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Charles A. Malin, draft of Abbreviations Used for Navy Enlisted Ratings. Washington, DC: Bureau of Naval Personnel (Pers-A31), 1970.

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Abbreviations Used for Navy Enlisted Ratings

by Charles A. Malin, Bureau of Naval Personnel, 1970


  • Introduction
  • List of Abbreviations: Select the first letter of the code word from the list below (note there are no rating abbreviations beginning with the letters K, V, X and Z):


This part provides an alphabetical listing of rating abbreviations with long titles for the ratings and pertinent remarks concerning the abbreviations. If you desire to know when a rating was established or disestablished, go to Compilation of Enlisted Ratings and Apprenticeships, U.S. Navy, 1775 to 1969.

During the years, several abbreviations have been used more than one time. If you see the abbreviations used more than once then check the Remarks section to see during what period the abbreviations were in use. For example:

Abbreviation Long Title Remarks
AM Aviation Structural Mechanic (after 1948)
AM Aviation Metalsmith (before 1948)

In the instance above, the AM abbreviation in use after 1948 was Aviation Structural Mechanic. If the AM that you were interested in was in use before 1948, the long title would then be Aviation Metalsmith.

Several other forms of abbreviations were added to the rating abbreviations. If perchance the abbreviation was followed by a "T" then this was the period when advancements were temporary and were so designated, so again using the above illustration, if the rating you are interested in is AM1 "T" or AM1T in the year 1950, the long title would be Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class "Temporary." Additionally, another letter used was "A" for acting, and this "A" could also possibly follow the rating abbreviation and precede the "T". Again using the above illustration, if you are interested in the abbreviation of AMC (A) "T" or AMCAT during the year 1950, the long title would be Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic (Acting) "Temporary".

Abbreviation - Long Title - Remarks in Parentheses


AA - Airman Apprentice

AB - Aviation Boatswain's Mate

ABE - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Launching and Recovery)

ABF - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Fuels)

ABG - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Gasoline Handlers)

ABH - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Aircraft Handling)

ABM(AG) - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Arresting Gear and Barrier)

ABM(CP) - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Catapult)

ABM(GA) - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Gasoline Systems)

ABM(PH) - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Plane Handler)

ABU - Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Utility)

AC - Air Controlman

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate

ADE - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Engine Mechanic)

ADF - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Flight Engineer)

ADG - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Carburetor Mechanic)

ADJ - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Jet Engine Mechanic)

ADP - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Propeller Mechanic)

ADR - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic)

AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate (after 1948)

AEI - Aviation Electrician's Mate (Instrument Repairman)

AEM - Aviation Electrician's Mate (before 1948)

AERM - Aerographer's Mate

AETM - Aviation Electronics Technician's Mate

AF - Aviation Photographer's Mate

AFC - Aviation Fire Control

AFCM - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman

AG - Aerographer's Mate

AK - Aviation Storekeeper

AL - Aviation Electronics Man

AM - Aviation Metalsmith (before 1948)

AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic (after 1948)

AME - Aviation Structural Mechanic (Safety Equipment)

AMF(AC) - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Aviation Flight Engineer) (Combat Aircrewman)

AMH - Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics)

AMM - Aviation Machinist's Mate

AMM(AC) - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Combat Aircrewmen)

AMMC - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Carburetor Mechanic)

AMMF - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Aviation Flight Engineer)

AMMH - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Hydraulic Mechanic)

AMMI - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Instrument Mechanic)

AMMP - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Propeller Mechanic)

AMMT - Aviation Machinist's Mate (Gas Turbine Mechanic)

AMS - Aviation Structural Mechanic (Structures)

AN - Airman

AO - Aviation Ordnanceman (after 1948)

AOF - Aviation Ordnanceman (Fire Control)

AOM - Aviation Ordnanceman (before 1948)

AOM(AC) - Aviation Ordnanceman (Combat Aircrewman)

AOM(ACB) - Aviation Ordnanceman (Combat Aircrewman) (Air Bombers)

