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Located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Aaron - Ayres


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Aaron, John - Letter from D.W. Knox 1933
- Letter from D.W. Knox 1935
Abberton, Martin - Short biographic information
Abbot, Benjamin - Naval Rendezvous pay record 1836
Abbot, Francis O. - Civil War Records of Volunteer Officer slips (4)
Abbot, Isaac A. - Civil War Records of Volunteer Officer slips (14)
Abbot, Joel * - Letter from John Masson 1813
- Letter to William Jones Oct. 1813
- Letter to William Jones Dec. 1813
- Letter to John Masson 1814
- Letter to Edward N. Cox Sept. 5, 1832
- Letter to Joel Abbot 1832
- Letter to Edward N. Cox  July 2, 1832
- Letter to Edward N. Cox 1832
- Letter to Edward N. Cox Sept. 1, 1832
- Letter to Edward N. Cox July 7, 1832
- Service chronology and letter to Mr. Miller 1942
- Article by E.B. (copyrighted, view in Library)
- Short biography 1940
- Citations
- Biography from Appleton’s Biographical Encyclopedia 1918
- Letter to Charles W. Stewart from Abbot Cooke (grandson)
- Letter to Mr. W.H. Stayton 1918
- Citation

Related Content:
Abbot, Walter - Letter to George M. Robeson, 1 Mar 1873
Abbott, Amos - Letter to Mrs. Frank Abbott Davidson 1929
Abbott, Andrew - Rendezvous and pay record 1838
- Age confirmation form, 1838
Abbott, Charles C. - Civil War vessel assignment record (6)
Abbott, David M. - Civil War Records of Volunteer Officer slips (4)
- Letter to RADM DD Porter 1864
- Letter to RADM DD Porter 1865
- Letter to Commodore W Radford 1865
- Citation note
Abbott, George P. - Letter to Gideon Welles 1865
- Letter to RADM DD Porter 1865
Abbott, Isaac H. - Service chronology and letter to Mrs. George E. Robson
Abbott, J. Francis - Letter to William Ballard Preston
Abbott, J. Gurley - Civil War Records (4)
Abbott, Richard S.  
Abbott, Samuel W.  
Abbott, Stephen A.  
Abbott, Trevett  
Abbott, Walter  
Abbott, William A.  
Abbott, William A.  
Abel, Walter B.  
Abele, Clarence A.  
Abels, Zachriah  
Abercrombie, Alexander R. *  
Abercrombie, John  
Abernathy, James  
Abernathy, R.a.  
Abernethy, Augustus Huggins  
Abernethy, John J.  
Able, A. H.  
Abrahams, Benjamen  
Abrahams, James B.  
Abrams, Charles B.  
Abrams, Daniel  
Abrams, James  
Aby, Charles W.  
Ackerman, A. A.  
Ackerman, Thomas F.  
Ackley, Charles  
Ackley, Henry  
Ackley, Isaac  
Ackley, John  
Ackley, Seth M. *  
Ackwerth, William F.  
Acton, Richard  
Adair, William D.  
Adam, H.  
Ackley, Seth M. *  
Adams, Capt.  
Adams, Cap.  
Adams, A.  
Adams, A. J.  
Adams, Alfred B.  
Adams, C.  A.  
Adams, C. W.  
Adams, Cassilly  
Adams, Charles  
Adams, Charles Francis III  
Adams, Fred  
Adams, Cyrus B.  
Adams, Daniel  
Adams, David  
Adams, David P.  
Adams, Edward F.  
Adams, Edward H.  
Adams, Elmon  
Adams, Enos O.  
Adams, F.  
Adams, F. H.  
Adams, Frank G.  
Adams, Fred Charles  
Adams, George  
Adams, George W.*  
Adams, Henry  
Adams, Henry  
Adams, Henry A.  
Adams, Henry A., Jr.  
Adams, Henry C.  
Adams, Horace  
Adams, J.  
