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The Diary of Michael Shiner

Entries from 1860-1865

Table of Contents

Date Page Subject
1860 175 Dedication of the Washington Statue
1860 176 Arrival of the Jappanees at the Washington Navy Yard
1861 178 Justice Clark Administers the Oath of Allegiance to the Mechanics of the Wash Navy Yard
1861 178 The Emancipation of the District of Columbia
1865 184 President Lincoln was down at the Wash Navy Yard on good Friday the 14th 1865 with his Wife
1865 186 Michael Shiner Saw eleven Presidents take there seat and some Presidents twice (the end)

175       1859

The Hauling of the united States Steamer anacosta on the new marine railway at washington navy yard on the 28th day of November 1859 on monday

And finished hauling up of the united States Steamer Ancosta on the new marine railway at washington navy yard on the 29th day of november 1859 on tuesday Stern foremast her main mast with two feet of the Ship house

Launching of the Steamer anacosta at washington navy yard on the 2nd day of December 1859 on friday

The Execution of Captain John Brown at Charlestown va on the 2rd day of December 1859 on friday


The Dedication of the honorable General Washington Statue in washington DC on the 22th Dayof february 1860 on wensday the President of the united States the honorable James Buchanan and his cabinet was Present and Chief Justice Taney of the Supreme court of the united States and the other four Judges and several Govenors of Diferent States Was present and a great number of Spectators was present and the united States marines under the Command major terrett and Several volunteer Companys of washington and The 7th Regiment from new york and the horse Company from Charles County undder the command of Captain lawer Cox and the whole of the Military was under the Command of major general JeSup


Page 175 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 175 of the Michael Shiner Diary

176       1860

The arrival of the Jappanese at the washington navy yard on the 15th day of May 1860 on monday and they was received by Commodore franklin Buchanan who was in Command of the washington navy Yyrd and Captain McBlair and first Lieutenant Lewis and 2nd Lieutenant Charles Simms Was present and Several members of the Congress and the Honorable Major General Cass Secretary of the State and the Hoorable John C. Breckinridge Vice President of the United States and the Honorable John C. Lloyd Secretary of War and the Honorable Howell Cobb Secretary of the Treasury and the Honorable Isaac Tucey Secretary of the Navy and several Foreign Ministers and areat number of Citizens was in the Navy Yard and the Japanese was escorted from the navy yard to Willard's Hotel by the United States Marines under the Command of Terrett and on the 16th day of May 1860 on Tuesday they called on the President of the United States the Honorable James Buchanan and the Secretary of State the Honorable Major General Lewis Cass and they stayed here in Washington city until the treaty was made on the 20th day of May 1860 on Satturday there was a great Storm in washington City and it Blowed the top of a house off that Belonged to Judge Douglas Senator of the united States90

South Carolina Seceded from the union on the 15th day of December 1860 on friday



90. The 1850 U.S. Census for Washington, DC lists Michael Shiner as living in the 6th Ward, 55 years of age with his wife, Jane Jackson, 29 years old; daughter Sarah E., 21 years old; son Isaac M., 6 years old; daughter Rose Ann, 8 years old; and daughter Jane M., 3 years old. Michel Shiner is listed on the 1850 Census as a painter, with property worth $800.00. The 1850 Census lists Michael Shiner as being born in Maryland. The same census shows all of Michael Shiner's immediate neighbors being white.

Page 176 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 176 of the Michael Shiner Diary

177       1861

Honorable abraham lincoln arived in washington on the 2 of march 1861 on Saturday and takin his seat on 4 of March 1861

Fort Sumter Command by Major anderson were fiered upon on the 12th of april 1861 on friday

on the 15 of april president lincoln issued proclamation for 75 Thousand men on monday

the 6th Massachusts Regiment were atacked in Baltimoore By a Mob while on its way to washington the 19th day of april 1861 on friday

There was Senators and representatives in the Washington Navy Yard on Monday night the 22 of April 1861

on the 20th of April 1861 on Saturday president lincoln levied on all the Steam Boats in the potomack and had them Brought to Washington navy yard and They was bringing the Boats to the yard all night Satturday night and a the Same time marshal law was declared by the honorable abraham lincoln President of the united States and the honorable W.H. Steward Secretary of State

And on the 22nd of april 1861 on monday there were Different companys ordered in to washington navy yard to guard the government property and the same time the navy yard under the command of Captain John A Dalhgren Who Deserves great credit for he stood by the Government and Fought for it in the Darkness of its hours and long may he live91

Adn on the 22nd of april 1861 on monday they commenced Hauling flour from the Different Ware houses in Washington DC and Georgetown to the Capitol of the united States



91. Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren was the Washington Navy Yard's Commandant from 22 April 1861 to 22 July 1863.