AOMB - Aviation Ordnanceman (Bombsight)

AOMT - Aviation Ordnanceman (Turret)

AOT - Aviation Ordnanceman (Turrets)

AOU - Aviation Ordnanceman (Utility)

AP - Aviation Pilot

APA - Aviation Pilot (Airship)

AQ - Aviation Fire Control Technician

AQB - Aviation Fire Control Technician (Bomb Director)

AQF - Aviation Fire Control Technician (Fire Control)

AR - Airship Rigger (before 1948)

AR - Airman Recruit (after 1948)

ARM - Aviation Radioman

ARM(AC) - Aviation Radioman (Combat Aircrewman)

ART - Aviation Radio Technician

AS - Apprentice Seaman (until 1948)

AS - Aviation Support Equipment Technician (after 1965)

AS(A) - Apprentice Seaman (Aviation)

AS(R) - Apprentice Seaman (Radio)

ASE - Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Electrical)

ASH - Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Hydraulic)

ASM - Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Mechanical)

AT - Aviation Electronics Technician

ATA - Aviation Electronics Technician (Aircraft Equipment)

ATG - Aviation Electronics Technician (Ground Equipment)

ATN - Aviation Electronics Technician (Radio & Radio Navigation Equipment)

ATO - Aviation Electronics Technician (Ordnance)

AVCAD - Aviation Cadet

AVCM - Master Chief Avionics Technician

AX - Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician

AW - Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator

AZ - Aviation Maintenance Administrationman


B - Boilermaker

B(SR) - Boilermaker (Ship Repair)

BANDMSTR - Bandmaster

BGMSTR - Buglemaster

BKR - Baker

Blks(A) - Blacksmith (Aviation)

Blks(A)(W) - Blacksmith (A) (Welder)

BM - Boatswain's Mate

BM(CBB) - Boatswain's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Boatswain)

BM(CBS) - Boatswain's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Stevedore)

BM(SRC) - Boatswain's Mate (Ship Repair) (Crane Operator)

BM(SRS) - Boatswain's Mate (Ship Repair) (Canvasman)

BMA - Boatswain's Mate (Master-at-Arms)

BMB - Boatswain's Mate (Seabee)

BMG - Boatswain's Mate (Shipboard)

BMK - Boatswain's Mate (Canvasman)

BMR - Boatswain's Mate (Rigger)

BMS - Boatswain's Mate (Stevedore)

BMSTR - Bandmaster

BR - Boilermaker

BT - Boilerman

BTG - Shipboard Boilerman

BTR - Boiler Repairman

BU - Builder

BUG - Bugler

BUH - Builder (Heavy)

BUL - Builder (Light)

BUR - Builder (Concrete)


CA - Construction Apprentice

CCStd - Chief Commissary Steward

CD - Driver

CE - Construction Electrician's Mate

CEG - Construction Electrician (General)

CEL - Construction Electrician (Communications Lineman)

CEP - Construction Electrician (Power Lineman)

CES - Construction Electrician (Shop)

CET - Construction Electrician (Telephone)

CEW - Construction Electrician (Wiring)

Ck - Cook

CM - Mechanic (after 1948) (changed to Construction Mechanic - 1952)

CM - Construction Mechanic

CMA - Construction Mechanic (Automobile) (after 1945)

CMD - Construction Mechanic (Diesel Engine)

CMG - Construction Mechanic (Gasoline Engine)

CMH - Construction Mechanic (Construction)

CM - Carpenter's Mate (until 1948)

CM(A) - Carpenter's Mate (Aviation)

CM(CBB) - Carpenter's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Builder)

CM(CBD) - Carpenter's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Draftsman)

CM(CBE) - Carpenter's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Excavation Foreman)

CM(CBS) - Carpenter's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Surveyor)

CM(SRB) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Boatbuilders - Wood)

CM(SRC) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Carpenters)

CM(SRJ) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Joiners)

CM(SRN) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Cement Workers -Concrete)

CM(SRK) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Caulkers - Boats)

