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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Haas - Hypes


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Haas, Charles B.  
Haas, Jerome  
Haas, Philip  
Habel, Simion  
Haberman, Simon  
Habersham, A. W.  
Hackenberg, John Peter  
Hacker, Benjamin  
Hacker,  C. H.  
Hackett, Frank W.  
Hackett, John  
Hackett, S.   C.  
Hackett, William  
Hackfield, Henry  
Hackley, R. J.  
Haddaway, William Webb  
Hadden, G. W.  
Hadden, Joseph B.  
Hadden, Joseph M.  
Haddock, Worcester  
Hadfield, Joseph  
Hadfield, William  
Hadley, Fred  
Hadley, James  
Hadley, Thomas  
Hadlin, Eugene Y.  
Hadsdon, Sylvanus  
Hadworth, George  
Haeberle, George Charles  
Haengle, Leonard  
Haffords, William  
Hafner, Joseph  
Hagan, Edward James  
Hagan, James O.  
Hagardon, August  
Hageman, Jacob  
Hager, Elijah Weaver  
Hagerup, Anthony  
Haggard, _______  
Haggens, Edmund H.  
Haggerty, Francis James  
Hagner, Peter  
Haight, James  
Haight, Samuel  
Hailey, ________  
Hailstone, James Galbraith  
Hain, Franklin R.  
Haines, Edward  
Haines, Edward L.  
Haines, George  
Haines, Harry B.  
Haines, Hiram  
Haines, Jacob  
Haines, Martin V. B.  
Haines, Matthew K.  
Haines, Nathaniel  
Haines, Peter  
Haines, Thomas  
Haines, William  
Haines, William J.  
Haislip, H. S.  
Haites, Timothy  
Hakenson, John G.  
Hald, Virgo L. T.  
Haldman, Robert A.  
Hale, ________  
Hale, ________  
Hale, Charles  
Hale, Clarkson P.  
Hale, David W.  
Hale, Elias W.  
Hale, Eugene  
Hale, Francis  
Hale, Francis C.  
Hale, Harold F.  
Hale, Howard  
Hale, John P.  
Hale, Mark  
Hale, Matthew  
Hale, Samuel  
Hale, Thomas G.  
Hale, Thomas K.  
Hale, Wallace F.  
Hale, William J.  
Hale, William K.  
Hales, Nathaniel  
Haley, James  
Haley, John  
Haley, John  
Haley, Nathan  
Haley, Patrick  
Haley, Philip  
Name List of Documents
Haley, __________  
Halford, William  
Hall, __________  
Hall, __________  
Hall, __________  
Hall, Albert G.  
Hall, Asaph  
Hall, Ashton S.  
Hall, C. F.  
Hall, Charles G.  
Hall, Charles H.  
Hall, Charles H.  
Hall, Charles Henry  
Hall, Charles Henry Harrison  
Hall, Charles N.  
Hall, Crawford Wilson  
Hall, D. W.  
Hall, David  
Hall, David A.  
Hall, David H.  
Hall, E.  
Hall, Edwin  
Hall, Elbridge D.  
Hall, Elias Guy  
Hall, Elijah  
Hall, Ernest  
Hall, Francis C.  
Hall, Frank C.  
Hall, George B.  
Hall, George O.  
Hall, George W.  
Hall, George W.  
Hall, George W.  
Hall, Henry  
Hall, Henry B.  
Hall, Hetty W.  
Hall, Isaac  
Hall, J.  
Hall, J. B.  
Hall, James  
Hall, James  
Hall, James  
Hall, James  
Hall, James C.  
Hall, John  
Hall, John  
Hall, John  
Hall, John  
Hall, John H.  
Hall, John L.  
Hall, John P.  
Hall, John Pearl  
Hall, John R.  
Hall, John T.  
Hall,  Joseph *  
Hall,  Joseph C.  
Hall,  Joseph M.  
Hall,  Joseph S.  
Hall,  Joshua M.  
Hall,  Junius  
Hall,  Leonard  
Hall,   M.  
Hall,   Michael  
Hall,  Moses *  
Hall,  Nathaniel, Jr.  
Hall,  Nathaniel B.  
Hall,  Oliver Wiley  
Hall,  Reuben  
Hall,  Richard R.  
Hall,  Robert  
Hall, Sydney  
Hall,  T.A.  
Hall,  T. Mifflin  
Hall,  Thomas  
Hall,  Thomas F.  
Hall,  Thomas J.  
Hall,  Thomas N.  
Hall,  V. R.  
Hall,  W.K.  
Hall,  Wallace E.  
Hall,  Walter H.  
Hall,  Wilburn B. *  
Hall,  William  
Hall,  William C.  
Hall,  William H.  
Hall,  William H.  
Halleck, Issac  
Hailer, ______  
Hallet, Charles John  
Hallet, Joseph H.  
Hallet, Oliver  
Hallett, Daniel B.  
Hallett, Frederick A.  
Halley, Robert Y. *  
Halliday, W.P.  
Hailing, Charles J.  
Hallock, Isaac  
Hallock, Joseph  
Hallock, William  
Halloway, Charles A.  
Halloway, James  
Hallowell, George  
Hallowell, Augustus  
Hallowell, Henry B.  
Halpin, John  
Name List of Documents
Halpin, Thomas  
Halsall, Edward  
Halsay, Frank  
Halsey, James M.  
Halsey, James 0.  
Halsey, William Frederick  
Halstead, ______  
Halstead, Alexander  
Halstead, George N.  
Halstead, Israel T.  
Halstead, John  
Halstead, Wilson T.  
Halsted, Frank N.  
Halsted, John  
Halsted, William H.R. *  
Halter, Richard E.  
Haly, James H.  
Ham, Allen P.  
Ham, Joseph  
Hamblen, Andrew J.  
Hamblen, Andrew T.  
Hamblen, George  
Hambleton, John Needles *  
Hambleton, Samuel *  
Hamblett, Reuben  
Hamblin, Josiah Leonard  
Hambrick, James W.  
Hamby, John Henderson  
Hamell, Benjamin F.  
Hamer, William W.  
Hamersly, George W.  
Hamersly, Lewis R.  
Hamill, John  
Hamilton, ______  
Hamilton, Alanson  
Hamilton, Alexander  
Hamilton, Archibald  
Hamilton, Burl  
Hamilton, Charles  
Hamilton, Charles C.  
Hamilton, Charles C.  
Hamilton, Charles H.  
Hamilton, Cleason S.  
Hamilton, Commodore  
Hamilton, David  
Hamilton, E.A.  
Hamilton, Ezra  
Hamilton, Francis  
Hamilton, Francis  
Hamilton, George  
Hamilton, George F.C.  
Hamilton, Gilbert C.  
Hamilton, Henry  
Hamilton, Henry  
Hamilton, Horace  
Hamilton, Horace  
Hamilton, Hugh  
Hamilton, I.  
Hamilton, James  
Hamilton, James A.  
Hamilton, James B.  
Hamilton, James F.  
Hamilton, James F.  
Hamilton, John  
Hamilton, John  
Hamilton, John H. *  
Hamilton, John R.  
Hamilton, John Randolph  
Hamilton, John Ross  
Hamilton, John W.  
Hamilton, Nathan  
Hamilton, Oliver Clark  
Hamilton, Patrick  
Hamilton, Paul (Sec of the Navy)  
Hamilton, Robert  
Hamilton, Robert  
Hamilton, Robert  
Hamilton, Robert M.  
Hamilton, Robert William  
Hamilton, Samuel  
Hamilton, Thomas Burl  
Hamilton, Thomas H.  
Hamilton, Thomas J.  
Hamilton, William  
Hamilton, William  
Hamilton, William F.  
Hamilton, William J.  
Hamilton, William P. *  
Hamlet, Samuel W.  
Hamlett, William James  
Hamlin,   Benjamin N.  
Hamlin,   John C.  
Hammack, Bryson  
Hammack, John Henry  
Hammann, Charles Hazeltine  
Hammar, F.M.Hammatt, C.H.  
Hammelbaugh, Philip  
Hammer, E.M.  
Hammer, John  
Hammersly, Moses  
Hammet, Thomas  
Hammitt, Isaar  
Hammitt, John  
Hammond, Benjamin  
Hammond, Charles  
Hammond, Gardner  
Hammond, George F.  
Hammond, George F.  
Hammond, J.B.  
