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Navy-Themed Sheet Music in the Collection of the Navy Department Library

Adametz, Fred.  We Are Uncle Sammy's Boys.  Hartford, Ct: Harmony Music Co., 1914  (Special Collection M1646.A32 W4 1914 PAM)

Alch, Lessing. Sailor Boy. St. Louis, MO: Syndicate Music Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.A43 S25 1917).

Allen, Thomas S. Battleship Rag. Boston, MA: Phillips, Clark Pub Co., 1915. (Special Collection M1646.A45 B28 1915 PAM).

Allen, Thornton Whitney. Fly, Navy, Fly.  New York: Thornton W. Allen Co., 1943.  (Special Collection M1978.A4 A44 1943 pt. 4 PAM)

Allen, W. D.  All Honor to Admiral Schley.  Chicago: Chicago Novelty Company, 1901.  (Special Collection M1644 .A44 1901 PAM)

Andrews, M.H. Pride of the Navy. Bangor, ME: M.H. Andrews, 1895. (Special Collection M1046.A54 1895 PAM).

Anschuetz, Otto. Our Navy Forever. St. Louis, MO: Shattinger Piano & Music Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.A57 O87 1918 PAM).

Bayes, Nora. When Jack Comes Sailing Home Again. New York: J.H. Remick & Co., 1908. (Special Collection M1978.S2 N679 1908 PAM).

Bartlett, Victor. Salute the Flag. New York: Himan Music Co., 1914. (Special Collection M1045.B27 1914 PAM).

Bayha, Charles Anthony. Neal of the Navy. New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1915. (Special Collection M1630.2.B29 N42 1915 PAM).

Bennet, C.W. Yankees on the Rhine. Boston, MA: F.N. Graves, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.B448 Y25 1918 PAM).

Bennet, Milton Charles. My Son, Your Country is Calling. Hartford, CT: Milton Charles Bennet, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.B45 M9 1917 PAM).

Berlin, Irving. Over the Sea, Boys. New York: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.B47 O92 1918 PAM).

Berlin, Irving, 1888-1989.  Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning! New York: Waterson Berlin & Snyder, 1918.  (Special Collection M1646.B47 O3 1918 PAM)

Bigelow, F. E. The Battle Song of Liberty. Boston, MA: W. Jacobs, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.B54 O87 1917 PAM).

Blake, Charles Dupee. On to Victory: March Brillante. Boston, H.B. Stevens & Co., 1898.  (Special Collection M1644.B52 1898 PAM)

Bloom, I. T.  Three Cheers for the Stars and Stripes.  New York: Will Rossiter, 1898  (Special Collection M1629.5 .B56 1898 PAM)

Brandon, Clarence. Please Touch My Daddy’s Star Again and Change it Back to Blue. St. Louis, MO: Buck and Lowney, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.B72 P44 1918 PAM).

Bronson, Carl. U.S.N. March.  Chicago, H.F. Chandler, 1898. (Special Collection M1644 .B75 1898 PAM)

Brown, Al W. E-Yip-Yow!: Yankee Boys Welcome Home Again. New York: Frank K. Root & Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.B76 E9 1918 PAM).

Brown, Charles.  Pride of the American Navy: March-Two-Step.  Chicago, The Brown Music Co., 1898  (Special Collection M1644 .B76 1898 PAM)

Brown, Mrs. J. Duff.  Sigsbee-Maine March. Comanche, TX:  Mrs. Dr. J. Duff Brown Jr, 1898  (Special Collection M1644 .B76 1898 PAM)

Burke, Joe. She was Just a Sailor's Sweetheart: A Serio-Comic Mock Ballad: Fox Trot. New York, Leo. Feist Inc., 1925.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 B87 1925 PAM c.1 & c.2)

Burtch, Roy L. Peace on Earth and Liberty. Indianapolis, IN: Pearson Piano Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.B87 P42 1917).

Byles, Blanche Douglas. A Son at Sea. Philadelphia, PA: Theodore Presser Co., 1945  (Special Collection M1978.S2 B95 1945 PAM)

Byron, Royal. “Gussie”. New York: Kendis-Brockman Music Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.B96 G8 1918 PAM).

