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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Pabey - Pynne


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Pabey, Eli R.  
Pace, John Walker  
Pacety, A.N.  
Packler, Altemus  
Packler, John  
Packer, John J.  
Packett, John (Hammond) *  
Packwood, Jacob B.  
Paddock, Benjamin  
Paddock, Eliphalet (see Paddock, Joseph)  
Paddock, Joseph  
Paddock, Samuel B.  
Paddleford, John  
Paddleford, Philip  
Padgett, John H.  
Padgett, William  
Page, Albert  
Page, Benjamin (see Page, William)  
Page, Benjamin Jr.  
Page, Benjamin (See Hichborn, Philip)  
Page, Benjamin (AA Paymaster)  
Page, Benjamin, Jr.  
Page, Charles H.  
Page, David P.  
Page, George  
Page, Haroy B.  
Page, Henry  
Page, Henry M.  
Page, Henry T.  
Page, Hugh Nelson *  
Page Jefferson Davis  
Page, Jeremiah  
Page, J.J.  
Page, John  
Page, John (mex, war)  
Page, John (Capt. Clerk)  
Page, John E.  
Page, John W.  
Page, Joseph  
Page, Joseph  
Page, Joseph B.  
Page, Lewis B. *  
Page, Lyman  
Page, Octavus A. *  
Page, Peyton Randolph  
Page, Richard L. *  
Page, Thomas  
Page, Thomas Jefferson *  
Page, William  
Page, William  
Page, William A.  
Page, WM. M  
Paget, Alfred  
Pagles, Frederick  
Phil, Charles  
Paiget, Chas, W.  
Paine, Amasa *  
Paine, Charles  
Paine, Francis M.  
Paine, Frederick H.  
Paine, Henry  
Paine, James G.  
Paine, John (See Paine, John S.)  
Paine, John S.  
Paine, R.J.  
Paine, Thomas  
Paine, W.H.  
Paines, James H.  
Painter, Francis J.  
Painter, John  
Painter, Jonathan  
Paisley, Hugh s.  
Palfrey, Robert B.  
Palla, Jules  
Pallen, M.A.  
Pallett, Robert  
Palmer, A.  
Palmer, Albert S.  
Palmer, Alpheus  
Palmer, Archibald S.  
Palmer, Aubick  
Palmer, Charles F.  
Palmer, Beverly  
Palmer, Carlton D.  
Palmer, Charles J.  
Palmer, Daniel  
Palmer, David  
Palmer, David M.  
Palmer E.P.  
Palmer, Edward  
Palmer, George  
Palmer, George L.  
Palmer George W.  
Palmer, James  
Palmer, Croxall *  
Palmer, James E.  
Palmer, James Shedden *  
Palmer, Jeduthan  
Palmer, John C.  
Palmer, John Paul  
Palmer, Joshua  
Palmer, L.G.  
Palmer, Leigh C.  
Palmer, Marshall E.  
Palmer, Morris  
Palmer, N.  
Palmer, Randall H.  
Palmer, Samuel  
Palmer, Thomas  
Palmer Thomas  
Palmer, W.G.  
Palmer, William H.  
Palmes, Andrew  
Palmes, Richard  
Pancoast, Allan A.  
Pancoast, John Albert  
Pandella, Mitchell  
Pangborn, Henry H.  
Pangburn, Edward  
Papanti, Lorenza Frank  
Papker, F.T.  
Pardee, Joseph W.  
Parham, M.D.  
Parish, W.W.  
Parish, WM  
Park, Charles S.  
Park, Edward G.  
Park, J. A.  
Park, James A.  
Park, John  
Name List of Documents
Park Stephen A.  
Park, T.  
Park, T.  
Park, Theodore F.  
Park, Theodore W.  
Park, William  
Parke, Matthew  
Parker, (Pilot, 1862)  
Parker, (CSN-Gunner)  
Parker, A.S.  
Parker, Adams  
Parker, Addison J.  
Parker, Albert  
Parker, Charles, C.P.  
Parker, Dangerfield  
* Parker, C.M.  
Parker, Daniel P.  
Parker, Dyers T.  
Parker, Edward (War of 1812)  
Parker, Edward (1817)  
Parker, Edwin N.  
Parker, Elisha  
Parker, F. or G.  
Parker, F.F.  
Parker, Forbes D.  
Parker, Foxhall Alexander  
Parker, Francis  
Parker, George  
Parker, Frank H. *  
Parker, George (1837)  
Parker, George (Deceased 1814)  
Parker, George L.  
Parker, George M. or W.  
Parker, George O.  
Parker, George W.  
Parker, Gideon or Gideon P.  
Parker, H. L.  
Parker, Henry  
Parker, Hiram, Jr.  
Parker, Foxhall Alexander Jr. *  
Parker, Israel  
Parker, J.P.  
Parker, Jacob M.  
Parker, James (1846-1866)  
Parker, James Jr.  
Parker, James B.  
Parker, James H.  
Parker, James Lawrence  
Parker, John (1778)  
Parker, John (1864)  
Parker, John C. (1864) *  
Parker, John C. (1864-1865)  
Parker, John H.  
Parker, John Pierce  
Parker, John W.  
Parker, Jonathan  
Parker, Joseph B.  
Parker, Orlando  
Parker, Peter  
Parker, R.C.  
Parker, Richard  
Parker, R. Leroy (1845)  
Parker, Robert  
Parker, Robert W.  
Parker, Samuel St. J.  
Parker, Southey  
Parker, T.  
Parker T.J.  
Parker, T.D.  
Parker, Thomas M.  
Parker, Thurlow W.  
