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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Kaack - Knox


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Kaack, Heinrich Hausen  
Kaemmerling, Gustave  
Kafer, Peter M.  
Kain, Christopher  
Kain, Francis  
Kairns, John H.  
Kaiser, Frederick  
Kaiser, Louis A.  
Kalbach, Andrew E.  
Kalinski, Achilles  
Kalk, Stanton Frederick  
Kanamau, Christian  
Kane, Aloysius J.G. *  
Kane, Elias  
Kane, Elisha Kent *  
Kane, Henry  
Kane, James  
Kane, James Edward  
Kane, James J.  
Kane, John  
Kane, John L.  
Kane, John Lawrence  
Kane, Joseph Lester  
Kane, Kane, Lewis  
Kane, Lewis J.  
Kane, P.J.  
Kane, Patrick  
Kane, Theodore F.  
Kaney, Owen  
Kannard, Samuel T.  
Kant, W.J.  
Karnan, Thomas  
Karr, Harold  
Karr, Richard A.  
Kathans, Peter Arnold  
Kately, Thomas  
Kauffman, Winfield S.  
Kaumuhi, Geroge  
Kautz, Albert Austin  
Kautzman, John  
Kavanagh, Daniel  
Kavanagh, Francis  
Kavanagh, John  
Kavanagh, John  
Kay, Samuel  
Kay, William D.  
Kays, Admiral  
Kays, James A.  
Kazer, Jacob  
Name List of Documents
Kealy, John  
Kean, Roger  
Kean, William  
Kearney, ______  
Kearney, Edward  
Kearney, George H. Biography
Kearney, James Afton  
Kearney, John  
Kearney, John A.  
Kearney, Lawrence *  
Kearney, Michael  
Kearney, Thomas H.  
Kearney, Robert S.  
Kearney, S.W.  
Kearney, Stephen Watts  
Kearns, Edward  
Kearns, Lucien B.  
Keate, Edward J.  
Keating, Charles  
Keating, Henry  
Keating, J.D.  
Keating, James  
Keating, Robert  
Kedrick, Charles S.  
Keefe, Daniel  
Keefe, John  
Keely, J.W.  
Keefer, Abraham  
Keegan, Patrick F.  
Keele, Henry  
Keeler, ______  
Keeler, John D.  
Keeler, William  
Keeley, _______  
Keeley, Henry  
Keeley, Joseph  
Keen, George  
Keen, Lawrence  
Keen, Peter  
Keen, Samuel  
Keen, Willard  
Keen, William C.  
Keen, William R.  
Keenan, Samuel  
Keenan, William  
Keene, Ansel  
Keene, Charles  
Keene, Henry C.  
Keene, Henry T.  
Keene, Jesse L.  
Keene, Laurence  
Keene, Lawrence  
Keene, L.T.  
Keene, Newton  
Keene, Newton  
Keene, William C.  
Keener, Charles H.  
Keeney, Charles T.  
Keeney, James F.  
Keersted, L.  
Keesham, Michael F.  
Keffer, John L.  
Kefuss, Jacob  
Kegel, George  
Kehoe, James  
Kehoe, Thomas  
Keiger, James  
Keiley, Harry P.  
Keim, Charles W.  
Keith, Albert M.  
Keith, Edwin H.  
Keith, Lewis G.  
Keith, Melville C.  
Keith, Simeon  
Keith, T.S.  
Keith, Thomas  
Keith, Theodore S.  
Kelby, James W.  
Keleher, James F.  
Kell, John McIntosh  
Kell, Peter O.  
Kelleher, Jeremiah J.  
Keller, Jerry  
Keller, Timothy  
Kelley-Bomford Family (See under Bomford-Kelley)  
Kelley, Edward  
Kelley, James D.J.  
Kelley, James H.  
Kelley, John  
Kelley, John  
Kelley, John P.  
Kelley, Levi B.  
Kelley, Samuel L.  
Kelley, Thomas C.  
Kelley, Thomas J.  
Kelley, William  
Kelloch, George  
Kellogg, Edward Nealy  
Kellogg, George C.  
Kellogg, Mortimer  
Kellogg, Seth  
Kellogg, Spencer  
Kells, Dewitt C.  
Kelly, _____  
Kelly, Charles P.  
Kelly, Charles V.  
Kelly, Cynus D.  
Kelly, Daniel  
Kelly, Daniel F.  