Call, Guy. Our Sammy Boys. Westfield, MA: Encore Music Pub. Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.C25 O8 1917 PAM).

Camden, G.L., Mrs. Bumkin Island. n.p., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.C26 B86 1918 PAM).

Carleton, Bob. Ja-Da. New York: L. Feist, 1918. (Special Collection M1630.2.C36 J3 1918 PAM).

Cartwright, Iva Temple. Sweetheart Goodbye. Oshkosh, WI: Cooperative Music Co., 1918   (Special Collection M1646.C27 S9 1918 PAM)

Cavanaugh, James, 1892-1967. You're a Sap, Mister Jap. New York: Mills Music Inc., 1941 (Special Collection M1648.C29 Y68 1941 PAM)

Cohan, George Michael. Over There. New York: Leo Feist Inc; London, England: Herman Darewski Music Pub. Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.C64 O93 1917 PAM).

Cohn, Paul. The Heroes Who Sank with the Maine. Chicago: S. Bloom, 1898. (Special Collection M1644.C64 1898 PAM)

Crist, D. W. Admiral Dewey's Grand March for the Piano or Cabinet Organ. Moultrie, OH:1898.  (Special Collection M1644 .C75 1898 PAM)

Daly, Arthur J. Gunner Jim. New York: Daly Music Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.D25 G85 1918 PAM).

Davis, Ernest L. Will You be Waiting Dearie When My Ship Comes In?. Boston, MA: Knickerbocker Music Pub. Co., 1912. (Special Collection M1977.S2 D28 1912 PAM).

De Costa, Harry. Do We Remember Dewey at Manila?: Do We, Do We, Yer Bet Yer Life We Do!. New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.D4 D6 1918).

Denni, Lucien. The Oceana Roll. Detroit, MI: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1911. (Special Collection M1630.2.D45 O34 1911 PAM).

Dolin, Max. Victory. New York: Victory Publishing Co., 1919. (Special Collection M1646.D64 V53 1919 PAM).

Donaldson, Walter, 1893-1947. Where the Bamboo Babies Grow. New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1922.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 D66 1922 PAM)

Elbert, Charles.  We Want a Mighty Navy! New York: Leo. Feist, Inc., 1915.   (Special Collection M1646.E43 W4 1915 PAM)

Ender, Elizabeth K. Waves of the Navy. New York: Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1944. (Special collection M1622.E53 1944 PAM).

Erd, Daisy M. Pratt. The Ship of Uncle Sam. S.l.: s. n., 1917. (Special Collection M1630.2.E7 S4 1917 PAM).

Erd, Daisy M. Rear Admiral Wood One Step. Boston, MA: Daisy M. Erd, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.E727 R42 1918 PAM).

Erdman, Ernie. “Down in the U 17” Chicago, IL: Forster, 1915. (Special Collection M1646.E73 D69 1915 PAM).

Fairman, George. "Here's to Your Boy" and "My Boy"  New York: Geo. Fairman, Publisher, 1918.  (Special Collection M1646.F25 H47 1918 PAM)

Flanagan, T. Jay. When the Fleet Comes Sailing Home. Brooklyn, NY: Songland Music Pub. Co., 1917. (Special Collection 1646.F42 W44 1917 PAM).

Fisher, Fred. When Yankee Doodle Sails Upon the Good Ship Home Sweet Home. New York: Mccarthy & Fisher, Music Publishers, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.F57 W44 1918 PAM).

Freeman, George B. The World’s War Song. Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Consolidated Music Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.F74 W67 1917 PAM).

Fritz, Eddie. Ticonderoga (The big “T”). Chicago, IL: Hilliard-Currie Music Publishers, 1944. (Special Collection M1648.F75 T53 1944 PAM).

Fuller, Earl. When the Old Boat Heads for Home. New York: Douglas & Newman Music Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.F965 W43 1918 PAM).

Fulton, James M. Battleship Connecticut. Boston, MA: Oliver Ditson Co., 1909. (Special Collection M28. F84 1909 PAM).

Fulton, James M. Battleship Oregon March. Cincinnati, OH: Rudolph Wurlitzer, 1899. (Special Collection M1046.F85 1899 PAM).