Parker, W.F.  
Parker, W.R.  
Parker, Watts or John Watts  
Parker, William  
Parker, William A.  
Parker, William C.  
Parker, William F. (CSN)  
Parker, William F. (USN)  
Parker, William Fletcher  
Parker, William Harwar *  
Parker, William H. (1778-1781)  
Parker, William H. (1862)  
Parkhill, William  
Parkinson, John C.  
Parkinson, William Latimer  
Parkman, J.E. *  
Parks, Charles P.  
Parks, Edward G.  
Parks, Edward w.  
Parks, Gaven  
Parks, George  
Parks, George Henry  
Parks, John  
Parks, John Wyeth  
Parks, Noah  
Parks, Rufus  
Parks, Samuel W.  
Parks, T.  
Parks, William Woodfin  
Parmelee, Arthur W.  
Parmelee, Yelverton  
Parody, Joseph  
Parrington, C.F.  
Parris, Alexander  
Parrish, A.S.  
Parrish, Horatio N.  
Parrish, Joship  
Parrish, Lewis  
Parrish, William  
Parrott, Abner  
Parrott, Enoch G. *  
Parrott, George Fountain  
Parrott, Joseph J.  
Parry, C.B.  
Parry, John  
Parry, John (CSN)  
Parry, Thomas  
Name List of Documents
Parsels, George  
Parsells, Paez  
Parshley, Leander  
Parson, Isaiah  
Parson, John  
Parsons, Abdel  
Parsons, Alonzo D.  
Parsons, Archer T.  
Parsons, Daniel  
Parsons, E.O. *  
Parsons, Edward A.  
Parsons, Francis H.  
Parsons, J.  
Parsons, James L.  
Parsons, John E.  
Parsons, John R.  
Parsons, Joseph  
Parsons, Nathaniel M.  
Parsons, Thomas A.  
Parsons, Thomas B.  
Parsons, Usher  
Parsons, William (1799)  
Parsons, William (2nd Class Boy, 1865)  
Parsons, William Barclay  
Parsons, William Burrington  
Parsons, William Walter  
Partee, Henry C.  
Partridge, Benjamin F.  
Partridge, E.W.  
Partridge, F.W.  
Partridge, J.  
Partridge, Joseph  
Partridge, Leander  
Partridge, H.V.  
Partridge, William H.  
Parys, Edmund  
Paschal, Jeremiah  
Paschall, J.A. *  
Pascoe, Henry  
Pascoe, Jeremiah  
Pasquell, Richard  
Pasteur, Edward C.  
Pasteur, John  
Patch, Nathaniel J.K.  
Patch, Nicolas  
Patchke, Gustavus A.  
Pate, J.R.  
Pate, J.W.  
Pate, Thomas W.  
Paton, Benjamin, Edward, George, Henry (brothers)  
Patrick, Bower R.  
Patrick, William H.  
Patten, Edwin C.  
Patten, John  
Patten, Thomas (1813-1815)  
Patten, Thomas  
Patten, William W.  
Pattern, J.  
Patterson, A.M.  
Patterson, Andrew  
Patterson, Charles  
Patterson, Charles R. (Artist, 1878-1954)  
Patterson, Charles R. (1863-1865)  
Patterson, Daniel  
Patterson, Edward  
Patterson, G.  
Patterson, Griffith W.D.  
Patterson, J.W.  
Patterson, James (1813)  
Patterson, James (1862-1864)  
Patterson, James (1837)  
Patterson, James (1847) *  
Patterson, James (1862)  
Patterson, John (1840)  
Patterson, John (deceased 1914)  
Patterson, John (1800-1802)  
Patterson, John (CSN-1863)  
Patterson, John (1838)  
Patterson, John (1838)  
Patterson, John (1840)  
Patterson, John Howard  
Patterson, John Smith  
Patterson, M.  
Patterson, Naham  
Patterson, Nathan  
Patterson, R.H.  
Patterson, R.O.  
Patterson, Robert (1839)  
Patterson, Robert (1824)  
Patterson, Robert E.  
Patterson, Samuel D.  
Patterson, Samuel G.  
Patterson, J.H.  
Patterson, Thomas (1837)  
Patterson, Thomas (CSN-1863)  
Patterson, W.  
Patterson, W.W.  
Patterson, William  
Patterson, William Alfred  
Patterson, William B.  
Patterson, William S.  
Pattin, John  
Pattison, Thomas  
Pattison, Thomas H.  
Patton, John  
Patton, John (deceased 1838)  
Patton, John (1800)  
Patton, John  
Patton, M.P.  
Patton, Robert (1843)  
Patton, Robert  
Patton, William  
Patton, William F. *  
Paul, Allen G.  
Paul, George W.  
Paul, Henry  
Paul, Henry (1852-1854)  
Paul, Hugh  
Paul, John W.  
Paul, Reuben  
Paul, Robert  
Paul, William (Jones)  
Paul, William Jr.  
Paul, William M.  
Paulding, Hiram *  
Paulding, James Kirke *  
Pauldings (Family)  
Name List of Documents
Paulding, John (1862)  
Paulding, John  
Paulding, Leonard *  
Paulding, William D.  
Paulding, William H.  
Pautsen, W.A. or W.M.A.  
Paverly, K.  
Pavy, Eli R.  
Pavy, William L.  
Pawling, Henry De Witt  
Pawson, Milton  
Paxton, James  
Payne, Ambrose  
Payne, Andrew J.  
Payne, Barnes  
Payne, Daniel  
Payne, Edward Duggan  
Payne, Frederick  
Payne, Freeborn  
Payne, James  
Payne, James H.  
