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Orleck, Joseph Family Papers

Dates: 1928-1953

Collection Number: COLL/549

Finding Aid (PDF, 113KB)

Scope and Content Notes

This collection contains the personal papers of Joseph and Gertha Orleck, and Gertha’s sister Majorie Cockerham.  Some official materials are included but the vast majority is an eclectic blend of certificates, diplomas, photos, letters, official correspondence and naval records.  In series I, the items of Lieutenant Joseph Orleck are processed.  The first sub-series holds his official outgoing and incoming correspondences while the next sub-series contains his certificates, such as his honorable discharges and purple heart.  Sub-series C retains publications relating to him and his work, such as newspaper and magazine articles.  The last sub-series contains some photographs of Orleck and of his wife.

Series II consists of some the items relating to Gertha Orleck such as series A which contains a slew of letters and post cards from her family participating in World War II and also a stack of official correspondences from the Navy.  The next sub-series contains of all her certificates, such as her marriage license and birth certificate.  The last sub-series consists of a collection of newspaper articles.

Series III details the same type of materials as the previous two series for Majorie Cockerham, the sister of Gertha Orleck.  The first sub-series is correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, while the second holds all her certificates.  Sub-series C is a plethora of unrelated naval records such as leave slips and equipment lists.  The final sub-series is a subject file containing Majorie’s yearbook called The Shield from Lebanon Hospital Training School for Nurses, class of 1935.

Series IV is a collection of pictures, diplomas, and certificates that were too large to fit into the folders.  Therefore, they are wrapped in acid-free paper in order to preserve these personal items of the Orleck family.

The final Series is a subject file that contains the hodgepodge of personal items such as an Argentinean peso that Joseph picked up while on cruise, as well as a newspaper clipping relating to Corporal Robert Cockerham, the brother of Gertha.  

Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as Papers of Joseph Orleck Family, Archives Branch, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington, D.C.

Published: Fri Jul 30 09:22:13 EDT 2021