CM(SRS) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Shipwrights)

CM(SRK) - Carpenter's Mate (Ship Repair) (Caulkers - Boats)

CN - Constructionman

COX - Coxswain

COX(CBB) - Coxswain (Construction Battalion) (Boatswain)

COX(CBS) - Coxswain (Construction Battalion) (Stevedore)

COX(SRC) - Coxswain (Ship Repair)(Crane Operator)

COX(SRR) - Coxswain (Ship Repair) (Rigger)

COX(SRS) - Coxswain (Ship Repair) (Canvasman)

COX(W) - Coxswain (Winchman)

CP - Construction Apprentice

CR - Construction Recruit

CS - Commissaryman

CSB - Commissaryman (Butcher)

CSG - Commissaryman (Ship's Cooks)

C'SMITH (A) - Coppersmith (Aviation)

CSR - Commissaryman (Bakers)

CT - Communications Technician

CTA - Communications Technician (Administrative Branch)

CTM - Communications Technician (Maintenance Branch)

CTI - Communications Technician (Interpretive Branch)

CTO - Communications Technician (Communications Branch)

CTR - Communications Technician (Collection Branch)

CTS - Communications Technician (Special Devices Operator and Technician) (1948)

CTT - Communications Technician (Technical Branch)

CTY - Communications Technician (Clerk) (1948)

CUCM - Master Chief Constructionman

CYN - Communications Yeoman


DA - Dental Apprentice

DC - Damage Controlman

DCG - Damage Controlman (Shipboard)

DCP - Damage Controlman (Painter)

DCW - Damage Controlman (Carpenter)

DK - Disbursing Clerk

DM - Draftsman (name changed to Illustrator Draftsman)

DME - Draftsman (Electrical)

DMI - Draftsman (Illustrator)

DML - Draftsman (Lithographic)

DMM - Draftsman (Mechanical)

DMS - Draftsman (Structural)

DMT - Draftsman (Topographic)

DN - Dentalman

DP - Data Processing Technician

DR - Dental Recruit

DS - Data Systems Technician

DT - Dental Technician

DTG - Dental Technician (General)

DTP - Dental Technician (Prosthetic)

DTR - Dental Technician (Repair)


E (A) - Electrician (Aviation)

E(G) - Electrician (General)

E(R) - Electrician (Radio)

E(RL) - Electrician (Radio Land Wire Operator)

E(RO) - Electrician (Radio Operator)

E(RR) - Electrician (Radio Repair)

EA - Engineering Aid

EAD - Engineering Aid (Draftsman)

EAS - Engineering Aide (Surveyor)

EM - Electrician's Mate

EM(CBC) - Electrician's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Communication)

EM(CBD) - Electrician's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Draftsman)

EM(CBG) - Electrician's Mate (Construction Battalion) (General)

EM(CBL) - Electrician's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Line and Station)

EM(SRG) - Electrician's Mate (Ship Repair) (General Electrician)

EM(SRS) - Electrician's Mate (Ship Repair) (Shop Electrician)

EM(SRT) - Electrician's Mate (Ship Repair) (I.C. Repairman)

EMP - Electrician's Mate (Power and Light)

EMS - Electrician's Mate (Shop)

EN - Engineman

EN(A) - Engineman (Aviation)

END - Engineman (Diesel)

ENG - Engineman (Gasoline)

EO - Equipment Operator

EOH - Equipment Operator (Hauling)

EON - Equipment Operator (Construction Equipment)

EQCM - Master Chief Equipmentman)

ES - Exclusive Emergency Service Ratings

ESA - Airship Rigger

ESB - Master-At-Arms (Shore)

ESE - Physical Training Instructor

ESF - Fire Fighter

ESI - Instructor (Miscellaneous)

ESK - Chemical Warefareman (1948 - 1958)

ESK - Telecom Censorship Technician) (since 1958)

ESM - Underwater Mechanic

ESP - Photogrammetry Assistant

ESR - Transportation Man

ESS - Shore Patrolman

EST - Transport Airman

ESU - Booker (Motion Picture)