Page 177 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 177 of the Michael Shiner Diary

178       1861

There was Senators and Representatives Garerding in the Washington navy yard on monday night the 22th of april 1861

The 7th new york Regiment arrived in washington on the 23d Day of april 1861 on tuesday

The 21th new york Regiment arrived in Washington on the 18th day of may 1861 on Thursday

on the first Day of June 1861 on Satturday Justice Clark was sent Down to the Washington navy yard For to administer the oath of allegiance to the mechanics and the Labouring Class of working men With out DistincSion of Colour for them to Stand by the Stars and Stripes and defend for the union and Captain Dalgrren Present and I believe at that time I michael Shiner was the first Colered man that had taken the oath in washington DC and that oath Still Remains in my heart and when I had taken that oath I Taken It in the presence of God without predudice or enmity to any man And I intend to Sustain That oath with The assistance of the Almighty God until I die for when a man takes an oath For a Just cause it is more then taking a Drink of water Sitting Down to his Breakfast92

The first Battle of Bull Run on The 21th day of July 1861 on Sunday

The Emancipation of the DC of Columbia on the 16th Day of April 1862 on wensday by the Senate and the house of Representatives and Signed by the president of the united States the Honorable abraham lincoln and the Secretary of State the Honorable Wm H. Seward and Thanks Be to the Almighty



92. The 1861 oath reads as follows: "I do solemnly swear that I will bear true allegiance to the United States of America and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully without any mental reservations against all enemies or opponents whatsoever; that I will observe and obey orders of the President of the United States and the officer appointed over me; according to the rules and articles for government of the United States." In all, over 400 Washington Navy Yard workers swore allegiance, while 37 chose not to take the oath and were dismissed.

Page 178 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 178 of the Michael Shiner Diary

179       1862

on the 10th of March 1862 on Sunday the monitor Whip the merrimack the monitor under command of lieutenant worden and the merrimack were command by commander Franklin Buchanan when the commander saw the Monitor coming he said What Dam Thing is that Coming Tore it to her

A proclamation whereas on the 22nd day of September 1862 a proclamation was issued by the president of the united States that on the first of Jan 1863 all persons held as slaves within any state or part of whom a state shall then be in Rebellion against the the United States the Slaves shall henceforth and forever free and the government of the United States including the military and naval authorities thereof will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons and will in any efforts s they may make for their own freedom now Therefore i Abraham Lincoln President of the United States by virtue of power in me rested as Commander in Chief of the army and navy of the united states in time of actual armed rebellion against the authorities and government of the united States and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing Said rebellion Do on this first of Jan 1863 Declare all persons held as Slaves free henceforth and forever free93



93. The 1860 US Census for DC listed a total population of 75,080. Of this total, the inhabitants were broken down as follows: 60,764 White; 11,131 Free Negro; and 3,185 Slave. In Michael Shiner's immediate neighborhood,Ward 6 (where his family resided), the 1860 Slave Census listed 32 male and 48 female slave inhabitants.

Page 179 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 179 of the Michael Shiner Diary

180       1864

The Battles of geterBurge wher fought Between general meads And general lee on the Second an thrid of July 1863 general Lee had foreMen to general meads One general Meads him foughs on his own ground

VixksBurge where Surrendred to Major general grant and of the united States armmy on the 4 of July 1863 Major General pemberton of the Confederate armmy and after the victory where gained by the federals arms the government Began to know her Strenth


on the 17 of March general grant assumed Command of all the armmy of the united States with his Headquarters at that Time in the field with the armmy of the potomac The Confederate Commanders Tried with all ther strategy to remove general grant from his position in front of Richmond but they Could not

on the 10 of july 1864 Major General John E Breckinridge with part of the Confederate army made an attack upon the northwest of washington and on 11 orders Came from the navy departments admiral goldsborough Came with them instructing admiral John C Montgomery to send evy man that were fit for service to send them from washington navy yard out to fort lincoln to man that fort94



94. Commodore John B. Montgomery was Commandant of the Washington Navy Yard from 31 December 1863 to 13 October 1865. Rear Admiral L. M. Goldsborough was Commandant of Washington Navy Yard from 14 October 1870 to 1 October 1873.

