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ZC (Ship) Files in the Navy Department Library E. A. Stevens - Furse



Name of ship Period Remarks
E. A. Stevens (revenue cutter)   Bibliographic citation.
E. B. Hale (screw steamer) 1861 History, data sheet, service log.
E. D. Thompson (schooner) 1863 Stone fleet.
E. J. Allen (schooner) Civil War Correspondence.
Eagle (all)   History.
Eagle (revenue cutter) 1798 History.
Eagle (revenue cutter) 1805 History.
Eagle (sloop) 1812 History, correspondence.
Eagle (brig) 1814 History, correspondence.
Eagle (yacht) 1890 Correspondence.
Eagle boats 1917 Correspondence.
Eagre (schooner) 1903 History.
Earnest (lighter) 1898 Correspondence.
East Boston (ferry) 1892-1899 Correspondence, data sheet.
Eastport (gunboat) 1862 History, correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Echo (slaver) 1858 Correspondence.
Echo (steamboat) 1865 Correspondence.
Edenton (ATS-1) 1972-1993 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Edisto (ABB-2) 1952 Independence Day menu, Thanksgiving Day menu
Edith (steam barque) 1847 Correspondence.
Edmund Fitzgerald (cargo vessel) 1975 Marine accident report.
Edson (DD-946) 1980-1988 Change of Command, Welcome aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Edward (barque) 1863 Stone fleet.
Edward McDonnell (DE-1043) 1974-1982 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Effective (T-AGOS-21) 1991 Christening brochure.
Effingham (frigate) 1776 History.
Effingham (Pennsylvania galley) 1776 Bibliographic citation.
Egbert, SS   Bibliographic citation.
El Cano (gunboat) 1898 History, data sheet.
Eldorado (AGC-11) 1944-1945 Welcome Aboard brochure, photographs, Season's Greetings card (1944), cruise book.
Electra (bark) 1843 History.
Elfin (gunboat) 1864 History.
Elfin, HMS 1875 Correspondence.
Elfrida (yacht) 1898 Data sheet, service log.
Elisha Kane (T-AGS-27)   Brochure.
Eliza (schooner) 1776 Correspondence.
Elk (side-wheel steamer) 1863 History, service log, data sheets.
Elkhorn (AO-67) 1972 Decommissioning brochure.
Ella (side-wheel steamer) 1862 History, service log, data sheet.
Ella & Annie (steamer) 1864 Correspondence, log, data sheet.
Ellen (ferry) 1861 History, service log, data sheet.
Ellen Goldsboro (schooner) 1863 Stone fleet.
Elliot (DD-967) 1975-2003 Fact sheet. Christening, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Ellis (side-wheel steamer) 1862 History, data sheet.
El Mar, SS (liner) 1915 Article.
El Paso (LKA-117) 1969-1977 Launching, Commissioning, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
El Toro (tug) 1891 Citation.
Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082) 1988 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Elrod (FFG-55) 1984-1996 Launching, Change of Command, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Elvira 1865 No information.
Emeline, CSS (sloop) 1863 Correspondence.
Emerald (ferry) 1846-1883 Service log. Formerly Fairy.
Emma (steamer) 1863-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Emory S. Land (AS-39) 1977-1979 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Empire, CSS 1862 Bibliographic citation.
Empress   See ZC Louisiana.
Endeavor (gunboat) 1862-1867 History. Renamed General Curtis.
Endeavor, HMS 1793 Article: "Steampost of the Bark Endeavor."
Engage (MSO-433) 1978 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Engineer (tender) 1840-1857 History.
England (DLG-22/CG-22) 1963-1976 Commissioning brochure. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Enhance (MSO-437) 1973 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Enquirer (auxiliary) 1896-1899 Service log, correspondence.
Ensign, CSS (steamer) 1863 Correspondence.
Entemedor (SS-340) 1969-1971 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Enterprise (sloop) 1775-1776 History, correspondence, citations.