ESV - Aviation Pilot

ESW - Welfare and Recreation Leader

ESX - Specialist -

Agriculture Worker - Navy Job Code 49100

Archivist - Navy Job Code 73700

Artist - Navy Job Code 93450

Cable Censor - Navy Job Code 75600

Chart Clerk - Navy Job Code 03310

Crystal Grinder - Navy Job Code 86200

Excavation Foreman - Navy Job Code 54110

Fisherman - Navy Job Code 49300

Gauge Specialist - Navy Job Code 41121-41122

Inspector of Naval Material - Navy Job Codes 86100-86199

Laboratory Technician (Misc.) - Navy Job Codes 81300-81399

Model Maker - Navy Job Codes 8330-8339

Petroleum Productionman - Navy Job Code 49400

Pigeon Trainer - Navy Job Code 87200

Plastics Expert - Navy Job Code 81320

Special Projects (O.S.S.) - Navy Job Code 87120

Switchboard Operator - Navy Job Codes 73300-73399

ET - Electronics Technician

ETM - Electronics Technician's Mate

ETN - Electronics Technician (Communications)

ETR - Electronics Technician (Radar)

ETS - Electronics Technician (Sonar)


F - Fireman

FA - Fireman Apprentice

FC - Fire Controlman

FCO - Fire Controlman (Operator)

FCR - Fire Controlman (Range Finder)

FCS - Fire Controlman (Surface) (before 1948)

FCS - Fire Controlman (Submarine) (after 1948)

FCU - Fire Controlman (Underwater Weapons)

FN - Fireman

FP - Pipefitter

FPB - Pipefitter (Coppersmith)

FPG - Pipefitter (Shipboard)

FPP - Pipefitter (Plumber)

FPS - Pipefitter (Steamfitter)

FR - Fireman Recruit

FT - Fire Control Technician

FTA - Fire Control Technician (Automatic Directors)

FTB - Fire Control Technician (Ballistic Missile Fire Control)

FTG - Fire Control Technician (Gun Fire Control)

FTM - Fire Control Technician (Surface Missile Fire Control)

FTU - Fire Control Technician (Underwater)


GF - Aviation Guided Missileman

GM - Gunner's Mate

GM(A) - Gunner's Mate (Aviation) (until 1926)

GM(CB) - Gunner's Mate (Construction Battalion)

GM(CBG) - Gunner's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Armorer)

GM(CBP) - Gunner's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Powderman)

GM(SRP) - Gunner's Mate (Ship Repair)(Powderman)

GM(T) - Gunner's Mate (Torpedo) (until 1921)

GMA - Gunner's Mate (Armorers) (after 1948)

GMG - Gunner's Mate (Guns)

GMM - Gunner's Mate (Mounts) (until 1957)

GMM - Gunner's Mate (Missiles) (after 1957)

GMT - Gunner's Mate (Turrets) (1922 - 1952)

GMT - Gunner's Mate (Technician) (after 1952)


HA - Hospital Apprentice

HM - Hospital Corpsman

HN - Hospitalman

HR - Hospital Recruit

HT - Hull Maintenance Technician


IC - Interior Communications Electrician

IM - Instrumentman

IMI - Instrumentman (Instrument Repair)

IMO - Instrumentman (Office Machine Repairman)

IMW - Instrumentman (Watch and Clock Repairman)


JO - Journalist


LI - Lithographer

LIP - Lithographer (Pressman)

LIT - Lithographer (Cameraman and Platemaker)


M - Metalsmith

M(SRB) - Metalsmith (Ship Repair) (Blacksmith)

M(SRC) - Metalsmith (Ship Repair) (Coppersmith)

M(SRF) - Metalsmith (Ship Repair) (Forgers - Anglesmiths)

M(SRS) - Metalsmith (Ship Repair) (Sheet Metal Workers)

MA - Machine Accountant

MaM - Mailman

Matt - Mess Attendant

ME - Metalsmith

MEB - Metalsmith (Blacksmith)

