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Inter-Allied Naval Relations and the Birth of NATO

Colloquium on Contemporary History No. 8, 14 June 1993

Naval on-call Force, Mediterranean

Ships of four NATO navies operate together in the Mediterranean to demonstrate the solidarity of the alliance. Ships are (from top): USS Brumby (FF-1044), Carabiniere (Italian F-581), HMS Charybdis (British F-75), Tinaztepe (Turkish D-355, ex-USS Keppler) (USN 1174866).


Available free in the following format: HTML 

Transcripts from this colloquium include the following: 

  • Opening Remarks
  • The United States and the Origins of NATO: An Overview
  • The U.S. Navy's Relations with West European Navies in the First Cold War Decade
  • The Limitations of Continental Defense
  • Speakers' Biographies


Published: Wed Dec 23 13:41:03 EST 2020