Enterprise (schooner) 1779-1823 History, correspondence, service log extracts, citations.
Enterprise (schooner) 1831-1845 Chronology. Typed copy of journal (East Indies & China, 1835).
Enterprise (cruiser) 1874-1901 History, service log, citations. Report by Lieutenant Lucien Young to Rear Admiral W.T. Sampson (2 July 1898).
Enterprise (CV-6) 1936-1957 History, articles, citations.
Enterprise (CVN-65/CVAN-65) 1960-2012 Bibliography, Commissioning, Change of Command, & Welcome Aboard brochures, two magazines, news releases of commissioning and intial sea trials, and three photos. Big E newsletter (November 1974). Our Atomic Navy booklet (1960). "Fifty Years of Legendary Service" brochure, 2011. Inactivation ceremony invitation.
Eolus (steamer) 1864-1865 Service log, correspondence.
Epervier (brig) 1814-1815 History, correspondence, article.
Epperson (DD-719) 1973-1975 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Epsilon (picket boat) 1864-1865 History, service log.
Eric G. Gibson (M/V SP5) 1995 Naming brochure.
Ericsson (torpedo boat) 1897-1912 History, service log, correspondence.
Ericsson (T-AO-194) 1999 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Erie (sloop of war) 1813-1841 History, correspondence, citations.
Erie (store ship) 1843-1850 History, correspondence.
Erie (PG-50) 1936-1942 History with photograph.
Escape (ARS-6)   Welcome Aboard brochures.
Esmeralda (steamship) 1879 Correspondence.
Essex (privateer) 1781 Correspondence, citations.
Essex (frigate) 1799-1837 History, correspondence, journals, articles.
Essex (ironclad steamer) 1856-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Essex (screw steamer) 1874-1930 History, service log, correspondence.
Essex (CV-9) 1942-1969 Buccaneer newsletter. Launching invitation. Decommissioning brochure. Article from Newport News Shipyard Bulletin.
Essex (LHD-2) 1992-1995 Commissioning invitation. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Essex Junior (prize ship) 1813-1814 Correspondence.
Esteem (MSO-438) 1971 Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Estocin (FFG-15) 1979-1996 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Estrella (side wheel steamer) 1862-1864 History and service record.
Ethan Allen (bark) 1861-1864 History and service record.
Ethan Allen (SSBN-608) 1959 News release of commissioning. Welcome Aboard brochures.
Ethel Sultana (steamboat) 1865 Correct name: Sultana.
Etlah (monitor) 1865-1874 History, service log. Later Hecate.
Etna (bomb ketch) 1806-1817 History, correspondence.
Eugene A. Greene (DD-711) 1971 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Eugenia (privateer)   Bibliographic citation.
Eugenie (guard ship) 1862-1864 Service log, history. Formerly Eugenie Smith.
Eureka (screw steamer) 1862-1865 History, service log, correspondence.
Eutaw (side wheel steamer) 1863-1865 History & service record.
Evans (DE-1023)   Welcome Aboard brochure.
Everett F. Larson (DD-830) 1972 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning and transfer to Government of the Republic of Korea (Roks Jeon Buk [DD-96]).
Evie Reed (bark)   Correspondence - no information.
Eversole (DD-789) 1973 Welcome Aboard brochure. Decommissioning & transfer to the Government of the Republic of Turkey (TCG Gayret [D-352]).
Ewing (schooner) 1849 Correspondence.
Excellent   Bibliographic citation.
Exchange (ship) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Exchange (schooner) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Exchange (steamer) 1863-1865 Service log.
Expedition (brig) 1780- ? Correspondence.
Experiment (all)   Correspondence.
Experiment (boat) 1781 Correspondence.
Experiment (schooner) 1800-1801 History, correspondence.
Experiment (schooner) 1831-1848 History, correspondence.
Experiment (galley) 1776 Bibliographic citation.
Experiment (schooner) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Experiment (ship) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Experiment (brig) 1781-1782 Bibliographic citation.