MEG - Metalsmith (Shipboard)

MES - Metalsmith (Sheet Metal Worker)

MEW - Metalsmith (Welder)

ML or Ml - Molder

ML(SRC) - Molder (Ship Repair) (Cupola Tenders)

ML(SRF) - Molder (Ship Repair) (Foundryman)

ML(SRM) - Molder (Ship Repair) (Molder)

Mldr(A) - Molder (Aviation)

MM - Machinist's Mate

MM(A) - Machinist's Mate (Aviation)

MM(A)(GE) - Machinist's Mate (A) (Bombing)

MM(A)(H) - Machinist's Mate (A) (Hydrogen)

MM(A)(P) - Machinist's Mate (A) (Photographic)

MM(CBE) - Machinist's Mate (Construction Battalion) (Equipment Operator)

MM(MB) - Machinist's Mate (Motor Boat)

MM(O) - Machinist's Mate (Optician)

MM(SRE) - Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Engine Operator)

MM(SRI) - Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Instrument Maker)

MM(SRO) - Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Outside Machinist)

MM(SRS) - Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Inside Machinist)

MM(W) - Machinist's Mate (Watchmaker)

MME - Machinist's Mate (Engineman)

MMG - Machinist's Mate (Industrial Gas Generating)

MML - Machinist's Mate (General)

MMR - Machinist's Mate (Refrigeration Mechanic)

MMS - Machinist's Mate (Shop Mechanic)

MN - Mineman

MoMM - Motor Machinist's Mate

MoMM(SRD) - Motor Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Diesel Engine Mechanic)

MoMM(SRG) - Motor Machinist's Mate (Ship Repair) (Gasoline Engine Mechanic)

MR - Machinery Repairman

MT - Missle Technician

MU - Musician (after 1948)

Mus - Musician (until 1948)


NW - Nuclear Weaponsman


OM - Opticalman

OT - Ocean Systems Technician


PC - Postal Clerk

PH - Photographer's Mate

PHG - Photographer's Mate (Cameraman)

PHL - Photographer's Mate (Laboratory Technician)

PHM - Photographer's Mate (Microfilm Photographer)

PhM - Pharmacist's Mate

PhM(DP) - Pharmacist's Mate (Dental Prosthetic Technician)

PhoM - Photographer's Mate

PhoM(AC) - Photographer's Mate (Combat Aircrewman)

PHR - Photographer's Mate (Camera Repairman)

PI - Printer

PICM - Master Chief Precision Instrumentman

PM - Patternmaker

PM (SRP) - Patternmaker (Ship Repair) Patternmaker)

PN - Personnelman

PNA - Personnelman (Records Clerk)

PNI - Personnelman (Classification Interviewer)

PNR - Personnelman (Recruiter)

PNS - Personnelman (Personal Supervisor)(Women's Reserve)

PNT - Personnelman (Training Assistant)

PNW - Personnelman (Chaplain's Assistant)

PR - Parachute Rigger (until 1966)

PR - Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (after 1965)

PrTr - Printer

PrTr(A) - Printer (Aviation)

PrTrL - Printer (Lithographer)

PrTrM - Printer (Multilith)

PT - Photographic Intelligenceman

Ptr - Painter

PtrV - Painter (Aircraft)


QM - Quartermaster

QM(D) - Quartermaster (Dirigible)

QM(L) - Quartermaster (Listening)

QM(N) - Quartermaster (Navigation)

QM(P) - Quartermaster (Pigeon)

QMQ - Quartermaster (Quartermaster)

QMS - Quartermaster (Signal)


RD - Radarman

RdM - Radarman

RM - Radioman

RMN - Radioman (Radioman)

RMT - Radioman (Telegrapher)

RT - Radio Technician

RT(SR) - Radio Technician (Ship Repair)


S - Seaman

S(SRC) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Chippers - Caulkers)

S(SRD) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Divers)

S(SRF) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Steelworkers - Anglesmiths)

S(SRL) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Drillers - Reamers)