Payne, John  
Payne, John (CSN)  
Payne, John A.  
Payne, John Calvin  
Payne, John Howard  
Payne, L.N.  
Payne, Samuel N.  
Payne, Thomas  
Payne, William H.  
Paynen, E.D.  
Peabody, Francis G.  
Peabody, George  
Peabody, George F. *  
Peabody, Harold  
Peabody, Israel M.  
Peabody, J.N.  
Peabody, J.W.  
Peabody, John M.  
Peabody, Joseph  
Peabody, William H.  
Peachy, Thomas G.  
Peaco, John W.  
Peacock, Charles A.  
Peacock, George  
Peacock, John R.  
Peak, Francis M.  
Peake, Edward T.  
Peake, John L.  
Peake, Richard N.  
Peale, Charles L.  
Peale, Edmund  
Pearce, George *  
Pearce, George S.  
Pearce, John (1836)  
Pearce, John (b. 1820, d. 1889)  
Pearce, John S.  
Pearce, T.  
Pearce, W.D.W.  
Pearce, Walter  
Pearce, William (1863)  
Pearce, William (1865)  
Pearce, Willliam H.  
Pearl, John & John E.  
Pearl, John M.  
Pearl, Phineas  
Pearson, (Surgeon-1863)  
Pearson, Abel  
Pearson, Alex W.  
Pearson, C.C.  
Pearson, C.G. (CSN)  
Pearson, Ebenezer G.  
Pearson, Edward  
Pearson, Frederick Biography
Pearson, G.B.  
Pearson, George  
Pearson, George T.  
Pearson, James  
Pearson, James M. *  
Pearson, Jeremiah  
Pearson, John  
Pearson, John (CSN)  
Pearson, John A. (CSMC 1864)  
Pearson, John A. (CSN, Seaman)  
Pearson, Lawson L.  
Pearson, P.W.  
Pearson, W.  
Pearson, William (b. 1800 d. 1852) *  
Pearson, William  
Pearson, William (1836)  
Peary, Robert E. * Biography
Peavey, Lester  
Peas, George  
Pease, Aja  
Pease, Charles  
Pease, Cyrus W.  
Pease, George W.  
Pease, Henry Jr.  
Pease, Issac D.  
Pease, John N.  
Pease, John W.  
Pease, Levi  
Pease, Martin  
Pease, Michael  
Pease, Peter  
Pease, Walter  
Pease, William S.  
Peaslee, Jacob  
Peavitt, Joseph  
Peccine, Frederick  
Peck, Augustus (Rich)  
Pease, Charles F.  
Pease, Charles H.  
Pease, Charles W.  
Pease, E. (1782)  
Pease, Edward C.  
Pease, Elisha  
Name List of Documents
Peck, Frederic  
Peck, Gad  
Peck, George M.  
Peck, George P.  
Peck, John  
Peck, Joseph  
Peck, Julius H.  
Peck, Lyman  
Peck, R. Byron *  
Peck, R.E.  
Peck, Richard  
Peck, Ransome B.  
Peck, Titus  
Peck, William Dandridge  
Peckham, Charles  
Peckham, Ernest V.  
Peckham, Philip  
Peddie, George L.  
Peddle, Richard A.  
Pederick, John  
Pedet, William  
Pedrick, John R.  
Pedrick, William  
Peebles, John L.  
Peebles, William  
Peed, John  
Peek, Charles S.  
Peel, Harry  
Peel, Robert  
Peel, William  
Peele, Thomas  
Peete, George W.  
Pegram, James W. *  
Pegram, Robert Baker *  
Peirce, Benjamin F.  
Peirce, George W.  
Peirce, Issac A.  
Peirce, John  
Peirce, John Jr.  
Peirce, Johnathan  
Peirce, Richard  
Peirce, Robert C.  
Peirson, Robert A.  
Peixotto, Herman H.  
Pelby, William R.  
Peleaz, Charles  
Pell, Joseph S.  
Pellet, Gordon  
Peldt. Thomas P. *  
Pelton, Charles E.  
Pelton, Ellsworth W.  
Pelton, James H.  
Pelton, Milo C.  
Pelton, William  
Pelvin, C.W.  
Pember, Thomas *  
Pemberton, John  
Pemberton, John Henry  
Pendergrast, Austin  
Pendergrast, C.A.  
Pendergrast, Garrett J. *  
Pendergrast, William  
Pendester, Edward  
Pendleburg, Robert  
Pendleton, (Family)  
Pendleton, A.G.  
Pendleton, Asa  
Pendleton, Benjamin  
Pendleton, Benjamin (1830)  
Pendleton, Charles H. *  
Pendleton, Daniel  
Pendleton, David  
Pendleton, David Jr.  
Pendleton, Edwin C.  
Pendleton, Euguene  
Pendleton, George H.  
Pendleton, Lebeus  
Pendleton, Lodowick  
Pendleton, Nathaniel  
Pendleton, Oliver  
Pendleton, Ralph C.J.  
Pendleton, Sanuel  
Pendleton, Stephen  
Pendleton, Sylvester  
Pendleton, Thomas A.  
Pendleton, William  
Penett, John  
Penfield, Penfield, Charles  
Penfield, Joseph L.  
Penfield, Norman  
Penfield, W.D.  
Penfield, William H.  
Pengally, John  
Penhallow, T.W.  
Penington, Thomas  
Penn, George W.  
Penn, Lewis  
Penn, Robert  
Penn, Robert  
Penn, William  
Pennell, John  
Pennell, Joseph  
Penney, Edgar  
Penniman, James F.  