Experiment (ship) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Exploit (MSO-440) 1972-1981 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Explorer 1887 Correspondence - no information.
Exultant (MSO-441) 1972-1989 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Ezra Mercer   Correspondence - no information.


Name of ship Period Remarks
F-1 (submarine) 1911-1917 History, wreckage sighted.
F-4 (submarine) 1912-1915 History - recovery.
Fah Kee (steamer) 1862-1865 Service log.
Fahrion (FFG-22) 1979-1996 Launching invitation. Launching, Commissioning, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fair (DE-35) 1943 Launching brochure.
Fair American 1812-1815 Non-navy ship. Correspondence.
Fair Play (schooner) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Fair Play (brig) 1777 Bibliographic citation.
Fair Play (schooner) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Fair Play (steamer) 1862-1865 Service log.
Fairfax (DD-93) 1918-1922 Correspondence.
Fairfax County (LST-1193) 1970-1979 Launching, Change of Command, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fairfield (sloop) 1828-1852 History.
Fairweather (MSS-20) 1968-1969 (NOAA ship) Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fairy (steamer) 1863-1865 Service log.
Falcon (gunboat) 1846-1848 History.
Falcon (MHC-59) 1995 Christening & Launching brochure.
Falgout (DER-324) 1968 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Falmouth (Massachusetts brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Falmouth (sloop) 1828-1863 History, correspondence, service log.
Fanita, SS   Non-Navy ship. Correspondence - no information.
Fanning (DD-37) 1912-1930 Correspondence, partial history.
Fanning (FF-1076) 1970-1993 Christening/Launching, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Farrallones (store ship) 1863-1865 Service log. Formerly Massachusetts.
Farragut (all)   History.
Farragut (torpedo boat) 1898-? Correspondence, service log.
Farragut (DD-300) 1920-1930 Correspondence.
Farragut (DL-6/DLG-6/DDG-37) 1971-1989 Change of Command invitation. Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Farragut (DDG-99) 2005-2006 Christening and Commissioning brochures.
Fawn (steamer) 1863-1865 Service log. Formerly Fanny Barker.
Fayol, SS   Non-Navy ship. Correspondence - no information.
Fearless (MSO-442) 1980 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Fear Not (store ship) 1861-1866 Service log.
Fenimore Cooper (schooner) 1852-1859 Service log, correspondence.
Fern (tug) 1862-1865 Data sheet.
Fern (schooner) 1891-1898 Service log, correspondence. Formerly Intrepid. Later Gopher.
Ferdinandina (bark) 1861-1865 Service log. Formerly Flonda.
Ferret (schooner) 1809-1810 History. Later Viper.
Ferret (schooner) 1812-1814 History.
Ferret (schooner) 1822-1825 History, correspondence.
Ferret, CSS (boat) Civil War Correspondence.
Fidelity (MSO-443) 1989 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Fife (DD-991) 1979-1995 Christening, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Strike newsletter (1995).
Finback (SSN-670) 1968-1997 Launching ceremony invitation. Commissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures. Philatelic cover (Decommissioning, 1997).
Finland (Troop transport) 1918-1919 Over-seas (Souvenir booklet to soldiers & members of ship's company en-route to France). Finland Follies no.4 1919.
Fir (WLB-213) 2002 Coast Guard cutter. Christening brochure.
Fire Brand (Connecticut boat) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Fire Brand (Connecticut brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Fire Brand (Massachusetts brig) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Fire Brand (schooner) 1815-1819 Correspondence, history.
Firebolt (PC-10)   Welcome Aboard brochures.
Firedrake AE-14 Citation from Commander Seventh Fleet, 1970
Firefly (brig) 1814-1815 History, correspondence.
Fish Hawk (Massachusetts sloop) 1780 Bibliographic citation.
Fish Hawk (steamer) 1898-1919 Correspondence, history, data.
Fisher (T-AKR-301) 1997 Christening brochure.
Fiske (DD-842) 1969-1979 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fitzgerald (DDG-62) 1994-2001 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Flag (steamer) 1861-1865 Correspondence, data sheet.
