Kearsarge (CV33) 1953



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CHANGE IN RESEARCH POLICY: The Naval History and Heritage Command takes very seriously the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in our archival records. Due to changes in policy, all documents must be screened for PII by staff before they can be accessed by researchers. Please be aware that this process may add some extra time to onsite research visits. Researchers are strongly encouraged to make appointments at least several days in advance; this will enable our staff to conduct a thorough review of the requested material prior to their visit. Also, in accordance with Department of Defense Information Security Manual 5200.01 v.1 February 2012, previously classified records require a public release review by the original classification authority. Department of Defense Manual 5200.01 V-1, 2012: 1.e enclosure 5 states "Declassification does not authorize release of the information to the public. DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION SHALL NOT BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL A PUBLIC RELEASE REVIEW AS REQUIRED BY REFERENCES (R) AND (S) HAS BEEN CONDUCTED to determine if there are reasons for withholding some or all of the information. Declassified information may be released to the public unless withholding is appropriate in accordance with other applicable law (for example, FOIA or the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended) or DoD issuance (for example, Reference (r) and DoDD 5230.25  Reference (bb))) Regardless of the date specified for declassification, declassified information shall not be approved for public release without referral to the OCA of the information, except records accessioned by NARA that were reviewed for automatic declassification in accordance with section 3.3 of Reference (d) will be reviewed by NARA for public release." Therefore, previously classified records may not be readily available to members of the public until an appropriate security review has been conducted; be advised that for access to these records you may be referred to the Freedom of Information Act process. Additionally, records of nuclear-powered warships are also subject to a review process which may impact access.