Pennington, Charles c.  
Pennington, Charles H.  
Pennington, Charles W.  
Pennington, J.D.  
Pennington, J.G.  
Pennington, Joseph  
Pennington, Lawrence  
Pennington, Lewis W.  
Pennington, Richard  
Pennock, Alexander M. *  
Name List of Documents
Pennoyer, James  
Pennoyer, James (Surgeon 1864)  
Penny, B.F.  
Penny, E.W.  
Penny, Francis H.  
Penny, Jehiel  
Penny, Joseph  
Penny, Silvanus  
Penny, William (1838)  
Penny, William (CSN)  
Penrod, John  
Penrose, Thomas N.  
Penrose, William  
Penton, Abner c.  
Pentony, Thomas  
Penwarden, George W.  
Peoples, Christian  
Peoples, Thomas  
Peopples, Edmund  
Pepin, Ferdinand  
Pepper, Daniel  
Pepper, John (1838)  
Pepper, Joseph  
Pepple (Commodore)  
Pepple William  
Pera, John S.  
Perchard, Clement H.  
Percival, John *  
Percy, Ezekiel D.  
Percy, Henry Tucker  
Perdicaris, Jon H.  
Perkins, Amos G.  
Perkins, Charles G.  
Perkins, Charles P.  
Perkins, Cyrus  
Perkins, E. Stanley *  
Perkins, Edward  
Perkins, F.W.  
Perkins, Frederic  
Perkins, George H.  
Perkins, Gustavus S.  
Perkins, Israel W.  
Perkins, J.  
Perkins, Jacob  
Perkins, James F.  
Perkins, John  
Perkins, John J.  
Perkins, Johnathan  
Perkins, Joseph  
Perkins, Joseph (1841)  
Perkins, S.  
Perkins, Simon  
Perkins, Stephen  
Perkins, William  
Perley, --------  
Perley,  Charles N. or S.  
Perley,  John  
Pernet, John Louis  
Perot, Augustus  
Perrigen, John  
Perrigo, George W.  
Perrigo,  Orvin  
Perrin, Eugene  
Perrin, George W.  
Perrin, Henri W.  
Perrin, Samuel  
Perrine, Henry  
Perrine, Hermenus L.  
Perrot, Augustus  
Perry, ---------  
Perry, Alfred H.  
Perry, Benjamin G.  
Perry, Christopher Raymond *  
Perry, Daniel  
Perry, Edward  
Perry, Edward W. (Acting Master's Mate 1864-65)  
Perry, Edward W. (1st Asst. Engineer 1864)  
Perry, Elisha  
Perry Family  
Perry, George E.  
Perry, George W.  
Perry, J.  
Perry, J. Frank (M.D.) *  
Perry, James  
Perry, James (1839)  
Perry, James Alexander  
Perry, John (CSN)  
Perry, John (1838)  
Perry, John (CSN)  
Perry, John B.  
Perry, John B. (1837)  
Perry, John Leland  
Perry, John Levi  
Perry, John Louis  
Perry, Matthew C.  
Perry, Matthew Calbraith Biography
Perry, Nathaniel H.  
Perry, Noah  
Perry, Oliver Hazard Biography
Perry, Oliver Hazard (son of Commodore O.H. Perry)  
Perry, Raymond Henry Jones  
Perry, Matthew C. *  
Name List of Documents
Perry, Oliver Hazard *  
Perry, Robert J.  
Perry, Roger  
Perry, Thomas  
Perry, Thomas H.  
Perry, Thomas R.  
Perry, Thomas Sargent  
Perry, Victor  
Perry, William (CSN--Acting Master)  
Perry, William (CSN--Seaman)  
Perry, William A.  
Perry, William G.  
Perry, Willis Gaylord  
Peasons, Remus C.  
Peasons, W.H.  
Pervier, John  
Pete, George W.  
Peteet, M.A.  
Peter, George  
Peter, James Freeland  
Peter, Michael  
Peterkin, William (Fred)  
Peterman, Henry  
Peters, Benjamin F.  
Peters, Charles  
Peters, Christian G.  
Peters, George  
Peters, Harry (Henry)  
Peters, Herman  
Peters, George Henry  
Peters, James (Rev. War)  
Peters, James (Seaman, USS COLUMBUS)  
Peters, James P.  
Peters, James H.  
Peters, John  
Peters, John (Prisoner, War of 1812)  
Peters, Osmond  
Peters, Richard  
Peters, Tunis  
Peters, W.T. or W.S.  
Peters, William D.  
Peters, Willliam H.  
Peterson, Adrian A.  
Peterson, Arthur  
Peterson, Caesar  
Peterson, Charles (USS MONITOR)  
Peterson, Charles (USS NORTH CAROLINA)  
Peterson, Charles (USS QUINNEBOG)  
Peterson, Charles A.  
Peterson, Erik Peter (Ensign)  
Peterson, George  
Peterson, Godfrey  
Peterson, Harry  
Peterson, J.G.  
Peterson, James A.  
Peterson, John (Seaman, 1831)  
Peterson, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Peterson, John (Seaman, 1832)  
Peterson, John (Gunner--See Capts. Ltrs, Sept-Oct 1847, National Archives, RG 45)  
Peterson, John A. (CSN 1862)  
Peterson, John F.  
Peterson, Joseph  
Peterson, Moses  
Peterson, Nicholas  
Peterson, Peter  
Peterson, Robert S.  
Peterson, Thomas  
Peterson, Thomas L.  
Peterson, W.C.  
Peterson, William (CSN)  
Peterson, William F.  
