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Appendix B

Abbreviations Used for Certain Landing Boats and Ships in Amphibious Operations

Ships and boats designed especially for amphibious operations are listed below. They appear in order of size from largest to smallest in length.

Abbreviation   Type
LSD   Landing Ship Dock
LST   Landing Ship Tank
LSM   Landing Ship Medium
LSI(L)   Landing Ship Infantry (Large)
LCT   Landing Craft Tank
LCC   Landing Craft Control
LCM   Landing Craft Mechanized
LCVP   Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel
LCV   Landing Craft Vehicle
LCPR   Landing Craft Personnel with ramp
LCP(L)   Landing Craft Personnel (Large)
LCS   Landing Craft Support
LVT   Landing Vehicle Tracked
LCR   Landing Craft Rubber

Ships which support amphibious operations but which were not originally designed for seaborne attack, include those below. They are given in order of length.

Abbreviation   Type
CV   Aircraft Carrier
BB   Battleship
CA   Heavy Cruiser
CL   Light Cruiser
AO   Oiler
CVE   Escort Aircraft Carrier
APA   Attack Transport
AKA   Attack Cargo Ship
DD   Destroyer
DE   Destroyer escort
SS   Submarine
AM   Minesweeper


Published: Tue Mar 24 11:07:45 EDT 2015