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Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons: Volume 2

The History of VB, VPB, VB(H), and VP(AM) Squadrons

Michael D. Roberts, 2000

Consolidated PBY-5A "Catalina" patrol bomber

A Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina patrol bomber fies on patrol near a snowy Aleutians island, circa 1942-43 (80-G-K-15433).


Available free in the following format: PDF (18.2 MB)

The second volume of this seminal work, published by the Naval Historical Center, covers the history and technical development of various types of Navy patrol squadrons from 1911 to 2000—from naval aviation’s infancy prior to World War I through Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Contents include unit histories, operational data and deployment history, aircraft and equipment specifications, and complete coverage of afloat and shore establishments. 



Published: Tue Dec 15 17:22:43 EST 2020