Furth, Seymour. When the “Yanks” Come Marching Home. New York: William Jerome, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.F977 W54 1917 PAM).

Garrett, Jack H.  Sailor Boy Blues.   Aurora, Ill., Success Music Co., 1942        (Special Collection M1978.S2 G27 1942 PAM)

Gay, Byron. The Navy Goat. United States: s.n., 1921. (Special Collection M1977.S2 G29 1921 PAM).

Gibbon, Rosetta Perry. Ho, the Navy! Hail, the Navy! Seattle, WA: distributed by Capitol Music Company, 1933. (Special Collection M1977.S2 G53 1933 PAM).

Glogau, Jack. Wake Up, America!  NewYork: Leo Feist Inc., 1916. (Special Collection M1646.G564 W25 1916 PAM).

Graham, Charles. (Composer)  Brave Hobson and His Gallant Little Crew. New York: F.A. Mills, 1898  (Special Collection M1644 .G72 1898 PAM)

Greene, Gene. Mr. Sousa’s Yankee Band. Chicago, IL: Tell Taylor, 1918. (Special Collection 1646.G74 M7 1918 PAM).

Gumble, Albert. Give a Little Credit to the Navy. New York: J.H. Remick, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.G84 G59 1918 PAM).

Habelow, Sam.  They're Coming Back.   Boston, MA:  Habelow & Jeffrey., 1919.   (Special Collection M1646.H22 T4 1919 PAM)

Hall, Jimmie N. Uncle Sammy Is A-Calling You. Los Angeles, CA: W.A. Quincke & Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.H24 U5 1917 PAM).

Hamilton, Ernest D. Let’s Cheer the Navy. Indianapolis, IN: Hamilmeyer Music Publishing Co., 1944. (Special Collection M1648.H25 L48 1944 PAM).

Hanley, James Frederick.  A Little Bit of Sunshine (From Home). New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1918.   (Special Collection M1646.H25 L5 1918 PAM)

Hartman, William  Navy Waltz. Chicago, Ill: Will Rossiter, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.H26 N29 1918 PAM)

Haskins, William R. He’s Good Enough for Me. New York: William R. Jhaskins 1904. (Special Collection M28.H28 1904 PAM).

Henry, Stanley. The Fighting Navy (of the Good Old U.S.A.). New York: Snyder & Henry, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.H45 F54 1918 PAM).

Hoenig, Max. Onward to Berlin. Cleveland, OH: Max Hoenig, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.H646 O58 PAM).

Hoomes, B. Clifford. The Jackies of the U.S.N. New York: Hoomes and Dennis, 1909. (Special Collection M1630.2.H66 1909 PAM).

Howard, Joseph Edgar. I’ll be Waiting Sailor Boy for You. New York: Howard and LaVar, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.H683 I44 1918 PAM).

Howard, Joseph Edgar.  Somewhere in France is Daddy.  New York:  Howard and La Var Music Co., 1917.  (Special Collection M1646.H683 S6 1917 PAM)

Howard, Richard. In the Navy. Boston, MA: Jack Mendelssohn Music CO., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.H685 I6 1918 PAM).

Hurley, J. A. A Yankee Gunner in the Navy. New York: J. Hurley, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.H87 Y25 1918 PAM).

Jaffe, Moe. Bell Bottom Trousers. New York: Santly-Joy, 1944. (Special Collection M1648.J24 B4 1944 PAM).

Jentes, Harry. At the Yankee military ball.  New York: Leo Feist, Inc., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.J46 A8 1917 PAM)

Johnson, George.  I'm Not a Cinch Altho' I am a Sailor.    New York:  Howley, Haviland & Dresser, 1902.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 J64 1902 PAM)

Jones, J. Thomas. We’ll Beat ‘em We’ll Brand ‘em We’ll Blast ‘em. Hollywood, CA: Popular Songs Club, 1943. (Special Collection M1648.J66 W4 1943 PAM).

Kahler, William T. A Crimson Flag. Los Angeles, CA: Trade and Navy Mother’s Club of America, supplied by the B.N. Robertson Publishing Co., 1944. (Special Collection M1648.K24 C75 1944 PAM).