Flagstaff (PGH-1) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Flambeau (brig) 1814-1815 History.
Flambeau (steamer) 1861-1865 Data sheet.
Flasher (SSN-613) 1976-1989 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Flatley (FFG-21) 1980 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fletcher (DD-992) 1979-2004 Christening brochure. Welcome Aboard brochures & Decommissioning invitation.
Flickertail State (T-ACS-5) 1988 Naming Ceremony & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Flint (AE-32) 1970 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Flirt (schooner) 1839-1859 History.
Florida (all)   Correspondence, history.
Florida (sloop) 1824-1831 History.
Florida (steamer) 1861-1868 History, data sheet, service log.
Florida (frigate) 1864-1885 History. Later Wampanoag.
Florida (monitor) 1903-1908 Later Tallahassee.
Florida, CSS (cruiser) 1862-1864 History, correspondence.
Florida (BB-30) 1910-1931 History, correspondence. Ticket to launching, Christmas greetings cards (1918 & 1923), Christmas menu with roster (1925-26), Band Program at Sea (5 August 1912), Christmas Dinner menu (1916), Wrestling Program (7 February 1928), & Midshipman Cruise itinerary (1930). European Cruise itinerary (1929-30).
Florikan (ASR-9) 1978 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Floyd B. Parks (DD-884) 1963 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Flusser (schooner) 1864-1865 History.
Flusser (DD-20) 1909-1919 History.
Fly (schooner) 1776-1777 History.
Fly (Connecticut sloop) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Maryland sloop) 1778 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Maryland schooner) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Massachusetts boat) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Massachusetts schooner) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Pennsylvania sloop) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Pennsylvania schooner) 1779 Bibliographic citation.
Fly (Pennsylvania boat) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Flying Fish (schooner) 1838-1841 History, correspondence.
Flying Fish (boat) 1782 Bibliographic citation.
Flying Fish (brig) 1781 Bibliographic citation.
Flying Fish (SSN-673) 1970-1996 Commissioning, Welcome Aboard, Inactivation, and Decommissioning brochures.
Folger   No information.
Foote (TB-3) 1897-1919 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Ford (FFG-54) 1984 Christening, Launching and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Forest Queen (steamer) 1862-1865 Correspondence.
Forest Rose (steamer) 1862-1865 Data, service log.
Forrest Sherman (DD-931) 1978 Welcome Aboard brochures.
Forrest Sherman (DDG-98) 2004-2006 Christening invitation and brochure. Welcome Aboard brochure. Contributors & Platform Briefing brochures.
Forrestal (CVB-59/CVA-59/ CV-59/AVT-59) 1967-1980 News release, Commissioning, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures, series of newspaper clippings & articles of the disaster. Decommissioning invitation.
Forster (DER-334) 1956 Welcome Aboard brochure.
Fort (canal boat) 1984 Carried stone.
Fort Donelson (steamer) 1863-1865 Data, service log.
Fort Fisher (LSD-40) 1972-1998 Commissioning, Change of Command and Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation.
Fort Gaines (steamer) 1864-1865 History, data sheet. Formerly Commodore.
Fort Henry (ferry boat) 1862-1865 Data sheet.
Fort Hindman (steamer) 1863-1865 History, data sheet, service log. Formerly Manitou.
Fort Jackson (steamer) 1863-1865 Correspondence, data, service log.
Fort Mandan (LSD-21) 19-- Roster and History brochure (crew member list).
Fort McHenry (LSD-43) 1986-1990s Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Fort Morgan (steamer) 1864-1865 Correspondence, data sheet, service log.
Fort Snelling (LSD-30) 1966-1984 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning Ceremony brochures.
Fort Worth (LCS-3) 2012 Commissioning invitation. Decal.
Fortify (MSO-446) 1990-1992 Welcome Aboard & Decommissioning brochures.
Fortune (privateer) 1776-1781 Bibliographic citations.