Hammond, John  
Hammond, John  
Hammond, John Fox  
Hammond, Nathan W.  
Hammond, P.J.  
Hammond, Thomas  
Hammond, W.S.  
Hamner, Lorenzo D.  
Hamond, John Paine  
Hampden, Thomas S.  
Hampson, John  
Hampton, Cary Henry  
Hampton, Cornelius  
Hampton, Francis C.  
Hampton, Jesse  
Hampton, Richard  
Hampton, W.B.  
Hamre, Henry  
Hamson, Thomas L.  
Hanan, John  
Hanaway, James W.  
Hanbury, John D.  
Hanchett, Thacker S.  
Hancock, John  
Hancock, Thomas  
Hand, B.E.  
Hand, Benjamin  
Hand, Daniel  
Hand, George D.  
Hand, Henry W.  
Hand, J.A.  
Hand, Moses  
Hand, Samuel T.  
Hand, Seth  
Hand, Thomas  
Hand, William H.  
Handlan, Eugene Y.  
Handley, William Woodfin  
Handren, John W.  
Handrop, Henry  
Handy,   Edward L.  
Handy,   Frederick A.G.  
Handy,   G.  
Handy,   James H.  
Handy,   Levin  
Handy,   Lloyd  
Handy,   Robert  
Handy,   Samuel  
Handy,   William  
Hanes, Samuel  
Hanesson, C.  
Hanford, Charles B.  
Hanford, Franklin  
Hanford, W.C.  
Hanford, William C.  
Hangary, Gabriel  
Name List of Documents
Hanigan, Chester  
Hanigan, Michael  
Hanks, Eplnaim K.  
Hanks, Frederick  
Hanks, James B.  
Hanks, Junius  
Hanley, Thomas  
Hanling, Dennis  
Hanlon, Ardle  
Hanlon, C.P.  
Hanlon, Charles 0.  
Hanlon, J.F.  
Hanmer, Isaac  
Hanna, H. Melville  
Hanna, Samuel M.  
Hanna, Thomas  
Hanneger, James  
Hannigan, Thomas  
Hannon, Horace A.  
Hannon, Thomas  
Hannum, J.A.  
Hannum, John Lewis  
Hannum, Josiah A.  
Hanover, James  
Hanrahan, John D.  
Hanrahan, Thomas  
Hanscom, Daniel G.  
Hanscom, Isaiah  
Hanscom, Walter C.  
Hanscom, William L.  
Hanselman, H.J.  
Hansen, Henry  
Hansen, Herman  
Hansen, Peter  
Hanseom, John F.  
Hanshaw, John  
Hanson, Aaron Y.  
Hanson, Christian  
Hanson, Christopher  
Hanson, Eagleton  
Hanson, Frederick W.  
Hanson, J.F.  
Hanson, James W.  
Hanson, John  
Hanson, John  
Hanson, John H.  
Hanson, John W.  
Hanson, Leonard P.  
Hanson, Robert Michael  
Hanson, William  
Hanson, William  
Hanus, Gustavus C.  
Hanway, Samuel  
Hanzache, Theodore G.  
Hapgood, Charles B.  
Haraden, Andrew Jonathan  
Haraden, Nathaniel *  
Haradon, Amasa F.  
Haralson, Charles L.  
Harben, James W.  
Harbenson, Henry  
Harber, Giles Bates  
Harberson, Stern H.  
Harbin, W.A.  
Harby, Levi M.  
Harby, Levy C.  
Harcourt, Charles William  
Hardcastle, G.W.  
Harden, _______  
Harden, Jesse  
Harden, John  
Harden, John F.  
Harden, William N.  
Harden, William S  
Harderson, Ben  
Harderson, William J.  
Hardesty, ______  
Hardie, David  
Hardie, James  
Hardie, Robert  
Hardiman, P.H.  
Hardin, _______  
Hardin, Captain  
Hardin, Henry  
Hardin, James  
Hardin,  Lauriston B.  
Hardin,  William  
Hardin,  William M.  
Harding, Enoch  
Harding, Frederick  
Harding, Ichabod  
Harding, Jesse  
Harding, John  
Harding, John  
Harding, Richard H., Jr.  
Harding, Samuel, Jr. *  
Harding, Seth  
Harding, Thomas  
Harding, Thomas W.  
Harding, Warren G. *  
Name List of Documents
Harding, William O.  
Harding, William U.  
Hardison, _______  
Hardison, Osborn Bennett  
Hardison, William H.  
Hardwich, Charles  
Hardy, ______  
Hardy, Albert W.  
Hardy, Charles S.  
Hardy, Daniel  
Hardy, Daniel  
Hardy, Edward  
Hardy, Edward D.  
Hardy, Edward S.  
Hardy, Henry  
Hardy, Henry  
Hardy, Isham L.  
Hardy, J.  
Hardy, John  
Hardy, John  
Hardy, John  
Hardy, Joseph  
Hardy, Joseph James  
Hardy, Joseph L.C.  
Hardy, Otis B.  
Hardy, Robert J.  
Hardy, Samuel  
Hardy, Stacy  
Hardy, W.B.  
Hardy, William H.  
Hare, George H.  
Hare, William  
Hargis, William  
Hargous, Peter J.  
Harity, Hugh  
Harkin, Daniel  
Harkins, Charles Henry  
Harkins, Hugh  
Harkness, William  
Harleston, Harleston  
Harley, James  
Harlin, James W.  
Harbe, Mathew  
Harlon, Alexander H.  
Harlow, Benjamim  
Harlow, Charles H.  
Harlow, James  
Harlow, Lucius  
Harly, Robert  
Harman, Andrew  
Harman, Henry  
Harmon, Edward  
Harmon, George  
Harmon, Horace A.  
Harmon, John  
Harmon, Turner H.  
Harmonson, Thomas  
Harmony, David B. *  
Harmony, J.H.  
Harmsworth, William  
Harnett, John W.  
Harney, John  
Harnish, Edward C.  
Harnish, William M.  
Harokins, _______  
Harold, John  
Harper, C. Charles  
Harper, Daniel  
Harper, George W.  
Harper, James  
Harper, John  
Harper, John  
Harper, John  
Harper, John S.  
Harper, Julius  
Harper, Lewis M.  
Harper, Robert  
Harper, Samuel  
Harper, William  
Harper, William  
Harr, J.  
Harraden, Edmund  
Harrell, Abram D.  
Harrell, Wilson  
Harress, Simeon  
Harriden, Nathaniel  
Harries, John D.C.  
Harrigan, Daniel Ward  
Harrigan, Michael T.  
Harriman, Ambrose  
Harriman, George A.  
Harriman, Horace M.  
Harriman, S.B.  
Harring, J.J.  
Harrington, Andrew  
Harrington, C.E.  
Harrington, Charles H.  
Harrington, E.H.  
Harrington, E.T.  
Harrington, Elliot P.  
Harrington, Francis H.W.  
Harrington, Frederick Purnell  
Harrington, Henry W.  
Harrington, James  
Harrington, James M.  
Harrington, John  
Harrington, John C.  
Harrington, John M.  
Harrington, L.H.  
Harrington, Peter  
Harrington, Stephen  
Harrington, Simon *  
Harrington, Thomas  
Harriot, Richard  
Name List of Documents
Harris, ______  
Harris, Abel  
Harris, Abraham W.  
Harris, Albert 0.  
Harris, Amos  
Harris, Andrew  
Harris, Arnold  
Harris, Arnold G.  
Harris, Benjamin  
Harris, Benjamin S.  
Harris, Benjamin T.  
Harris, C.  
Harris, Caleb  
Harris, Charles R.  
Harris, David N.  
Harris, Dwight J.  
Harris, E.R.  
Harris, Ebenezer  
Harris, Edmund  
Harris, Fleming  
Harris, Francis L.  
Harris, Frank M.  
Harris, George  
Harris, George  
Harris, George L.  
Harris, George L.  
Harris, Gwinn  
Harris, Henry J.  
Harris, Henry Tudor Brownell  
Harris, Herman Brimmer  
Harris, Ira  
Harris, J.G.W.  
Harris, J.   Louis  
Harris, James  
Harris, James  
Harris, James M.  
Harris, James P.  
Harris, Jeptha V.  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John  
Harris, John C.  
Harris, John C.  
Harris, John Henry  
Harris, John L.  
Harris, John R.  
Harris, Joseph  
Harris, Joseph W.  
