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Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C.


Welcome to WAVE Quarters “D” . We hope you will enjoy living here, and taking part in all the activities our station.

We try to have as few regulations as possible, those we do have are included in this booklet. It will be a guide to you in becoming one of us.      



Lt. Cmdr. W-V(S) USNR

Officer in Charge

Wave Quarters "D"


Bulletin Boards                                                                                                               3 
Chaplains    3 
Colors    3 
Crosswalk    3 
Diaries    3 
Dry Cleaning    3 
Electrical Appliances and Inflammable Liquids    3 
Educational Facilities    3 
Food    4 
Guests    4 
Heads    4 
Identification Card    4 
Inspections    4 
Laundry    5 
Laundry Mess    5 
Leave Requests and 40-Mile Passes    6 
Lights    6 
Lockers    6 
Logging Out    7 
Lounges    7 
Lucky Bag    7 
Mail    7 
Master-at-Arms    7 
Mess Hall    7 
Muster Sheets   10 
Press   10 
Quiet Hours   10 
Recreation   10 
Repairs   11 
Salutes   11 
Ship's Service   12 
Sick Call   12 
Smoking   12 
Ship's Company Officers   12 
Suitcases   13 
Taxicabs   13 
Telephones   13 
Transportation   13 
Uniforms   13 


Bulletin Boards in your barracks are a fine source of information. Read the fire and air raid bills today so you will know exactly what to do in case of a real emergency or a drill. Watch the board every day for current items. You are responsible for all official announcements posted on the bulletin board. 

Chaplains are the first Administration Building, Room 112, each day from 0830 to 1700. The Protestant Chaplain is on board Monday, Wednesday and Friday; the Catholic Chaplain on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Church services are held in the Chapel across the street. Watch the bulletin boards for announcements concerning time.

Morning and evening colors take place in front of our Administration Building each morning at 0800 and evening at sundown. If you are in view of colors and have your hat on during the ceremony, you should stand at attention and salute during the time the flag is being raised or lowered, If you are in view of colors but do not have your hat on, just stand at attention. 

A crosswalk has been marked across Nebraska Avenue between the Quarters “D” gate and Annex grounds. Push the street light button, wait for the sign to read “Walk” and then cross between the white lines. 

Diaries are not permitted for Navy personnel. 

Drinking on the station or having alcoholic beverages of any kind in your possession on the station is prohibited. 

Dry Cleaning may be left at barracks 15. Garments left before 1000 one day will be ready by 1800 the following day. Prices are $1.00 for suits, $1.25 for raincoats and $.50 for navy blue shorts. You pay for the cleaning when you leave it. 

Electrical appliances and inflammable liquids may not be kept in the barracks. 

Many educational facilities are available for those who want to spend some of their leisure time learning new things. You may enroll in a class (Waves are learning Spanish, French, photography


and many other subjects through class instruction) , or you may choose a self-study subject, or a correspondence course through the Army-Navy Institute. Arrangements may even be made for you to attend classes in a regular college here in Washington during your free time, the government sharing the tuition cost with you. If you were unable to finish high school before you joined the Navy, you may take courses for high school credit. The Education Officer has all the information you will need. See him in his office on the second deck of the Recreation Building. 

Food is not to be kept in the barracks. It attracts roaches and mice. 

Guests may be entertained in the Lounge in the Administration Building from 0700 to 0200 and the Lounge in the Recreation Building from 0730 to 0030 on week nights and 0730 to 0130 on Saturday and Sunday nights. Women guests only may be taken to your barracks – log them in and out with your Master-at-Arms, or the mate on duty. If you are expecting guests, be in the Administration Building Lounge when they arrive. If you cannot be there, give your guests our billet number so you can be reached without delay. 

Heads care cleaned daily by the civilian maids; but of course, it takes everyone’s help to keep them clean. Flush the toilets each time you use them. Place sanitary napkins in the container provided, not in the toilets. Clean the bathtub and washbasins after using them so they will be ready for the next WAVE. Spread the shower curtains to dry after taking a shower. Any personal effects left in the heads will be removed daily and put it in the Lucky Bag. Since hair clogs drains, do not comb your hair over the wash basins. Put the plug in the washbasin to prevent hairpins or bobby pins from going down the drain. 

Your Identification card is to be on your person at all times. 

