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Eller, Rear Admiral Ernest M. Office Files 

Dates: 1958-1970

Collection Number: AR/58 

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the notes and source material for RADM Eller's writings, along with personal correspondence and cards.  The majority of the collection covers his time as Director of Naval History. This collection does not contain any administrative material relating to the Command or RADM Eller's time on active duty.

Historical Note

On 15 September 1956, RADM Eller was recalled to active duty as Director of Naval History and Curator of the Navy Department, Washington, DC, and served as such until relieved of active duty on 23 January 1970.

In addition to gunnery technical manuals and various articles in non-professional magazines, he wrote extensively for the US Naval Institute Proceedings (USNIP): among these articles are the following:

1930, “Will to Win.” USNIP 56, no. 5 (May): 371-378. [First Honorable Mention.].

1932, “Time is Life.” USNIP 58, no. 4 (April): 493-505. [Prize.].

1936, “Sea Power in the American Revolution.” USNIP 62, no. 6 (June): 777-789. [Honorable Mention.]. 

1936, “Courage is Not Enough.” USNIP 62, no. 7 (July): 943-955. [Honorable Mention.].

1938, “Japan’s Rising Sun.” USNIP 64, no. 7 (July): 949-962. [Special Award.].

1938, “The Philippines and the Pacific.” USNIP 64, no. 10 (October): 1467-1488. [Special Award. Plates, pp. 1481-1488.].

1942, “How Shall We Win?” USNIP 68, no. 4 (April): 465-476. [Prize.].

1946, “Against All Enemies.” USNIP 72, no. 7 (July): 891-907.

1950, “Will We Need a Navy to Win?” USNIP 76, no. 3 (March): 237-247. [Prize.].

1955, “Soviet Bid for the Sea.” USNIP 81, no. 6 (June): 619-635.

1956, “U.S. Destiny in the Middle East.” USNIP 82, no. 11 (November): 1160-1169.

Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as Office Files of Ernest M. Eller, Archives Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington, D.C.

For associated photographic materials, please visit the photo archive donated collections related to Rear Adrmial Ernest M. Eller


Published: Tue Aug 10 10:11:56 EDT 2021