Keil, Nettie,  The Good Ship Maine. Toledo, OH: D.M. Caughling & Co., 1898.  (Special Collection M1644 .K47 1898 PAM)

Klickmann, F. Henri. Old Glory Goes Marching On. Chicago, IL: New York: Frank K. Root & Co. : McKinley Music, owners., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.K486 O53 1918 PAM).

Kohn, Dave. The Ocean Must Be Free. Chicago, IL: Ideal Music Pub. Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.K64 O34 1917 PAM).

Kortlander, Max. The Rag Time Sailor Man. Chicago, IL: Lee S. Roberts, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.K67 R24 1917 PAM).

Lange, Arthur. Oh! Jack, When Are Coming Back.  New York: J. Morris Music Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.L25 O4 1917 PAM).

Lange, Arthur. They’ll Know We’re Over! Bye and Bye. New York: J. Morris Music Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.L25 T44 1917 PAM).

Lawnhurst, Vee. Johnny Zero. New York: Santly-Joy Inc., 1943. (Special Collection M1648.L29 J65 1943 PAM).

Losey, F.H. From Ocean to Ocean. Williamsport, PA: Vandersloot Music Pub. Co., 1908. (Special Collection M1046.L67 1908 PAM).

Lowe, Herbert W. Overseas. Boston, MA: Oliver Ditson Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.L69 O94 1918 PAM).

Lunkley, Violet E. Hurrah for the Heroes of the Sea. San Francisco, CA: Gallur & Co., 1914. (Special Collection M1646.L85 H87 1914 PAM).

Marcel, Paul.  Dewey's Grand Triumphal March. Boston: F. Trifet, 1898. (Special Collection M1644 .M27 1898 PAM)

Mayer, Joseph. We’ll Go the Route For You. Brooklyn, NY: Joseph Mayer, 1914. (Special Collection M1646.M29 W45 1914 PAM).

Maywood, Geo. (George)  Commodore Dewey's Victory March.         Chicago: S. Brainard's Sons, 1898.  (Special Collection M1644.M29 1898 PAM)

McCarron, Charles R. Keep cool the country's saving fuel (I Had to Come Home in the Dark)  New York: Published by Charles R. McCarron ; New York, Jos. W. Stern & Co., exclusive selling agents, 1918.  (Special Collection M1646.M33 K44 1918 PAM)          

McCarthy, William J. Cruise of the United States Flagship Lancaster. S.l.: United States Flagship Lancaster, 1887. (Special Collection VA65.L253 M33 1887).

McElduff, John V. Eyes of the Fleet. New York: Leo Feist Inc., 1939. (Special Collection M1647.M34 E9 1939 PAM).

Mecum, D. C. The World’s Greatest War is Won. Weehawken, NJ: William G. Henry, 1919. (special Collection M1646.M43 W67 1919 PAM).

Meyer, Joseph. California’s Calling You. New York: Crawford Music Corporation, 1939. (Special Collection M1630.2.M49 C24 1939 PAM).

Minnelli, V. C.  Fighting Bob: Grand March.   Chicago: Victor Kremer Co., 1910.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 M56 1910 PAM)

Mizzy, Vic. Take ‘er Down. Vallejo, CA: Submarine Force, Emergency Welfare Fund, Mare Island Navy Yard, 1943. (Special Collection M1648.M59 T24 1943 PAM).

Monaco, James V. I’m Going to Follow the Boys. New York: M. Witmark & Sons., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.M65 I5 1917 PAM).

Morse, Theodore F. We’ll Knock the Heligo—Into Heligo—Out of Heligoland. New York: L. Feist., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.M67 W4 1917 PAM).

Motzan, Otto. My Life Belongs to Uncle Sam, but My Heart Belongs to You. New York: Joe Morris Music Co., 1913.

Neblett, W. R.  Aviation Cadets of the Navy.  New York : bEducational Music Division, Irving Berlin Inc., 1942.  (Special Collection M1644 M1648.N4 A95 1942 PAM)

O’Keefe, James C. Goodbye America. James M. O’Keefe, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.O43 G74 1918 PAM).

