Developmental Test / or Decision Tracker (RAPIDS)
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation
DUSA Deputy Under Secretary of the Army
DUSD Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
DWCF Defense Working Capital Fund
E3 Environmental Electrometric Effects
EAC Estimate At Completion (EVM metric)
EAF Expeditionary Air Force
ECM Electronic Countermeasure
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
EDA Excess Defense Articles
EDM Engineering Development Models
EFDC Expeditionary Force Development Center (USMC)
EFP Explosively Formed Penetrate
EFV Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EIS Executive Integration and Synchronization (DNS-2)
EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
EMD Engineering, Manufacturing & Development
EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMW Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare (USMC)
EMWCL Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare Capabilities List (USMC)
ENDP Exception to National Disclosure Policy
EOA Early Operational Assessment
EoA Evaluation of Alternatives
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EPP Enhanced Planning Process
ESC Electronic Systems Center
ESF Expeditionary Strike Force (= ESG + CSG) / or Economic Support Fund
ESG Expeditionary Strike Group
ESM Executive Summary Memorandum
ETC Estimate To Complete (EVM metric)
ETT Enhanced Tradespace Tool
EUCOM European Command
EVM Earned Value Management
EW Electronic Warfare
EXWAR Expeditionary Warfare
F&FP Force and Financial Plan
FAA Functional Area Analysis (ID desired Capabilities)
FASA Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act
FBE Fleet Battle Experiments
FCB Functional Capabilities Board
FCC Functional Combatant Commander
FCS Future Combat System (Army Program)
FCT Foreign Comparative Test
FDE Functional Data Element
FDP Full Dimensional Protection
FFRDC Federally Funded Research & Development Center
FFTS Forward, From the Sea
FG Fiscal Guidance
FIC Forces and Infrastructure Code
FID Foreign Internal Defense
FIT Fleet Introduction Team
FL Focused Logistics
FM Financial Management
FM&C Comptroller and Assistant Secretary of (Service) for Financial Management
FMB Staff code for the DON Budget Officer and staff (Division of Budget and Fiscal Mgmt)
FMBE Navy Appropriations Matters Office (division of FMB)
FMC Full Mission Capable
FMF Fleet Marine Force / or Foreign Military Financing
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FNA Functional Needs Analysis (ID Capability Gap)
FNC Future Naval Capabilities
FO Flag Officer
FOA Field Operating Agency
FOB Forward Operating Base
FOC Full Operational Capability
FOIA Freedom Of Information Act
FoS Family of System
FOT&E Follow-On Test & Evaluation
FP Force Protection
FRAGORD Fragmentary Order
FRDP Force & Requirements Development Process (USMC)
FRMV FCS Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle
FRP Fleet Response Plan / or Full Rate Production
FRTP Fleet Readiness Training Program
FSA Functional Solutions Analysis (ID Solutions to close Gaps)
FSMS FYDP Structure Management System
FSR Field Services Representative
FST Fleet Support Team
FTF Future Total Force
FTS Full-Time Support
FY Fiscal Year
FYDP Future Years Defense Plan
GAO Government Accounting Office
GC General Counsel
GCCS Global Command & Control System
GCE Ground Combat Element (USMC)
GCTF Global Counter Terrorism Forces
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFM Global Force Management
GIG Global Information Grid
GNP Gross National Product
GO General Officer
GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated
GOTS Government Off The Shelf
GS Global Strike
GWOT Global War on Terrorism (now called Overseas Contingency Operations)
HAC House Appropriations Committee
HAC-D House Appropriations Committee, Sub-committee on Defense
HAF Headquarters Air Force
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HERO Hazards of Electronic Radiation to Ordnance
HIS Human Systems Integration
HLA High level Architecture (computer processing)
HLD Homeland Defense
HLS Homeland Security
HM&E Hull, Mechanical & Electrical
HME Homemade Explosive
HOL High Order Language (computer code)
HONA Health Of Naval Aviation
HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
HODA Headquarters, Department of the Army
HOMC Headquarters Marine Corps
HSV High Speed (Surface) Vessel
HSW Human Systems Wing
HUMINT Human Intelligence
HWIL Hardware In The Loop
I&E Installations & Environment
I&L Installations & Logistics
IA Integrated Architecture
IAMD Integrated Air and Missile Defense
IBR Integrated Baseline Review
IBR Investment Balance Review
