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Pentagon Attack Narrative Accounts

Dates: 12 September - 27 November 2001
Collection Number: AR/668

Collection Information

In the days after the attack on the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, the Naval Historical Center (NHC) and Navy Combat Documentation Detachment 206 (DET 206) worked with the Director of Navy Staff (DNS) VADM Patricia Tracey to request personal narrative accounts of the attack on the Pentagon.  The request was sent to all of OPNAV

55 individuals submitted narratives of their experiences on the day of the attack.  The narrative accounts are listed below and available to download as PDFs.  Some individuals that submitted accounts also have oral histories in the DET 206 Pentagon Attack Collection.  If their oral history is available online, a link has been provided to that as well.

Citation: [Name], AR/668 Pentagon Attack Narrative Accounts, Navy Archives, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington, D.C.

DNS Message: Request for Narrative Accounts of the Pentagon Attack (PDF, 54kb)     

Narrative Accounts

These narratives have been reviewed for FOIA exemptions and redactions have been made where necessary. 

Narratives marked with an asterisk (*) have either sensitive content or sensitive language.


Agresti, Michael (PDF, 217kb)
Alleger, Sheryl CTAC (PDF, 135kb)*, Oral History
Amato, Vincent Maj (PDF, 12kb)


Bautista, Romeo LTJG (PDF, 121kb)*
Bishop, Harold CDR (PDF, 12kb)
Braswell, Donald CDR (PDF, 73kb)
Buczek, Jim (PDF, 112kb), Oral History
Buher, James (PDF, 12kb)


Calix, Vilma (PDF, 12kb)
Campbell, Cynthia LT (PDF,12kb)
Capets, Chuck CDR (PDF, 128kb), Oral History


Dobbs, Michael CDR (PDF, 14kb)


Ellis, Sandra CDR (PDF, 124kb)*
Embree, Duane (PDF, 430kb), Crane Group
Engle, Robert (PDF, 12kb)


Frady, Trent (PDF, 315kb), Crane Group
Fuchs, Steven (PDF, 13kb)


George, Brian (PDF, 12kb)
Goldsmith, Alan (PDF, 15kb)


Heckelman, Loren CAPT (PDF, 13kb)*
Hogue, Robert (PDF, 12kb)
Huefner, Rebecca (PDF, 67kb)


James, Tom LCDR (PDF, 17kb)
Janicki, Jackie (PDF, 85kb)
Jones, Russell (PDF, 12kb)


Lang, Stafford (PDF, 128kb)*
Latino, Kenny YN1 (PDF, 12kb)
Lloyd, Tripp (PDF, 144kb)*, Oral History
Lovato, Dave JOCM (PDF, 13kb)


Mackie, Steven CDR (PDF, 12kb)
Marshall, Richard (PDF, 499kb)
Masso, Sonny CAPT (PDF, 16kb), Oral History
Moody, Eric (PDF, 570kb), Crane Group
Moore, Thomas CDR (PDF, 13kb)*
Moubray, Jo Ann (PDF, 125kb), Crane Group


Nelson, David (PDF, 69kb)*


O'Neil, Richard (PDF, 69kb)
Orton, William (PDF, 50kb)


Plyler, Kim (PDF, 12kb), Oral History
Powell, Craig CDR (PDF, 132kb), Oral History


Scher, Mark (PDF, 12kb)
Sell, Olin LT (PDF, 192kb)*, Oral History
Smith, Gregory (PDF, 125kb), Crane Group
Smith, Victoria (PDF, 36kb)
Stratton, Jeff CDR (PDF, 132kb)*, Oral History


Toti, Bill CAPT (PDF, 288kb)*, Oral History


Van Deusen, Karl CDR (PDF, 118kb)*, Oral History
Vaupel, John (PDF, 16kb), Crane Group
Voyzey, Lori (PDF, 12kb)


Wells, Denise (PDF, 130kb)
White, Ronald CDR (PDF, 131kb)
Wilson, Dusty (PDF, 541kb), Crane Group
Wilson, James (PDF, 127kb)


Yates, Patrick (PDF, 172kb), Oral History

Published: Fri Jun 25 13:58:14 EDT 2021