Page 180 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 180 of the Michael Shiner Diary

181       1864

and then it was it was Doubtful Sad time when the inglish manner war [man of war?] and the french manner war near and different manner of wars who were Laying in our waters where ready to Take thire minesters on board

and the Hon Abraham Lincoln Presiden of the u s road up and down the Lines all knight long whear the fedearl troops whear fighting and on the 12th Major [General] Brackin ridge was drove Back in disorder and his forces May the Hon Abraham Lincoln Name be recorded for ever ever on the Book of Fame he was as brave as man that ever been on the face of earth and all that he done he done it with Clear Conition [Conscience] before his creator


Page 181 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 181 of the Michael Shiner Diary

182       1865

And on the fourth of march 1865 on Saturday the hon Abraham Lincoln taken his Seat

Before he Came out on the porch to take his [seat] the wind blew and it rained with out inter mistion and as soon as Mr Lincoln came out the wind ceasis blowing an the rain ceased raining and the Sun Came out and it was near as clear as it could be and calm and at the mean time there was a Star comet made its apperence South west rite over the Capitol and it Shined just as bright as it could be 95

on the 23rd day of March on Thursday 1865

the Hon Abraham Lincoln

Left washington on thursday

for the Armmy of the potomac and there he Staid till richmond whear taken



95. On the day of Lincoln's second inaugural, Noah Adams, another observer, noticed the same phenomena as did Michael Shiner. Adams recounted that as President Lincoln rose to speak: "Just at that moment the sun which had been obscured all day burst forth in its unclouded meridian of splendor and flooded the spectacle with glory and light." Quoted in Ronald C. White, Lincoln's Greatest Speech The Second Inaugural (New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 2005): 42.

Page 182 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 182 of the Michael Shiner Diary

183       [1865]

And when Mr Lincoln went down That verry Same day on thursday the 23rd of March there came up a herician of wind and it blew as if the heaveen an earth whear coming to gether

and at the Same time A little water boy was kiled in washington Navy yard By the name of gorge gates whear killed that day by one of the corners of the uper Ship house that blew of the winds

the Secd day of april 1865 on Sunday night and

and Left Major Brackinridge to Set fire to different Buildings in the City

on monday morning the third Day of april

the u s armmy marched in to richmond


Page 183 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 183 of the Michael Shiner Diary

184       1865

and the Hon Abraham Lincoln with them.

and 1865

The Hon abraham Lincoln was assinated assanated on the 14 of April on good friday knight at fords theater in washing

and he died on the 15 of april 1865 on Satturday

and on friday evening before he was assanated Mr Licoln and his Lady whear Both down at the washington navy on good friday the 14 1865 96



96. On Good Friday in the late afternoon, President and Mrs. Lincoln went for a drive. They stopped in the Washington Navy Yard to view three monitors recently damaged in engagement in Fort Fisher, NC. The President talked of the time when could return to Illinois and live quietly. Pratt, Personal Finances, page 124; Rufus R. Wilson ed. Intimate Memories of Lincoln. (Elmira, NY: Primavera Press, 1942) 430.

Page 184 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 184 of the Michael Shiner Diary

185       1865

and on the 1 of april 1865 on Sun day

genreal Lee

Surrendered all his

fources to genrel grant

all the officers of the confedrate armmy an

and it was the

request of Mr Lincoln to genreal grant to allow all the confedrate offercers to keep all there horses and Side arms


the Hon



taken his Seat on the

fourth of march 1869

on thursday and it rained up

till twelve oClock but not hard

an there it held up raining but yet


Page 185 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 185 of the Michael Shiner Diary


was cloudy

and may the lord be with him during his administration and forever here after

i Michael Shiner have Seen


Presidents take thire Seats

and Some of thoes presidents

i have seen take there seats twice


Page 186 of the Michael Shiner Diary
Page 186 of the Michael Shiner Diary

This Book is a Verry Valuable Book and it is verry Interesting.

It is worthy of perusal and the Author Michael Shiner was a Patriot. May he rest in peace.

Captain W.H. Crowly
U.S. Army


Letter from Captain W.H. Crowly
Letter from Captain W.H. Crowly noting the value and import of the Michael Shiner diary.

Michael Shiner His Book

Washington DC

Navy Yard

9th St No 474


Letter from Captain W.H. Crowly part 2


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