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Evolution of Aircraft Carriers

NOTE: This monograph, Evolution Of Aircraft Carriers, has been out of print for many years, and paper copies are no longer available through the Naval History and Heritage Command or the Government Printing Office. This electronic version has been placed online because it is an excellent reference source for information about aircraft carriers in general. As an electronic document, there is a compromise between picture quality and the capability of the OCR software to correctly identify the text in the monograph, which results in the picture quality being less than optimum. Copies of most of the original pictures, however, are available through the Navy Photograph Collection at the National Archives and the NHHC Photo Archives.


Cover and Foreword 

The Aeroplane Goes To Sea 

Decisions Out Of Jutland 

Langley, Lex And Sara 

Carriers From The Keel

Flattops In The War Games 

Last Of The Fleet Problems

The Japanese Developments 

The Early Attack Carriers 

Emergence Of The Escort Carriers 

CVB's: The Battle Carriers 

The End Of The 'Bokubokan' In WWII 

The Wartime European Carriers 

The Turbulent Post-War Years 

CVA's Built To Meet Modern Needs


Published: Mon Aug 07 15:12:18 EDT 2017