Harris, Joshua  
Harris, Leonard  
Harris, Martyn Schenck  
Harris, Nathaniel  
Harris, R.  
Harris, Reuben  
Harris, Reuben  
Harris, Robert  
Harris, Robert Lewis  
Harris, Robert W.  
Harris, T.A.  
Harris, Thomas  
Harris, Thomas  
Harris, Thomas  
Harris, Thomas A.  
Harris, Thomas C.  
Harris, Thomas Jefferson  
Harris, Thomas R.  
Harris, W.  
Harris, W.H.  
Harris, William  
Harris, William  
Harris, William  
Harris, William A.  
Harris, William H.  
Harris, William H.  
Harris, William S.  
Harrison, _______  
Harrison, Benjamin  
Harrison, Bradson  
Harrison, C.  
Harrison, Edward  
Harrison, Edward C.  
Harrison, Francis  
Harrison, G. R.  
Harrison, George W.  
Harrison, George T.  
Harrison, George W.  
Harrison, George Washington  
Harrison, Gustuvus  
Harrison, H.H.  
Harrison, H.H.  
Harrison, Horace N.  
Harrison, James F.  
Harrison, James W.  
Harrison, John  
Harrison, John  
Harrison, John  
Harrison, John L.  
Harrison, Justus  
Harrison,  Napoleon B.*  
Harrison, Richard  
Harrison, Samuel  
Harrison, Samuel C.  
Harrison, Samuel C.  
Harrison, Thomas  
Harrison, Thomas Bullitt  
Harrison, Thomas L.  
Harrison, Thomas Locke  
Harrison, Thomas Skelton  
Harrison, W.F.  
Harrison, William  
Harrison, William  
Harrison, William D.  
Harrison, William H.  
Harrison, William H.  
Harrison, William Henry  
Harrison, William Henry  
Harrison, William K.  
Harriss, Reuben  
Harrisson, Thomas  
Harrod, _______  
Harrold, Joseph S.  
Name List of Documents
Harroll, George E.  
Harrop, William  
Harsen, Elisha  
Hart, Anthony  
Hart, Benjamin F. *  
Hart, Charles J.  
Hart, Clark  
Hart, Daniel  
Hart, Edmund  
Hart, Edward  
Hart, Edward  
Hart, Elisha  
Hart, Ezekiel B.  
Hart, F.W.  
Hart, George S.  
Hart, George W.  
Hart, John  
Hart, John  
Hart, John E.  
Hart, John Elliott *  
Hart, Joseph M.  
Hart, Newell  
Hart, Patrick Henry  
Hart, Richard  
Hart, Samuel  
Hart, Simeon  
Hart, Theodore A.  
Hart, Thomas  
Hart, Thomas  
Hart, William  
Harte, Edward  
Harte, William H.  
Harter, L.F.  
Hartford, Charles  
Hartford, Richard E.  
Hartford, S.E.  
Hartford, William  
Hartigan, Thomas  
Hartleb, Louis  
Hartley, ______  
Hartley, Thomas  
Hartley, William W.  
Hartman, W.B.  
Hartnett, John M.  
Hartshorn, Andie  
Hartshorn, Charles  
Hartshorn, John  
Hartshorn, Thomas  
Hartstene, Henry Julius  
Hartt, Clark  
Hartt, Edward  
Hartt, Samuel  
Hartt, Samuel T.  
Hartung, Renwick J.  
Hartupee, John W.  
Hartwell, John M.  
Hartwell, Samuel N.  
Hartwell, Seth W.Hartwig, Henry  
Hartwig, Peter R.  
Harty, John D.  
Hartzell, ______  
Hartzell, Franklin K.  
Harvell, James John J.  
Harvey, Alexander V.  
Harvey, Arnold  
Harvey, Charles  
Harvey, Edward C.  
Harvey, George  
Harvey, James M.  
Harvey, John  
Harvey, John  
Harvey, Joseph  
Harvey, Joseph S.  
Harvey, Luther Boyd  
Harvey, Nathan  
Harvey, Thomas E.  
Harvey, Thomas H.  
Harvey, Thomas P.  
Harvey, William  
Harvey, William  
Harvey, William  
Harvey, William H.  
Harvie, Jaqueline B.  
Harward, William  
Harwood, Andrew A.  
Harwood, James K.  
Name List of Documents
Harwood, Richard  
Hascall, Bailey  
Hascell, D.  
Haselton, David  
Haselton, John A.  
Haselton, John B.  
Haskell, Cyrus A.  
Haskell, Elijah  
Haskell, Frank A.  
Haskell, John  
Haskell, John, Jr.  
Haskell, Jonathan  
Haskell, Noah D.  
Haskell, Theodore  
Haskell, Thomas Hathaway  
Haskell, William  
Hasker, Charles H. *  
Hasker, John C.  
Haskey, Silas  
Haskins, ______  
Haskins, B.F.  
Haskins, Charles R.  
Haskins, Henry  
Haskins, Jonathan  
Hasler, _______  
Haslett, John *  
Hasscell, Dutham  
Hasse, Frederick  
Hassell, Abram  
Hasselteno, Don Carlos  
Hassey, Patrick  
Hassler,  Charles A. Charles W.  
Hasson, Alexander R.  
Hasson, William F.C.  
Hastings, Charles  
Hastings, Frank F.  
Hastings, Loren W.  
Hastings, Thomas  
Haswell,  Gouverneur K.  
Haswell,  John Montresor  
Hatch, ______  
Hatch, Benjamin F.  
Hatch, Charles F.  
Hatch, Edmund T.  
Hatch, Elijah  
Hatch, George William  
Hatch, John  
Hatch, Oliver  
Hatch, Prince  
Hatch, Robert  
Hatch, Sylvanius  
Hatch, Theodore  
Hatch, Thomas I.  
Hatch, Timothy S.  
Hatch, W.H.  
Hatch, Walter  
Hatch, William  
Hatch, William L.  
Hatch, William W.  
Hatcher, Jackson R.  
Hatchet, P.  
Hatchison, Nathan  
Hatfield, John  
Hatfield, John  
Hatfield, William  
Hathaway, F.M.  
Hathaway, Frederick W.  
Hathaway, Henry P.  
Hathaway, James  
Hathaway, James H.  
Hathaway, Joseph T.  
Hathaway, Joshua  
Hathaway, W. R.  
Hathaway, Wilber  
Hathaway, Wilbur R.  
Hathensall, John S.  
Hatton, Frank  
Hatton, G.W.  
Hatton, Lewis  
Haupt, John A.  
Haury, Christian  
Hausenkoff, Henry  
Hausstein, William J.  
Haven, Harry Leslie  
Haven, John Leslie  
Haven, William H.  
Havener, Jacob  
Havens, C. William  
Havens, Daniel  
Havens, Joseph A.  
Name List of Documents
Haversfield, John  
Haviland, John  
Haviland, William  
Hawes, A.W.  
Hawes, Alfred  
Hawes, Asa F.  
Hawes, Augustus W.  
Hawes, Benjamin F.  
Hawes, David B.  
Hawes, Franklin  
Hawes, William H.  
Hawk, J.R.  
Hawke, James A.  
Hawkes, Benjamin F.  
Hawkes, Philip  
Hawkes, Philo G.  
Hawkesworth, David  
Hawkey, Thomas  
Hawkins, A.W.H.  
Hawkins, Benjamin  
Hawkins, Charles  
Hawkins, Charles E.  
Hawkins, Charles E.  
Hawkins, Charles E.  
Hawkins, Curtis  
Hawkins, Edward  
Hawkins, George N.  
Hawkins, Gus  
Hawkins, H.  
Hawkins, J.W.  
Hawkins, James  
Hawkins, John T.  
Hawkins, Robert M.  
Hawkins, Samuel  
Hawkins, T. J.  
Hawks, W.H.  
Hawksworth, David  
Hawley, Andros  
Hawley, Francis M.  
Hawley, John  
Hawley, John M.  
Hawley, Lemuel  
Hawsburn, Joseph  
Hawse, Edward  
Hawthorne, Harry L.  
Hawthorne, Nathaniel  
Hawxhurst, _______  
Haxtun, Milton  
Hay, Charles  
Hay, Edward Henry  
Hay, H.P.  
Hay, James  
Hay, Teddy  
Hay, William G.  
Haycock, George B.  
