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History of Marine Corps Aviation

NOTE: This monograph, U.S. Marine Corps Aviation, has been out of print for many years, and paper copies are no longer available through NHHC or the Government Printing Office. This electronic version has been placed online because it is an excellent reference source for information about Marine Corps Aviation in general.

Cover; Contents; & Introduction

The Early Years: 1912-1941; & The First Marine Aviation Force

Survival: 1919-1920; Expansion and Training; World War II; & Wake Island

Battle of Midway; & The Road Back

The Solomons Campaign; & Central Pacific Operations

The Philippines; Okinawa; The Occupation of Japan and Demobilization; Post-WW II Operations; & Korean War

Chosin Reservoir

Technological Development; & Southeast Asia Involvement

Southeast Asia Involvement (continued); & Pressing on Toward the 1980s



Published: Tue Aug 08 09:30:18 EDT 2017