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Pacific Typhoon, June 1945: Extracts from Commander Carrier Division Six Report of 2 July 1945

4 June 1945
0403 DesDiv 105 detached to take station as radar picket group.
0508 Commenced launching first of support air groups for OKINAWA.
0535 Formed cruising disposition 5-VB.
0646-0751 Topped off destroyers.
0745 Recalled all planes on support missions on orders from CTF 38 in order to retire to eastward to clear path of typhoon reported to the South.
0902 Set base course 110°.
0908-1016 Topped off destroyers.
1029 DesDiv 105 rejoined.
1032-1141 Topped off destroyers.
1147 Changed speed to 25 knots.
1607 Formed cruising disposition 5-R.
1732 Changed course to 150° to intercept TGs 30.8 and 38.1 on orders from ComTHIRDFlt.
1950 Changed speed to 20 knots.
2006 Upon intercepting T.G. 38.1, CTF assumed tactical command of the two groups and set course 110°, speed 12 knots as ordered by ComTHIRDFlt. T.G. 30.8 remained in company.
5 June 1945  
0000 On course 110°, speed 12 knots to avoid typhoon path. As reports of storm center position were received the course and speed were changed as ordered by CTF 38 to maneuver to the west of the storm path.
0126 Changed course to 220°.
0131 Changed course to 300°.
0224 Changed speed to 16 knots.
0251 Changed course to 000°.
0505 Changed course to 350°.
TG 38.1 became separated while maneuvering independently in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid storm center which was much closer to that group than to 38.4.
0510 Changed course to 340°.
0512 Changed speed to 18 knots.
0523 Changed course to 330°.
0558 Changed course to 320°.
0610 Changed course to 310°.
0630 Changed course to 300°.
0700 Changed course to 290°.
Weather commenced improving. T.G. 38.4 had suffered only insignificant minor damage.
1050 Weather had cleared sufficiently to launch combat air patrol. Part of the patrol searched for T.G. 38.1 and T.G. 30.8 on orders from Commander Third Fleet.
1148 Changed speed to 16 knots.
1218 Changed course to 180° to join Task Group 30.8. T.G. 38.1 was also located to the south.
1725-1918 Fueled from T.G. 30/8 on course 270°, speed 10 knots.
6 June 1945  
0502 Commenced launching first of support air groups and combat air patrols for OKINAWA.
0544 Benham (DD-796) rejoined.
0544-1735 Fueled and replenished all ships from Task Group 30.8 while continuing air operations.
Operated southeast of OKINAWA during the night.
7 June 1945  
0430 DesDiv 105 detached to take station as radar picket group.
0501 Commenced launching first of support air groups for OKINAWA. Launched search to cover shipping lane to south and east of OKINAWA to locate ships of a convoy which had become separated during typhoon of 4-5 June. Special search was made for Independence pilots lost on 3 June.

Task Group Thirty-Eight Point Four (Commander Carrier Division SIX) report serial 0525 of 2 July 1945. Original held by Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD.

10 April 2001


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