S(U) - Seaman (Utility)

SA - Special Artificer (before 1948)

SA - Seaman Apprentice (after 1948)

SAD - Special Artificer (Special Devices)

SAD(MG) - Special Artificer (Special Devices) (Machine Gun Trainer)

SAI - Special Artificer (Instrument)

SAI(TR) - Special Artificer (Typewriter and Office Equipment)

SAI(WR) - Special Artificer (Watch Repairman)

SAO - Special Artificer (Optical)

SC - Ship's Cook

SC(B) - Ship's Cook (Butcher)

SD - Steward

SDG - Steward (Cook)

SDS - Steward (Stateroom)

Sea(A) - Seaman (Aviation)

Sea(R) - Seaman (Radio)

SF - Shipfitter

SF(A) - Shipfitter (Aviation)

SF(CBB) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Blacksmith)

SF(CBM) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Mechanical Draftsman)

SF(CBP) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Pipefitter and Plumber)

SF(CBR) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Rigger)

SF(CBS) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Steelworker)

SF(CBW) - Shipfitter (Construction Battalion) (Welder)

SF(SRP) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Pipefitter and Plumber)

SF(SRR) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Riveters)

SF(SRS) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Shipfitter)

SF(SRW) - Shipfitter (Ship Repair) (Welder)

SFM - Shipfitter (Metal)

SFP - Shipfitter (Pipefitter)

SH - Ship's Serviceman

SK - Storekeeper

SK(CBS) - Storekeeper (Construction Battalion)(Stevedore)

SKD - Sorekeeper (Disbursing)

SK(E) - Storekeeper (Engineer)

SKG - Storekeeper (General)

SKT - Storekeeper (Technical)

SKV - Storekeeper (Aviation)

SM - Signalman

SN - Seaman

SO - Sonarman

SOG - Sonarman (Sonar)

SOH - Sonarman (Harbor Defense)

SoM - Sonarman (was Soundman)

SOMH - Sonarman (Harbor Defense)

Sp(A) - Specialist (Physical Training Instructor)

Sp(C) - Specialist (Classification Interviewer)

Sp(E)(PS) - Specialist (Motion Picture Service)(Booker)

Sp(E)(RW) - Specialist (Recreation and Welfare Assistant)

SpF - Specialist (Fire Fighter)

Sp(G) - Specialist (Aviation Free Gunnery Instructor)

Sp(G)(N) - Specialist (Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Instructor)

Sp(I) - Specialist (Punch Card Accounting Machine Operator)

Sp(M) - Specialist (Mailman)

Sp(O) - Specialist (Inspector of Naval Material)

Sp(O)(AV) - Specialist (Inspector of Aviation Material)

Sp(O)(EN) - Specialist (Engineering Inspectors)

Sp(O)(OR) - Specialist (Ordnance Inspectors)

Sp(O)(PE) - Specialist (Petroleum Technicians)

Sp(P) - Specialist (Photographic)

Sp(P)(LB) - Specialist (Laboratory)

Sp(P)(MP) - Specialist (Motion Picture Production)

Sp(P)(PG) - Specialist (Photogrammetry)

Sp(P)(VM) - Specialist (V-Mail)

Sp(Q)(CR) - Specialist (Cryptographer)

Sp(Q)(IN) - Specialist (Radio Intelligence)

Sp(Q)(RP) - Registered Publications Clerk)

Sp(Q)(TE) - Specialist (Technician)

Sp(R) - Specialist (Recruiter)

Sp(S) - Specialist (Shore Patrol & Security)

Sp(S)(PS) - Specialist (Personnel Supervisor V-10) (Waves)

Sp(T) - Specialist (Teacher)

Sp(T)(LT) - Specialist (Link Trainer Instructor)

Sp(V) - Specialist (Transport Airman)

Sp(W) - Specialist (Chaplain's Assistant)

Sp(X) - Specialist (not elsewhere classified)

Sp(X)(AC) - Specialist (Archivist)