Kelly, E.C.  
Kelly, Edward  
Kelly, George  
Kelly, Hugh  
Kelly, James II  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James  
Kelly, James P.  
Kelly, James V.  AKA Brofey, William J.  
Kelly, John (Carpenter)  
Kelly, John (Acting N. Mate)  
Kelly, John  
Kelly, John  
Kelly, John A.  
Kelly, John  
Kelly, John  
Kelly, John  
Kelly, John (Commodore)  
Kelly, John A.,  
Kelly, John Churchill  
Kelly, John F.  
Kelly, John N.  
Kelly, John P.  
Kelly, John V.  
Kelly, John W.  
Name List of Documents
Kelly, Martin  
Kelly, Michael (engineer)  
Kelly, Michael (landsman, CSN)  
Kelly, Michael  
Kelly, Michael J.  
Kelly, Patrick C.  
Kelly, Thomas (Mate)  
Kelly, Thomas (Seaman)  
Kelly, Thomas  
Kelly, Thomas (CSN)  
Kelly, Thomas G.  
Kelly, William  
Kelly, William H.  
Kelly, William J.  
Kelly, William W.J.  
Kelly, William, Jr.  
Kelsey, A. Warren  
Kelsey, Franklin F.  
Kelsey, John W.  
Kelsey, Naaman  
Kelso, Joseph H.  
Kelso, Joseph K.  
Kelton, Allan Cunningham  
Kelton, Edward  
Kelven, James  
Kemble, Arthur  
Kemble, Edmund  
Kemble, Frank  
Kemble, Peter  
Kemp, Edwin L.  
Kemble, Eric  
Kemble, Jacob  
Kemble, James  
Kemble, Thomas  
Kemble, William P.  
Kemble, William T.  
Kempff, Louis  
Kempt, Alfred  
Kempton, Abner W.  
Kempton, Francis  
Kempton, Zaccheus  
Kemry, William  
Kendall, Andrew J.  
Kendall, C.F.  
Kendall, Fred  
Kendall, Henry J.  
Kendall, Jacob  
Kendall, John A.  
Kendall, Lucian H.  
Kendall, Thaddeus  
Kendall, William  
Kendrick, Benjamin  
Kendrick, Charles  
Kendrick, John  
Kendrick, Paul H.  
Kendricks, George  
Kenealy, John  
Kenealy, John F.  
Kennedy, Andrew Ellicott  
Kennedy, Benjamin G.  
Kennedy, Charles H.  
Kennedy, Duncan  
Kennedy, Edmund P.  
Kennedy, Frank M.  
Kennedy, Henry W.  
Kennedy, James  
Kennedy, Joel S.  
Kennedy, John (CSA)  
Kennedy, John  
Kennedy, John P.  
Kennedy, Joseph  
Kennedy, Josiah  
Kennedy, Mathew  
Kennedy, Michail  
Kennedy, Peter Freeman  
Kennedy, Philip Clayton  
Kennedy, Richard  
Kennedy, Robert (machinist)  
Kennedy, Robert (storekeeper)  
Kennedy, Robert M. C.  
Kennedy, Samuel Thomas  
Kennedy, Stephen D.  
Kennedy, Stewart  
Kennedy, Thomas  
Kennedy, William  
Kenner, Duncan Farrow Rodham  
Kennett, F. S.  
Kennett, Ferdinand B.  
Kenney, Albert B.  
Kenney, Edward  
Kenney, Edwin  
Kenney, George W.  
Kenney, Henry W.  
Kenney, James F.  
Kenney, John G.  
Kenney, Lewis  
Kenney, Martin Reuben  
Kenney, Stephen B.  
Kenney, William  
Kennicott, Robert  
Kennison, Chester  
Kennison, D. K. (A.M. and Pilot)  
Kennison, William H.  
Kennison, William W.  
Kennon, Beverly Jr.  
Kennon, Beverly Sr.  
Kennon, George T.  
Kennon, William Dandridge  
Kenny, Albert S.  
Kenny, C. J.  
Kenny, John  
Kenny, William  
Kensele, Paul  
Kensil, Lewis M.  
Kent, Arlington  
Kent, Henry  
Kent, James W.  
Kent, John  
Kent, Louis A.  
Kent, Lucien E.  
Kent, Michael  
Kent, W.  
Kenworthy, William  
Kenworthy, William Strickland  
Kenzy, John A.  
