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Personal Papers & Donated Collections: H

Photo #: NH 49392-KN Captain Joy Bright Hancock, USN
Title: Captain Joy Bright Hancock, USN
Description: Portrait by David Komuro, Washington, D.C., circa 1953 Courtesy of the Navy Art Collection, Washington, DC. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
Catalog #: NH 49392-KN


Hadley, Daisy M. Papers, 1974-1993
Hamlin, Harold S. Papers, 1945-1960
Hammel, Eric M. Papers, 1942-1980
Hancock, Joy Bright Papers, 1980-1984
Hansen, Oskar J. W. Papers, 1953-1969
Harding, Jeremiah Family Papers, 1864-1947
Harkins, Daniel J. Papers, 1939-1958
Harris, Harriet A. Papers, 1918-1958
Hart, Stanley D. Papers, 1912-1929
Hart, Thomas C. Papers, 1899-1960
Haugen, Zelma Papers, 1945-1970
Hayden, Joseph Clark Papers, 1941-1945
Hayward, John T. Papers, 1942-1943
Hazard, Roberta L. Papers, 1970-1992
Hebel, Jean Papers, 1940-1980
Hedges, David T. Papers, 1943
Hein, John A. Papers, 1936-1957
Heineman, Paul R. Papers, 1940-1945
Herrick, John J. Papers, 1964-1997
Herriott, John A. Papers, 1966-1972
Hewitt, Henry Kent Papers, 1907-1977
Higgins, John M. Papers, 1940-1961
Hill, Harry W. Papers, 1942-1950
Hobbs, Robert A. Papers, 1941-1976
Hoffman, Charles M. E. Papers, 1943
Hoisington, L. E. Papers, 1942-1963
Holloway, James L. III Papers, 1939-2010
Hone, Thomas C. Papers, 2001-2002
Hovenden, Herbert C. Papers, ca. 1917
Howell, Glenn F. Papers, 1913-1971

Published: Tue Mar 09 10:33:12 EST 2021