Adams, J.  
Adams, J.H.T.  
Adams, James Dexter  
Adams, James M.  
Adams, John  
Adams, John  
Adams, John  
Adams, John  
Adams, John L.  
Adams, John Quincy  
Adams, John Quincy *  
Adams, John Quincy, Jr.  
Adams, John Warren  
Adams, Jonathan  
Adams, Joseph  
Adams, Joseph  
Adams, Joseph H.  
Adams, Joseph H.  
Adams, La Rue R.  
Adams, Myron*  
Adams, N.K.  
Adams, Nathan  
Adams, Nathaniel  
Name List of Documents
Adams, Newton G.  
Adams, Richard   
Adams, Richard   
Adams, Robert  
Adams, Sabin  
Adams, Samuel  
Adams, Samuel P.  
Adams, Samuel W.  
Adams, Samuel W.  
Adams, Thomas  
Adams, Thomas  
Adams, Thomas  
Adams, W. H.  
Adams, Warren  
Adams, William  
Adams, William  
Adams, William  
Adams, William  
Adams, William H.  
Adams, William M.E.*  
Adams, Willoughby Wilson  
Adams, Zachary  
Adamson, A.  
Adamson, J. B.  
Adamson, John  
Adamson, Samuel E.  
Adamson, William  
Adcock, R. J.  
Adcock, Ransom  
Addeton, James  
Addicks, Joseph Turner  
Addington, Ebenezer  
Addison, Albert Percy  
Addison, D. M.  
Addison, W. J.  
Adee, Augustus A.  
Adie, Samuel F.  
Adkins, John William  
Adler, August  
Aenchbacher, James N.  
Agan, John  
Agate, Alfred Taylor  
Agee, James  
Aggars, Frederick  
Agee, William  
Agnew, John P.  
Aguado, Francisco  
Ahern, Holmes  
Ahern, William  
Ahern, William  
Ahrens, Andrew H.  
Ahrens, L. C.  
Ah Sing  
Aiken, Andrew  
Aiken, Edmund C.  
Aiken, George W.  
Aiken, Joseph (CSN)  
Aiken, Josiah B.  
Aiken, William A.  
Aikman, James B.  
Ainsworth, Dr.  
Ainsworth, Charles  
Ainsworth, Joseph M.  
Aird, Hugh  
Airhart, Peter  
Aitken, Andrew  
Akers, John  
Albert, Lemuel  
Albertson, A. E.  
Albertson, Bernal  
Albertson, John  
Albister, Carlos  
Albro, Gardner  
Albright, E.  
Albright, Kenneth C. *  
Albury, William H.  
Albus, A.J. or N  
Alby, Seth B.  
Alcorn, James E.  
Alden, Isaac C.  
Alden, James* Chronology of Naval Service
Alden, James M.  
Alden, John  
Alden, Robert Wormstead  
Alden, Stephen  
Alderslade, George E.  
Aldert, Henry  
Aldred, T.J.  
Aldrich, Arthur F., Jr.  
Aldrich, Charles B.  
Aldridge, Thomas Jefferson  
Alexander, (Paymasters Clerk)  
Alexander, Alexander  
Alexander, C.  
Alexander, Charles  
Alexander, Cheniah H.  
Alexander, Edward  
Alexander, Francis  
Alexander, George  
Aleacander, Gerard  
Alexander, Horace E.  
Alexander, James  
Alexander, James E.  
Alexander, James S.  
Alexander, John  
Alexander, Joseph  
Alexander, Joseph D.  
Alexander, Joseph W.  
Alexander, Louis  
Alexander, Philemon  
Alexander, Phillip  
Alexander, Richard H.  
Alexander, W.D.  
Alexis, Robert  
Alford, Edward  
Alfred, A.R.  
Alger, William H.  
Allan, Alexander  
Allan, David  
Allan, John M.  
Allan, Thomas  
Allan, William P.  
Allard, jasper S.  
Allderdice, W.H.  
