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Aircraft in the Korean Conflict

Aircraft in the Korean Conflict

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USN and USMC Tactical Aircraft Operating in the Korean Theater During the Korean Conflict

Click on the individual aircraft for a brief history of the plane, technical specifications and a three-view drawing of the aircraft.

  • AD/A-1 Skyraider (AD-4) 
  • AD-5 Skyraider 
  • AF Guardian (AF-2S)
  • F2H Banshee 
  • F3D Skynight 
  • F4U Corsair 
  • F6F-5K Hellcat (F6F-5) 
  • F7F-3N/P Tigercat 
  • F9F Panther 
  • HO3S 
  • HO3S-1 
  • HO4S-2 
  • HO5S-1
  • HRS-1 
  • HRS-2 (see HRS-1)
  • HTL-4 
  • OE-1 (OE-1 redesignated O-1B, similar to OE-2/O-1C)
  • OY-2 
  • P2V (P-2) Neptune 
  • P2V-5 (P-2) Neptune 
  • PB4Y-2 Privateer (P4Y-2)
  • PBM Mariner 
  • TBM-3S Avenger (Korea)