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One Hundred Years of Leadership

One Hundred Years of Leadership

A message from Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Frank B. Kelso II on the 100th anniversary of the creation of the rank of Chief Petty Officer, April 1, 1993

"In the United States Navy, the title "Chief Petty Officer" carries with it responsibilities and privileges no other armed force in the world grants enlisted people. These responsibilities and privileges exist because for 100 years, Chiefs have routinely sought out greater challenges and assumed more responsibility.

"The example set by Chiefs for the last century inspires our young men and women of today. Indeed what Americans see in our impressive young sailors is the tradition of devotion and dedication the first Chiefs established with their sacrifices and valor.

"In large measure they have not only ensured my success, but the success of every person who has served in our Navy. I encourage each of you to mark this significant anniversary with appropriate ceremonies to show our respect, admiration, and appreciation for those who have served our Navy as Chief Petty Officers.

"Their successors, today's Chief Petty Officers, are no less dedicated. They prove their worth every day and continue to meet great challenges and endure adversity to protect our nation's interests.

"Our challenge to Chief Petty Officers of the 21st Century is to reaffirm the commitment to faith and fellowship that have allowed their comrades-in-arms before them to wear "the hat" with tremendous pride.

"April 1, 1993, marks the 100th anniversary of Chief Petty Officers in our Navy. It is my great privilege to salute the Chief Petty Officers of the past, present, and future. "

Published: Thu Mar 15 08:53:50 EDT 2018