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As I began my effort about four years ago to update and expand the information on naval cruise books during World War II, I sought out Charles E. Dornbusch in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Mr. Dornbusch, author of the 1950 original bibliography on this subject, was retired as librarian of the New York Public Library and maintaining a small book shop and publishing business. He was interested in my planned research and encouraged me to proceed. The numerous references to Dornbusch's work in this bibliography attest to the excellent job he did more than forty years ago. It is to my regret that he did not live to see this publication.

A number of book dealers specializing in naval and aeronautic books have directed me to other collectors and called my attention to books that I had not as yet included in my developing bibliography. Among those most helpful were William Byrd, Los Angeles; Dan F. Webb, Oakland, California; George Kastner, Los Osos; C.D. Perrotti, Londonderry, New Hampshire; and Paul Gaudette, Tuscon, Arizona.

I refrain from mentioning the many private collectors who have given me helpful information. I do so to protect their privacy, and not from any lack of appreciation for their contributions. The government libraries with cruise book collections have been my most valuable source of information. John P. Cummings, associate librarian of the Nimitz Library at the U.S. Naval Academy; Dan Roth, curator of the Navy Supply Corps Museum; Dr. Vincent Transano, director of the Civil Engineer Corps-Seabee Museum; Ken Snyder of the National Museum of Naval Aviation; William P. Galvani, director of the Submarine Museum and Library; Evelyn M. Cherpak, head of the Naval War College Library; Jan Herman, historian of the Naval Medical Command Archives; and Edward Von der Porten, director of the Treasure Island Museum.

The staffs of the New York Public Library, Mystic Seaport Library, and Admiral Nimitz State Historical Park were also most helpful.

A special note of appreciation goes to James T. Controvich. He graciously shared with me an unpublished manuscript that listed most of the World War II cruise books. This manuscript has been valuable for adding new material and also for cross-checking my own manuscript.

I wish especially to acknowledge the help and encouragement of Dr. Dean C. Allard, Director of Naval History, and John Vajda, Director of the Navy Department Library, both at the Navy Yard, Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C. They and their staffs spared no effort to bring this project to fruition. Thanks go to SSR, Inc., especially its editors, Karen L. Plante and Steve Yoder, who copy edited the manuscript and prepared it for printing. Their cooperation and encouragement is greatly appreciated. I am also indebted to Dr. Allard for his Foreword to this book. 

Published: Fri Feb 28 09:30:53 EST 2020