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Naval Aviation Flight Records: Crew and Passenger Manifests

Flight records detailing crew and passenger manifest records are not maintained for permanent retention. Therefore, no records in the Navy Records System exist that will provide documentation listing flight manifests that are more than three months old.

The following information provides background on the Flight Manifest Records for Naval Aircraft:

1. The Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (OPNAVINST. 4790.2) does not reference any passenger manifest record requirements.

2. Aircraft Maintenance Logbooks, maintained for each individual naval aircraft by bureau number, are not identified for permanent retention, as directed by the Navy and Marine Corps Records Disposition Manual (SECNAVINST. 5212.5).

3. The general NATOPS instruction governing flight for naval aircraft (NATOPS General Flight and Operating Instructions, OPNAVINST. 3710.7) lists the requirement for the plane commander to ensure passenger manifests are on file for every flight (Chapter 4, paragraph 4.6.2). However, this instruction does not provide any guidance regarding the disposition of these manifests after the flight is completed.

4. Federal Aviation Administration requirements (Federal Aviation Regulations Part 121, Sections 121.693, 121.695 and 121.697 define load manifest requirements and other records for domestic and flag operations as well as supplemental operations. The regulations specify that a carrier will "retain at its principal base of operations either an original or a copy of the records required by this section for at least three months."



Published: Tue Nov 15 14:23:55 EST 2022