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Selected Groups/Republic of Vietnam

The Special Operations Research Office (SORO) of The American University, operated under contract with the Department of the Army, and conducted research on military problems in support of requirements stated by the Department of the Army. As another service SORO provided through the Counterinsurgency Information Analysis Center (CINFAC) rapid responses to queries from Department of Defense agencies, their contractors, and as directed, other governmental departments and agencies.

The contents of this report, including any conclusions or recommendations, reflect the work of SORO and are not to be construed as an official Department of the Army position, unless so designated by other authorized documents. These studies was conducted in response to a request from the Directorate of Special Operations, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C. 20310.

Published: Mon Jul 24 12:51:56 EDT 2017