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Operation Torch Image Gallery 

"Naval operations in the North African and Mediterranean theatres"
Chart from a report from Admiral Ernest J. King to the Secretary of the Navy, showing locations of Allied landings on Morocco, Algeria, Sicily and the Salerno area, November 1942–September 1943 (80-G-45300).

Admiral Royal Eason Ingersoll
Admiral Royal Eason Ingersoll, Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet, watches as the Operation Torch task force stands out from Hampton Roads, Virginia, en route for North Africa, 24 October 1942 (NH-90944-A).

Crewmen exercising on the flight deck of USS Santee (ACV-29), en route to North Africa to take part in Operation Torch, November 1942 (80-G-469691).

Photo #: 80-G-30251 North Africa Invasion, November 1942
Testing machine guns of Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat fighters aboard USS Ranger (CV-4), while en route from the U.S. to North African waters, circa early November 1942 (80-G-30362).

Photo #: 80-G-K-15976 Douglas SBD-3 "Dauntless" scout bomber
An SBD-3 radioman-gunner test fires his twin .30-caliber machine guns while on an aircraft carrier's flight deck. Note the Operation Torch-specific yellow border around the national insignia (80-G-K-15976).

Photo #: 80-G-30251 North Africa Invasion, November 1942
Pilots of Fighting Squadron 41 (VF-41) singing in their ready room aboard USS Ranger (CV-4), before zero hour of the first day of the invasion of Morocco, 8 November 1942. Lieutenant Malcolm T. Wordell, Squadron Executive Officer, (at right) is leading the songs. Lieutenant Jacob W. Onstott is standing in the left center. Note situation board behind them, and chart of aircraft insignia at left (80-G-30251).

Photo #: SC 255942 North Africa invasion, November 1942
U.S. Army troops, of the 3rd Infantry Division, draw ammunition on board USS Joseph T. Dickman (AP-26) on 7 November 1942, the day before the landings at Fedala, Morocco (SC-255942).

Piper L-4 "CUB" (236389)
Army Piper L-4 Cub named "Elizabeth" prepares to take off from the flight deck of USS Ranger (CV-4), to spot gunfire and carry out reconnaissance near Vichy French positions (80-G-30339).

Douglas SBD "Dauntless"
Dive bombers from USS Ranger (CV-4), flying in a "V" formation, returning from strikes on gun emplacements and ships off Casablanca, French Morocco (80-G-30335).

North Africa Invasion, November 1942
U.S. troops landing on a beach in French Morocco, 8 November 1944. Note tank in water at left, and LCV in center (SC 163437).

Photo #: 80-G-31434 USS Bernadou
USS Bernadou (DD-153) at sea during the North African invasion operation, November 1942. The ship's mast was removed to facilitate her role in the landings at the Safi, Morocco, port facilities on 8 November 1942 (80-G-31434).

North African Invasion, 1942
U.S. Navy ships off the Phosphate Pier at Safi, Morocco, on 10 November 1942. Beach Red is in the left background. Beach Blue is in the left center, with the harbor in the center and the town of Safi at right. Ships present are (from left to right center): USS Dorothea L. Dix (AP-67), USS Calvert (AP-65), USS Harris (AP-8), USS Lyon (AP-71), and USS Housatonic (AO-35) (80-G-31424).

Photo #: 80-G-30122 North African Campaign
Major General George S. Patton, USA (left center), and Rear Admiral John L. Hall, USN (behind Patton), prepare to go ashore during the North African operation. Photo is dated 4 December 1942, but was probably taken on 9 November 1942, when Patton went ashore for the first time at Fedala, Morocco (80-G-30122).

Photo #: 80-G-K-2134 USS Massachusetts (BB-59)
USS Massachusetts (BB-59) maneuvering off Casablanca, Morocco, 8 November 1942. Photographed from USS Mayrant (DD-402). Note that Massachusetts' main battery guns are trained out to port (80-G-K-2134).

Photo #: 80-G-32407 North African Invasion
French navy and commercial ships in Casablanca harbor, Morocco, after the battle of 8 November 1942. Note two damaged 1,500-ton destroyers at left. Another ship of that class is alongside the quay in right center. Outside the harbor are the beached light cruiser Primauguet (left center), destroyer Albatros, and destroyer Milan (closest to the beach) (80-G-32407).