IBRC Investment Budget Review Council
IC Intelligence Community
ICD Initial Capabilities Document (ICD>CDD>CPD develop and produce materiel solutions)
ICE IED Countermeasure Equipment / or Independent Cost Estimate
ICRD Integrated Capstone Requirement Document
ICV Infantry Carrier Vehicle
IDF Indirect Fire Attacks
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IEDD Improvised Explosive Device Defeat
IER Information Exchange Requirement
IFF Iraq Freedom Fund
IFR Inserts For the Record
IG Inspector General
IGO International Government Organization
IIPT Integrating Integrated Product Team
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
IM Information Management
IMA Ideals for Material Approaches
IMET International Military Education & Training
INSCOM Army Intelligence & Security Command
IOC Initial Operating Capability
IOT&E Information Operations Test and Evaluation
IPL Integrated Priority List
IPO International Program Office
IPPO Integrated Product & Process Development
IPR Interim Progress Review
IPT Integrated Process Team / or Integrated Product Team
IPTL Integrated Product Team Leader
IPVT Independent Pricing validation Team
IR&G Institutional Reform and Governance Roadmap (from QOR) Working Group
IR2B Integrated Resources & Requirements Board
IRAD Independent Research And Development
IRD Interim Requirements Document
IS Information System
ISAF International Security Assistance Forces (for Afghanistan)
ISCP Integrated Strategic Capability Plan
ISE In-Service Engineering
ISF Iraqi Security Forces
ISIC Immediate Superior in Command
ISP Information Support Plan
ISPP Integrated Sponsor Program Proposal
ISR In Service Review / or Investment Strategy Review / or Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
ISR&T Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance & Targeting
ISST In Service Support Team
IT Information Technology
ITAB Information Technology Acquisition Board
ITS Information Technology System
ITT Integrated Test Team / or Independent Testing Team
IW Information Warfare
IWAR Integrated Warfare Architecture
IWG (JRAC) Integrated Working Group
J&A Justification & Approval
JACO Joint Action Control Office
JAG Judge Advocate General
JC2 Joint Command and Control
JCA Joint Capabilities Area
JCAMP JCA Management Plan
JCB Joint Capabilities Board
JCD Joint Capabilities Document
JCIDS Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System
JCOE Joint Center of Excellence
JCOP Joint Common Operational Picture
JCPAT Joint C41Program Assessment Tool
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCTD Joint Concept Technology Demonstration
JDN Joint Data Network
JEL Joint Electronic Library
JERC Joint Experiment Range Complex
JFC Joint Force Commander / or Joint Functional Concept
JFCOM Joint Forces Command
JFMCC Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander
JIA Joint Integrated Architecture
JIC Joint Integrating Concept
JIEDDO Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization
JIOC Joint Information Operations Center / or Joint Initial Operational Capability
JIRD Joint Interim Requirements Document
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command
JKDDC Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability
JLL Joint Lessons Learned Library
JMA Joint Mission Area
JMA/SA Joint Mission Area / Support Area Assessment
JMAA Joint Mission Area Assessment
JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task List
JMRR Joint Mission Readiness Review
JNTC Joint National Training Center
JOC Joint Operating Concept
JOpsC Joint Operations Concept
JORD Joint Operational Requirements Document
JPAM Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
JPD Joint Planning Document / or Joint Potential Designator
JPEB Joint Planning Executive Board
JPG Joint Programming Guidance
JPO Joint Program Office
JRAC Joint Requirements and Acquisition Council/or Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell
JRB Joint Review Board
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Councilor Joint Requirements Operational Capability
JROCM JROC Memorandum
JRP Joint Requirements Panel
JS Joint Staff
JSAP Joint Staff Action Processing
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JSPD Joint Strategic Planning Document
JSPO Joint Space Program Office
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR Joint Strategy Review
JTAMDO Joint Theater Air Missile Defense office
JTF Joint Task Force
JTF-CND Joint Task Force - Computer Network Defense
JTIMS Joint Training Information Management System
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System
JUONS Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement
JUSS Joint Undersea Superiority
JV Joint Vision
JWAC Joint Warfare Assessment Center
JWCA Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment
JWCO Joint Warfare Capability Objectives
JWFC Joint WarFighting Center
JWID Joint Warfighting Interoperability Demonstration
KCA Key Capability Attributes
KIA Killed In Action
KIP Key Interface Profile
KM/DS Knowledge Management/Decision Support
KPP Key Performance Parameter
KSA Key System Attribute
LAN Local Area Network
LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCS Littoral Combat Ship
LECP Logistics Engineering Proposal
LFT&E Live Fire Test & Evaluation
LL Legislative Liaison
LOE Level of Effort
LOO Lines of Operation
LRC Lesser Regional Conflict
LRIP Limited Rate Initial Production
M&RA Manpower & Reserve Affairs
M&S Modeling & Simulation
MA Mission Analysis
MAA Mission Area Assessment
MACOM Major Command (US Army)
MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force
MAIS Major Automated Information System
MAIV Manpower As an Independent Variable
MAJCOM Major Command (US Air Force)
MANPRINT Manpower & Personnel Integration (Army)
MAP Mission Area Plan
MAW Marine Air Wing
MBI Major Budget Issue
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command
MCFI Multinational Coalition Forces Iraq
MCO Major Combat Operations
MCOTEA Marine Corps Combat Operational Test & Evaluation Agency
MCP Mission Capability Package / Master Capability Plan
MCPIP Marine Corps Process Improvement Program
MCS Mounted Combat System
MDA Milestone Decision Authority / or Missile Defense Agency
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MDEP Management Decision Package
MDR Major Design Review
MDS Manpower Data System
MDS Mission, Design, Series
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
MER Manpower Estimate Report
METOC Meteorological & Oceanographic
METT-TC Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Time, Troops Available, Civil concerns
MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEUSOC Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable
MFH Military Family Housing
MFP Major Force Program
MFT Missions, Functions and Tasks
MI Military Intelligence
MID Management Initiative Decision
MILCON Military Construction (appropriation)
MILPERS Military Personnel
MIPR Military Inter-department Purchase Request
MLA Military Legislative Assistant
MNA Mission Needs Analysis
MNB Multinational Brigade
MND Multinational Division
MNS Mission Needs Statement
MOA Memorandum Of Agreement
MOCAS Mechanization Of Contract Administrative Services
MOE Measure Of Effectiveness
MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War
MOP Measure Of Performance / or Memorandum Of Policy
MOS Measure Of Suitability
MOS Military Occupational Skill
MP Military Police
MPF Maritime Pre-positioning Force
MPN Military Personnel, Navy appropriation
MPP Modernization Planning Process (USAF)
MPVT Manpower Pricing Validation Team
MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles
MRB Marine Corps Requirements Board
MRC Major Regional Conflict
MROC Marine Corps Requirements Oversight Council
MS Milestone
MSA Milestone A
MSA Mission Solution Analysis
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTW Major Theaters of War (2MTW = 2 Major Theaters of War)
MULE Multi-Utility Logistics and Equipment
MV-E Medical Vehicle, Evacuation
MV-T Medical Vehicle, Treatment
MWR Morale, Welfare and Recreation
MYR Mid-Year Review
NADEP Naval Aviation Depot
NADS Navy Area Defense System
NAE Naval Aviation Enterprise
NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management System
NALG Naval Aviation Liaison Group
NAPDD Non-Acquisition Program Definition Document
NAST Naval Aviation Systems Team
NASTAG Naval Aviation Science & Technology Advisory Group
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVCOMPT Navy Comptroller
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSUP Naval Supply Command
NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center
NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NCCA Navy Center for Cost Analysis / or National Command Center
NCIS Navy Cost Information System
NCOW Net-Centric Operations and Warfare
NCS Naval Capability Strategy
NCW Network Centric Warfare
NDI Non-Developmental Item
NEC Navy Enlisted Classification
NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
NECCE Navy Expeditionary Combat Command Enterprise
NET Naval Education and Training
NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGB National Guard Bureau
NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center
NGIS Next Generation Information Systems
NGO Nongovernmental Organization
