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Journal of the Continental Congress, 11 December 1775, in William Bell Clark, editor Naval Documents of the American Revolution, Vol.3, p.59 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1968).

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  • Revolutionary War 1775-1783
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Resolution of the Continental Congress, 11 December 1775

A Committee appointed by the Continental Congress "to devise the ways and means for furnishing these Colonies with a Naval Armament," 11 December 1775.

"Agreeable to the order of the day, the Congress took into consideration the instructions given to the delegates of Rhode Island, and after debate thereon, came to the following resolution:

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to devise ways and means for furnishing these colonies with a naval armament, and report with all convenient speed.

That the committee consist of a member from each Colony. The members are Mr. [Josiah] Bartlett, Mr. S[amuel] Adams, Mr. [Stephen] Hopkins, Mr. [Silas] Deane, Mr. [Frances] Lewis, Mr. [Stephen] Crane, Mr. R[obert] Morris, Mr. [George] Read, Mr. [William] Paca, Mr. R[ichard] H[enry] Lee, Mr. [Joseph} Hewes, and Mr. [Christopher] Gadsden."


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