Olman, Abe. Pick a Little Four Leaf Clover and Send it Over to Me. Chicago, IL: Forster Music Pub., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.O662 P53 1918 PAM).

Owens, Cy. W.  Murphy the Sailor.  San Francisco: Cy. W. Owens., 1931.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 O94 1931 PAM)

Perrins, W. H. (William H.)  The U.S. Navy.  New York: William H. Perrins, 1918.   (Special Collection M1646.P47 U8 1918 PAM)

Phelps, Edward S. Columbian Patrol. New York: Church, Paxson and Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.P44 C65 1917 PAM).

Phillips, A. Fred. Soldier and Sailor Boy. Boston, MA: Jack Mendelsohn Music Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.P45 S64 1918 PAM).

Piantadosi, Al. All Aboard for Home Sweet Home. n.p., 1918.  (Special Collection M1646.P52 1918 PAM).

Piatt, W.C. Our Country. n.p., 1917.  (Special Collection M1621.P52 1917. PAM).

Pierson, James.  Fate of the S-4.  New York: Frank Harding., 1928. (Special Collection M1978.S2 P54 1928 PAM)

Porter, Cole. Sailors of the Sky. New York: Chappell & Co., 1943. (Special Collection M1648.P67 S25 1943 PAM).

Ramsdell, Leland S. “The Iowa”. San Francisco, CA: The Examiner, 1899. (Special Collection M1630.R25 1899 PAM).

Redmond, John.  You'll never be blue in a blue uniform.  New York: Bob Miller, Inc., 1943.  (Special Collection M1648.R43 Y6 1943 PAM).

Reid, Don. Remember Pearl Harbor. New York: Republic Music Corporation, 1941. (Special Collection M1648.R44 R45 1941 PAM).

Rosenfeld, Monroe H. For the Red, White and Blue. New York: Powers Clearing House: Leo Feist, sole selling agent, 1908. (Special Collection M1630.2.R67 1908 PAM).

Rowden, J. B. In the U. S. Radio. Boston, MA: Oliver Ditson Company, 1918.  (Special Collection M1646.R69 I5 1918 PAM).

Rutherford, Althea J. Gim’ Me a Kiss, Mirandy. New York: M. Witmark & Sons, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.R88 G55 1917 PAM).

Schnell, Muriel L. Waves’ Victory Song. New York: Bob Miller, 1943. (Special Collection M1648.S36 W28 1943 PAM).

Schroeder, L. E., Mrs. U.S.A. Liberty Waltz. Sioux City, IA: Mrs. L.E. Schroeder, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.S34 U8 1917 PAM).

Schroeder, William A. We're Going Across.  New York: T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter., 1918.   (Special Collection M1646.S32 W4 1918 PAM)

Schuster, Ira. The Navy Will Bring Them Back. New York: Leo. Feist, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.S34 N29 1918 PAM).

Schwartz, Harry. We Are Out for The Scalp of Mister Kaiser Man. Kansas City, MO: Kay-See Music Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.S37 W4 1917 PAM).

Seismit-Doda, Albano. Boys of the U.S.N. New York: Chas. K. Harris, 1912. (Special Collection M1630.2.S45 B69 1912 PAM).

Shannon, James R. U.S.S. California.  Chicago, IL: F.J.A. Forster, 1915. (Special Collection M1646.S42 U8 1915 PAM).

Shannon, J. R. U.S.S New York March. Chicago, IL: F.J.A. Forster, 1914. (Special Collection M1646.S52 U8 1914 PAM).

Sheppard, Madelyn. When Your Sailor Boy in Blue Comes Sailing Home to You. New York: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.S537 W43 1918 PAM).

Simon, Ruth. Song of the Waves. New York: Mercury Music Corp., 1943. (Special Collection M1648.S55 S65 1943 PAM). 

Simpson, Frank V.  The Sailor's Furlough.  Bloomfield, N.J: Frank V. Simpson, 1943.  (Special Collection M1978.S2 S55 1943 PAM)

Smith, Julia. Allegiance. Boston, MA: D.W. Cooper Pub. Co., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.S65 A44 1918 PAM).