NGRE National Guard & Reserve Equipment appropriation
NICP Naval Inventory Control Point
NIPO Navy International Program Office
NLOS-C Non-Line of Sight Cannon
NLOS-LS Non-Line of Sight Launch System
NLOS-M Non-Line of Sight Mortar
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMCI Navy Marine Corps Intranet
NMD National Missile Defense
NMP Navy Manning Plan
NMS National Military Strategy
NMSD National Military Strategy Document
NNFE Navy NETWAR/FORCEnet Enterprise
NNOR Non-Nuclear Ordnance Requirement
NNWC Navy Network Warfare Command
NOC/CAT/BWC Navy Operations Center/Crisis Action Team/Battle Watch Captain
NOOM Code for Navy Missile Defense Office (Asst CNO)
NORTHCOM United States Northern Command (Homeland Security)
NOSSA Naval Ordnance Safety & Security Activity
NPDM Navy Program Decision Memorandum
NPR Navy Program Review
NRB Naval Resources Board
NR-KPP Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter
NRL Naval Research Lab
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NROC Navy Requirements Oversight Council
NSAWC Navy Strike Aircraft Warfare Center
NSC National Security Council
NSFS Naval Surface Fire Support
NSPG Navy Strategic Planning Guide
NSS National Security Strategy / or Navy Strategic Study
NSS National Security Systems
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center
NTC National Training Center, Ft Irwin, California
NTCSS Navy Tactical Command Support System
NTSP Navy Training System Plan
NTWS Navy Theater Wide System
NUWC Naval Underwater Warfare Center
NWCF Navy Working Capital Fund
NWDC Navy Warfare Development Command
O&M Operations & Maintenance (appropriation)
O&MMC Operations & Maintenance, Marine Corps (appropriation)
O&MN Operations & Maintenance, Navy (appropriation)
O&S Operations & Support
O&S Operation and Sustainment
OA Operational Assessment
OA Operational Availability
OAG Operational Advisory Group
OBE Overcome by Events
OBR Operating Budget Review
OBRC Operating Budget Review Council
OCALC Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
OCAR Office of the Chief of the Army Reserve
OCLA Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs
OCO Overseas Contingency Operations (formerly GWOT)
OED Ocean Surveillance Information System Baseline Upgrade Evolutionary Development
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFP Operational Flight Program (system software code)
OIPT Over-arching Integrated Product Team
OLA Office of Legislative Affairs
OLL Office of Legislative Liaison
OMA Operations & Maintenance, Army
OMB Office of Management & Budget
OMFTS Operational Maneuver, From the Sea
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
ONR Office of Naval Research
ONS Operation Needs Statement
OOALC Ogden Air Logistics Center
OOTW Operations Other Than War
OPA Office of Program Appraisal
OPA Other Procurement, Army
OPEVAL Operational Evaluation
OPLAN Operational Plan
OPN Other Procurement, Navy (appropriation)
OPNAV Chief of Naval Operations staff
OPPA Officer of Policy, Planning and Analysis
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
OPREP Operational Report
OPTEMPO Operational Tempo
OPTEVFOR Operational Test & Evaluation Force
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense / or Operational Requirements Document
OSD PA&E Office of the Secretary of Defense (Program Analysis & Evaluation)
OSINT Open Source Intelligence
OSIP Operational Safety Improvement Program
OSO Operational Support Officer
OT Operational Test
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTRR Operational Test Readiness Review
OUSD(AT&L) Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)
OUSD(C) Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller)
OUSD(I) Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Intelligence)
OUSD(P) Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Policy)
OV1 Operational View (1)
P&P Plans & Programs
P&R Programs & Resources
P31 Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PA Prior Approval
PA&E Program Analysis & Evaluation
PAA Primary Aircraft Authorization
PAC Program Acquisition Cost
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PACOM Pacific Command
PANMC Procurement of Ammunition, Navy & Marine Corps appropriation
PAO Public Affairs Office
PARM Participating Manager
PAUC Program Acquisition Unit Cost
PB President's Budget
PBAD Programs Budget & Analysis Division (of Joint Staff)
PBD Program Budget Decision
PBIS Program Budget Information Systems
PBL Performance Based Logistics
PBR Program Budget Review
PCO Procurement Contracting Officer
PCP Program Change Proposal
PD Project Directive
PDASD Principal Deputy, Assistant Secretary of Defense
PDM Program Decision Memorandum