Alleman, George  
Name List of Documents
Allen, Abraham  
Allen, Adna  
Allen, Albert D.  
Allen, Alexander  
Allen, Alexander B.  
Allen, Alfred  
Allen, Alick  
Allen, Ambrose  
Allen, Ambrose  
Allen, Amos  
Allen, Archibald *  
Allen, B.  
Allen, B. G.  
Allen, Benjamen S.  
Allen, Bernard  
Allen, Byad  
Allen, Charles A. L.  
Allen, Charles L.  
Allen, Christopher  
Allen, D.  
Allen, David, U. H.  
Allen, Daniel  
Allen, E.  
Allen, Ebenezer  
Allen, Ebenezer  
Allen, Edward  
Allen, Edward  
Allen, Edward Gray  
Allen, Edward O.  
Allen, Elisha  
Allen, Ethan  
Allen, Francis B.  
Allen, Francis P.  
Allen, Frederick B.  
Allen, George  
Allen, George Chapman  
Allen, George E.  
Allen, George Otis  
Allen, George W.  
Allen, Graver MacDonald  
Allen, H. R.  
Allen, Henry  
Allen, Henry  
Allen, Henry F.  
Allen, Henry S.  
Allen, Isaiah  
Allen, J.  
Allen, James  
Allen, James  
Allen, James M.  
Allen, James T.  
Allen, John  
Allen, John  
Allen, John  
Allen, John  
Allen, John  
Allen, John B. A., Jr.  
Allen, John H.  
Allen, John J.  
Allen, John J.  
Allen, John M.  
Allen, John S.  
Allen, Joseph  
Allen, Joseph, Jr.  
Allen, Joseph H.  
Allen, Joseph R.  
Allen, Joshua  
Allen, Louis J.  
Allen, Mervin  
Allen, N. D.  
Allen, Nathaniel  
Allen, Oliver E.  
Allen, Oliver P.  
Allen, Perkins  
Allen, Robert H.  
Allen, Robert W.  
Allen, Samuel K.  
Allen, Samuel P.  
Allen, Sherman  * (FDR letter)
Allen, Smith  
Allen, Thomas  
Allen, Thomas  
Allen, Thomas  
Allen, W.  
Allen, W.  
Allen, W. C.  
Allen, W. R.  
Allen, Walter H.  
Allen, William  
Allen, William  
Allen, William  
Allen, William A.H.  
Allen, William H.  
Allen, William H.  
Allen, William H.  
Allen, William Henry*  
Allen, William Horschel  
Allen, William Howard  
Allensworth, Allen  
Alley, F. C.  
Alley, J. B.  
Allibone, Charles O.  
Allibone, Isaac  
Allibone, William  
Allin, Edward  
Allingham, James J.  
Allingham, Robert  
Allis, E. H.  
Allis, William  
Allison, Oscar W.  
Allison, Richard  
Allison, Richard T. *  
Allman (Aleman) Philip  
Allmand, Albert  
Allmand, William H.  * (John Tyler letter)
Allphin, Henry Z.  
Allway, Manuel  
Allyn, Eliphalet, Gilman  
Allyn, Gurdon L.  
Alman, Merrith  
Almeder, George L.  
Alms, Herman  
Almy, Augustus C.  
Almy, George B.  
Almy, John Jay *  
Almy, John W.  
Almy, John W.  
Almy, Thomas C. *  
Alpha, -----  
Alport, Josiah  
Alsdorf, William C.  
Alson, Robert W.  
Alson, Robert W.  
Alston, Joseph A.  
Alston, W. A.  
Althause, A.  
Alsworth, James  
Alvado, R.  
Alvaries, Joseph  
Alvis, Eemanuel  
Alvis, Henry  
Alward, Thomas  
Alwin, John Cushing  
Amaseen, Joseph  
Ambler, James Markham Marshall  
Ambrico, B.  
Ameiman, Charles H.  
