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Conservation Methods

Yoonjo Lee, senior conservator deputy at the Conservation Branch, Collection Management Facility, Naval History and Heritage Command, uses distilled water to clean the planks of a Vietnamese watercraft called a sampan.

Senior Conservator, Yoonjo Lee, surface cleans a Vietnamese sampan for display in the Hampton Roads Naval Museum exhibit, “The Ten Thousand-Day War at Sea:  The US Navy in Vietnam, 1950-1975.”


Two conservators examine a Japanese prayer towel.

Determining the construction and current condition of artifacts through examination.


Two conservators restoring a ship's flag.

Reports and photography/imaging to record the current condition and details of artifacts.


conservator at a microscope

Various imaging, microchemical, spectroscopic, and chromatographic techniques to determine artifact composition.

Preventive Conservation

device that monitors status of artifact for conservation

Proactive measures to maximize the preservation of entire collections, ranging from storage techniques to climate.


two conservators restoring the wheel of Brandywine

Interventive methods on individual artifacts to stabilize their condition and improve their aesthetic appearance.


USS Taylor flag in a protective case

Providing a stable, archival environment for individual artifacts.

Published: Fri Feb 12 16:39:03 EST 2021