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Annual Navy History and Heritage Awards Program FAQS

NOTE:  All mail and packages coming to the Washington Navy Yard are delayed by enhanced security screening. Early submissions will be accepted. NHHC is not responsible for lost, incomplete or late entries.

1. Naval History and Heritage Command has established the Navy History and Heritage Awards to acknowledge and reward excellence in the naval history enterprise and other museums who serve as force multipliers in achieving the NHHC and thereby the Navy’s mission. NHHC’s mission is to preserve and present an accurate history of the U.S. Navy. NHHC desires to reward those private museums that use the Navy artifacts, books, archives, and research and encourage the telling of the Navy’s history through accurate and effective programs, exhibits, artifact loans, and historical research.

2. The objective of the Navy History and Heritage Awards (NHHA) is to encourage and publicize scholarship and the telling of the U.S. Navy story through well-researched and accurate history told through well-maintained museums, including freestanding buildings and historic ships, and the exhibits and artifacts therein.

3. Applicability – Only a 501(c)(3) organization—a nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization and is tax-exempt—offering U.S. Navy- or maritime history-related programming to the public through the use of NHHC’s artifacts is eligible for NHHA consideration. These artifacts include aircraft, donated Navy warships (serving as floating museums), research published or produced by NHHC, and collaboration with NHHC to present and create new knowledge about Navy history.

4. Award Categories – There are three categories of awards for which eligible applications may apply. The Navy History and Heritage Excellence Pennant (History “E”) and the Maintenance Excellence Pennant (Maintenance “E”) will each have four subcategory (Large, Medium, Small, and Other) winners based on the physical size of the primary artifact (e.g., Navy patrol boat is a Small subcategory). The Curatorial Excellence Pennant (Curatorial “C”) award will have one winner. Applicants are encouraged to apply to applicable categories.

5. Eligibility Requirements:

a. Organizations may self-nominate or be nominated by another 501(c)(3). Exhibitions or programming may be designed by a commercial firm or the organization but must have been executed by the organization.

b. NHHA nominations may only include award actions or periods of performance that occurred between 1 April─31 March, during the previous 12 months to be considered.

c. To be eligible, specific NHHA nominations cannot have previously won the same NHHA competition (for example, Maintenance Excellence Pennant) within the past 5 years.

d. Nominees must be in good standing as a 501(c)(3) and with NHHC (if holding any Navy artifacts on loan).

e. One NHHA nomination per institution, per competition year.

f. Personnel attached to NHHC are not eligible for consideration.

g. Entrants agree to allow the U.S. Navy and NHHC to use photographs included in NHHA nomination submissions (at no charge) in their publications and warrant that NHHC has the right to allow such use.

6. Documents to be submitted – Applicants must submit completed package that includes a hard copy of application, supporting documentation, and a DVD that contains an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) digital copy of the entire package submission. Submit application, supporting documents, and media to:

Deputy Director, Navy Museums Division
Naval History and Heritage Command
805 Kidder Breese St. SE
Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-50607

7.  Evaluation and selection – Applications will be screened by the professional staff of NHHC.

8.  Role of the Director, NHHC – The Director, NHHC, will announce the annual call for entries with the deadline for submission of packages.

9.  Applications – Application forms are available from the Naval History and Heritage Command website at

10.  Application and Award Dates – The deadline for filing applications and all supporting materials and documents is 1 June. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that completed applications are received before the closing date. The Director, NHHC, will notify all applicants of final action by an award notice or letter on or about 1 August.

11. Presentation at NHHC – The successful applicants will be presented with their awards at NHHC or other appropriate setting, such as their local museum.

12. Taxes – For tax implications of the award, recipients should consult the Internal Revenue Service and their state revenue offices or their tax advisors. Applicants must present their Tax Identification Number as part of the application process.




Published: Tue Nov 01 14:26:09 EDT 2022