Spencer, Eugene. The Hand of Fate: In Memory of the Heroes of the Ill-Fated “Shenandoah”. New York: Joe Morris Music Co., 1925. (Special Collection M1630.2.S64 1925 PAM).

Styne, Jule. Tars and spars. I'm glad I waited for you. New York, Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1945. (Special Collection M1508.T27 S79 1945 PAM)

Stewartson, Jerome H. The Battleship-New Hampshire. Concord, NH: J.R Casci, 1912. (Special Collection M1046.S74 1912 PAM).

Thompson, Mattie Sproul.  Battleship Texas March.    St. Joseph, Brokaw Music Publishing Co., 1899.

Tregina, A. The Marine’s Hymn. Philadelphia, PA: Printed for complimentary distribution by United States Marine Corps, Recruiting Bureau, 1929.  (Special Collection M1978.M35 M27 1929 PAM)

Turner, Frances. Come on and Fight.  Indianapolis, IN:  Indianapolis Blue Print & Litho. Co., 1942.  (Special Collection  M1648.T87 C6 1942 PAM)

Ullian, Cy. Sailor Boy. Fort Wayne, IN: M.M. Hersh, Publishers, 1917. (Special Collection M1646.U4 S25 1917 PAM).

United States Navy Commission. Navy Song Book. Washington, DC: s. n., 1919. (Special Collection M1629.U5 U65 1919 PAM).

Virtue, Constance. Up, Farragut!. La Mesa, CA: C.C. Virtue, 1943. (Special Collection M1648.V57 U6 1943 PAM).

Von Tilzer, Albert.  Dolly Dear. New York: York Music Co., 1907. (Special Collection M1630.2.V65 D6 1907 PAM).

Ward, Sam, seaman. Your Boy is on the Coal Pile Now. New York: Leo. Feist: London: Herman Darewski, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.W27 Y68 1918 PAM).

Ware, Thomas Perry.  Please Write. New York: Amsco Music Pub. Co. 1943. (Special Collection  M1648.W273 P54 1943 PAM)

Watters, Bill.  Fighting Sons of the Navy Blue.  Hollywood, CA: Vanguard Songs., 1942.  (Special Collection M1648.W28 F54 1942 PAM)

Watts, Elizabeth. My Bomber and I. New York:  Paramount Music Corporation, 1943. (Special Collection M1648.W28 M9 1943 PAM).

Weeks, Ranny.  Navy Wings.  New York: Robbins Music Corp., 1942.  (Special Collection M1648.W44 N29 1942 PAM)

Wendling, Pete. Over the Top. New York: Waterson Berlin & Snyder Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.W45 O94 1917 PAM).

Wesson, Al. Daredevils of the Sky: U.S Navy Pre-flight Song. New York: Thornton W. Allen Company, 1944. (Special Collection M1648.W46 D27 1944 PAM).

Weston, Charles B. Smiling Jim. Brooklyn, NY: Charles B. Weston, 1918. (Special Collection M1646.W47 S55 1918 PAM).

Whititing, Richard A. The Bravest Heart of All. Detroit, MI: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1917. (Special Collection M1646.W53 B8 1917 PAM).

Whiting, Richard A. Coaling Up in Colon Town. New York: Jerome H. Remmick & Co., 1916. (Special Collection M1630.2.W45 C62 1916 PAM).

Williams, Frankie. Won’t You Shine for Me Miss Liberty (for I am Coming Home). New York: Krey Publishing CO., 1919. (Special Collection M1646.W54 W6 1919 PAM).

Youmans, Vincent. Nothing Could Be Sweeter. New York: Harms, 1927. (Special Collection M1630.2.Y68 H5 1927 PAM).

Young, Edward L. The Old Von Steuben Rag.  n.p., 1918. (Special Collection M1646.Y68 O43 1918 PAM).

Zollinger, Clarence. Fight for the Flag We Love. Louisville, KY: Billy Smythe Music Co., 1917 (Special Collection M1646.Z65 F54 1917 PAM).


Konstantin F. Wild prepared this finding aid during a Summer 2016 internship at the Navy Department Library.


Published: Wed Aug 16 09:52:41 EDT 2017