Petherick, Charles J. *  
Petherick, Thomas G.  
Petigru, Thomas  
Petit, C.H.  
Petry, Emil  
Pets, John  
Petterson, James C.  
Pettigrew, Charles  
Pettigrew, John  (LT)  
Pettingill, Byron G.  
Pettingill, E.D.  
Pettingill, William L.  
Pettis, Joseph  
Pettit, Charles A.  
Pettit, George H.  
Pettit, James V.  
Pettit, John  
Pettit, John Alfred *  
Pettit, Robert *  
Name List of Documents
Pettrich, Ferdinand  
Petty, Joseph  
Petty, Joseph (Acting Boatswain)  
Petty, Joseph P. (Acting Ensign)  
Peugnet, Maurice B.  
Pfankuch, Clarence G.  
Pfeiffer, John C.  
Pfeiffer, John Phillip  
Pfeltz, Gustavus A.  
Pharr, E.A.  
Phelan, Edward  
Phelan, James D.  
Phelan, Jeremiah  
Phelan, John  
Phelon, Henry A.  
Phelps, A.A.  
Phelps, Alfred Jr.  
Phelps, Anson Greene  
Phelps, Dudley W.  
Phelps, Edwin f.  
Phelps, Horace F.  
Phelps, J.  
Phelps, James  
Phelps, Jefferson  
Phelps, Joseph  
Phelps, Joseph E.  
Phelps, Seth Ledyard *  
Phelps, Thomas  
Phelps, Thomas Stowell *  
Phelps, Thomas W.  
Phelps, William  
Phelps, William W.  
Phenix, Dawson  
Phenix, William  
Philbrick, George F.  
Philbrick, Henry Renuck  
Philbrick, John Jay  
Philbrick, William M.C.  
Philip, John W. * Chronology of Naval Service
Philips, C.A.  
Philips, Charles L.  
Philips, John Van Ness  
Philips, John  
Philips, John L.  
Philliber, James  
Phillippi, Edwin T.  
Phillips, Abram  
Phillips, Adrian  
Phillips, Arthur M.  
Phillips, Charles Lester  
Phillips, David  
Phillips, David S. *  
Phillips, Dinwiddie  
Phillips, Eleazer  
Phillips, Euguene  
Phillips, F. Jr.  
Name List of Documents
Phillips, Isaac *  
Phillips, J.  
Phillips, J.C. (Paymaster Steward)  
Phillips, J.C. (3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Phillips, J.W.  
Phillips, James  
Phillips, James S.  
Phillips, Job  
Phillips, John  
Phillips, John A.  
Phillips, John L.  
Phillips, John S.  
Phillips, Nathaniel  
Phillips, Peter A.  
Phillips, Richard  
Phillips, Samuel  
Phillips, Samuel K.  
Phillips, Selden Jones  
Phillips, Stephen F.  
Phillips, Thomas  
Phillips, Thomas Franklin  
Phillips, Wesley  
Phillips, William  
Phillips, William Ebenezer *  
Phillips, William F.  
Phillips, William F. Jr.  
Phillips, William W.  
Phillipson, Richard  
Philpot, T.N.  
Philpot, David A.  
Phinney, Alvin *  
Phinney, Henry  
Phinney, William  
Phipps, David  
Phipps, Gardner  
Phipps, Goffe  
Phoenix, Adam  
Phythian, Robert R.  
Pick, John F.  
Pickard, William  
Pickelheimer, -----  
Pickens, Andrew H.  
Pickens, George  
Pickerd, Joseph  
Pickering, Anthony  
Pickering, Charles W. *  
Pickering, Horace F.  
Pickering, Marcellus C.  
Pickering, Peter  
Pickering, T.  
Pickering, Thomas  
Pickering, William (1700s)  
Pickering, William (CSN)  
Pickett, James C.  
Picking, Henry F.  
Picklington, -------  
Peil, Robert  
Peirce, ------  
Peirce, Allen W.  
Peirce, Charles *  
Peirce, Charles C. (Chaplain 1890s) *  
Peirce, Charles D.  
Peirce, Charles H.  
Peirce, Daniel  
Peirce, Fancis Henry  
Peirce, George  
Peirce, Granville T.  
Peirce, Henry H.  
Peirce, Henry M.  
Pierce, Israel E.  
Peirce, Jeremiah  
Peirce, John (1836)  
Peirce, John (CSN)  
Peirce, Jonathan  
Peirce, Joseph *  
Peirce, Samuel Lewis  
Pierce, Stephen D.  
Peirce, Thomas  
Peirce, Thomas P.  
Peirce, Willliam (1838)  
Peirce, William (1864)  
Peirce, William P. *  
Piercy, William M.  
Peircy, William P.  
Pierson, --------  
Peirsonn, Abraham B.  
Peirsonn, Alfred  
Peirsonn, Henry R.  
Peirsonn, Lawson  
Peirsonn, Marietta  
Peirsonn, Robert  
Pigman, George W. *  
Pigott, Richard  
Pike, Benjamin S.  
Pike, Eben B. *  
Pike, Nathaniel  
Pile, Jones  
Pilgrim, Thomas  
Pilkington, Hugh Lowell  
Pilkington, Matthew  
Pilling, George H.  
Pillsbury, John Elliott  
Pillsbury, Wingate  
Pimlette, Thomas  
Pinckney, Gabriel  
Pinckney, R.  
Pinckney, Richard S.  
Pinckney, Robert F. *  
Pinckney, Roger *  
Pindar, William  
Pindell, William Nick  
Pinder, John W.  
Pinder, Thomas  
Pine, -------------  
Pine, Benjamin  
Pine, Samuel M.  
