Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

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The Naval History and Heritage Command has Aircraft History Cards covering 1911 to 1987. For information on aircraft from 1987 to the present, please contact Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).


Aircraft History Cards currently exist in microfilm only, a selection of which have been digitized below. You may request copies of Aircraft History Cards by individual Bureau Number (BuNo) by contacting the Archives Branch. Please note that we can only provide cards for one BuNo per request. For more information on Bureau Numbers, see "Background on Naval Aircraft Bureau (Serial) Numbers."

Bureau Numbers A-4000 to A-4999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers A-5000 to A-5999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers A-6000 to A-6999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers A-7000 to A-7999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers A-8000 to A-8999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers A-9000 to A-9206 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 0001 to 7303 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 9207 to 9999 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 00001 to 100,000 (Under Construction)

Bureau Numbers 100001 to 123,000 (Under Construction)


Notice: In accordance with Department of Defense Information Security Manual 5200.01 v.1 February 2012, previously classified records require a public release review by the original classification authority. Therefore, previously classified records may not be readily available to members of the public until an appropriate security review has been conducted; be advised that for access to these records you may be referred to the Freedom of Information Act process.