Haycock, Joseph  
Hayden, ______  
Hayden, Charles Boardman  
Hayden, Charles W.  
Hayden, D. Hyslap  
Hayden, Edward D.  
Hayden, Edward E.  
Hayden, Henry F.  
Hayden, James  
Hayden, John  
Hayden, John  
Hayden, John W.  
Hayden, Sam  
Hayden, Uriah  
Hayden, William  
Hayden, William H.  
Hayden, William V.W.  
Hayer, Andrews William  
Hayes, Augustus F.  
Hayes, C.H.  
Hayes, Charles William  
Hayes, Daniel  
Hayes, Dennis  
Hayes, Jacob S.  
Hayes, James  
Hayes, John  
Hayes, John  
Hayes, John J.  
Hayes, Joseph M.  
Hayes, Patrick  
Hayes, Peter  
Hayes, Rutherford B.  
Hayes, Thomas  
Hayes, William  
Hayes, William Bambridge  
Hayes, William Henry *  
Hayes, William Lee  
Hayman, George M.  
Hayman, Samuel Brickle  
Hayman, William  
Hayne, H.H.  
Hayne, P.H.  
Hayne, Robert Y.  
Haynes, _______  
Haynes, Edward G.  
Haynes, George  
Haynes, Giles H.  
Haynes, John  
Haynes, John L.  
Haynes, Samuel  
Haynes, Walter R.  
Haynes, William  
Haynes, William H.  
Haynie, Edward T.  
Haynie, Hancock H.  
Haynie, Tobias R.  
Hays, Andrew Jackson  
Hays, Benjamin F.  
Hays, Charles W.  
Hays, John  
Hays, John  
Hays, John  
Hays, John J.  
Hays, John Stuart  
Hays, Peter  
Hays, Peter  
Hays, Walter W.  
Hays, William  
Hays, William H.  
Hayunga, George A.  
Hayward, Addison S.  
Name List of Documents
Hayward, Benjamin  
Hayward, Daniel G.T.  
Hayward, Richard  
Hayward, Samuel  
Hayward, William  
Haywood, I.S.  
Haywood, P.H.  
Haywood, William  
Hazard, ______  
Hazard, Andrew R.  
Hazard, Daniel  
Hazard, George  
Hazard, John  
Hazard, Joshua  
Hazard, Josiah  
Hazard, Newport  
Hazard, Samuel F.  
Hazeltine, C.W.  
Hazeltine, E.C.  
Hazeltine, Paul  
Hazelton, David  
Hazelton, Issac H.  
Hazelwood, John *  
Hazelwood, Thomas  
Hazle, John  
Hazleton, J.P.  
Hazlett, George J.  
Hazlett, Hiram K.  
Hazzard, William S.  
Head, Joel Samuel  
Headley, Daniel  
Headrick, William  
Heald, Arthur  
Heald, Henry  
Heald, Paul  
Healey, Edward  
Healey, James  
Healey, William  
Healy, E.C.  
Healy, Edward C.  
Healy, M.J.  
Heane, David  
Heap, D.P.  
Heap, George Washington  
Heap, Gwynn Harris  
Heap, James L.  
Heap, John Kerr  
Heap, Joseph K.  
Heap, Samuel D.  
Heard, William  
Hearn, Frederick W.  
Hearne, Elisha  
Hearne, William  
Hearne, William A.  
Heasley, Joseph L.  
Heath, Allen S.  
Heath, Benjamin, Jr.  
Heath, Byron S.  
Heath, Chandler Graham  
Heath, Charles  
Heath, Charles H.  
Heath, D.P.  
Heath, David  
Heath, Frank R.  
Heath, Henry  
Heath, Marcellus C.  
Heath, Moses  
Heath, N. Henry  
Heath, Nathan B.  
Heath, Robert  
Heath, Samuel C.  
Heaton, Samuel C.  
Heaton, William W.  
Hebard, John H.  
Hebarde, George F.  
Hebb, Clement Dorsey *  
Hebbard, Samuel  
Hebbard, Samuel F.  
Hebberd, Samuel  
Hebdon, William  
Heberton, Edward P.  
Hebron, Thomas  
Hecht, Adolph  
Hecht, Edward  
Heckle, John  
Heckman, _______  
Heco, Joseph  
Hedden, Edward F.  
Hedden, Jacob  
Hederman, Daniel  
Hedge, Edward  
Hedger, William  
Hedges, James D.  
Hedrick, Alfred *  
Hedrick, David Irvin  
Hedrick, William  
Heely, George  
Heenan, George  
Heenan, Thomas  
Heermann, Lewis *  
Hefflin, Wallace  
Heffrin, William C.  
Hegeman, Elbert A.  
Heginbotham, William H.  
Hegney, A.  
Heiberger, F.J.  
Name List of Documents
Heidleberg, Samuel  
Heidman, C.P.  
Height, Ferdinand  
Heileman, Julius G.  
Heiman, William  
Heine, William  
Hems, Eibe F.  
Heintz, George  
Heisel, George N.  
Heiser, Henry Dillon  
Heiskell, Horace M. Marshall  
Heiss, George G.  
Heitman, Julius  
Heitmann, Barthold H.  
Heizerman, John B.  
Heliker, Henry  
Hellesen, Gunnar E.  
Helling, Charles  
Hellman, Arhcie 0  
Helm,  James Merdith William  
Helmer, John E.  
Helms, A.A.  
Helms, William  
Helms, William Thomas  
Helmsley, Philemon Williamson  
Helmstorff, Charles  
Hemertson, Thomas  
Hemmenway, William  
Hemphill, J.N.  
Hemphill, Joseph N. Biography
Hemsley, E.M.  
Henagan, John  
Henahan, Michael  
Hench, Henry Peter  
Henck, Edward Warren  
Hencock, Thomas  
Hendee, George Ellsworth  
Hendershot, Robert H.  
Henderson, _______  
Henderson, Albert D.  
Henderson, Alexander  
Henderson, Andrew A.  
Henderson, Archibald, USMC  
Henderson, B.S.  
Henderson, E.F.  
Henderson, Eugenius Turner  
Henderson, Francis  
Henderson, George D.  
Henderson, Gerard  
Henderson, J.J.  
Henderson, J.P.  
Henderson, James  
Henderson, James B.  
Henderson, James L.  
Henderson, John  
Henderson, John  
Henderson, John  
Henderson, John E.  
Henderson, John W  
Henderson, Joseph W.  
Henderson, Moses K.  
Henderson, Nathaniel P.  
Henderson, Richard H.  
Henderson, Robert  
Henderson, Samuel  
Henderson, Thomas  
Henderson, W. J  
Henderson, William  
Henderson, William F.  
Hendics, ________  
Hendricks, Edward William  
Hendricks, Frederick James  
Hendrickson, _______  
Hendrickson, William Woodbury  
Hendrie, Robert  
Hendrix, Forest G.  
Hendry, Thomas  
Heneberger, Lucien Grey  
Heneks, Samuel D.  
Henery, Samuel  
Heney, John  
Heney, John C.  
Henghon, William  
Henkee, Jacob  
Henley, Charles John D.  
Henley, John L.  
Henley, Michael J.  
Henley, Robert  
Henley, Samuel  
Hennan, John Joel  
Hennesey, Michael  
Hennessey, A.  
Hennessey, David F.  
Hennessy, Edward J.  
Hennesy, David  
Hennick, Martin  
Henning, Benjamin S John  
Henrahan, John  
Henricks, Edward William  
Henriques, Frederick  
Henriques, Semmey  
Henry, Archibald  
Henry, Bluford Mathew  
Henry, Charles J.  
Henry, Charles P.  
Henry, David  
Henry, E. Wilkes  
Henry, Edmund W.  
Henry, F.A.  
Henry, Henry  
Henry, Isaac  
Henry, James  
Henry, James  
Henry, James  
Henry, John  
Henry, John  
Henry, John  
Henry, John B.  
Henry, John C.  
Henry, John Cassin  
Henry, John F.  
Henry, John G.  
Henry, Morris H.  
Henry, Patrick  
Henry, Robert  
Henry, Thomas  
Henry, W.J.P.  
Henry, Wilkes  
Henry, Wilkins  
Henry, William  
Henry, William  
Henry, William  
Henry, William  
Henry, William B.  
Name List of Documents
Hense, Frederick  
Henshaw, David  
Hensley, James T.  
Henson, F.M.  