Pine, William S.  
Pingle, Henry  
Name List of Documents
Pinkard, George J.  
Pinkerton, James C.  
Pinkham, Alexander B. *  
Pinkney, -----------  
Pinkney, Edward C.  
Pinkney, Henry  
Pinkney, Ninian *  
Pinkney, Thomas C. *  
Pinney, F.L.  
Pinney, Joseph  
Pinney, Martin *  
Pintard, Samuel  
Piper, Ferdinand  
Piper, James  
Piper, Pliny  
Piper, Walter  
Pipkin, Isaac  
Pippin Family  
Pippin, Bannister  
Pippin, William  
Pircin, Robert  
Pishon, Henry M.  
Pitcher, Jonathan  
Pitcher, Molly  
Pitcher, William  
Pitfield, Oliver A.  
Pitkin, Henry Stanley  
Pitman, Charles E.  
Pitman, H.C.  
Pitman, John H.  
Pitman, Joseph  
Pitt, Lorenzo D.  
Pittman, ----------  
Pitts, A.B.  
Pitts, A.P.  
Pitts, John  
Pitts, William  
Pitty, James (1837)  
Pity, James (1798-1799)  
Place, Charles W.  
Place, Edward N.K.  
Place, F.L.  
Place, Joseph F.  
Place, Joshua Runce *  
Plaisted, Charles W.  
Plaisted, Elisha  
Plander, George C.  
Plank, Abraham  
Plant, Joseph H.  
Platt, Charles T.  
Platt, Daniel  
Platt, George  
Platt, George W. *  
Platt, Henry  
Platt, John Henry  
Platt, Robert  
Platt, Samuel  
Platt, William  
Platt, William H.  
Plattenburg, Cyrus R.  
Playstart, William  
Pleasanton, John H.  
Pleasants, Daniel  
Plotts, Regan B.  
Plumb, E.  
Plumb, Joel  
Plumb, Truman  
Plumley, David  
Plummer, Charles  
Plummer, Jones W.  
Plummer, Jeremiah  
Plump, Frederick  
Plumstead, William  
Plunkert, David  
Plunkert, Daviot  
Plunkert, Thomas  
Plunkett, Charles P. Letter addressed to Mr. John A. Stewart from RADM C.P. Plunkett declining invitation to luncheon for Richard E. Enright. 24-Oct-24
Plunkett, Frank *  
Plunkett, James  
Plunkett, James L.  
Plunkett, William *  
Plympton, Emmons  
Polkington, George  
Poe, Harper  
Pogas, John  
Pogue, Robert  
Poindexter, Carter B. *  
Poinsett, Asa *  
Poinsett, Joel Roberts  
Polen, George B.  
Polhman, Andres  
Polk, Alexander  
Polk, Daniel  
Polk, James  
Polk, Joshua  
Polk, Lucius  
Polk, Randall  
Polk, Robert  
Polk, William Winder (Midshipman) *  
Polk, William W. (Capt., Revenue Service) *  
Name List of Documents
Pollard, Absalom  
Pollard, Andrew  
Pollard, D. (Captain)  
Pollard, George  
Pollard, Jacob  
Pollard, John B.  
Pollard, Russell V.  
Pollard, W.J.  
Pollard, William  
Pollard, William  
Pollard, William (3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Pollery, William  
Polley, George W.B.  
Polley, James H.  
Polleys, Woodbury H.  
Pollis, W.H.  
Pollock, Alexander  
Pollock, David J.  
Pollock, Emmet  
Pollock, James  
Pollock, Oliver  
Pollock, Samuel  
Pollock, Samuel H.  
Pollock, William H.  
Pollock, William W. (LT)  
Pomeroy, G.P.  
Pomeroy, Richard  
Pond, Collis T.  
Pond, John E.  
Pond, Moses  
Pons, Francis  
Ponte, John  
Pook(e), Samuel Hart *  
Pook, Samuel Moore *  
Pool, Aaron  
Pool, Addison  
Pool, Lewis  
Pool, Robert  
Pool, Sylvester  
Poole, ----------  
Poole, Ebenezer  
Poole, F.H. (USS MOHANGO)  
Poole, Francis H. (USS BRANDEYWINE)  
Poole, Francis H. (USS ASCUTNEY)  
Poole, Francis H. (USS CACTUS)  
Poole, George (See ZB, John Hodie)  
Poor, Albert B.  
Poor, Benjamin  
Poor, Charles Henry (RADM)  
Poor, Charles Henry Jr. (Master's Mate)  
Poor, William W.  
Pope, Alexander  
Pope, Byron  
Pope, Chambers  
Pope, Francis  
Pope, James  
Pope, John (Commodore) *  
Pope, Nathaniel  
Pope, Percival  
Pope, Ralph E.  
Pope, Skiles  
Pope, Thomas  
Popejoy, James P.  
Poplar, Charles  
Porcher, Charles J.  
Porcher, Philip  
Porteous, James  
Porter, -------(Surgeon, Rev. War)  
Porter, Aaron  
Porter, Abel K.  
Porter, Alexander  
Porter, Benjamin  
Porter, Benjamin H.  
Porter, Benjamin J.  
Porter, Carlisle P.  
Porter, Charles (son-in-law of Noah Brown)  
Porter, Charles (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Porter, Charles F.  
Porter, D.E.  
Porter, Daniel G.  
Porter, David (Master of Maryland Sloop DELIGHT)  
Porter, David  
Porter, David (Ordinary Seaman 1837)  
Porter, David (Paymaster's Steward CSN)  
Porter, David Essex  
Porter, David H.  