Ames, Howard E.  
Ames, John H. *  
Ames, M. D.  
Ames, M. P.  
Ames, Mark D.  
Ames, N. F.  
Ames, Pelham, Warner  
Ames, Richard  
Amick, -----  
Amie, John F.  
Amiss, Alpheus  
Amiss, Levi  
Amiss, Stephen  
Ammen, Daniel Related Content:
Amorous, Mathias O.  
Amory, C. W.  
Amory, E. L.  
Amory, William  
Amsden, George W.  
Amsden, Joel  
Anable, Henry B. *  
Arcrum, John Lawrence  
Anders, Frank  
Name List of Documents
Anderson, -----  
Anderson, Aaron  
Anderson, Addison Alexander  
Anderson, Andrew  
Anderson, Andrew G.  
Anderson, Asa  
Anderson, August  
Anderson, Benjamini F.  
Anderson, Cameron  
Anderson, Charles  
Anderson, Charles  
Anderson, Charles W.  
Anderson, David  
Anderson, Edward C. *  
Anderson, Edward Maffitt  
Anderson, Edwin Alexander *  
Anderson, F. (Surgeon)  
Anderson, Franklin  
Anderson, George  
Anderson, George (x)  
Anderson, George  
Anderson, George  
Anderson, George C.  
Anderson, George E. *  
Anderson, George W.  
Anderson, Hans  
Anderson, Harry R.  
Anderson, Henry *  
Anderson, Henry James  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, James  
Anderson, James A. *  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John D. *  
Anderson, John Lawrence  
Anderson, John Peter  
Anderson, John R.  
Anderson, John W.  
Anderson, Jonah  
Anderson, Joseph  
Anderson, Joseph B.  
Anderson, Junius M.  
Anderson, Martin  
Anderson, Martin  
Anderson, Martin P.  
Anderson, Mathew B.  
Anderson, N.  
Anderson, Nicholas  
Anderson, Peter  
Anderson, R. L.  
Anderson, Richard  
Anderson, Robert  
Anderson, Robert  
Anderson, S.  
Anderson, S. J.  
Anderson, Samuel  
Anderson, Samuel  
Anderson, Samuel  
Anderson, Thomas  
Anderson, Thomas  
Anderson, Thomas D.  
Anderson, Thomas O. *  
Anderson, W. D. G.  
Anderson, Walker  * (letters to Zachery Taylor and from J. R. Poinsett)
Anderson, Walter G.  
Anderson, Walter Stratton (VADM, USN) *  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William *  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William  
Anderson, William D.  
Anderson, William H.  
Anderson, William H.  
Aberton, Samuel  
Andrada, Joaquin Lloret  
Andrade, Cipriano  
Andre, Edward C.  
Andreas, William  
Andriasen, Charles Gunder  
Andresen, C. G.  
Andrew, Auguast  
Andrew, Jackson (Bancroft and Polk letters)
Andrew, Moses L.  
Andrews, Alexander McKim  
Andrews, Amos  
Andrews, Collins J.  
Andrews, Daniel  
Andrews, Daniel W.  
Andrews, Dudley  
Andrews, Edward W.  
Andrews, Eleazer  
Andrews, Elijah T.  
Andrews, Elisha  
Andrews, Francis S.  
Andrews, Gideon  
Andrews, Greenleaf  
Andrews, Henry  
Andrews, Henekiah  
Andrews, Jedadiah  
Andrews, John  
Andrews, John  
Andrews, Joseph I.  
Andrews, Isaac  
Andrews, Moses L.  
Andrews, Nicholas  
Andrews, Philip  
Andrews, Samuel G.  
Andrews, Thomas  
Andrews, William  
Andrews, William  
Andrews, William  
Andrews, William B.  
Andrews, William F.  
Andrews, Zebulon  
Andros, Noble C.  
Andrus, Alexander  
Angerhoffer, Charles A.  
Angus, Francis  
Angus, J.  