Henson, Matthew A. Biography
Henthorn, J.B.  
Hentig, George  
Hentig, George  
Henton, Samuel  
Henton, William  
Hentz, Herman  
Hepburn, Richard  
Herald, Armstead  
Herber, Jacob  
Herbert, Charles  
Herbert, Hilary Abner  
Herbert, John  
Herbert, Richard  
Herbert, Robert J  
Herbert, Theodore C.  
Herbert, Thomas  
Herbert, Thomas  
Herford, Robert  
Hereld, James  
Heriot, B.G.  
Heriot, Basil M.  
Heritage, William M.  
Herman, Frederick  
Herman, Herman A.  
Hermans, Haisted  
Hermansen, Carl  
Hermmar, George  
Herndon, Cumberland G.  
Herndon, William Lewis Biography
Herness, A.B.  
Hernon, James  
Herpin, Edward p.  
Herr, Benjamin W.  
Herr, Edward  
Herrick, Edward  
Herrick, Richard P.  
Herrick, S.S.  
Herrick, W.  
Herrick, W.S.  
Herricks, Samuel  
Herriman, Henry A.  
Herring, Benjamin *  
Herring, J.J.  
Herring, John  
Herring, John  
Herring, John  
Herring, John B.  
Herring, Robert S  
Herring, William H.  
Herring, William I. (or Herring, William J.)  
Herron, Earl E.  
Herron, James O.  
Herron, James S  
Herron, John  
Herron, John E.  
Herron, Thomas G.  
Herron, William C.  
Hershey, Andrew H.  
Herty, James W.  
Hertz, Conrad  
Hervey, Henry  
William H.  
Herwig, Henry  
Heslep, Clinton  
Heslep, Lewis B.  
Hesler, Frederick A.  
Heslewood, Frederick  
Hess, George Anthony  
Hess, William  
Hesse, Frederick Godfrey  
Hester, I.  
Hester, Isaac W.  
Hetrick, Samuel S.  
Hetzel, John N.  
Heuse, Frederick  
Hevener, Jacob  
Hewes, Joseph  
Hewes, Joshua D.  
Hewes, Virgil M.  
Hewitt, Abram S.  
Hewitt,  Henry Kent  
Hewitt,  Isaac B.  
Hewlett, Felix  
Hewlett, H.C.  
Hewlett, Lemuel Green  
Hewlett, William  
Heye, Theodore C.  
Heynie, John  
Heyward, Samuel  
Heywood, ______  
Heywood, Charles  
Hibben, Henry Blascom  
Hibbert, Samuel  
Hibbert, Stephen D.  
Hibbs, Daniel  
Hichbon, Philip  
Hichmann, Matthias  
Hick, Abraham H.  
Hick, George  
Hickey, Charles  
Hickey, James B.  
Hickey, John  
Hickey, John  
Hickey, John  
Hickey, John  
Hickey, John K.  
Hickey, Michael  
Hickey, Michael  
Hickey, Mike  
Hickman, Harris Hampden  
Name List of Documents
Hickman, James R.  
Hickman, Washington F.  
Hicks, Abram H.  
Hicks, Charles N.  
Hicks, James M.  
Hicks, Robinson  
Hicks, Thomas  
Hicks, Thomas H.  
Hicks, William  
Hicks, William  
Hicks, William A. *  
Hicks, William H.  
Hider, Arthur J.  
Hiegard, Joe E.  
Hieskell, Horace M.  
Hiffren, William  
Higbee, John H.  
Higbee, William P.  
Higby, Amos  
Higdon, John  
Higgens, Edmund H.  
Higginbotham, George B.  
Higgins, _______  
Higgins, Anthony  
Higgins, Danial  
Higgins, Edgar S.  
Higgins, Edward  
Higgins, Eleazer  
Higgins, James  
Higgins, James V.  
Higgins, Jessee  
Higgins, John  
Higgins, John W.  
Higgins, Lyman  
Higgins, Thomas  
Higgins, Thomas *  
Higgins, Thomas  
Higgins, William P.  
Higginson, Francis J.  
High, John  
Higinbotham, James S.  
Higinbotham, William H.  
Higman, Frederick  
Higman, William  
Hiland, Thomas  
Hilands, Martin  
Hildebrand, A.C.  
Hildebrand, Frederick  
Hildreth, Charles F.P.  
Hildreth, Franklin  
Hilgard, Joseph E.  
Hill, Andrew F.  
Hill, Asa  
Hill, Augustine  
Hill, Caleb R.  
Hill, Canterbury  
Hill, Charles E.  
Hill, Charles H.  
Hill, Charles H.  
Hill, Cranford J.  
Hill, Eben B.  
Hill, Edward  
Hill, Eli  
Hill, F.K.  
Hill, Francis  
Hill, Frank R.  
Hill, Frederick S.  
Hill, Frederick S.  
Hill, George  
Hill, George E.  
Hill, Henry  
Hill, Horace H.  
Hill, J.B.  
Hill, James  
Hill, James C.  
Hill, James H.  
Hill, John  
Hill, John  
Hill, John A.  
Hill, John G.  
Hill, John W.  
Hill, Joseph  
Hill, Justus  
Hill, Lewis R. *  
Hill, Madison M.  
Hill, Martin  
Hill, Michael  
Hill, Nathaniel  
Hill, R.L.  
Hill, Randall  
Hill, Richard J.  
Hill, Roger  
Hill, Saul  
Hill, Stephen  
Hill, Stephen G.  
Hill, T.Q.  
Hill, Thomas  
Hill, Thomas  
Hill, Thomas K.  
Hill, Thomas Q.  
Hill, Walter N. *  
Hill, William  
Hill, William  
Hill, William  
Hill, William  
Hillar, Thomas  
Hillard, Arthur L.  
Hillard, Charles G.  
Hillard, Moses  
Hiller, Richard  
Hilliard, James  
Hilliard, John  
Hilliard, John E.  
Hilliard, Joseph L.  
Hilliard, Joseph S.  
Hilling, Charles J.  
Hills, F.C.  
Hills, Samuel  
Hills, Stephen  
Hillsburgh, Charles  
Hilton, Abraham  
Hilton, Edmund  
Hilton, O.H.  
Hilton, William  
Himan, George  
Hinckey, Isaac  
Hinckey, Nathanial B.  
Hinckey, Thomas G.  
Hindley, William  
Hindman, James W.  
Hinds, A.W.  
Name List of Documents
Hinds, Benjamin  
Hinds, P.E.  
Hinds, William A. *  
Hine, Ephraim C.  
Hine, Robert B.  
Hineline, Thomas  
Hiner, David  
Hiner, David A.  
Hines, A.P.  
Hines, Benjamin A.  
Hines, Henry  
Hines, Henry  
Hines, Richard B.  
Hines, Samuel D.  
Hines, William  
Hines, William  
Hingerty, Alfred  
Hinkle, Jacob  
Hinkleman, Joseph  
Hinkley, Ezra  
Hinkson, John  
Hinley, Henry A.  
Hinley, John  
Hinman, Elisha *  
Hinsdale, S.R.  
Hinshaw, G.M.  
Hinshaw, M.  
Hinsley, James L.  
Hinson, W.  
Hinten, Lewis  
Hinton, Addison C.  
Hinton, Gustavis A.  
Hinton, Harry  
Hinton, Walter 0.  
Hipkins, Batran G.  
Hipkins, Leroy  
Hipkins, Bernard  
Hipwell, Henry  
Hirsch, Charles W.  
Hirst, Jacob G.  
Hise, John S.  
Hiserman, John B.  
Hitch, Ansel S.  
Hitch, Joshua  
Hitchard, Hiram  
Hitchock, Isaac  
Hitchock, Robert B.  
Hitchings, Henry  
Hiteshue, _____ or Hiteshew,  _________  
Hixon, Jeremy  
Hixon, John V.  
Hixon, Samuel C.  (Letter from Elbridge, Gerry) *  
Hjousberry, Edward *  
Hobart, Garret A.  
Hobart, David  
Hobart, John W.H.  
Hoban, Francis P.  
Hoban, Frederick H.  
Hoar, David A.  
Hoake, George F.  
Hobbs, George E.  
Hobbs, George H.  
Hobbs, Hubbard H.  
Hobbs, J. Goodwin  
Hobbs, John T.  
Hobbs, Nathanial  
Hobbs, Richard  
Hobbs, Russell B.  