USS AUGUSTA (CA-31) in Casablanca Harbor, Morocco, November 12, 1942. A French tug is in the foreground
USS Augusta (CA-31) in Casablanca Harbor, Morocco, 12 November 1942. A French tug is in the foreground (SC-242305).

Grumman TBF-1 "Avenger" torpedo bomber
TBF Avenger torpedo bomber being hoisted aboard USS Santee (ACV-29) at Norfolk, Virginia, just before she sailed to take part in Operation Torch, November 1942 (80-G-469839).

North Africa Operation, November 1942
Western Task Force convoy enroute to Morocco, circa early November 1942. Ships include more than 20 transports, with USS Texas (BB-35) and USS Augusta (CA-31) in the distance. Photographed from an SBD Dauntless scout bomber off one of the invasion force aircraft carriers (80-G-1032486).

Grumman TBF-1 "Avengers"
Grumman TBF-1 Avengers Spotted on the flight deck of USS Ranger (CV-4) in November 1942, en route to North Africa and Operation Torch (80-G-30328).

Douglas SBD-3 "Dauntless"
Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout bomber onboard USS Ranger (CV-4), during Operation Torch in November 1942. Ordnancemen mount a 1,000-pound bomb beneath the plane's belly (80-G-30360).

Lieutenant Junior Grade W. L. McVay, Jr., A-V (N), USNR
Lieutenant Junior Grade W. L. McVay, Jr., A-V (N), USNR, watches his radio-gunner, ARM2/c K. W. Jobe, check the flexible .30-caliber machine guns in their Scouting Squadron 41 SBD-3 during Operation Torch, November 1942, onboard USS Ranger (CV-4) (80-G-30317).

Photo #: 80-G-30266 North Africa Invasion, November 1942
Sailors stripping ship aboard USS Ranger (CV-4), in anticipation of action off Morocco. Paint has been chipped from the bulkheads and overheads as a precaution against fire (80-G-30266).

Grumman F4F-4 "Wildcat"
Fitted with a drop tank, an F4F-4 Wildcat of VF-4 takes off from USS Ranger (CV-4) on a photo-recon mission over French North Africa, during Operation Torch (80-G-30311).

Ensign C. C. Bevis, Jr., USNR
Ensign C. C. Bevis, Jr., USNR, with his radio-gunner, ARM3/c W. J. Sackelford, onboard USS Ranger (CV-4). On 8 November 1942, Ensign Bevis scored a near miss on the Vichy French light cruiser Primaguet (80-G-30322).

North African Invasion, 1942
Vichy French “Batterie Railieuse,” on Pointe De La Tour, Safi, Morocco, on 8 November 1942, after being bombarded by U.S. Navy ships (SC 165757).

North African Invasion November 1942
First U.S. flag planted on the beachhead at Fedala, Morocco, 9 November 1942 (SC 163463).

USS Bernadou (DD-153) after landing operations at Safi, French Morocco during Operation Torch landings, November 1942. The destroyer had been modified to land troops in the invasion.
Bernadou beached after landing an assault force at Safi port facilities, November 1942 (UA 462.01.01).

North African Invasion, 1942
First Army P-40 fighter to take off from USS Chenango and fly to shore for combat operations in Morocco, about 10 November 1942. Note U.S. flag markings, and bridge from catapult behind the plane (80-G-30512).

Photo #: 80-G-38835 Battle of Casablanca, November 1942
USS Wichita (CA-45) engaging the French battleship Jean Bart, off Casablanca, Morocco, on 8 November 1942. Note the shell splashes off Wichita's bow (80-G-38835).

Photo #: NH 96030 North African Invasion, November 1942
USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) fires her 8-inch main battery at French forces during action off Casablanca, Morocco, circa 8 November 1942 (NH 96030).

Photo #: 80-G-31611 North African Invasion
View of the French destroyer Albatros beached off Casablanca, Morocco, 16 November 1942. Badly damaged during the naval Battle of Casablanca on 8 November, her third smokestack is almost completely destroyed and her port side appears to be heavily stained by fuel oil (80-G-31611).

Captain Calvin T. During, USN
Captain Calvin T. During, USN, commanding officer, USS Ranger (CV-4), reads a "well done" message to his crew upon completion of his ship's participation in Operation Torch, November 1942 (80-G-30373).
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