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80-G-32407 North African Invasion

Photo #: 80-G-32407  North African Invasion
Title: North African Invasion
Description: November 1942 French Navy and commercial ships in Casablanca harbor, Morocco after the battle of 8 November 1942. The two damaged 1500-tonne destroyers at left wear identification codes T62 and T22 (capsized ... she may be Frondeur). Another ship of that class is alongside the quay in right center. Among the merchant ships present are Endome (left), Delaballe (center, inboard) and Wyoming (center, outboard). All wear neutrality markings. Outside the harbor are the beached light cruiser Primauguet (left center), destroyer Albatros and destroyer Milan (closest to the beach). Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.
Catalog #: 80-G-32407
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