Hobbs, Seth J.  
Hobbs, Thomas  
Hobbs, Thomas & Hobbs, John T.  
Hobby, James M.  
Hoblesheimer, F.A.  
Hobrecker, Thomas  
Hobson, Charles L.  
Hobson, John  
Hobson, Richmond P. *  
Hobson, Samuel  
Hock, John W.  
Hocker, William  
Hodden, Ernest  
Hodgdon, Charles A.  
Hodgdon, Charles O.  
Hodgdon, Israel  
Hodgdon, J.H.  
Hodgdon, John  
Hodgdon, Samuel  
Hodgdon, Sylvanus  
Hodge, Benjamin  
Hodge, G.B.  
Hodge, James  
Hodge, John  
Hodge, Kosky  
Hodge, Robert  
Hodges, E.P.  
Hodges, Ezikeil  
Hodges, Gamauil  
Hodges, Henry  
Hodges, Henry A.  
Hodges, Henry H.  
Hodges, James B.  
Hodges, H.L.M.  
Hodges, Tisdale  
Hodgkins, Charles F.  
Hodgkins, James  
Hodgkins, Joseph  
Hodgkins, Samuel  
Hodgkins, William  
Hodgkinson, William F.  
Hodgsdon, Danial B.  
Hodgsdon, William B.  
Hodson, F.  
Hodson, William  
Hoel, William R.  
Hoes, Roswell R.  
Hoevely, Charles  
Hoey, William  
Hoff, Arthur B.  
Hoff, Henry K.  
Hoff, Lawrence B.  
Hoff, William  
Hoff, William B.  
Name List of Documents
Hoffan, W.B.  
Hoffman, August  
Hoffman, Beekman V.  
Hoffman, Benjamin A.  
Hoffman, Conrad  
Hoffman, Henry  
Hoffman, John  
Hoffman, John D. *  
Hoffman, Julius T.C.  
Hoffman, Ogden  
Hoffman, Richard K.  
Hoffman, Robert  
Hoffman, Samuel  
Hoffman, Samuel J.  
Hoffman, W.D.  
Hoffman, William  
Hoffman, William D.  
Hoffmann, Francis A. (Letter from Lincoln, Abraham)  
Hoffner, Richard J.  
Hofman, Jan  
Hogan, Charles M.  
Hogan, Daniel  
Hogan, J.J.  
Hogan, John  
Hogan, John J.  
Hogan, Martin E.  
Hogan, Michael  
Hogdon, John B.  
Hoge, Francis L. *  
Hogerill, Henry  
Hogg, David  
Hogg, Ebenezer  
Hogg, John W.  
Hogg, T. Egerton  
Hoghland, William  
Hogue, Jacob B.  
Hogue, Miller  
Hogue, William S. *  
Hogue, William T.  
Hohn, George T.  
Hoist, Thomas  
Holberton, ________  
Holbrook, _______  
Holbrook, C.A.  
Holbrook, Benjamin  
Holbrook, Henry  
Holcomb, Hector  
Holcomb, William L.  
Holcombe, Isaac C.  
Holden, Henry A.  
Holden, John  
Holden, John F.  
Holden, Oliver B.  
Holden, William  
Holden, William  
Holden, William F.  
Holden, William R.  
Holdup, Thomas  
Holegate, _________  
Holiday, John A.  
Holland, Bernard  
Holland, D. Edwin  
Holland, Dick V.P.  
Holland, Elisha  
Holland, John  
Holland, John  
Holland, John  
Holland, John P. *  
Holland, Lawrence  
Holland, Martin C.  
Holland, Michael O.  
Holland, Thomas  
Holland, William  
Holland, William  
Holland, Zachariah *  
Holler, Frank  
Hollernon, E.H.  
Hollett, W.H.  
Holley, Robert Y.  
Holligan, John  
Hollingsworth, Allen  
Hollingsworth, Charles F.  
Hollingsworth, George W.  
Hollingsworth, Robert  
Hollingsworth, Robert  
Hollins, Fred  
Hollins, George N. *  
Hollins, George N. *  
Hollins, George N.  
Hollins, Joseph E.  
Hollins, William S.  
Hollis, George F.  
Hollis, George W.  
Hollis, Stephen H.  
Hollister, Francis  
Hollor, Peter  
Holloway, Gideon E.  
Holloway, James C.  
Holloway, George W.  
Holloway, Thomas  
Holly, Frank  
Holly, John  
Holly, T.F.  
Holman, Jasper  
Holman, Jerome B.  
Holmes, ______  
Holmes, A.  
Holmes, A.J.  
Holmes, Andrew  
Holmes, Benjamin  
Holmes, C. R.  
Holmes, David  
Holmes, George  
Holmes, George L.  
Holmes, Herman G.  
Holmes, Hervy B.  
Holmes, James F.  
Name List of Documents
Holmes, James M.  
Holmes, John D.  
Holmes, John S.  
Holmes, Lewis  
Holmes, Philander J.  
Holmes, Richard  
Holmes, S.  
Holmes, Samuel  
Holmes, Shepley R.  
Holmes, Silas  
Holmes, Thomas  
Holmes, Thomas  
Holmes, Thomas  
Holmes, Trimigan  
Holmes, Urban T.  
Holmes, W.H.  
Holmes, William  
Holmes, William  
Holmes, William C.  
Holmes, William F.  
Holmes,  William H.  
Holmes, William W.  
Holmesley, John  
Holms, Samuel  
Holse, Dederick  
Holsenbeck, Alexander  
Holsey, Frank  
Holss, Herman  
Holstead, George N.  
Holstine, William  
Holt, Artemes  
Holt, Charles  
Holt, Cyrus L.  
Holt, Daniel  
Holt, Frederick  
Holt, George R.  
Holt, Henry  
Holt, Henry C.  
Holt, Jerry  
Holt, John E.  
Holt, Joseph  
Holt, Richard J.  
Holt, Samuel  
Holt, Samuel B.  
Holt, Thomas E.  
Holt, William  
Holten, George  
Holton, Thomas  
Holtz, David  
Holtzer, Edward  
Holway, Wesley O.  
Holy, John  
Holzbacher, Frederick  
Holzer, Edward R.  
Homan, Andrew J.  
Homan, Eben  
Homan, Edward A.  
Homan, Elbert T.  
Homan, Michael W.  
Homan, Williams  
Homan, Benjamin  
Homan, Charles A.  
Homan, James T.  
Homan, John  
Homan, Thomas  
Homer, Arthur B.  
Homer, Merrick R.  
Homer, William H.  
Homer, William H.  
Homes, William C.  *  
Homeyer, Henry  
Hommiston, Charles  
Honeyf ield, Henry  
Honkomp, Henry  
Honnard, Joseph  
Honnart, Peter  
Hood, James A.  
Hood, John  
Hooe, George M.  
Hood, Robert E.  
Hook, William  
Hooker, D.H.  
Hooker, Edward  
Hooker, Richard C.  
Hooker, Thomas H.  
Hoole, James L.  *  
Hoon, William A.  
Hooper, Calvin L.  
Hooper, Casper  
Hooper, Samuel  
Hooper, Thomas W.  
Hoops, John  
Hoover, John B.  
Hoover, John B.  
Hoover, John H.  
Hoover, Herbert  
Hope, David C.  
Hope, George  
Hope, Harry Seth *  
Hope, Henry C.  
Hope, James B.  
Hope, Royal  
Hope, William M. *  
Hopewell, Pollard  
Hopkins, Alfred *  
Hopkins, Caleb Jr.  
Hopkins, Charles  
Hopkins, Charles F.  
Hopkins, Edward A.  
Hopkins, Edward A. *  
Hopkins, Edwin W.  
Hopkins, Esek  
Hopkins, Elijah  
Hopkins, Farley  
Hopkins, Franklin  
Hopkins, George  
Hopkins, George  
Hopkins, James B.  
Hopkins, John  
Hopkins, John  
Hopkins, John B.  
Hopkins, Joseph  
Hopkins, M.  
Hopkins, Nathaniel  
Hopkins, Richard  
Hopkins, Samuel  
Hopkins, Samuel  
Hopkins, Samuel  
Hopkins, Townsend  
Hopkins, William  
Hopkins, William  
Hopkins, William B.  
Hopkins, William E.  
Hopkins, William R.  
Hoppell, George  
Hopping, _________  
Hopson, W.  
