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Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

Ships and Aircraft

U.S. battleships in British waters during World War I.

NHHC photo no. NH 537, Sixth Battle Squadron. U.S. Navy battleships in British waters during World War I. Download image.

Along with fleet expansion, maritime and aerial technical developments progressed in leaps and bounds during World War I, and the conflict saw the U.S. Navy employing both older and newer technology side by side. Thus, older coal-fired vessels from the Spanish-American War and Great White Fleet eras continued to serve with newer-construction combatants outfitted with much more efficient oil-powered plants. Submarines became an integral part of naval operations. Naval aviation moved from flimsy pre-war flying machines to amphibious patrol and bombing aircraft and operational fighters, and began the path to 1920s carrier-borne flight operations. 



U.S. Navy personnel at NAS Treguier.

Robert S. Waters collection, photo no. S-012.01. U.S. Navy personnel at NAS Treguier circa 1918; Robert S. Waters at left.
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