Fortune (stone fleet)   Data sheet.
Fortune (tug) 1871-1922 Data sheet, service log, history.
Fortune of War (privateer)   Bibliographic citation.
Forward (revenue cutter) 1898 Correspondence - no information.
Four Stoughs   Correspondence - no information.
Fox (gunboat) 1812 Correspondence - no information.
Fox (schooner) 1822-1837 History.
Fox (schooner) 1863-1865 Data sheet.
Fox (torpedo boat) 1899-1916 Data sheet.
Fox (DLG/CG-33) 1974-1994 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures. Decommissioning invitation and brochure.
Fram (Norwegian) 1893-1896 Correspondence.
Francis Hammond (DE/FF-1067) 1968-1992 Christening/Launching, Commissioning, Decommissioning, Change of Command, & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Francis Henrietta (stone fleet)   Data sheet.
Francis Marion (LPA-249) 1974 Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Francis Newton   Correspondence - no information.
Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657) 1964-1992 News release of commissioning. Launching, Change of Command & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Frank Cable (AS-40) 1978-2003 Launching & Welcome Aboard brochures.
Frank E. Evans (DD-754) 1969 News releases, reports, and a series of articles and clippings regarding its collision.
Frank Pierce   Correspondence - no information.
Le Franklin (French ship of the line) 1797-1798 Summary.
Franklin (brig) 1805-1807 History, correspondence, bibliographic citation.
Franklin (ship of the line) 1815-1852 History, data sheet, service log, correspondence.
Franklin (steam screw frigate) 1854-1915 History, data sheet, service log, correspondence. US Navy Bill dated 23 January 1870.
Franklin (CV-13) 1945

Article from Newport News Shipyard Bulletin. Photograph of Franklin on fire.


Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV-42) 1945-1977 Christening, Decommissioning & Welcome Aboard brochures. FD Reporter newsletter 8 May 1946. Air Department ID card. Independence Day menu (1956).
Freda (powder boat) 1881-1884 Data sheet.
Frederick (ACR-8) 1916-1929 History, correspondence. Formerly Maryland. Thanksgiving Souvenir booklet with Prayer Service, Movements (Sailed From - Arrived At, 5 April 1917 - 9 November 1918) and Transports Conveyed (1917-1918).
Frederick (LST-1184) 1969-2002 Commissioning, Launching, Change of Command, Welcome Aboard, and Decommissioning brochures.
Frederick Funston (APA-89) 1950 Catholic Mass schedule (30 April 1950).
Fredonia (bark) 1846-1868 History, data sheet.
Freeborn (steamer) 1865 Data sheet.
Freedom (LCS-1) 2006 Christening brochure.
Free Lance (yacht) 1898-1918 Correspondence, data sheet.
Fremont (LPA-44) 1969 Decommissioning brochure.
Fresno (LST-1182) 1968-1991 Launching, Change of Command, and Welcome Aboard brochures.
Friendship (privateer) 1776-1781 Bibliographic citations.
Friendship (schooner) 1831 Correspondence.
Friendship (stone fleet)   Data sheet.
Frolic (sloop) 1813-1814 Data sheet.
Frolic (steamer) 1865-1877 Data sheet.
Frolic (yacht) 1898-1907 Data sheet, correspondence, service log.
Fuchsia (tug) 1863-1865 Data sheet.
Fullam (DD-474) 1944 Copy of Ship Characteristics Card.
Fulton (steam frigate) 1815-1829 History, correspondence.
Fulton (side wheel steamer) 1837-1862 Data, service log, correspondence. Washington Navy Yard requisition form, dated 24 July 1838, for glass and turpentine.
Fulton (electric ram)   Data sheet.
Fulton (AS-11) 1973-1991 Welcome Aboard and Inactivation Ceremony brochures. History.
Funayana Solace (Japanese) 1864-1866 Correspondence.
Fung Shuey Civil War Correspondence - no information.
Furse (DD-882) 1969 Welcome Aboard brochure.
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