Name List of Documents
Horan, Dennis  
Horan, John  
Hord, William T.  
Hordum, Svend  
Horey, Wallace M.  
Horgan, Patrick  
Horigan, Michael  
Horiston, Porter G.  
Horman, Thomas  
Horn, Edward  
Horn, John Jr.  
Horn, William  
Hornby, Henry H.  
Hornby, William  
Horne, David B.  
Horne, Gustavus H.  
Horne, Joseph V.  
Horner, A.  
Horner, A.T.  
Horner, Albert  
Horner, Alfred  
Horner, Frederick  
Horner, John  
Horner, Richard B.  
Hornsby, Alfred  
Horrocks, Joseph B.  
Horrow, Martin  
Horsford, James H.  
Horsley, Samuel  
Hortenstine, Jacob  
Horton,  Charles H.  
Horton, Frederick  
Horton, John  
Horton, John W.  
Horton, Jonathan  
Horton, Jotham  
Horton, Nathan  
Horton, R.B.  
Horton, Samuel  
Horton, Samuel J.  
Horton, William J.  
Horton, William F.  
Horton, William H.  
Hortwick, John  
Horwitz, Phineas J.  
Hosack, ________  
Hosack, Alexander  
Hosch, William G.B.  
Hosea, William W.  
Hosford, William S.  
Hosier, George  
Hosley, Frank Weyland  
Hosman, Thomas  
Hosmer, Charles E.  
Hosmer, Francis E.  
Hosmer, Henry C.  
Hosmer, Zachariah  
Hotchkiss, ______  
Hosmer, Benjamin Berkley  
Hosmer, Charles  
Hosmer, Harris  
Hosmer, Horace L.  
Hotchkiss, Ralph G.  
Hotchkiss, William J.  
Hothersall, John S.  
Hotze, Henry  
Hough, Alfred  
Hough, Frank 0.  
Hough, Henry Hughes  
Hough, Reuel  
Houghton, Charles  
Houghton, Edward J.  
Houghton, George A.  
Hourbright, Henry C.  
House, G.  
House, J.B.  
House, William  
Houston, Edwin S.  
Houston, George Porter  
Houston, Horatio B.  
Houston, Horatio M.  
Houston, Isaac H.  
Houston, J.  
Houston,  J.B.  
Houston,  James  
Houston, James  
Houston,  John  
Houston, Joseph  
Houston,  Leonard  
Houston,  Littleton  
Houston,  Matthew  
Houston,  Peter  
Houston,  R.S.  
Houston,  Robert T.  
Houston,  Thomas  
Houston,  Thomas Truxton  
Houston,  William  
Hovender, Herbert C.  
Hovey, Charles E.  
Hovey, Francis  
Hovey, John  
Hovey, Wallace  
Hovergaard, William  
How, Edward  
Howard Fami1y  
Howard, Austin  
Howard, Austin E.  
Howard, B.D.  
Howard, Benedict  
Howard, Benjamin  
Howard, Charles  
Howard, Charles  
Howard, Charles  
Howard, Charles R.  
Howard, Charles W.  
Howard, Daniel  
Howard, Frank H.  
Howard, George  
Howard, George (Alias)  
Howard, George B.  
Howard, Henry  
Howard, Horace Z.  
Howard, John  
Howard, John  
Howard, John  
Howard, John C.  
Howard, John C.  
Howard, John H.  
Howard, Jonathan  
Howard, Joseph  
Howard, Nathaniel  
Howard, Peter  
Howard, Richard  
Howard, Samuel  
Howard, Samuel  
Howard, Samuel  
Howard, Samuel M.  
Howard, Thomas  
Howard, Thomas Sparrow  
Howard, William  
Howard, William August  
Howard, William C.  
Howard, William D.  
Howard, William E.  
Howard, William H.  
Howard, William L.  
Howard, William L.  
Howard, William Waldo  
Howden, Robert  
Howe, ___________  
Howe, Alvan  
Howe, Charles C.  
Howe, George W.  
Howe, George W.  
Howe, Hiram  
Howe, James  
Howe, James C.  
Howe, Jane  
Howe, John  
Howe, John  
Howe, John (or Howe, J.)  
Howe, Joseph  
Howe, Joseph H.  
Howe, Louis McH.  
Howe, Nathaniel  
Howe, Robert  
Howell, Becket  
Howell, David M.  
Howell, Edward A  
Howell, Franklin E.  
Howell, Glenn *  
Howell, Jeff  D.  
Howell, John  
Howell, John  
Howell, John A.  
Howell, John A.  
Howell, John C.  
Howell, J.J.  
Howell, Margaret L.  
Howell, Needham  
Howell, Richard S.  
Howell, Richard Stockton  
Howell, Samuel H.  
Howell, William  
Howell, William B.  
Howell, William Burr  
Howell, William F.  
Howell, William R.  
Howes, David H.  
Howes, Frederic Aba  
Howes, George F.  
Howes, G.H.  
Howes, Benjamin D.  
Howison, Henry L.  
Howison, James R.  
Howison, John W.  
Howison, Niel M.  
Name List of Documents
Howland, Calvin  
Howland, Charles  
Howland, D.  
Howland, Dennis  
Howland, Elijah K.  
Howland, Francis  
Howland, Harry  
Howland, Henry  
Howland, Henry Thresen  
Howland, Leonard  
Howland, Robins  
Howland, Walter S.  
Howland, William  
Howland, William H.  
Howland, William H.  
Howle, William R.  
Howles, Parke G.  
Howley, John  
Howorth, George  
Howorth, William L.  
Howse, John  
Hoxey, Joseph  
Hoxie, Charles  
Hoxie, William H.  
Hoxse, John  
Hoxse, John  
Hoxsey, Thomas D.  
Hoy, James Jr.  
Hoy, Samuel  
Hoyden, John W.  
Hoyer, John A.  
Hoyt, A.B.  
Hoyt, Alfred  
Hoyt, Benjamin  
Hoyt, David  
Hoyt, Eben  
Hoyt, Eben Jr.  
Hoyt, Jacob  
Hoyt, Moses  
Hozier, Enos  
Hubbard, Austin T.  
Hubbard, Edward H.  
Hubbard, E.R.  
Hubbard, Jim  
Hubbard, John  
Hubbard, Joseph S.  
Hubbard, L.  
Hubbard, Nehemiah  
Hubbard, Samuel  
Hubbard, Sheldon E.  
Hubbard, Socrates  
Hubbard, William  
Hubbe, Martin  
Hubbell, C. J.  
Hubbell, Edward C.  
Hubbell, E.L.  
Hubbell, John H.  
Hubbell, Robert K.  
Hubbell, William H.  
Hubbs, William H.  
Hubbs, William H.  
Huber, Jacob Jacob  
Huber, Joseph  
Hubert, Theodore  
Hublitz, Phillip  
Huck, Lewis N.  
Huckfield, A.  
Huckins, James W. C.  
Huco, Joseph  
Huddleston, John  
Huddleston, W. G.  
Huddy, Joshua  
Hudgin, John  
Hudgins, Albert Gallatin  
Hudgins, John  
Hudgins, John  
Hudgins, John S.  
Hudgins, John Milton  
Hudgins, Lewis M.  
Hudgins, Robert  
Hudgins, Thomas J.  
Hudgins, William E.  
Hudgson, William  
Hudson, ________ (Rev. War)  
Hudson, __________  
Hudson, ___________  
Hudson, ____________  
Hudson, Adrian  
Hudson, Daniel Mason  
Hudson, Edward  
Hudson, George Jr.  
Hudson, Harry A.  
Hudson, Henry  
Hudson, Jacob  
Hudson, James R.  
Hudson, John  
Hudson, Jonathan  
Hudson, N.  
Hudson, Stephen R.  
Hudson, William  
Hudson, William H.  
Hudson, William L.  
Huff, Francis Henry  
Huff, James C.  
Huff, John William  
Huffington, Jesse  
Hufford, Daniel S.  
Hufftailing, William  
Huganin, D.C.  
Huger, Francis  
Huger, Jacob  
Huger, Jacob M.  
Huger, Thomas Bee  
Hugg, Joseph  
Huggard, John  
Huggins, Charles  
Huggins, E. Clarence  
Huggins, Elias B.  
Huggins, Thomas  
Hugh, William B.  
Hughes, Aaron K.  
Hughes, Benjamin E.  