Angus, John  
Angus, Samuel  
Ankers, John H.  
Annan, John  
Annible, Benjamin  
Annis, Ellison  
Name List of Documents
Anshutz, W. J.  
Anslentz, William I  
Anson, Robert, E. *  
Antes, Henry P.  
Anthony, Charles M. *  
Anthony, Emil  
Anthony, H.  
Anthony, Jeremiah  
Anthony, John G.  
Anthony, William  
Antonio, Joseph  
Antonio, Antoine  
Antonio, Lewis  
Antonio, Nicholas  
Antony, James F.  
Aoblit, Joseph H.  
Apgar, Allen J.  
Appel, Philip F.  
Apperly, Astley  
Apperly, William  
Apperser, Peter  
Appleby, Joshua  
Applegate, J.  
Applegate, Reuben  
Applegate, T. J.  
Appleman, Louis P.  
Appleton, Edwin S.  
Appleton, George H.  
Applewhite, A. M.  
Appleyard, Thomas H.  
Aral, John  
Arbecam, Henry P.  
Arbona, Francisco  
Arbuthnot, Cocran E.  
Archer, Carthon  
Archer, Frank  
Archer, Frederick  
Archer, James Richard  
Archer, John  
Archer, T. A. (x)  
Archer, Thomas F. *  
Arents, Frederick W.  
Arey, Albert R. *  
Arey, Arthur Brainer  
Arey, David W.  
Arey, Henry  
Argyle, Price  
Arlier, William  
Arledge, G. H.  
Armand, de La Val  
Armandt, Paul  
Armentraut, George W.  
Armer, D. P.  
Armistead, George W.  
Armistead, Robert  
Armistead, Theodore  
Armitage, James  
Armitage, Samuel  
Armitage, Thomas B.  
Armor, W. G.  
Armore, Edward Moffitt  
Arms, Frank H.  
Arms, Frank T.  
Armstrong, Aaron H.  
Armstrong, Aeneas *  
Armstrong, Caleb H.  
Armstrong, E. V.  
Armstrong, George  
Armstrong, George  
Armstrong, George W.  
Armstrong, H  
Armstrong, Henry A.  
Armstrong, Isreal  
Armstrong, James *  
Armstrong, James  
Armstrong, James F.  
Armstrong, James Fielder  
Armstrong, John D.  
Armstrong, John L.  
Armstrong, John S.  
Armstrong, M.  
Armstrong, Richard Fielder  
Armstrong, Samuel  
Armstrong, Thomas  
Armstrong, Thomas M.  
Armstrong, William  
Armstrong, William C.  
Armstrong, William M.  
Armstrong, William McNeill  
Arnaud, William S.  
Arnberg, Charles  
Arnold, Alman  
Arnold, Archibald C.  
Arnold, Benedict  
Arnold, C. L.  
Arnold, Daniel, Jr.  
Arnold, Edward R.  
Arnold, Freight  
Arnold, Henry N. T.  
Arnold, I. H.  
Arnold, John  
Arnold, Joseph  
Arnold, Joseph W.  
Arnold, Robert  
Arnold, Solon  
Arnold, Thomas  
Arnold, W. F.  
Arnold, William  
Arnold, William  
Arnold, William *  
Arp, Peter  
Arrants, William B.  
Arravet, John B.  
Arrowsmith, Thomas  
Arthur, A.  
Name List of Documents
Arthur, Charles W.  
Arthur, Frank  
Arthur, George  
Arthur, George  
Arthur, Henry H.  
Arthur, James  
Arthur, William  
Arthur, William A.  
Arthur, William A.  
Arthur, William S.  
Ash, George Henry  
Ash, Michael B.  
Ash, Thomas Reeves  
Ashbridge, Richard  
Asburn, Thomas  
Ashby, G.  
Ashby, Samuel  
Ashcom, Alexander  
Ashcomb, George W.  
Ashcroft, Robert C.  
Ashe, Alexander S.  
