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For the Fleet

An Iowa class battleship leads a battle group at sea in the 1980s.

Battle Group Underway. An Iowa class battleship leads a battle group at sea in the 1980s. (L20-02.01.01)

This page provides links to commonly requested information concerning fleet issues, such as writing and submitting a command operations report, ship decommissioning and disestablishing, gift acceptance and reporting, artifact loans, at-sea points of interest, and reference information and support services.


NHHC Resources

NAVADMIN 128/20, naval history and heritage ideas and online resources to support fleet learning and at-home education during the pandemic.  

NAVADMIN 010/17Naval History and Heritage Resources Available to Support Command Mission, provides notice of and information about resources available at NHHC to support Navy commands’ and Fleet units’ use of our rich history and heritage to enhance their mission.

Resources are available to assist Navy commands in the promotion of Navy culture and reinforcement of core values, including education on the legacy of those who have gone before, to building a command climate with core values of integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness during unit pre-commissioning or everyday operations.

NHHC Historical Resources

Artifact Loan Program

Navy Art Collection (including Traveling Exhibition Program)

Deck Log Access

Navy Museums


NHHC Outreach: Contact

  • Fleet public affairs officer support
  • Event speakers
  • Event support

Duplications of Records and Photos

Navy Reserve Support

Navy Combat Documentation Unit (NCDU)

Required Fleet Submissions to NHHC

Information on required archival documentation and submissions from the fleet to the Naval History and Heritage Command

Command Operations Reports (COR)

Ship Decommissioning, Disestablishing, or Deactivating

Gift Acceptance and Reporting

Submitting Artifacts from In-service and Decommissioning Vessels


General Reference Information

The Naval History and Heritage Command provides resources to ensure Navy operational, training, and educational access to historical resources and advice, online and directly through NHHC facilities.

Reference Assistance

Scanning, Copyright, and Citation Information

Donate Materials

New Year's Day Deck Log

CNO Essay Contest

Grants and Fellowships

Resources for Veterans

Navy History Videos

More information about the Naval History and Heritage Command


Non-NHHC Links

Links to frequently requested information outside the responsibility of NHHC.

Navy Aviation Squadron Lineage and Naval Aviation Command Insignia

National Personnel Records Center

Retired Flag Officer Biographies

For information not listed here, please consult the NHHC Command Directory or call 202-433-7880.

Published: Tue Sep 05 15:31:46 EDT 2023