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Transferred Collections

These collections were previously maintained by the Navy Archives.  Due to official insitutional policies, the collections have been transferred in whole or in part to other repositories.  For more information, visit the individual collection pages.

Photo #: NH 107091 Bullwheel


Collections Transferred to the National Archives (NARA)

Base Maintenance Division, 1939-1957

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BuMed), 1824-1970

Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Women, 1942-1972

Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) & Bureau of Navigation (BuNav) Circular Letters, 1860-1951

Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) Purple Heart Records, 1898-1950s

Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) Records Relating to the Naval Homes at Philadelphia & Gulfport, 1878-1976

Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) Reports and Statistics, 1909-1984

Byrd, Richard E. Personal Papers, 1941-1945

Chief of Information (CHINFO) Speech Files, 1917-1977

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Awards and Special Projects Branch, 1919-1973

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Civil Affairs, Military Government, Island Government Branch, 1899-1976

Commander-In-Chief, Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC) Scientific Advisory Group, 1965-1972

German Naval Archives, 1922-1945

Interview and Statement Transcripts (World War II Personnel), 1942-1946

Japanese Navy Records, 1939-1952

Kirk, Alan G. Personal Papers, 1939-1945

Loss of Amelia Earhart, 1937

Medal and Award Citations, 1939-1970s

Military Armistice Commission: Transcripts of Meetings, 1965-1966

Naval Military Personnel Command, 1930-1964

Naval Security Group Command, 1942-1945

Naval Security Group Command Intelligence, 1909-1925, 1942-1946

Naval Special Warfare Group, 1942-1958

Naval Technical Mission in Europe, 1945-1947

Navy Laboratory Center Coordinating Group, 1940s-1990

Post-1946 Submarine Patrol Reports, 1946-1963

Post-1946 War Diaries, 1946, 1950-1953

Sea Frontier Routing Instructions of World War II

Strategic Bombing Survey Naval Analysis Division, 1940-1947

Subic Bay Naval Air Station, 1982-1989

Supervisor of Diving and Salvage, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), 1915-1985

Wallin, Homer N. Personal Papers, 1941-1946

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Collections Transferred to Other Repositories

Dale, Richard Papers, 1777-1851

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Published: Tue Mar 09 09:54:14 EST 2021