Kepler, George W.  
Kepner, Samuel  
Kerley, Bernard  
Kernish, Robert  
Kerbey, ________  
Kerens,  James H.  
Kerens,  M.  
Kerkt, _________  
Kern, Edward M.  
Kern, Pat  
Kernodle, Michael Holt  
Kernon, Atwood  
Kerns, Lucien B. (Kirn, Lucien B.)  
Kerns, Thomas  
Kerns, William  
Kerr, David  
Kerr, J. W. P.  
Kerr, James  
Kerr, James Alexander  
Kerr, John (1811)  
Kerr, John (1830s)  
Kerr, William A. *  
Kershner, Edward  
Kessler, John  
Kesterson, William  
Name List of Documents
Ketcham, Dixwell  
Keteltas, Samuel  
Keteltas, William A.  
Kettlewell, S. H.  
Keveney, Peter  
Kevil, Lawrence  
Key, Albert L.  
Key, Daniel Murray  
Key, Francis Scott  
Key, John R.  
Keyes, M. H.  
Keyes, William E.  
Keys, James G.  
Keyes, William L.  
Keyser, E. S.  
Keyser, Edward L.  
Kibbe, Ebenezer  
Kibbe, Isaac  
Kibbee, Thomas  
Kibble, John W.  
Kidd, Elijah H.  
Kidd, Thomas  
Kidd, William  
Kidder, Benjamin Harrison  
Kidder, Frederick G.  
Kidder, George Edwin  
Kidder, Hugh P.  
Kidder, Jerome H.  
Kidder, John  
Kidder, John C.  
Kidder, Sanford  
Kidwell, _____  
Kief, David  
Kiernan, James  
Kiernan, James E.  
Kierstad, David C.  
Kieschner, _____  
Kiesewelter, LT  
Kiewicz, Charles  
Kelbourn, John  
Kilbride, Owen  
Kilburn, Charles C.  
Kilbury, John  
Kilby, James *  
Kilby, James *  
Kilby, A. John *  
Kilgore, William F.  
Kilgour, George C.  
Killebrew, _____  
Killeen, James  
Killeen,  Edward (Master's Mate)  
Killick, William  
Killin, John J.  
Killman, Samuel  
Killshaw, William  
Kilpatrick, Robert J.  
Kilpatrick, Thomas  
Kilroy, John J.  
Kilroy, John Wesley  
Kilser, John  
Kilty, Augustus H.  
Kimball, Ambrose  
Kimball, Daniel  
Kimball, Ephraim  
Kimball, F. W.  
Kimball, George T.  
Kimball, Jacob  
Kimball, James B.  
Kimball, James E.  
Kimball, James S.  
Kimball, John A.  
Kimball, William S.  
Kimball, William W.  
Kimber, George W.  
Kimberly, Louis Ashford  
Kimberly, Michael  
Kimble, Edmund  
Kimmel, J. F.  
Kimmel, Joel  
Kimmel, Joseph  
Kincate, Robert  
Kincross, William  
Kindleberger, David  
Kinerney, John  
King, _____  
King, _____  
King, A. Lincoln  
King, Aaron  
King, Alfred  
King, Allan A.  
King, Alton  
King, Aug. R.  
King, B.  
King, Basil  
King, Benjamin  
King, Charles  
King, Charles K. Jr.  
King, David  
King, David Edward  
King, David J.  
King, Edward M.  
King, Elijah  
King, Ernest J. *  
King, Frank R.  
King, Frederick T.  
King, G. P.  
King, George  
King, George  
King, George S.  
King, Henry  
King, Henry C.  
King, Isaac M.  
King, J.A.  
King, James W.  
King, Jesse  
King, Joel G.  
King, John  
King, John  
King, John  
King, John  
King, John B.  
King, John B.  
King, John F.  
King, John H.  
King, John M.  
King, Joseph  
King, Lyman  
King, Leslie G.  
King, Lillibridge B.  
King, Michael  
King, Miles  
King, Robert Jr.  
King, Rufus  
King, Samuel C.  
King, Samuel W.  
Name List of Documents
King, T.  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas  
King, Thomas B.  
King, Thomas W.  
King, Thomas W. R.  
King, William  
King, William  
King, William C.  
King, William H.  
King, William J.  
King, William M.  
King, William Nicholas  
King, Zephaniah  
Kingsbury, Charles C.  
Kingsbury, N. J.  