Sp(X)(AR) - Specialist (Artist)

Sp(X)(BL) - Specialist (Ballistic)

Sp(X)(CC) - Specialist (Cable Censor)

Sp(X)(CG) - Specialist (Crystal Grinder)

Sp(X)(CT) - Specialist (Cartographer)

Sp(X)(DI) - Specialist (Discharge Interviewer)

Sp(X)(ED) - Specialist (Engineering Draftsman)

Sp(X)(FP) - Specialist (Fingerprint Expert)

Sp(X)(GU) - Specialist (Gauge Specialist)

Sp(X)(ID) - Specialist (Intelligence Duty)

Sp(X)(IR) - Specialist (Interpreter)

Sp(X)(JO) - Specialist (Journalist)

Sp(X)(KP) - Specialist (Key Punch Operator and Supervisor)

Sp(X)(NC) - Specialist (Naval Correspondent)

Sp(X)(OP) - Specialist (Special Projects)

Sp(X)(PC) - Specialist (Position Classifier)

Sp(X)(PI) - Specialist (Pigeon Trainer)

Sp(X)(PL) - Specialist (Plastics Expert)

Sp(X)(PR) - Specialist (Public Information)

Sp(X)(QM) - Specialist (Operations - Plotting and Chart Work)

Sp(X)(RL) - Specialist (Research Laboratory)

Sp(X)(RS) - Specialist (Armed Forces Radio Services and Special Navy Radio Units)

Sp(X)(RT) - Specialist (Passenger Transportation)

Sp(X)(SB) - Specialist (Telephone Switchboard Operator and Supervisor)

Sp(X)(ST) - Specialist (Strategic Service)

Sp(X)(TD) - Specialist (Topographic Draftsman)

Sp(X)(TS) - Specialist (Air Station Operations Desk)(Time Shack)

Sp(X)(VA) - Specialist (Visual Training Aids)

Sp(U) - Specialist (Utility)

Sp(Y) - Specialist (Control Tower Operator)

SPCM - Master Chief Steam Propulsionman

SR - Seaman Recruit

SSMB - Ship's Service Man (Barber)

SSMC - Ship's Service Man (Cobbler)

SSML - Ship's Service Man (Laundryman)

SSMT - Ship's Service Man (Tailor)

ST - Sonar Technician (after 1948)

St - Steward (before 1948)

STG - Sonar Technician (Surface)

StM - Steward's Mate

STS - Sonar Technician (Submarine)

SV - Surveyor

SW - Steelworker

SWE - Steelworker (Erector)

SWF - Steelworker (Fabricator)

SWR - Steelworker (Construction Rigger)

SWS - Steelworker (Structural)


T - Telegrapher

TA - Steward Apprentice

TC - Turret Captain

TD - Tradevman

TDI - Tradevman (Instructor) (Non-Aviation)

TDR - Tradevman (Repairman) (Non-Aviation)

TDU - Tradevman (Instructor) (Aviation)

TDV - Tradevman (Repairman) (Aviation)

TE - Teleman

TEL - Teleman (Communications Clerk)

TEM - Teleman (Mailman)

TEP - Teleman (Registered Publications Clerk)

TEQ - Teleman (Cryptographer)

TET - Teleman (Teletypist)

TM - Torpedoman's Mate

TME - Torpedoman's Mate (Electrical)

TMS - Torpedoman's Mate (Special Torpedoes)

TMT - Torpedoman's Mate (Electrical)

TMV - Torpedoman's Mate (Aviation)

TN - Stewardsman

TR - Steward Recruit


UM - Underwater Mechanic

UT - Utilitiesman

UTA - Utilitiesman (Air Conditioning)

UTB - Utilitiesman (Boilerman)

UTP - Utilitiesman (Plumber)

UTW - Utilitiesman (Water and Sanitation)


WT - Water Tender

WT(CB) - Water Tender (Construction Battalion)


Y - Yeoman

YN - Yeoman

YNS - Yeoman (Stenographer)

YNT - Yeoman (Typist)


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