Hughes, C.C.  
Hughes, Clayborne C.  
Hughes, Edward  
Hughes, Edward Merritt  
Hughes, Elias  
Hughes, George  
Hughes, George W.  
Hughes, Henry  
Hughes, Hugh  
Hughes, Humphrey  
Hughes, James E.  
Hughes, Jason F.  
Hughes, John  
Hughes, John A.  
Hughes, John Joseph  
Hughes, John T.  
Hughes, Joseph E.  
Hughes, Lt.  
Hughes, M.  
Hughes, Madison  
Hughes, Michael  
Hughes, Othello D.  
Hughes, R.M.  
Hughes, Thomas B.  
Hughes, T.W.B.  
Hughes, Walter S.  
Hughes, William  
Hughes, William G.  
Hughes, William H.  
Hugle, John R.  
Hugunin, Clinton  
Hugunin, D.C.  
Hugunin, Peter D.  
Hugunin, Robert  
Hugus, ___________  
Hulbert, Henry Lewis  
Hulbert, John  
Hulbirt, James S.  
Huld, James  
Hulen, Elias  
Hulick, Barnet  
Huling, Edward  
Huling, Marcus  
Hull, Andrew  
Hull, Christopher  
Hull, Charles  
Hull, David  
Hull, Elisha  
Hull, Francis  
Hull, Isaac * Biography
Hull, James  
Hull, James G.  
Hull, Jameson Cox  
Hull, John L.  
Hull, Joseph  
Hull, Joseph B.  
Hull, William  
Hull, William  
Hull, William R.  
Hull, W.  
Hulse, Albert P.  
Hulse, Isaac  
Hulse, Isaac Jr.  
Hulse, Nathaniel  
Hulse, Wirt P.  
Name List of Documents
Humberstone, Samuel  
Humberstone, William A.  
Hume, James H.  
Hummel, Henry  
Hummiston, Charles  
Humphrey, Charles H.  
Humphrey, F.M.  
Humphrey, Gideon  
Humphrey, John  
Humphrey, Joseph F.  
Humphrey, Joseph F.  
Humphrey, William  
Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson  
Humphreys, Ashton Y.  
Humphreys, James  
Humphreys, Joseph  
Humphreys, Joshua  
Humphreys, Joshua  
Humphreys, Joshua (2 Folders) *  
Humphreys, Josiah  
Humphreys, Parry W.  
Humphreys, Pelham  
Humphreys, Samuel  
Humphreys, Stern  
Humphreys, Thomas  
Humphreys, William Penn  
Humphries, David William  
Humphry, Charles  
Humphry, John  
Hungaries, Gabriel  
Hungerford, Fayette  
Hunker, Jacob John  
Hunicke, Felix H.  
Hunn, Ephraim  
Hunn, Walter  
Hunneman, William C.  
Hunnewell, William H.  
Hunsaker, Jerome  
Hunstable, Henry  
Hunt, ____(Ens.)  
Hunt, Abijah  
Hunt, Abram H.  
Hunt, Alexander  
Hunt, Charles S.  
Hunt, Edward Bissell  
Hunt, Enos  
Hunt, Francis  
Hunt, George P.  
Hunt, Henry  
Hunt, Henry  
Hunt, Henry J.  
Hunt, James  
Hunt, Jerod  
Hunt, John  
Hunt, John H.  
Hunt, John R.  
Hunt, Joseph  
Hunt, Laurence  
Hunt, Memucan  
Hunt, Montgomery  
Hunt, Richard  
Hunt, Robert  
Hunt, Robert J.  
Hunt, Samuel  
Hunt, Symmes  
Hunt, Theodore  
Hunt, Thomas  
Hunt, Thomas  
Hunt, William E.  
Hunt, William F.  
Hunt, William H.  
Hunt, William Henry Biographical manuscript 
Hunter, Aaron E.  
Hunter, Andrew  
Hunter, Benjamin F.  
Hunter, Bushrod W.  
Hunter, Charles  
Hunter, Charles  
Hunter, Charles C.  
Hunter, Charles G.  
Hunter, Daniel  
Hunter, David M.  
Hunter, F.S.  
Hunter, Ferdinand S.  
Hunter, Henry  
Hunter, Henry C.  
Hunter, Henry Christie  
Hunter, H. St. George  
Hunter, J. Jacob  
Hunter, James M.  
Hunter, John  
Name List of Documents
Hunter, Lewis B.  
Hunter, Luther  
Hunter, Robert  
Hunter, Robert  
Hunter, Robert  
Hunter, T.T. Jr.  
Hunter, Thomas  
Hunter, Thomas Triplett  
Hunter, W.W.  
Hunter, William  
Hunter, William  
Hunter, William C.  
Hunter, William Wallace  
Hunting, Luther  
Hunting, Martin  
Hunting, Silas  
Huntington, Arthur  
Huntington, Charles L.  
Huntington, George W.  
Huntington, J. Henry  
Huntington, R.W.  
Huntington, Thomas Bacon  
Huntley, Philo  
Huntley, William H.  
Huntress, Robert  
Huntress, Josiah  
Huntt, Clement S.  
Hurchinan, George W., Jr.  
Hurd, A.S.  
Hurd, Edward L.  
Hurd, Eric  
Hurd, Freeman A.  
Hurd, Jacob S.  
Hurd, James H. (or Hurd, James M.)  
Hurd, John S.  
Hurd, Joseph H.  
Hurd, Pierson  
Hurlbert, Hiram P.  
Hurlburt, James S.  
Hurlbut, Moses  
Hurlbut, P.H.  
Hurlbut, S. Denison  
Hurlbut, William S.  
Hurlbutt, James  
Hurley, ______(Capt.)  
Hurley, Humphrey  
Hurley, James  
Hurley, Robert E.  
Hurst, George  
Hurst, Louis  
Hurst, William  
Hurst, William Decatur  
Hurt, Ashley D.  
Hurt, James H.  
Huse, Harry P.  
Hurt, Samuel  
Huske, F.B.  
Husky, Silas  
Hussey, Alexander S.  
Hussey, Charles Lincoln Daniel  
Hussey, George  
Hussey, Leonard  
Hussey, Samuel  
Hustler, Jackson Gregory  
Huston, _________  
Huston, George W.  
Huston, John  
Huston, John M.  
Huston, Matthew  
Huston, Peter  
Huston, Walter Clyde (MM1, USN) *  
Hustvedt, Olaf Mandt  
Hutchings, Henry S.  
Hutchings, Luther  
Hutchings, Samuel  
Hutchings, Solomon  
Hutchings, William H.  
Hutchings, William N.  
Hutchins, ________  
Hutchins, Carleton B.  
Hutchins, Charles  
Hutchins, Charles Thomas  
Hutchins, Charles Thomas Jr.  
Hutchins, Edward R.  
Hutchins, George W.  
Hutchins, Gordon  
Hutchins, Herbert  
Hutchins, John  
Hutchins, Samuel  
Hutchinson, Calvin G.  
Hutchinson, Isaiah  
Hutchinson, James  
Hutchinson, James  
Hutchinson, James 0.  
Hutchinson, Jeremiah  
Hutchinson, Jerry B.  
Hutchinson, John  
Hutchinson, John  
Hutchinson, Mosley  
Hutchinson, Samuel W.  
Hutchinson, Thomas C.  
Hutchinson, Thomas W.  
Hutchinson, Winfield Scott  
Hutchison, Benjamin Franklin  
Hutchison, Frederick A.  
Hutchison, James Ross  
Hutchison, John R.  
Hutchler, George  
Hutter, Edward S.  
Hutter, William C.  
Hutton, Benjamin  
Hutton, James  
Hutton, John H.  
Huxford, William  
Huxley, John W.  
Huzza, William  
Hyatt, George E.  
Hyatt, Horatio L.  
Hyde, Augustus  
Hyde, Charles  
Hyde, George W.  
Hyde, James  
Hyde, James  
Hyde, James N.  
Hyde, John  
Hyde, M.D.  
Hyde, Nathaniel  
Hyde, Phineas  
Hyde, R.  
Hyde, Warren  
Hyde, William D.  
Hyer, Godfrey  
Hyer, John  
Hyland, John  
Hyland, William I.  
Hyman, John M.  
Hynard, William A.  
Hynes, Edmond  
Hynson, Joseph  
Hynson, Ringgold  
Hypes, George Washington  


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