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDRC Program Development Review Committee
PDRR Program Definition and Risk Reduction
PDS Program Data System
PDWG (JRAC) Pilot Demonstration Working Group
PE Program Element (budget funding line)
PEG Program Evaluation Group (USMC and USA)
PEM Program Element Monitor (USAF)
PEO Program Executive Officer
PEO-C41 Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intel
PEO-EIS Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems
PERSTEMPO Personnel Tempo
PIA Post-Independent Analysis
PLANORD Planning Order
PM Program Manager
PMA Program Manager, Air
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
PMC Procurement, Marine Corps appropriation / or Partial Mission Capable
PMD Program Management Directive
PME Professional Military Education
PMO Program Management Office
PMS Program Manager, Sea
PMW Program Manager, Weapons
POA&M Plan Of Action & Milestones
POC Point Of Contact
POI Program of Instruction
POLAD Political Advisor
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POR Program Of Record
POTUS President of the United States
PP&O Plans, Policies & Operations (USMC)
PPBC Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Committee (Army)
PPBE Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution System
PPBS Planning, Programming and Budgeting System
PPI POM Preparation Instructions
PR Program Review (between POM's)
PRC Program Review Council
PRE Program Related Engineering
PRESBUD President's Budget
PRG Program Review Group (USMC)
PRL Program Related Logistics
PRR Production Readiness Review
PSD Program Summary Document
PSM Professional Staff Member
PST Product Support Team
PWG Program Working Group (USMC)
PWR Program Wholeness Review
QAPR Quarterly Analysis & Program Review
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
QFD Quality Functional Deployment
QFR Questions For the Record
QFR/IFR Quarterly Force Review / Issued for Review
QPR Quarterly Progress Review
QQPRI Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirement Information (Army)
R&D Research & Development
R&M Reliability & Maintainability
R3B Resources Requirements Review Board
RAD Resource Allocation Document
RAPIDS Resource Allocation Programming Information Decision System
RCOH Reserve Component
RCOH Refueling Complex OverHaul
RDC Rapid Deployment Capability
RDD Army Requirements Documentation Directorate
RDT&E Research, Development, Test & Evaluation
REF Rapid Equipping Force
REF Ready Expeditionary Force
RFB Request for Bid
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RGD Real Growth Data
RGS Requirements Generation System
RIK Replacement In Kind
RM&S Reliability, Maintainability & Supportability
RO Requirements Officer
ROC/POE Required Operational Capabilities & Projected Operational Environment
ROI Return On Investment
ROMO Range of Military Operations
RRP Rapid Response Process
RS Resource Sponsor
RSR Requirements Strategy Review
RSV Reconnaissance-Surveillance Vehicle
S&T Science and Technology
S/W Software
SA Secretary of the Army
SAB Scientific Advisory Board (USAF)
SAC Senate Appropriations Committee
SAC-D Senate Appropriations Committee, sub-committee on Defense
SADBU Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Office
SAE Service (Senior) Acquisition Executive
SAF Secretary of the Air Force
SAF (AQ) Office of the Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition
SAGIS Senior Advisory Group / or Sub-Saharan Africa in the Global Information Society
SAMP Single Acquisition Management Plan
SAP Special Access Program
SAR Special Access Required / or Selected Acquisition Report
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SBIR Small Business Innovative Research
SBIRS Space Based Infra-Red Surveillance
SCHIP State Childrens Health Insurance Program
SCN Shipbuilding Construction, Navy appropriation
SCP Strategic Capabilities Plan / or Sponsor Change Proposal
SD+A860D Systems Development & Demonstration
SDD System Development and Demonstration
SDLM Standard Depot Level Maintenance
SDR System Design Review
SE Systems Engineering
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SES Senior Executive Service
SFR System Functional Review
SGB Small Group Board
SIAP Single Integrated Air Picture
SJPG SecDef Joint Programming Guidance, also called JPG
SLEP Service Life Extension Program
SLRG Senior Leader Review Group
SMA Sergeant Major of the Army
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMO Special Management Office
SNAP Shipboard Non-tactical ADP (Automated Data Processing) Program
SO IPT Systems Oriented Integrated Product Team
SOAL Special Operations Acquisition & Logistic Center
