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Caribbean Tempest: The Dominican Republic Intervention of 1965

(Colloquium on Contemporary History No. 2, 9 January 1990)

Photo #: NH 107671 USS Boxer

USS Boxer (LPH-4) offshore in February 1965 with six UH-34 Sea Horse helicopters flying in formation in the foreground. Note the Forrest Sherman-class destroyer in the background. Following the evacuation of U.S. citizens from the Dominican Republic that April, Boxer landed a Marine Corps battalion landing team in the country, part of Operation Power Pack, the U.S. intervention in the Dominican civil war.


Available free in the following format: HTML

Transcripts from this colloquium include the following:

  • Opening Remarks
  • Prelude to the Storm: The United States Navy and the Dominican Republic, 1959–1964

  • A Marine's View of the Dominican Intervention

  • Intervention in Three-Part Harmony: The 1965 U.S. Dominican Intervention
  • Speakers’ Biographies
























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