Porter, David R.  
Porter, David St. L.  
Porter, David V.  
Porter, David (Commodore) 1-3 of 4 *  
Name List of Documents
Porter, David (Commodore) 4 of 4*  
Porter, Eleazer  
Porter, George  
Porter, H.O. (LT)  
Porter, Hambleton F.  
Porter, Henry (CAPT)  
Porter, Henry A. (LT, Revenue Service)  
Porter, Ira W.  
Porter, J.  
Porter, J. Hampden  
Porter, James (Landsman)  
Porter, James (LT USMC)  
Porter, James B.  
Porter, James H. (Acting Master)  
Porter, James H. (Acting Ensign)  
Porter, John (CDR)  
Porter, John F.  
Porter, John L. *  
Porter, Josiah W. (Landsman)  
Porter, Lemuel  
Porter, Mortimer S.  
Porter, Moses  
Porter, Richard (Seaman in USS COLUMBUS 1838)  
Porter, Richard (Seaman, enl. 15 Oct. 1836)  
Porter, Richard II  (Seaman, enl. 22 Oct. 1836)  
Porter, Robert  
Porter, Porter, Samuel  
Porter, Sidney D.  
Porter, Theodoric  
Porter, Thomas (son of Como. David Porter)  
Porter, Thomas (Able Seaman)  
Porter, Thomas Kennedy  
Porter, W.G.  
Porter, William C.B.S.  
Porter, William D. (CSN)  
Porter, William D. (Como.)  
Porter, William H.  
Porter, Z.H. (Landsman, CSN)  
Porterfield, Alexander  
Portlock, Nathaniel  
Portlock, Tapley  
Portridge, Benjamin  
Posey, Belain  
Posey, John Frederick  
Posey, Joseph  
Post, A.S.  
Post, Albert  
Post, Alfred  
Post, George William  
Post, Judson  
Post, N.  
Postal, Oscar  
Postans, Robert  
Postell, William Ross  
Postlethwait, George W.  
Pote, G.  
Pote, Jeremiah  
Pote, Robert  
Pote, William  
Potorious, Charles  
Pottee, Mawry or Maury  
Pottenger, Robert  
Potter, ---------  
Potter, A.  
Potter, Ambrose  
Potter, Charles (Actg. Master)  
Potter, Charles H. (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Potter, D.B.  
Potter, Edward Ells  
Potter, Edward H.  
Potter, F.M.  
Potter, Fred E.  
Potter, George  
Potter, Hazel  
Potter, Joseph  
Potter, Peter  
Potter, Robert  
Potter, Stephen  
Potter, Thomas  
Potter, William P.  
Pottier, Stanislaus  
Potts, -------(Engineer)  
Potts, --------(Assistant Surgeon)  
Potts, Jeremiah  
Potts, John Jr.  
Potts, Joseph  
Potts, Joseph H.  
Potts, Richard C.  
Potts, Robert  
Potts, Robert (1st asst. engr.)  
Potts, Samuel  
Potts, Stacy  
Potts, Templin M.  
Potts, Thomas  
Potts, William  
Potts, William B.  
Potts, William H.  
Poulson, G.B.  
Poulson, James  
Poulson, William H.  
Pouenmore, Samuel  
Powell, Abraham  
Powell, Eli  
Powell, Francis  
Name List of Documents
Powell, George Kelsey *  
Powell, George Sparks  
Powell, Henry (Seaman 1838)  
Powell, Henry (CSN, CSS JACKSON)  
Powell, Henry (CSN, CSS CARONDOLET)  
Powell, Jesse  
Powell, John, Sr. (War of 1812)  
Powell, John (Acting Master)  
Powell, John (Machinist, USS FULTON)  
Powell, John T. (Seaman, USS SABINE)  
Powell, Levin *  
Powell, Robert C.  
Powell, Samuel W.  
Powell, Thomas ( 2nd class boy, CSS LIVINGSTON)  
Powell, Thomas (Certificate of issue, 1864)  
Powell, William John *  
Powell, William L. (LT)  
Powelson, W.V.N.  
Power, David F.  
Power, Edward R.  
Power, James  
Power, John  
Power, John W.  
Power, Patrick  
Power, Thomas  
Power, Will T.  
Power, William  
Powers, Alexander  
Powers, Charles  
Powers, David  
Powers, F.A.  
Powers, G.  
Powers, James (landsman)  
Powers, James (CSN, CSS DALMAN)  
Powers, James Thomas  
Powers, John  
Powers, John Park  
Powers, Mandeville  
Powers, Michael  
Powers, Michael Jr. (Seaman, USS COLUMBUS)  
Powers, Morris  
Powers, Thomas M.  
Powers, William  
Powers, William Henry  
Powers, William P.  
Powley, William  
Powrie, John  
Pracht, Max (See also Max Pratt)  
Pratt, Aaron  
Pratt, Alexander  
Pratt, Benjamin O.  
Pratt, E.B.  
Pratt, Frank E.  
Pratt, George  
Pratt, John  
Pratt, John B.  
Pratt, John J.  
Pratt, Julius *  
Pratt, Maxwell (See also Max Pracht)  
Pratt, Nathan  
Pratt, Nichols  
Pratt, Oscar  
Pratt, Spencer  
Pratt, Thomas St. G.  
Pratt, William F. (Acting Master)  
Pratt, William Fennel (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Pratt,  William H.  
Pray, E.  
Pray, Ephraim  
Pray, Ezra  
Pray, J.  
Pray, John  
Pray, John H.  
Pray, Peter  
Pray, Thomas J.  