SOCOM United States Special Operations Command
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SoS System of Systems
SOUTHCOM Southern Command
SOW Statement Of Work
SPAWAR Space Warfare (Systems Command)
SPEC Specification
SPG Strategic Planning Guidance
SPI Schedule Performance Index (EVM metric)
SPO System Program Office (US Air Force)
SPOC Special Programs Oversight Committee
SPP Sponsor Program Proposal
SPRG Special Program Review Group
SRG Senior Review Group
SRM System Requirements Management
SROC Senior Readiness Oversight Council
SRR System Requirements Review
SRSG Senior Readiness Steering Group
SSA Software Support Activity
SSC SPAWAR Systems Center / or Small Scale Contingency
SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSG Strategic Studies Group
SSPG SecDef Strategic Planning Guidance
SSRC Submarine Resource Council
SSWG Systems Safety Working Group
STAR System Threat Analysis Report
STK Strike
STO Survive to Operate
STOM Ship to Objective Maneuver (USMC)
STOVL Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing
STRAP Systems Training Plan
STRATCOM US Strategic Command
SIT Strategy To Task
SUGV Small Unattended Ground Vehicle
SV Systems View
SVBIED Synchronized Vehicle Borne IED
SWCC Surface Warfare Commanders Conference
SWDG Surface Warfare Decision Group
SWE Surface Warfare Enterprise
SWFOC Surface Warfare Flag Officer Conference
SWIL Software In The Loop
SYSCOM Systems Command
T&E Test & Evaluation
TAA Total Army Analysis
TAMPS Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
TAP The Army Plan
TAT Tactical Advisor Teams
TBMD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
TCPI To Complete Performance Index (EVM metric)
TD&E Test Development and Evaluation
TDL Tactical Data Link
TDS Technology Development Strategy
TDY Temporary Duty
TECHEVAL Technical Evaluation
TEMP Test & Evaluation Master Plan
TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Space Capabilities
TF Task Force
THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense
TIG The Inspector General
TIPT Test/Analysis Integrated Product Team
TJAG The Judge Advocate General
TMD Theater Missile Defense
TOA Total Obligation Authority
TOC Total Ownership Cost
TPIPT Technical Planning Integrated Product Team
TPA Test Program Agreement
TPG Transformation Planning Guidance
T-POM Tentative Program Object Memorandum
TPPH Transients, Patients, Prisoners & Holdees (Manpower)
TPWG Test Plan Working Group
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (US Army)
TRANSCOM United States Transportation Command
TRL Technology Readiness Level
TRPPM Training, Planning Process Methodology
TSG The Surgeon general
TSST Total Ship Survivability Trial
TSWG Technical Support Working Group
TIP Tactics, Techniques & Procedures or Training, Tactics and Procedures
TISARB Technology Transfer & Security Assistance Review Board
TISP Technological Training Support Plan
TV Technical View
TWCF Transportation Working Capital Fund
TV Then Year
TVCOM Type Commander
UA Unit Action
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCP Unified Command Plan
UE Unit of Employment
UGS Unattended Ground Sensors
UGV Unattended Ground Vehicle
UJTL Uniform Joint Task List
UNS Universal Needs Statement
UNTL Universal Naval Task List
USA Under Secretary of the Army
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USAREUR United States Army in Europe
 USARPAC United States Army in Pacific
USD Under Secretary of Defense
USD (e) USD Comptroller
USD (I) USD Intelligence
USD (P&R) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
USD (P) USD Policy
USDAT&L Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Technology & Logistics
USE Undersea Warfare Enterprise
USFF U.S. Fleet Forces
UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
V&V Validation & Verification
VAR Vulnerability Assessment Report
VBIED Vehicle Borne IED
VCJCS Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
VCNO Vice Chief of Naval Operations
VCSA Vice Chief of Staff of the Army
VCSAF Vice Chief of Staff - Air Force
VECP Value Engineering Proposal
WARNORD Warning Order
WBS Work Breakdown Structure (or Schedule)
WCF Working Capital Fund
WDID Weapons Development & Integration Division
WF WarFighter
WG Working Group
WIA Wounded In Action
WIPT Working-level Integrated Program Team
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WPN Weapons Procurement Navy appropriation
WRALC Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
WRAP Warfighter Rapid Acquisition Process
WTCV Weapons and Tracked Combat Vehicle
ZBR Zero Based Review
ZBT Zero Budget Transfer
ZOW Zumwalt's Own Words


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