Daily Inspections are made by the Master-at-Arms. You are responsible for making your bed, keeping in mind these things:

  1. Miter all corners on sheets, blankets and spreads.

      2.  Fold open ends of pillow under. The folded end should be toward the bulkhead.



    3.  Tuck the spread in securely at the foot of the bunk, then bring it as nearly to the head of the bunk as possible, covering sheets and underneath blankets completely.

    4.  Fold your blanket crosswise, in half, then bring the outer edges to the center, lapping, if necessary, to make the blanket exactly fit your bunk; then fold crosswire in half and place the blanket on the foot of your bunk with the fold to the foot of the bunk. 

You are also responsible for emptying your wastepaper basket, dusting your bunk and locker, and stowing all your personal gear inside your locker. This applies even when you are sleeping during the day for gear adrift interferes with the maid’s cleaning. Damp towels and washcloths should be folded in thirds and hung on the rod outside your locker if you are in Barracks 1 to 12, or on the end of your bunk if you are in Barracks 14 to 28. 

Double-deck bunks are made up with pillows at opposite ends. This is a health precaution. 

Each Saturday Captain’s Inspection is made at 1430. If you fail to pass daily inspection three times or Captain’s Inspection three times, disciplinary action will take place. 

Laundry may be done in the hold. Tubs, clothes lines, ironing boards and irons are all available. Mark your clothes with inedible ink before hanging them in the hold. You can get the ink from your Master-at-Arms. Take your clothes down as soon as they are dry. Only hose and gloves may be washed in the heads and hung on your locker. 

Laundry mess is 25 cent per week. The first 25 cent payment is made when you first receive linen, then weekly thereafter on Mondays. Your M.A.A will have a linen card for you, which you should initial when you make your payment. Have the exact change. The weekly linen allowance is 1 sheet, 1 pillow case and 2 towels. Every other week the allowance is two sheets. Linen exchange day will be shown on your bulletin board. On that day, leave your bunk unmade, turn your mattress over from head to foot, fold the soiled linen


which you are exchanging and place it in the middle of your bunk. Fold all other bedding at the foot of your bunk. There are linen exchange hours during the day when you take your soiled linen to the linen room and get fresh linen. If you are unable to make the exchange, have a friend do it for you. 

Leave requests or requests for permission to go beyond the 40-mile limit are made to your division officer at your post of duty. When leaving, you will log out on a leave card in your barracks and sign out on the muster sheet. When you return, you will log in on the leave card in your barracks and sign in on the muster sheet. Members of Ship’s Company on annual leave will also log in and out with the Duty officers in the Administration Building. If you become sick or injured and unable to travel, notify the Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Barracks at once. Contact a Navy doctor. If one is not available, contact a civilian doctor. Medical treatment at government expense by civilian doctors cannot be authorized. Bring a complete medical report with you when you return to duty.         

    In an emergency, extensions of leave may be requested by telegraph or letter; but, if no reply is received, you will consider your request as not granted and you must, therefore, return by the date of expiration of your original leave as shown by your leave paper. All requests for extensions must be addressed to the Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Barracks.

    Emergency leave may be granted only when necessary, for such situations as serious illness or death in the immediate family, etc. Such leave is not considered annual leave, and is not to be deducted therefrom.    

    Leave, for the purpose of marriage, may be granted for a period not exceeding seven days, and will be deducted from the annual leave. 

    All emergency leaves are investigated through the Red Cross representative in your community. This investigation may be expedited by having your family contact the nearest Red Cross Chapter.

Lights in sleeping quarters are turned off at 2230.

Lockers are to be locked at all times. You should purchase a padlock and carry the key with you. On certain occasions, gear and locker inspection will be made. You will be notified when these inspections are to take place and will be required to be present and unlock your locker to permit inspection of its contents.


Logging out of barracks. If you are transferred or moving from quarters, you will log out with the Master-at-Arms in your barracks and with the Duty Officer in the Administration Building.

Lounges are provided in each barracks, in the Administration Building and the Recreation Building. Help keep them orderly. Empty ash trays when you finish smoking into the green tin cans provided. Only paper is placed in the wastebaskets.

A Lucky Bag is kept in each barracks. Gear left in the heads or hold on Captain’s Inspection day are placed in the Lucky Bag. Check with the Master-at-Arms if you have lost something. A Lucky Bag is also kept at the Duty Officer’s desk in the Administration Building for articles found on the grounds, or in the Administration Building.

