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Report of the Secretary of the Navy, 1898

The Fighting Force

The number of enlisted men allowed by law prior to the outbreak of hostilities was 12,500. On August 15, when the enlisted force reached its maximum, there were 24,123 men in service. This great increase was made necessary by the addition of 128 ships to the Navy. The maximum fighting force of the Navy, separated into classes, was as follows:

Battle ships (first class) 4
Battle ships (second class) 1
Armored cruisers 2
Coast defense monitors 6
Armored ram 1
Protected cruisers 12
Unprotected cruisers 3
Gunboats 18
Dynamite cruiser 1
Torpedo boats 11
Vessels of old Navy, including monitors 14

Auxiliary navy:

Auxiliary cruisers 11
Converted yachts 28
Revenue cutters 15
Light-house tenders 4
Converted tugs 27
Converted colliers 19
Miscellaneous 19


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