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Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Resources Available to Support Command Mission 

NAVADMIN 010/17 

R 131334Z JAN 17




NARR/Ref (a) is CNO instruction on Navy historical programs.
Ref (b) is CNO instruction on Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Naval History
and Heritage Command.
Ref (c) is CNO instruction on Loan of Navy Art.
Ref (d) is CNO instruction on Annual Command Operations Report.//

RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN provides notice of and information about resources
available at the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) to support Navy
commands' and fleet units' use of our rich history and heritage to enhance
their mission. All COs, XOs, OICs, and CMCs are encouraged to make use of
the resources listed in this NAVADMIN to promote naval history and heritage
as desired in execution of their duties.

2. Naval history and heritage are important components to every command's
warfighting effectiveness. As stated in the introduction to the Design for
Maritime Superiority, "As we get underway, we must first understand our
history - how we got to where we are." Naval history and heritage inspires
and empowers the Navy's most important asset, its Sailors. Our 240 years of
proud history and traditions serve as foundation for Navy's core values of
honor, courage, and commitment. Our history and heritage provide examples of
integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness to continue to imbue our
Sailors with a warfighting ethos, teamwork, and esprit de corps, all critical
to warfighting effectiveness and readiness for decisive operations and

3. In addition to their warfighting functions, Navy commands also typically
conduct the following efforts, which NHHC can support with their experts and
resources, outlined in para 4:
a. Promoting Navy culture and reinforcing core values. This function
can range from educating on the legacy of those who have gone before, to
building a command climate with core attributes of integrity, accountability,
initiative, and toughness during unit pre-commissioning or everyday
b. Executing command events and engagements. This function can range
from re-enlistments, promotions, change of commands, and retirements, to
training and command stand-downs, to major international distinguished
visitor engagements.
c. Information gathering and research. This function ranges from
administrative, such as compiling historical information for the Plan of the
Day/Week, to tactical, such as researching riverine tactics employed during
the Vietnam War to support current tactics development.
d. Conducting outreach. Navy commands also conduct events and share
information so the American public can connect with its Sailors.

4. To assist Navy commands, ref (a) tasks Director, Naval History and
Heritage Command to ensure Navy operational, training, and educational
commands have direct and continuing access to historical resources and
advice. NHHC resources are available, both online
( or directly at NHHC facilities.
The following are examples of available resources:
a. POD/POW notes available online at NHHC website under Research then
Timeline. Select the month and day desired.
b. Research support with access to 182,000 books, 374,000 manuscripts,
27,000 cubic feet of official records and personal papers, 5,000 reels of
microfilm, and over one million still photographs and negatives.
A good portion of the material is available online.
c. The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) page for
summary histories of U.S. Navy ships and small craft from the War for
Independence to the present day.
d. Commemoration Toolkits. Toolkits with infographics and sample
speeches for the Navy Birthday, Battle of Midway, Vietnam War, and other Navy
commemorations are available online.
e. Diversity resources. Available information for heritage months
includes bios of notable individuals in the military, significant dates, ship
names, digital content, and more.
f. Heritage resources. For explanations of Navy customs, lore and
traditions, see
g. Naval History Videos. NHHC can assist commands in obtaining copies
of naval history videos produced by the command, such as the "On This Day in
Naval History" series of 365 videos, "The Watch" produced for the Navy
Birthday, or "The Battle of Midway Newsreel." NHHC-produced videos are
available online at the command's YouTube channel. These products can be
used by commands for general military training, in local commemorations, or
shared on local social media channels. NHHCPublicAffairs(at)
h. Event Venues and Backdrops. The Navy has 10 museums across the
country that can serve as venues and backdrops for events from re-enlistments
to change of commands and other official ceremonies. The museums also offer
education programs, tours, special programs, summer activities, lectures, and
musical performances to Sailors and their families free of charge. A listing
of museums is available at
i. Traveling Exhibitions. NHHC Museum Operations Divison can provide an
array of temporary exhibition panels for short-term display. POC is Mr. Jeff
Barta at jeffrey.barta(at)
j. Command or Base Heritage Centers. Navy commands may want to develop
local history and heritage programs to support their mission. NHHC Museum
Operations Division can assist ashore commands in establishing local heritage
centers. POC is Mr. Jeff Barta at jeffrey.barta(at)
k. Navy Art Collection. Navy Art Collection holds over 20,000
paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures, depicting the activities of men
and women in naval service across history. Navy art can be displayed as
standalone or to complement a command's heritage displays.Original Navy art
is loaned out per Ref (c). However, an increasing inventory of digital images
is available on line for local reproduction and display. See
l. Command Outreach. NHHC can assist fleet public affairs officers to
promote outreach for naval history and heritage. Please contact
NHHCPublicAffairs(at) for support.
m. Event speakers. NHHC can provide a limited number of speakers for key
events from its staff of curators, historians, and archivists. Please contact
NHHCPublicAffairs(at) for support.

5. NHHC Contact Information. Additional contact information is available at

6. Point of Contact. NHHC Chief of Staff, CDR Eddy Ha, Comm (202) 781-1971,
DSN 326-1971, eddy.ha(at)

7. Released by Vice Admiral J. G. Foggo, Director, Navy Staff.//


Published: Fri Oct 27 08:58:29 EDT 2017