Mail is delivered to your barracks twice a day and will be given to you by the Mate of the Deck. If you receive a telegram, special delivery letter or package, it will be held at the Post Office in the Administration Building, and your Master-at-Arms will give you a note which you are to present to the Post Office attendant when you call for it. C.O.D packages or telegrams are not accepted. Your address should include your barracks and bunk numbers. This will speed delivery of your mail. Our Post Office is equipped to give the same service as a regular Post Office: money orders, registering mail. Etc.

A Master-at-Arms is in charge of each barracks. She is responsible for the girls living in the barracks – their conduct, welfare and happiness. She is also responsible for the barracks building and equipment. There are three Mates working with the Master-at-arms. They maintain a 24-hour watch in each barracks. If you have any questions or problems, take them to your Master-at-Arms. She is there to help you fit into life here at “D”.

Mess Hall serving hours are:

Breakfast 0645-0815 (Sunday 0700-0830)

Lunch 1130-1245 (Sunday 1130-1300)

Dinner 1700-1815

Midnight 2315-0015



map of WAVE QTRS. "D"

You were given a mess pass when you arrived at “D”. Present that pass and your I.D. card as you pass the cashier in the mess line. If you lose your mess pass, ask the Duty Officer in the Administration Building for a duplicate. The midnight mess is intended only for those coming off the evening watch or going to work on the midwatch. Full uniform is required in the mess hall, except hats are required for noon mess only. Navy regulations do not permit civilian guests at mess. If you have a guest who is in some other branch of the Service, you may take him to mess. If your guest is a man, obtain a pass for him from the Duty Officer in the Administration Building.

Muster Sheets are for your protection. If you have telephone calls, telegrams or guests, the muster sheets help us locate you. If there should be a fire in your barracks, the muster sheets would help us check to see no one was left in the building. Sign in and out by bunk number each time you leave the building. If you expect to be away from your barracks overnight, give your MAA an address where you may be reached in an emergency.

Press Pictures and interviews must all be approved by the Officer-In-Charge before being published.

Quiet hours are very important in our barracks. They must be maintained whenever people are sleeping. Walk and talk quietly. There is a radio in the Lounge but none are permitted in the sleeping quarters. There is a reveille sheet at the Mate’s desk. Sign for the hour and at 0630, 1430, and 2230. This makes an alarm clock unnecessary. Be quiet on the station grounds also, because noise outside the barracks disturbs those trying to sleep. Those who make unnecessary noise which disturbs others will be reported for disciplinary action.

Recreation. Your recreation Building is located west of the Mess Hall. Within its walls you will find every type of activity, entertainment, and recreation from swimming and soda sipping to sewing. There is an art corner, basketball, bowling, a game room, li-


brary, and music activities of all kinds. The Recreation Building is open from 0730 to 0030 on week nights, from 0730 to 0130 on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The Recreation Department also makes available to you many activities outside the station. These include dances at different Army and Navy stations, trips, to points of interest in and around Washington, planned picnics, bike rides, horseback rides, roller skating parties, invitations to the homes of Washingtonians for teas and dinners, free concerts and entertainment. The possibilities of amusing one’s self on the station are unlimited and designed to fit many different personalities, preferences and shifts.

The recreation offices are located on both sides of the entrance to the gymnasium. Here you will find the important Sign-up sheets for all activities. Signing-up is essential as the numbers are limited to any one event. Quotas are filled rapidly. Watch the bulletin boards which are located in the Administration Building opposite of the O.D.’s desk. in the Mess Hall, and in the Recreation Building.

The Recreation program for the week will be found on all barracks bulletin boards under the title “Highlights of the Week”. For any information concerning what’s going on in Washington and at “D” consult your “Highlights”. GO OVER AND GET AQUAINTED THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING DOING.

Repairs for equipment or buildings should be reported in writing to the Mate of your barracks. Be specific. Date and initial your request and indicate your bunk number. No requests are to be made directly to any civilian employee.

Salutes will be exchanged between officers and between officers and enlisted personnel on every occasion of their meeting, passing near, or being addressed, except as indicated in article 267. Juniors shall always salute first. When several officers in company are saluted, all shall return the salute.                                                                                                                                                      

    The official salute to any person, by all officers and enlisted personnel with no arms in hand, whether on or off duty, shall be the hand salute rendered only when head dress is worn, using the right hand when possible.


    The laxity which is prevailing with regard to the above has created a most unfavorable impression on the general public; and likewise reflects discredit, not only on the Naval service, but on the individual concerned.

