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Naval Training and Education Yearbooks in the Navy Department Library

By Location

This list of naval training and education yearbooks, also known as "cruise books," only includes publications with group photos or photos of individual naval personnel, similar in format to high school or college yearbooks.
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Location (City, State)

Title of Yearbook

Albuquerque, NM

Drydock (Naval ROTC, V-12 Training, University of New Mexico)
Mark (Naval ROTC, University of New Mexico)

Annapolis, MD

The Anchor Watch (Fourth Reserve Officers Class, US Naval Academy)
The Corpen (Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School, US Naval Academy)
Lucky Bag (United States Naval Academy)
The Wake (Fifth Reserve Officers Class, US Naval Academy)

Asbury Park, NJ

Gangway (US Naval Reserve, Pre-Midshipmens School, Asbury Park, NJ)


Athens, GA Oak Leaf (US Navy Supply Corps School)
Auburn, AL Breakwater (Naval ROTC, Auburn University)
Austin, TX Longhorn Log (Naval ROTC, University of Texas)
Bainbridge, MD

Compass (Naval Training Center)
The Cruise (US Naval School Academy and College Preparatory)
The Portal (US Naval Training Center)
Recruit Training Women – Bainbridge (US Naval Training Center)
The Ship's Bell (US Naval Training Center)


Bayonne, NJ

Account Current (Navy Supply Corps School)
Oak Leaf (US Navy Supply Corps School)
Berkeley, CA Grayling (Naval ROTC, University of California)
Bethany, WV Bethany Log (US Navy V-12 Program)
Boston, MA US Navy Supply Corps School - Harvard University (Soldiers Field Station)

Boulder, CO

Knots and Fathoms (Naval ROTC, University of Colorado)
Bronx, NY Gangway (US Naval Reserve, Midshipmen's School, Fort Schuyler, Bronx, NY)
Cambridge, MA

All Hands (Indoctrination and Communication School, US Naval Training School, Harvard University)
Bravo Zulu (Naval ROTC, Harvard University)
Navy ROTC and V-12 Unit, Harvard University (US Naval Training School, Harvard University)
Pass in Review (Naval Training School, Harvard University)
Rough Roll (Navy Supply Corps School, Harvard University)

Chapel Hill, NC The Catapult (Naval ROTC, University of North Carolina)
Charlottesville, VA Long Glass (Naval ROTC, University of Virginia)
Chicago, IL The Clipper (Naval ROTC, Illinois Institute of Technology)
Columbia, SC Salvo (Naval ROTC, University of South Carolina)

Columbus, OH

The Albatross (Naval ROTC, Ohio State University)
Corpus Christi, TX Slipstream (Aviation Cadet Regiment, Naval Air Training Center, US Naval Air Station)
Durham, NC

Devil’s Log (Naval ROTC, Duke University)
The Dolphin (Naval ROTC, Duke University)

Evanston, IL Purple Salvo (Naval ROTC, Northwestern University)
Fort Schuyler, NY Eight Bells (New York State Maritime Academy - formerly the New York Nautical School)

Geneva, NY

All Hands (Navy V-12 Unit, Naval Training School, Hobart College)

Great Lakes, IL

The Keel (United States Naval Training Center)
Gulfport, MS The Gadget (US Naval Training Camp)
Hanover, NH US Naval Training School (Dartmouth College)
Harlingen, TX Pass In Review (Marine Military Academy)
Hoboken, NJ The Link (Naval Training School, Stevens Institute of Technology)
Hollywood, FL Quarterdeck (Naval Training School - Indoctrination, Hollywood Beach Hotel)
Jacksonville, FL Odyssey (Naval ROTC, Jacksonville University)
Kingsville, TX NAAS - Kingsville, Texas (Naval Air Training Command, US Naval Auxiliary Air Station)
Los Angeles, CA Seahorse (Naval ROTC, University of Southern California)
Porthole UCLA (Naval ROTC, University of California)
Lubbock, TX The Mariner (Naval ROTC, Texas Tech University)

Memphis, TN

NATTC, Memphis, Tenn. (Naval Air Technical Training Center, Naval Air Training Command, Naval Air Station)
Milwaukee, WI Porthole (Naval ROTC, Marquette University)

Minneapolis, MN

Gopher Log (Naval ROTC, University of Minnesota)
Seafaring Gopher (Naval ROTC, University of Minnesota)


Nashville, TN

Crosscurrents (Naval ROTC, Vanderbilt University)
Galleon (Naval ROTC, Vanderbilt University)


New London, CT

Tide Rips (United States Coast Guard Academy)



New Orleans, LA

The Task Unit (Naval ROTC, Tulane University)
New York, NY Side Boy (US Naval Reserve Midshipmen’s School)

Newport, RI

The Billet (Naval Officer Candidate School, US Naval Training Station)
Boots T’ Braids (Naval Officer Candidate School, US Naval Training Station)
Crossing the Line (Naval Officer Candidate School, US Naval Training Station)
Golden Boot (Officer’s Indoctrination School, US Naval Training Station)
The Helm (Recruit Training Command, US Naval Training Station)
The Keelhaul (Naval Officer Candidate School)
The Seachest (Naval Officer Candidate School, US Naval Training Station)
The Trident (United States Naval War College)


Norfolk, VA

Fleet Service Schools (Norfolk, VA)
US Navy (Naval Receiving Station)

Norman, OK

All Hands (Naval Air Technical Training Center, Norman, OK)
Flaghoist (Naval ROTC, University of Oklahoma)
The Smooth Log (Naval Air Station, Norman, OK)

Notre Dame, IN

Capstan (US Naval Reserve Midshipmen’s School)
Irish Rover (Naval ROTC, University of Notre Dame)
Irish Wake (Naval ROTC, University of Notre Dame)

Orlando, FL Rudder (Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center)
Pensacola, FL The Flight Jacket (Aviation Cadet Battalion, US Naval Air Station)

Philadelphia, PA

Midwatch (Naval ROTC, University of Pennsylvania)
Plattsburgh, NY The Q-12 Log (Naval Training School – Indoctrination, Camp Macdonough)

Providence, RI

Seaman’s Eye (Naval ROTC, Brown University)
Sampson, NY US Naval Training Center - Sampson, NY
San Diego, CA

The Anchor (US Naval Training Center)
US Naval Hospital Corps School

San Francisco, CA

US Naval Training Station - Yerba Buena Island
Souvenir of the United States Naval Training Station - San Francisco


Seattle, WA

Binnacle (Naval ROTC, University of Washington)
Shelton, VA The Plane Shooter (Armed Guard School)

Shoemaker, CA

US Navy (Naval Receiving Station, US Naval Training and Distribution Center)
WAVES (US Naval Training and Distribution Center)

St. Paul, MN


Seafaring Gopher (Naval ROTC, University of Minnesota)


State College, PA (University Park) Highline (Naval ROTC, Pennsylvania State University)
Vallejo, CA Hawsepipe (California Maritime Academy, Carquinez Straits)
Washington, DC

Amidships (Naval ROTC, George Washington University)
The Captain’s Log (Naval ROTC, George Washington University)


Published: Fri Feb 28 09:12:51 EST 2020