Pray, William  
Prayda, Nicholas  
Preble, Charles  
Preble, Edward (1761-1807) * Biography
Preble, Edward E. (LCDR)  
Preble, George Henry  
Preble, Joseph (seaman, 1836)  
Preble, Joseph (Acting Master, CSN)  
Prendergast, John ( 2nd class boy, CSN)  
Prendergast, John (1878, USS AJAX)  
Prendergast, William  
Prendergrast, John  
Prentiss, Caleb  
Prentiss, Charles  
Prentiss, George A.  
Prentiss, J.E. (LT 1832)  
Prentiss, John E. (Acting Midshipman 1842)  
Prentiss, Roderick  
Prentiss, Samuel  
Prescott, Charles M.  
Prescott, David  
Prescott, George  
Prescott, Jeremy  
Prescott, William A.  
Presher, John R.  
Presho, Daniel  
Pressel, Augustus  
Pressel, Henry  
Pressel, Philip  
Presstman, George R.  
Prest, Ebenezer  
Preston, James  
Preston, John  
Preston, Samuel (Pryor)  
Preston, Thomas  
Preston, William Ballard  
Preston, William H.  
Prettyman, Isaac  
Prettyman, Lewis  
Prettyman, Martin  
Pretzfield, William  
Prevost, James  
Prevost, John Barton  
Prewitt, Joseph  
Price, -------------  
Price, -----------(CAPT)  
Price, A.  
Price, Absolam  
Price, Alexander  
Price, Arthur  
Price, B.F.  
Price, B.S.  
Price, Charley  
Price, Christopher  
Price, Cicero  
Price, Edward  
Price, Edward (seaman)  
Price, Edward (CSN, ATLANTA)  
Price, Elijah  
Price, F.D.  
Price, George (Gunner, USN)  
Price, George (Engineer, CSN)  
Price, J.E.  
Price, James (Fireman, Civil War)  
Price, James (Seaman, 1839)  
Price, James (Able Seaman, 1839)  
Price, James (LT)  
Price, James (Colored CSN)  
Price, James (Fireman, CSN); Price, James H.  
Price, John (Jay)  
Price, John (Rev. War)  
Price, John R. (CSN)  
Price, Joseph (Contraband, 1st Class Boy)  
Pugh, J.W.  (British Navy, 1896-1900, Personal Log )  
Name List of Documents
Price, Joseph  
Price, Joseph (LT)  
Price, Richard  
Price, Robert (Ensign)  
Price, Rodman  
Price, Sidney  
Price, Stephen  
Price, W.  
Price, William  
Price, William (Acting Master's Mate)  
Price, William D.  
Price, William H. (Ensign)  
Price, William H. (Acting 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Prichard, James  
Prichett, James M. *  
Prickett, Nathaniel P.  
Priest, J. Henry  
Priest, Joshua  
Priest, Robert  
Prime, E.S.  
Prince, _________  
Prince, A.B.  
Prince, John  
Prince, John (Landsman)  
Prince, William H.  
Prindle, Franklin Cogswell  
Prindle, George M.  
Prindle, Peter B.  
Pringle, Joel Roberst Poinsett  
Prior, Christopher  
Prior, Gilbert S.  
Pritchard, Arthur J.  
Pritchard, D.H.  
Pritchard, William  
Pritchett, Henry S. *  
Proctor, Alexander  
Proctor, Baron  
Proctor, Henry  
Proctor, Henry O.  
Proctor, Sanford  
Proctor, Thomas R.  
Prophet, Isaiah  
Prole, J.  
Pronk, John  
Prouty, Charles T.  
Prosser, Benjamin  
Protzfield, William  
Proudfit, Ransom S.  
Prouet, John Louis  
Prouty, I.L.  
Provost, John D.  
Provost, Nelson  
Prudhomme, L.F.  
Pruitt, John H.  
Pruitt, Joseph  
Pruitt, Martin  
Pryde, N.B.  
Pryor, Edward  
Puch, Little John (see also Pugh, L.I.)  
Pucket, John (see Puckett, John)  
Puckett, Charles G.  
Puckett, John  
Pugh, James  
Pugh, Joseph or John W.  
Pugh, L. J.  
Pugsley, Isaac P.  
Pulaski, Casimir *  
Pulis, Joseph  
Pullizzi, V. *  
Pulman, David  
Pullman, Edmund G.  
Pulsifer, Frank H. *  
Pulsifer, Horatio B.  
Pultz, Norman S.  
Punch, Richard  
Purcell, Leonard  
Purcell, Phillip  
Purcell, William  
Purcer, Denin  
Purdy, Gilbert H.  
Purdy, Henry B.  
Purdy, John (1st class Boy 1837)  
Purdy, John (1st asst. Engr 1869)  
Purdy, John D.  
Purdy, Justin  
Purdy, Robert P.  
Purnell, J.L.  
Purse, William C.  
Pursell, Francis  
Pursell, Peter H.  
Purser, David (Sr. & Jr.)  
Purtell, Patrick  
Purtell, Peter Oliver  
Purviance, Hugh Young  
Purviance, James  
Purviance, Wilson Carey  
Putnam, Barnett  
Putnam, Benjamin  
Putnam, Charles Flint *  
Putnam, Charles O.  
Putnam, Clarence  
Putnam, Daniel  
Putnam, David  
Putnam, Edwin  
Putnam, George F.  
Putnam, Henry  
Putnam, W.O.  
Putnam, William S.  
Pybus, John  
Pye, James Booth  
Pyke, David  
Pyle, George W.  
Pynchon, W.L.  
Pynne, George A.  


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