Ashmead, George L.  
Ashmead, John  
Ashmead, L. P.  
Ashmead, Lewis *  
Ashmore, Benjamin F.  
Ashmun, Jehudi  
Ashmun, Lewis  
Ashmun, William  
Ashton, Albert B.  
Ashton, Francis M.  
Ashton, George  
Ashton, Gurdon C.  
Ashton, Henry  
Ashton, Isaac N.  
Ashton, John  
Ashton, John  
Ashton, Samuel  
Ashton, Wallace  
Ashworth, D.  
Ashworth, John  
Askun, Alexander  
Aspey, Lawrence  
Aspinwall, John Jr.  
Asquith, William  
Asserson, P. C.  
Asserson, W. C.  
Aston, Albert  
Aston, Ralph *  
Atchison, George  
Athearn, Ira  
Athearn, Pierce  
Atherton, John  
Atherton, Uriah  
Atkins, Charles  
Atkins, Edward  
Atkins, F. B.  
Atkins, George B.  
Atkins, George H.  
Atkins, James *  
Atkins, James  
Atkins, John R. P.  
Atkins, John W.  
Atkins, R. A.  
Atkins, William E.  
Atlee, Henry C.  
Atlee, L. M.  
Atlee, Louis W.  
Atsinger, Emile  
Attenborough, Henry  
Attenborough, R. H.  
Attenborough, William M.  
Attfield, Ernest W.  
Attoway, William  
Attwood, Jesse  
Attwood, Mathias  
Atwell, George E.  
Atwell, William B. *  
Atwood, Alexander P.  
Atwood, Benjamin  
Atwood, Jesse  
Atwood, Joseph Bruce  
Atwood, Leonard  
Atwood, Robert N. *  
Atwood, Rufus  
Atwood, William  
Auble, James L.  
Auchincloss, Hugh  
Auchinlick, Alexander  
Audobon, J.  
Audubon, John James  
Augerhoffer, Charles Alexander  
Augur, John P. J.  
Auguste, Joseph C.  
Auld, Edward (War of 1812)  
Auld, Edward (Mexican War)  
Auld, James  
Auldicott, Charles Edward  
Aulick, Charles  
Aulick, George  
Aulick, Henry  
Aulick, John H. *  
Aulick, Richmond  
Ault, Frederick  
Ausburne, C. L.  
Aushutz, William J.  
Aust, Joseph C.  
Austin, A. Edward A.  
Austin, Albin A.  
Austin, Benjamin  
Austin, Charles A.  
Austin, Charles W.  
Austin, David  
Austin, Edward  
Austin, Edward  
Austin, Edward  
Austin, Edward A.  
Austin, Edward S.  
Austin, George  
Austin, Henry  
Austin, Henry B. *  
Austin, John  
Austin, John H.  
Austin, Miles  
Austin, Thomas  
Austin, William  
Austin, William  
Austin, William  
Austin, William Downes  
Austin, Zebediah  
Austraus, G. W.  
Auzal, E. W.  
Auze, Charles A.  
Avalada, Louis  
Avent, Benjamin  
Avent, Joseph *  
Avent, George  
Averett, Samuel W. *  
Averill, Daniel  
Averill, James D.  
Averill, Samuel G.  
Name List of Documents
Avern, John J.  
Avery, Edward W.  
Avery, Elisha  
Avery, Joseph L.  
Avery, Latham B.  
Avery, M.  
Avery, Thomas  
Avery, William B.  
Axe, David  
Axel, Prince  
Ayers, John  
Ayers, Joseph G.  
Ayers, Lewis  
Ayers, Michael  
Ayers, Ameuel L. P.  
Ayers, Solomon  
Ayler, William  
Aylor, Benjamin  
Aylwin, Matthew Whanam  
Aylwin, John Cushy  
Ayres, Alexander A.  
Ayres, E. W.  
Ayres, Solomon  
Ayres, Stephen T. *  


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