Kingsbury, Samuel  
Kingsley, George L.  
Kingsley, John Flavil  
Kinkead, Joseph B.  
Kinkaid, Thomas W.  
Kinlock, Thomas L.  
Kinney, Albert B.  
Kinney, Harlow  
Kinney, J. C.  
Kinney, Michael  
Kinney, William  
Kinnier, Arthur  
Kinnier, James L.  
Kinnin, Charles  
Kinninment, John  
Kinnsella, Thomas F.  
Kinsey, Jacob  
Kinsley, Apollos  
Kinsman, Nathaniel  
Kintzing, M.R.  
Kinzer, John A.  
Kinzie, John H.  
Kirby, Absalom  
Kirby, Benjamin  
Kirby, John  
Kirby, Nicholas  
Kirby, Thomas  
Kirby, William H.  
Kirby, William J.  
Kirk, Andrew  
Kirk, Mordecai L.  
Kirk, Samuel  
Kirkendall, Charles H.  
Kirker, James  
Kirkham, _______  
Kirkham, Calvin C.  
Kirkland, Alexander  
Kirkland, James  
Kirkland, John  
Kirkland, William A.  
Kirkpatrick, Moses  
Kirkpatrick, William H.  
Kirkwood, James Pugh  
Kirkwood, W. D. H.  
Kirt, E. W.  
Kirwan, John  
Kiskadden, Harvey J. (Horace J.)  
Kisner, Michael James  
Kisner, William  
Kissam, Benjamin P.  
Kissam, J. J. Astor  
Kissam, Samuel M.  
Kissick, Samuel  
Kitchen, Elias  
Kite, J.W.  
Kitridge, Artemas  
Kittelle, Sumner Ely Wetmore  
Kittridge, Edward F.  
Kittridge, James J.  
Kittridge, John W.  
Kittridge, Samuel  
Kittridge, Thomas  
Kitts, Thomas  
Kizer, G.  
Klakring, Alfred  
Klapp, Frederic  
Klein, Heinrich  
Klein, Jacob Henry  
Klein, John C.  
Kleiner, John  
Kline, George  
Kline, Jacob  
Kloeppel, Henry  
Klotz, Robert  
Knapp, George A.  
Knapp, Harry S.  
Knapp, Hiram  
Knapp, J. J.  
Knapp, John  
Knapp, John A.  
Knapp, John I.  
Knapp, Lyman M.  
Knapp, Nehemiah  
Knapp, R.  
Knapp, Robert A.  
Knapp, Robert A.  
Knapp, K. W.  
Knapp, William, Jr.  
Knapp, William, Jr.  
Knapp, William  
Kneeland, William  
Knell, William H.  
Knepper, Chester M.  
Knerr, Andrew  
Knies, Michael  
Knight, Austin Melvin  
Knight, Carlos W.  
Knight, Charles, Jr.  
Knight, Coleman  
Knight, Dennis or David  
Knight, Estus  
Knight, Henry  
Knight, Isaac Donald  
Knight, J. S.  
Knight, James D.  
Knight, Jeremiah  
Knight, John H.  
Knight, Joseph  
Knight, Moses  
Knight, Nathaniel  
Knight, Oliver G.  
Knight, Steven  
Knight, Thomas  
Knight, William  
Knight, William  
Knight, William  
Knight, William  
Knight, William  
Knights, Charles H.  
Knights, Henry  
Knights, Joseph  
Knorr, Ernest R.  
Knott, Robert  
Knott, W.  
Knowles, Charles  
Knowles, Charles R.  
Knowles, J. N.  
Knowles, James  
Knowles, James P.  
Knowles, John  
Knowles, John Hazard  
Knowles, Oliver P.  
Knowles, William H.  
Knowlton, Benjamin B.  
Knowlton, G.  
Knowlton, George K.  
Knowlton, Miner N.  
Knox, Daniel  
Knox, Daniel (1860s)  
Knox, David  
Knox, Dudley W. (See Box 128)  
Knox, Frank  
Knox, Harry  
Knox, Henry  
Knox, Henry Jackson  
Knox, John  
Knox, John S.  
Knox, Morrison A.  
Knox, R.  
Knox, Robert  
Knox, Robert  
Knox, Robert  
Knox, Samuel R.  
Knox, Simon Bolivar  
Knox, William  
Knox, William E.  
Name List of Documents
Knox, Dudley Biography


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