Ship’s Service is a store for Quarters “D” residents. It is operated at a low margin of profit so we can buy needed articles as cheaply as possible. All profits go to the Recreation Fund and are used for recreational activities for all of us – dances, games, tours, etc. If you have guests and they are also in the Service (Army, Navy or Marines) they may purchase articles in Ship’s Service, but are not permitted to purchase anything else. Visit Ship’s Service on the main desk in the Recreation Building at your first opportunity.

Sick Call is at the Dispensary on the Communications Annex grounds just across the street from Quarters “D”. Regular hours are 0800 to 1600, emergency care at any time. If you are ill, report to your Master-at-Arms. If you are able to go to the Dispensary, she will send you there. If you are too ill to go to the Dispensary, she will arrange for someone from the Dispensary to come to your barracks. If you are placed on the binnacle list you should report that to your duty station and to your Master-at-Arms. While on the binnacle list you are to stay in your barracks except when you go to the mess hall for meals. If you are too ill to go to the mess hall, the Dispensary will arrange for your meals to be brought to you in your barracks. You report to the Dispensary at the next sick call (0800 the following morning) to be taken off the binnacle list or to be retained on it for another day.

Smoking is permitted in your barracks lounge, heads, hold, quarterdeck, and on the front steps; also in the Administration Building, the Mess Hall and the Lounge of the Recreation Building. No smoking or cokes in sleeping quarters and no smoking outdoors on or off the station except on the front steps of your barracks.

Ship’s Company Officers are available from 0800 to 1630 each day to discuss with you any personal problems you may have. You are welcome to consult them whenever you need their help. They will welcome any suggestions you may have for improving conditions on the station.


Suitcases may be stowed in the luggage room, second deck, of your barracks. Your mate has luggage tags at her desk. Secure one, mark it with your name and bunk number, and attach one to each piece of luggage. The luggage room is locked at all times, but the mate will unlock it while you are getting your bag out or putting it away. If you are billeted in Barracks 1 to 12, you have lockers with flat tops so you may keep one bag, not exceeding 18” in length, on top of your locker.

Taxicabs may go to the barracks during the day to pick up or deposit unusual quantities of luggage which cannot be carried or to discharge passengers during a heavy rain. After 2000 taxis are not permitted beyond the gate. This ruling is for the safety of residents who walk on the roadways.

Telephone service is very limited now, as you know. A pay phone is provided in each barracks, there are several pay phones in the Administration Building and a fine telephone center in the Recreation Building. Personal calls on the station phones are not permitted because the equipment allotted to us is not sufficient for both business and personal calls. When the pay phone in your barracks ring and you are near, answer it and notify the person called.

Transportation from “D” to town is by bus or taxi. You may take a N2 bus marked “17th and K Streets” and transfer at Wisconsin Avenue to any trolley car going in the direction of town, or you may take a cab from the entrance to “D”. The cab fare to town is approximately 40 cent if there are several in the cab. If you are the only passenger, the fare is approximately 70 cent. There is a bus marked N1 that runs from “D” directly to the Navy Building without stopping/ Check the schedule with a bus operator.

Uniforms. You are expected to be in full uniform (skirt, shirt, tie, jacket, long hose, and regulation shoes) in the mess hall, in the lounge of the Administration Building, when you go to the Dispensary or when you leave the station for any other reason, with this exception: when you are leaving the station in your off-duty hours to participate in active sports for which your uniform is not suitable, you may wear sport clothes. Sport uniform does not include your


Jacket, shirt if it has a rating badge on the sleeve or your hat because those articles bear the Navy insignia. Each person desiring to leave the station in sport clothes will apply to the Duty Officer in the Administration Building for a pass to be shown to the civilian guard as she passes through the gate, and turned in to him when she returns to the station. The guards have been instructed to allow no one to leave or enter the station in other than full uniform unless such a pass is presented. When off the station in sport clothes, you are permitted to go only to and from the place of active sports. You are not permitted to stop at any restaurant, enter any store or other building.

On the station you may wear sport clothes any place except the lounge of the Administration Building where guests are entertained, and in the Mess Hall. Acceptable sport gear may be worn in the recreation Building Lounge. Shorts are acceptable until 1600, after that they may not be worn in the Recreation Building Lounge.

Hats are not necessary on the station at any time except noon mess when they must be worn. If hates are worn on the station, they must be worn squarely, with the brim snapped.

The Masters-at-Arms have been instructed to correct all uniform violations at the Barracks. There will also be inspections at other places on the situation.

Permission to wear a wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dress or a uniform other than that prescribed for the day, season or occasion may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Barracks, via the Officer-in-Charge of this station.


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