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Personal Papers & Donated Collections: C

Vice Admiral Edward L. Cochrane, USN.
Title: Vice Admiral Edward L. Cochrane, USN.
Caption: Photographed circa 1945, while he was chief of the bureau of ships.
Catalog #: 80-G-K-4750


Cagle, Malcolm W. & Frank A. Manson Papers, 1947-1956
Cambell, Dennis R. F. Papers, 1942, 1950s
Cannon, Emma Colebourn Papers, 1893-1922
Carbajal, Salvador R. Papers, 1937-1983
Cash, John C. Papers, 1941-1944
Chadwick, French E. Papers, 1880-1918
Charters, Lloyd S. Papers, 1917-1972
Cherry, John Myrick Papers, 1945
China Repository, 1908-1990
Coale, Griffith B. Papers, 1943-1944
Cochrane, Edward L. Papers, 1914-1960
Coggins, Cecil H. Papers, 1927-1943
Cohn, Mitchell Papers, 1940-1942
Colbert, William C. Papers, 1912-1943
Cook, Charles O. Papers, 1966
Cooley, Wayne D. Papers, 1932-1973
Cooper, Charles W. Papers, 1943-1946
Cotton, Charles S. Family Papers, 1862-1964
Cowart, Virgil A. Papers, 1921-1975
Cowley, Harry L. Papers, 1942-1945
Cramer, Ambrose C. Papers, 1917-1919
Crawford, Michael J. Papers, 1967-2017
Crosley, Paul C. Papers, 1915-1977
Crosley, Paul Papers, 1918-1979
Cummings, Damon E. Papers, 1908-1947

Published: Tue Mar 09 10:34:27 EST 2021